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When we first saw Sony's DAV-S300 system at the Consumer Electronics Show, we couldn't believe our eyes. The full-range, wraparound Dolby® Digital sound was like a magnet pulling us into the nearest chair to enjoy the movie. But where were the big speakers? Where was the Dolby Digital receiver? Could this robust sound possibly be coming from the 4" satellites and inconspicuous subwoofer? That's when the guy holding the remote control lowered the volume and filled us in on Sony's astonishing DAV-S300.

The heart of the system is the combination DVD player/receiver. A single slender, silver box plays your DVDs and music CDs, and provides Dolby Digital, DTS, and Pro Logic™ decoding for your DVDs, VHS tapes and stereo TV broadcasts. With 180 watts of power driving the efficient satellites and subwoofer, there's plenty of sound to fill any small- to medium-sized room. Setup and use is easy thanks to color-coded speaker connectors and a multibrand A/V remote control.


    DVD/CD player/receiver:
  • plays DVD-Video discs and CDs
  • built-in Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic decoding
  • Class T-type digital amplifier (30 watts x 6 channels)
  • 3 Digital Cinema Sound modes
  • 1 A/V input/output (composite video)
  • 1 A/V input (composite video)
  • 1 monitor video output (composite video and S-video)
  • tuner with 20 FM/10 AM station presets
  • multibrand A/V remote with One-Touch Play
  • on-screen GUI
  • optical digital input for a compatible DBS system
  • mini headphone jack
  • color-coded speaker connectors
  • 14-1/16"W x 2-7/8"H x 16-1/2"D

  • Subwoofer:
  • 7" driver
  • ported enclosure
  • 6-3/8"W x 14"H x 14-1/8"D

  • Satellite speakers:
  • 2-3/4" full-range driver
  • 3-7/8"W x 4-1/8"H x 4-1/4"D

  • System specs:
  • system frequency response 40-20,000 Hz
  • warranty: 1 year
  • designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs

Sony DAV-S300 Reviews

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • HCD-S300 electronics control unit
  • five SS-TS300 satellite loudspeakers
  • SS-WS300 passive subwoofer
  • RM-SS300 wireless remote with two "AA" batteries
  • AM Loop and FM wire antennas
  • 60" composite video cord
  • color coded speaker wire with molex plug on one end (16' x 4 and 35' x 2)
  • manual
  • speaker set-up sheet
  • warranty card
  • 24 self-adhesive foot pads for loudspeakers
  • sheet on attaching foot pads
  • safeguards

Product Research

Special Features

System overview: This is an integrated system that simplifies the task of assembling a Dolby Digital/DTS system for a bedroom, vacation home or other small to medium size room by providing an all in one solution consisting of a single DVD/CD player/preamp/amplifier/tuner, passive sub/satellite system and a multibrand wireless remote control for the unit. The only optional item required is a Television.  


Control unit front panel: Headphone output (stereo minijack), plugging in headphones automatically turns off the loudspeakers

Control unit rear panel:

  • Antenna inputs: 75 ohm threaded coax FM input and AM spring clip inputs
  • Video 1 input and output: RCA stereo audio and composite video input and output
  • Video 2 input: RCA stereo audio and composite video input
  • Subwoofer preamp output: Mono RCA output for use with an optional powered subwoofer.  When using this output, the supplied passive subwoofer should not be used.
  • Digital input: Toslink input with cover for use with a digital source such as a DBS receiver with a digital output.
  • Monitor outputs: To connect the optional television. One composite and one S-video output.  Note that the S-video output can only be used for the unit's internal DVD player, since there are no S-video inputs provided.
  • Loudspeaker outputs: For front right and left, center, rear right and left and subwoofer.  These are non-standard molex connectors which are color coded for use with the supplied speaker wire.  (The supplied speaker wire terminates in bare wires, so if a longer length is needed regular speaker wire can be spliced on).  These speaker outputs require a 3 ohm impedance.


  • Remote Control: W=2.2" H=1.1" L=8.272" 
  • Satellites: W=3.83" H=4.125" D=4.25"
  • Passive subwoofer: W=6.37" H=14" D=14.125"

Special Features

Electronics unit: This is the "control center" of the system and includes a single DVD/VideoCD/CD player, amplifier for the supplied satellites and passive subwoofer, Dolby Digital and DTS decoder, digital AM/FM tuner, and all inputs and outputs. The unit is metal, aluminum colored and has a blue LCD display (in addition to the On Screen Display) which shows the selected source, frequency when the tuner is selected, and elapsed and remaining time information when a disc is played.

Digital Amplifier: This unit uses a six-channel type "T" digital amplifier with high power efficiency and low power consumption.

DVD/CD Player: The unit has a single tray DVD player that will play back DVDs, Video CDs and audio CDs. This model will not play recordable CDs ("CD-Rs"). The sample we tested did play an audio CD-RW, however, the manual states this unit is not CD-RW compatible. Note that DVDs must be Code 1 and NTSC.  Both DTS and Dolby Digital DVDs are playable on this unit.

Dolby Digital and DTS capable (DTS CDs are also playable)

Resume Playback: Allows you to resume playback, of a DVD, Video CD or CD, from last position;  functions even if power is off, as long as DVD or CD was not removed.

Program Play: You can program up to 99 tracks (DVD/Video CD/CD)

Shuffle Play: DVD/Video CD/CD

Repeat Play: You can repeat a single or all tracks.  You can also repeat tracks in program or shuffle mode.  A-B repeat allows you to repeat a specific portion of a title, chapter or track.

Picture Search:  You can choose from 5 speeds:  NORMAL PLAY (high speed), SLOW 1, SLOW 2, SCAN 1 (frame-by-frame), or SCAN 2 (frame-by-frame).  Any speed can be selected in forward or reverse.  

Speaker Setup: Front speaker and subwoofer are always set to "Yes".  Center speaker can be set to Yes or No; surround speakers can be set to None, Behind low, Behind high, Side low or Side high.  It is important to set the surround speaker location correctly for proper functioning of the unit's virtual modes.  Front speaker distance can be set from 3 to 50 feet in 1 foot steps; center speaker distance can be set in 1 foot steps from a distance equal to the front speaker distance to a distance 5 feet closer to your listening position and surround speaker distance can be set in 1 foot steps from a distance equal to your front speaker distance to a distance 15 feet closer to your listening position. You can adjust the balance between the front speakers and the rear speakers by +/-6dB and the level of the center, rear and subwoofer can be adjusted by +/-6 dB.  

Bit Rate Display: Can be set to display current bit rate, bit rate history, and layer information.

Dimmer: The unit's LCD display illumination can be turned off.

Sleep Timer: Can select from 2 hours to off in 1/2 hour increments.

Parental control: Allows you to set playback limitations using a four digit password when using a DVD which supports this function.

Sound Fields: 

  • Auto Format Decode: Automatically detects if a signal is Dolby Digital, DTS, Pro Logic or standard 2 channel stereo and decodes it without adding any effects.
  • Normal surround: Multichannel software is played in multichannel mode and two channel software is played in Dolby Pro Logic to create surround effects
  • Cinema Studio A: Reproduces the sound characteristics of Sony's Cary Grant Theater
  • Cinema Studio B: Reproduces the sound characteristics of Sony's Kim Novak Theater
  • Cinema Studio C: Reproduces the sound characteristics of Sony Picture Entertainment scoring stage
  • V.Multi Dimension: Creates 5 virtual sets of surround speakers from a single pair of surrounds
  • V.Semi-M. DImension: Creates 5 virtual sets of surround speakers without using any surround speakers
  • Hall
  • Jazz Club
  • Live House
  • Game
  • 2 Channel Stereo: This is a standard two channel stereo mode which completely bypasses sound field processing.


  • 20 FM and 10 AM presets
  • Seek and manual tuning (.1Mhz steps in FM, 10 or 9kHz steps in AM)
  • Auto FM stereo: can select Mono FM if desired to cut down on noise
  • Names of up to 7 characters can be entered for each preset station


Remote Control: The supplied remote controls this unit and is multibrand for televisions. The remote is not illuminated and some of the keys are located behind a lid on the top of the remote.  In TV mode you can control TV power on/off, enter, direct channel entry, TV volume and channel up and down, and TV/Video. The remote is precoded for Sony televisions and is precoded for the following brands:


Daewoo Fisher Goldstar Grundig Hitachi Telefunken ITT/Nokia
JVC Magnavox Mitsubishi/MGA NEC Panasonic Toshiba Philips
Pioneer RCA/Proscan Samsung Sanyo Sharp Zenith Sony



  • Bass reflex (rear port) with silver colored poly enclosure
  • Single 2-7/8 cone paper driver in each enclosure
  • Video shielded, nonremovable dark gray cloth grille
  • Weight per satellite: 1lb 4 oz. lbs.
  • No mounting brackets are provided; however, there is a female thread in the back of each speaker for optional mounting brackets.
  • Spring clip connectors
  • 3 ohms

Passive Subwoofer:

  • Gray poly and vinyl bass-reflex enclosure
  • 7-1/8" side firing (left) cone paper woofer with rubber surround 
  • Non-removable gray cloth grille
  • Spring clip connectors 
  • 3 ohms


Power: With 3 ohm loads, both channels driven, from 120-10,000 Hz rated 25 watts per channel minimum RMS with no more than 10% THD, or 30 watts x 2 at 1kHz with 10% THD.  In surround mode the output is 30 watts x 6, 3 ohms at 1kHz with 10% THD.

CD/DVD Player Frequency Response:

  • DVD (PCM): 2Hz to 22 kHz (+/-1dB)
  • CD: 2 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1dB)

Signal to noise ratio: More than 80 dB

Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.03%

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