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With Sony's MHC-GSX100W, versatility is the name of the game. This system includes a megachanger that can hold up to 60 discs (including MP3 CDs), so you can keep loads of music ready for instant playback. You also get a built-in cassette deck and an AM/FM tuner. But here's the feature that's sure to turn heads — this system comes with a compact RF transmitter that lets you send audio from an external source to the 'GSX100W wirelessly. Just connect the transmitter to the source component via a minijack or RCA output — it sends audio to an RF receiver built into the 'GSX100W, from up to 150 feet away. What a great way to deliver sound from your PC or personal audio device! (See "More Photos" for a look at the transmitter.)

No matter what you're listening to, you'll be impressed with the system's powerful sound. The 3-way speakers are driven by 400 watts' worth of audio muscle, and the big 6" woofers delivers solid bass you can feel! There are two bass enhancement modes: V-Groove is optimized for video sources and Groove is best suited for music. The mids and tweeters take care of the higher frequencies for smooth, balanced sound all across the audio spectrum. And the four EQ presets let you adjust the sound to suit your tastes.

The MHC-GSX100W includes an auxiliary input, so in addition to a wireless external source, you can hook up another device the old-fashioned way. An optical digital output lets you make direct digital recordings to your MiniDisc or CD recorder. And here's a great feature for all you gamers out there — you can hook up your game console to the front-panel A/V inputs and activate GameSync™, which creates arcade-style surround effects from your game audio. Or you can mix the video game audio with the tunes of your choice!

  • 60-CD changer
  • 25-track programming, repeat, and random play
  • plays CDs, audio CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and MP3 CDs
  • CD Text® display
  • Disc Memo titling for non-CD Text discs
  • digital tuner with 10 AM/20 FM presets
  • single cassette deck with auto-reverse and CD synchro
  • wireless RF transmitter (sends audio to the shelf system from up to 150 feet)
  • 3-way speakers include 6" woofers, 2" mids, and 3/4" tweeter
  • 400 total watts (200 watts x 2)
  • 4 EQ presets (Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Game)
  • Groove and V-Groove Bass Enhancements
  • front-panel A/V inputs for GameSync and game mixing
  • aux input
  • optical digital output
  • input for PS/2-compatible PC keyboard (not included)
  • headphone minijack output
  • remote control
  • component block: 11"W x 12-13/16"H x 19-3/8"D
  • speakers: 10-3/16"W x 12-7/8"H x 12-3/16"D
  • transmitter: 5-5/16"W x 4-1/8"H x 5-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year

Sony MHC-GSX100W Reviews

Average Customer Review:

1 Review

Sony Did Good!

Written by: Nemesis from Binghamton, NY on July 8, 2009

I Recieved one of these as a gift from my Mother about oh, I don't
remember exactly, 8 years ago! I Highly recomend them If you can find one!
It STILL runs perfect! with No maintenence costs so far! I have not cleaned
it's CD compartment Once! and I play Music almost 24/7! For 8 years! Sony
should Never have done away with Them! All the new ones they sell don't
come with speakers, etc! This Is The ONLY CD player I EVER want to own! I
hope you get to find one they are the best! great sound quality great
options and long list of stuff you can do with it! Hope this helps! Best of



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • HCD-GSX100W AM/FM/Cassette/60-CD changer component block
  • 2 SS-GSX100 3-way speakers (each speaker has 6.5' attached speaker wire)
  • RM-SX100W Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • TMR-GSX100 RF transmitter
  • AC-GSX100 AC power adapter with attached 6.5' cord (DC 9V/100mA)
  • 39" Connecting cord (has left and right RCA audio connectors on one end and a stereo mini-plug on the other end)
  • AM loop antenna
  • FM wire antenna
  • Operating Instructions
  • Important Safeguards
  • Owner Registration Card
  • Warranty sheet

Product Research

Tuner Features
CD Features
Cassette Features
Inputs and Outputs Notes


Wireless RF Transmitter: The supplied RF transmitter lets you send audio from an external source to the MHC-GSX100W wirelessly. Just connect the transmitter to the source component via a mini-jack or RCA output. The transmitter sends audio to an RF receiver built into the MHC-GSX100W, from up to 150 feet away. For the best possible sound, the transmitter has a noise filter and you can choose from 3 different channels.

Variable Attenuation Control System (VACS): The Variable Attenuation Control System (VACS) is a circuit that keeps the sound clean, even at high volumes. VACS prevents distortion caused by amplifier "clipping".

Surround Mode: The surround mode widens the stereo effect to simulate surround sound from just two speakers.

Preset EQ: This system has Rock, Pop, Jazz and Game presets, allowing you to optimize the sound effects depending on the source you are using. The Game preset should be used for video games only, while the others can be used for standard music sources. The EQ can also be set to flat.

Groove/V-Groove: The Groove and V-Groove settings deliver a powerful bass boost. The Groove setting is ideal for music while the V-Groove setting is ideal for video sources. These settings can be turned on or off with the remote.

Game Sync: This unit offers Game Sync with front A/V inputs, for enjoying superb video game surround effects. You can run your game console's sound to the MHC-GSX100W and activate Game Sync to hear arcade-style effects that seem to come from all around.

Game Mixing: You can mix the audio from a connected video game (through the front panel inputs) and another source. You can adjust the level of the game sound in the mix to low, mid, or high.

Daily Timer: You can use the daily timer as an alarm clock to wake up to a CD, a tape, or the radio. Once the timer is active, it will operate everyday at the set time.

Note: You cannot activate the Daily Timer and Timer Recording at the same time.

Sleep Timer: The sleep timer switches the system off after a specified amount of time. The sleep timer can be set to 0-90 minutes in 10 minute increments, or Auto. In Auto mode, the system will turn off after a CD or cassette has stopped playing (up to 100 minutes). 

Note: When you are using the Sleep Timer, the Daily Timer and Timer Recording will not turn the system on until the Sleep Timer has turned the system off.

Timer-Recording: Once daily, you can record from a preset radio station to the cassette deck. The timer allows you to specify a start and stop time. 

Note: If the system is on at the preset time, the recording will not be made.

Display: The MHC-GSX100W features a bright multi-color fluorescent display with a 12-band spectrum analyzer.

Power Saving Mode: The default display is set to Demonstration mode with the display window and buttons lighting and flashing even when the system power is turned off. This Demonstration display and the Clock display can be turned off to minimize the amount of power consumed during standby (Power Saving Mode).

Keyboard Input: You can connect an optional keyboard to the front panel of the unit for entering the names of preset radio stations or CDs. You can also operate the system by remote control by using the Function keys (F5=CD play, F6=CD pause, etc.).

Tuner Features

Overview: This system has a digital AM/FM tuner with three tuning modes: Manual, Preset, and Auto (seek) tuning. FM tuning is done in 0.1MHz steps and AM tuning is done in 9kHz or 10 kHz steps.

Station Presets: You can store up to 20 FM and 10 AM stations into preset memory. Once stored, you can label each preset station with up to 12 characters. 

CD Features

CD Changer: The MHC-GSX100W uses a 60-disc rotary vertical tray, which resembles that used on Sony home mega CD changers. 

CD Compatibility: This unit can play 5" CDs, as well as 3-1/2" discs loaded into an adapter. It is compatible with audio CDs as well as finalized CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and MP3 discs. The MP3 discs must be in the ISO 9660 level 1 or level 2 format or Joliet in the expansion format, recorded on CD-ROMs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

CD Text: When a CD Text disc is loaded, the first 20 characters of the disc title are stored as a disc memo. Track titles display when the track is played. When playing MP3 discs, the unit will display the disc's ID3 tags (version 1.0 or 1.1 only). 

Note: You cannot change the information on CD Text discs. 

Disc Memo: The unit can store up to 20 characters as a disc memo for discs without CD Text. You can label a maximum of 60 discs.

Note: The Disc Memo stores the number of the slot in which the CD was loaded. You will need to re-enter the Disc Memo when loading a new CD into that slot.

Program Play: Up to 25 tracks can be programmed and played in any order.

Shuffle Play: You can select All Discs Shuffle or 1 Disc Shuffle. When All Discs Shuffle is selected, the tracks on all loaded CDs are played in random order. When 1 Disc Shuffle is selected, the tracks on the selected CD are played in random order. The unit will also perform an Album Shuffle on MP3 discs.

Repeat Play: You can select All Discs Repeat, 1 Disc Repeat, or Repeat 1. When All Discs Repeat is selected, the changer repeats all the tracks on all loaded discs up to five times. When 1 Disc Repeat is selected, the changer repeats all the tracks on the selected disc up to five times (or endlessly on an MP3 disc when "SHUF" is displayed). When Repeat 1 is selected, the changer repeats the current track until Repeat Play is cancelled.

Cassette Features

Top-loading Cassette Deck: In addition to the tuner and 60-disc CD changer, this system has a single cassette deck. You can record or play one side of the tape at a time, or use the auto reverse to play both sides one time or continuously. Only Type I (Normal) tapes are recommended for use in this player.

CD Synchro Recording: This feature allows you to record a CD to tape by just pushing the CD Sync button.


Speakers: Each speaker uses a 3/4" poly dome super tweeter, a 2" paper cone tweeter, and a 6" poly cone woofer. Each cabinet has a front-firing port for improved bass response. Each speaker has a non-removable dark gray metal grille. A 6.5' length of speaker wire is permanently attached to the back of each speaker.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Headphone Output: The MHC-GSX100W features a stereo mini-jack headphone output on the front panel. The speaker outputs are muted when headphones are plugged in.

Front Panel A/V (Game) Inputs: This unit has left and right RCA and composite video inputs on the front panel. This can be used to connect the audio and video output of a video game to the unit. 

Line Input: There are left and right RCA inputs on the rear panel labeled "Video In (MD)." This is an audio only input for an external component such as a TV, VCR, MiniDisc player, etc. 

Video Output: There is a composite video output jack on the rear panel, allowing you to output the video signal from the connected video game to the video input of a TV.

Optical Digital Output: You can record digital audio from this unit by connecting it to a CD recorder or MiniDisc recorder through the optical digital (Toslink) output on the rear panel. 

Speaker Outputs: This unit has left and right spring clip speaker terminals which can accept bare wire and pin connectors. The speaker outputs can accept speakers with impedances between 6 and 16 ohms.

Keyboard Input: You can plug in a keyboard into the multi-pin jack on the front panel. The unit is compatible with an optional Sony KB-10 keyboard, or any IBM-compatible keyboard with a PS/2 interface (with a power consumption of 120 mA or less).

Wireless RF Transmitter: The supplied RF transmitter has an audio input that consists of stereo RCA jacks and a stereo mini-jack. Additionally, the transmitter has a jack for use with the supplied AC power adapter.



  • Component Block: W=11", H=12.8125", D=19.375"
  • Speakers: W=10.1875", H=12.875", D=12.1875"
  • RF Transmitter: W=5.391", H=4.089", D=5.451"

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