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Sony's powerful top-of-the-line home theater remote can replace several — perhaps all — of your current component remotes. Out of the box, the RM-AV3000 is preset to operate Sony gear. But it's also loaded with pre-programmed codes for hundreds of components from virtually all the major brands — no need to spend time programming it. With this one remote you can take control of up to 18 components! Just touch the glow-in-the-dark component select buttons to call up each component's control pad, which displays on the touchscreen LCD (see "More Photos" for a close-up view).

The learning function lets you copy a component's entire command set (or specific advanced functions missing from the pre-programmed set) from its own IR remote. Use the 45(!) built-in macros to string together complex command sequences (up to 32 operations per macro) and activate multiple components with the touch of one button! A clock/timer function can automatically turn components on and off.

The touchscreen controls are cool, but you'll also appreciate having "hard" buttons for the most-used functions: volume, channel, muting, and cursor controls for menus. The big backlit LCD is ideal for darkened home theaters, and this ergonomic champ even features a slightly uptilted LCD for easier viewing.


  • controls up to 18 components: TV, STB (Digital Satellite), STB2 (Digital Cable Box), Cable, VCR1, VCR2, VCR3, DVD, DVD2, LD, CD, Amp (Receiver), MD, Tape A, Tape B, DAT, Hard Disk Video Recorder, Lighting (Lutron)
  • 45 macros (15 system, 18 component, and 12 timer); up to 32 functions each (some macros are "hard" buttons and some appear on the LCD screen)
  • built-in programmable clock/timer
  • preset System On/Off macro for Sony components
  • range: up to 32 feet
  • 4" x 2" touchscreen LCD with dot matrix area for labels and customized screens
  • adjustable blue electroluminescent backlighting
  • memory backup
  • requires 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included)
  • 4-3/4"W x 1-1/2"H x 6-7/8"D
  • warranty: 90 days

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 1 Sony RM-AV3000 remote commander
  • Operating Instructions (English)
  • Operating Instructions (Spanish)
  • Component code numbers sheet
  • Warranty sheet

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Overview: This is a pre-coded and learning (programmable) remote with a large (3.98" x 2.05") touch screen LCD that displays customized screens and editable labels (258 customizable labels in total). The LCD can be backlit (blue). This remote requires four "AA" alkaline batteries (not included). The approximate life span for the batteries is five months. Note that the remote will retain any learned code for up to one day without batteries to allow you time to change batteries.

Compatible Components: The RM-AV300 can control a Television, Digital satellite, Digital cable, VCR1, 2 & 3, DVD1 & DVD2, CD, Amplifier, MD, Tape A, Tape B, Cable, Laserdisc, Hard disk video recorder, DAT, and Lighting.

Learning Function: In addition to the components that can be entered by using the supplied codes, this remote can learn functions from most infrared remote. Learned commands may be erased one at a time or all at once for a specific component.

System Control Function (Macros): With the System Control Function, you can program a series of up to 32 operating commands, and execute them by pressing one button. The RM-AV3000 offers a total of 45 System Control Functions (15 system control macros, 18 component macros, and 12 timer macros). The 12 timer macros allow you to program the timer setting of the day of the week, the hour, the minute and the contents of the program.

Power-on Command: When using Sony components, you can program the Power-on signal for each component on a Component Select button or a Label key. You can select the desired component and turn it on by pressing the appropriate Component Select button or Label key.

System Power-off: The System Power-off function allows you to turn off all Sony components when the off button is pressed.

Copy Function: You can copy the settings of a Component Select button or a Label key to another Component Select button or Label key.

Data Transferal: You can transfer data, such as learned signals and component code settings, between two Sony RM-AV3000 remote commanders.

Hold Function: To prevent accidental operation, you can lock all the buttons with the Hold function. Note: The timer functions while the controls are locked.

Setting Lock Function: You can lock the commander so that you cannot change, add, or clear any of your data in each setting mode.

Automatic-off Time: The commander is preset to turn off the LCD automatically if you do not perform an operation for more than 10 minutes. The Automatic-off time can be adjusted from 1 minute to 30 minutes in 1-minute increments.

Backlight Automatic-off Time: The commander is preset to turn off the LCD backlight automatically if you do not perform an operation for more than 10 seconds. The Backlight Automatic-off time can be adjusted from 1 second to 60 seconds in 1-second increments.

Key-touch Beep: The RM-AV3000 emits a beep when you press a button or perform a function. The Key-touch Beep function can be turned on or off.

Contrast Adjustment: The contrast of the LCD can be adjusted for optimum readability.

Operating Distance: The RM-AV3000 commander allows you to control components that are up to 32.8 feet away. The operating distance will vary depending on the component that is being controlled.


Operation: Most of the controls on the unit are shown on the touch screen LCD, which varies based on the functions available for the selected component. In addition to the LCD controls, this unit has the following buttons:

Keys Function
7 Component Select buttons (TV, STB, VCR, DVD, CD, Amp, Other) Selects the component to controlled
4 System Control buttons (1, 2, 3, & Other) Program up to 32 consecutive key operations to each of the System Control buttons
Timer button Used to set the timer program
Light button Used to light up the LCD in the dark
Commander Off button Turns the power of the commander off
Channel + / -- buttons Select channels
Volume + / -- buttons Adjust volume
Muting button Mutes audio
Recall button Return to previous channel(s)
Menu button Calls up the menu display of the buttons or keys that have menu functions
Exit button Used to exit setting menu
Cursor Control buttons Moves cursor up, down, right, left
OK button Enters the selection of the menu display

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