The Sony VRD-MC5 lets you transfer standard-definition and high-definition home video to DVD quickly and easily — without using a computer. Simply connect a camcorder, VCR, or other source to make real-time video recordings on durable DVD discs. And if you have a Sony Handycam® hard disk drive camcorder, you can create DVD recordings of your home movies at up to 6X speed.

Make copies of your high-definition home movies
If you've got a Sony camcorder that uses the AVCHD™ recording format, use the 'MC5 to burn copies of your high-def footage to standard DVDs. You can play these high-def discs on AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray Disc™ players. Preview your videos using the built-in 2-1/2" LCD screen, and capture only those scenes you like.

Product Highlights:

  • records high-definition video to DVD from select Sony AVCHD hard drive and Memory Stick® camcorders
  • playback of high-definition recordings requires an AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray Disc™ player — not possible on a standard DVD player
  • records from Sony hard disk drive Handycam camcorders at up to 6X speed
  • records to the following types of discs:
    • DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, and DVD+RW (DV or analog source)
    • DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+R (USB source)
  • records digital photos to DVD from Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo™, SD™ Memory Card, xD Picture Card™, and CompactFlash® memory cards
  • 2-1/2" LCD screen for previewing digital photos and video
  • high-speed USB interface (USB cable included)
  • i.LINK (IEEE 1394) input for connection to Mini DV camcorder
  • 1 set of audio/video inputs (composite video, S-video)
  • 7-5/8"W x 2-11/16"H x 8-3/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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Sony VRD-MC5

Written By stephen, wampsville, ny on Monday, June 22, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

the vrd-mc5 is very easy to use. you can hook up different cameras and different videos cameras. the unit will take you step by step.


Written By Eileen, Belleville, Pa on Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This couldn't be easier to use. Versatile - mini DVD tapes - my camera card - changed to a forever DVD format - fast!! Great clarity - nice fades - auto music dubbing - or that of you choice. I'm happy I own it.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Multi-function DVD recorder
  • AC-NB12A AC adapter with attached 42 DC output cord (DC output: 12V/2.5A)
  • 6' AC cord
  • Operating Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty/Registration card

Product Research


Overview: The Sony DVDirect VRD-MC5 allows you to record video from a camcorder and digital photos from a camera or memory card to DVD without requiring a PC. It is capable of creating DVDs in Standard Definition and High Definition (AVCHD format). The VRD-MC5 features audio/video inputs on one side for direct connection of a camcorder, VCR, or DVR. On the other side, the VRD-MC5 is equipped with memory card slots for directly recording digital images onto DVD. The unit's 2.5" color LCD screen makes it easy to preview video or digital pictures. Note: This unit is strictly for burning DVDs, and does not have any outputs to other devices.

2.5" Color LCD: The VRD-MC5 features a 2.5" color LCD screen for displaying menu options and for previewing photos or video that have been recorded on a camcorder or photos stored on an inserted memory card. You can view up to 6 digital pictures at a time.

Compatible DVD Discs:  The recorder supports the following 12 cm (5") blank DVD discs to create Video DVD, Photo DVD, and AVCHD Discs:

  • DVD+R
  • DVD+R Dual Layer* (Video DVD only)
  • DVD+RW
  • DVD+RW High Speed
  • DVD-R
  • DVD-RW

*DVD+R DL can only be used when connecting to the DV In, Video In, or S-Video In connector.

Note: 8 cm (3-1/2") DVD discs, DVD-R DL, CD-R, and CD-RW discs are not compatible.

Compatible Memory Cards: The unit has slots for the following memory cards:

  • Memory Stick
    • Memory Stick
    • Memory Stick (MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible)¹
    • Memory Stick Duo
    • Memory Stick Duo (MagicGate/High-speed data transfer compatible)¹
    • MagicGate Memory Stick¹
    • MagicGate Memory Stick Duo¹
    • Memory Stick PRO¹
    • Memory Stick PRO Duo¹ (up to 8 GB)
  • SD Memory Cards
    • SD Memory Cards (up to 2 GB)
    • SDHC Memory Cards (up to 8 GB)
  • xD Picture Cards
  • CompactFlash Cards²
    • CompactFlash (Type I/Type II)
    • CF+Card (Type I/Type II)

      ¹ Reading of data that requires MagicGate functions cannot be performed with the DVDirect.
      ² Use CompactFlash with a power specification of 3.3V or 3.3V/5V. Cards with a power specification of 3V or 5V should not be used. Inserting other types of CompactFlash into the DVDirect's card slot may cause damage.

Audio/Video Recording Inputs: The VRD-MC5 features the following A/V inputs on the left hand side of the unit.

  • USB: Type-A USB connector for connection of your HDD or DVD camcorder.
  • Analog Stereo: Left and Right audio RCA connectors for connection of a video camera or VCR.
  • Composite Video: Composite RCA video connector for connection to a video device such as a video camera or VCR.
  • S-Video: S-video connector for connection of a video camera or Super VHS player.
  • DV: 4-pin iLink connector for connection of a digital video camera.

Note: No cables are supplied with this unit.

AVCHD Dubbing: You can record HD video, recorded on a Sony High Definition Handycam (HDD/Memory Stick), onto a DVD by connecting it via USB cable. The AVCHD video stays in its native 1080i resolution during the transfer. The AVCHD format disc that is created can only be played on an AVCHD-compatible device, such as a Blu-ray disc player or Sony PlayStation 3 console.

Disc Capacity: The DVDirect recorder is cable of recording up to 2,000 digital pictures in JPEG format or up to 12 hours of video in MPEG-2 format onto a DVD-video disc.

Recording Quality: The Sony VRD-MC5 features five record quality settings to use when creating a video DVD. This setting only applies to Full Recording and Normal Video Recording modes.

  • High Quality (HQ): Single layer (1 hour), Dual layer (2 hours)
  • High/Standard Quality (HSP): Single layer (1.5 hours), Dual layer (3 hours)
  • Standard Quality (SP): Single layer (2 hours), Dual layer (4 hours)
  • Low Quality (LP): Single layer (3 hours), Dual layer (6 hours)
  • Standard/Low Quality (SLP): Single layer (6 hours), Dual layer (12 hours)

Types of Recording: The Sony VRD-MC5 features seven types of recordings for creating video and photo DVDs.

  • One Touch Dubbing: This mode allows you to record video from an HDD or Memory Stick (MS) camcorder onto a disc by simply pressing the "Disc Burn" or "DVD Burn" button on the camera or Handycam Station.
  • Full Dubbing: This mode allows you to record video onto a DVD from a digital video camera connected to the DVDirect with a single tough of the Record button. The entire video content of the source will be recorded. The VRD-MC5 controls the camera during the entire process and completes creating of the video DVD. The completed DVD is automatically finalized, allowing immediate playback on DVD players.
  • Incremental Dubbing: This mode allows you to record the content of an HDD or MS camcorder connected via a USB cable onto a disc. Using this mode, you can record only the newly taken contents of a camera whose previous contents have already been recorded onto a disc.
  • Consolidation Dubbing: This mode allows you to record the contents of multiple 8-cm discs from a DVD camcorder onto a single 12-cm disc.
  • Playlist Dubbing: This mode allows you to record videos within a playlist created on your HDD or MS camcorder. If you select videos beforehand and create a playlist on the camcorder, you can record these videos on DVD easily.
  • Scenes Selection Dubbing: This mode allows you to record videos selected by viewing thumbnails or by the shooting date.
  • Manual Dubbing: This mode allows you to create a video DVD using the Record button on the DVDirect unit and the play, pause and stop buttons on the device connected to the DVDirect. You can record from any video device with a video output connector.
  • Full Photo Dubbing: This method allows you to select at once all of the photos (taken with a digital camera) stored on a memory card or all the photos on the hard disk of an HDD camcorder or an 8-cm DVD in a camcorder and record them onto a DVD with one touch of a button. You can record up to 2,000 photos.
  • Photo Select Recording: This method allows you to select only the photos (taken with a digital camera) that you want to record from a memory card and record them onto a disc. You can select them by viewing thumbnails or by the shooting date.

Types of Photo DVDs: The following types of photo DVD can be created with the DVDirect.

  • Photo Backup: This mode allows you to store photos (JPEG files) taken with a digital camera or HDD camcorder on a DVD disc. You can view the photo backup DVD created with the DVDirect in the display window or view it using the DVD drive of a computer.
  • Photo Slideshow: This mode allows you to view the recorded photos as a slideshow. The DVDirect creates a new chapter every 10 photos. You can play the slideshow DVD with commercial DVD players and even include background music using a single MP3 file recorded onto a memory card.

USB Speed: In addition to real-time recording, when recording from an HDD, Memory Stick or DVD camcorder connected via a USB cable, the length of time required for recording depends on the Record Mode setting used to shoot the video and the number of scenes the video contains. The chart below provides a general estimate of time required to record a 1-hour video containing one scene on a disc.

Recording HD (High Definition) Video
Recording Mode HDD/MS Camcorder
XP Mode approx. 40 minutes
HQ Mode approx. 20 minutes
SP Mode approx. 15 minutes
LP Mode approx. 10 minutes
Recording SD (Standard Definition) Video
Recording Mode HDD/MS Camcorder DVD Camcorder
HQ Mode approx. 20 minutes approx. 40 minutes
SP Mode approx. 15 minutes approx. 30 minutes
LP Mode approx. 10 minutes approx. 20 minutes

Auto Stop Timer: You can select a preset time used to stop recording automatically when creating a video DVD. You can choose from off, 30min, 60min, 90min, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, 6hr, or 8hr. This setting only applies to Full Recording and normal Video Recording modes.

Navigation Display: The DVDirect automatically detects inserted memory cards and discs and input signals from connected devices. It then displays a message prompting the next necessary operation, so preparations for recording can be made without complicated button operations.

Aspect Ratio: The Sony VRD-MC5 can record in either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio to match your recorded source and playback display.

Dolby Digital Compatible: The VRD-MC5 can record Dolby Digital 2-channel or 5.1 channels surround from Dolby Digital supported camcorders.

Titles And Chapters: When you create a video DVD with the DVDirect, titles and chapters are created as follows.

  • Manual Dubbing or DV Recording: Titles are created between the points where you start and stop a recording on the DVDirect. Chapters are created according to the Auto Chaptering setting (off or every 5, 10, or 15 minutes).
  • HDD or DVD USB Recording: Titles are created at points in the video where the date recorded, REC mode (HQ, SP, LP), or aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:) are changed. Chapters are created for each scene taken with the HDD or DVD camcorder (scenes are created each time recording is started and then stopped).
  • AVCHD Recording: Only one title is created. Chapters are created for each scene (when recording is started and stopped) in the title.

DVD Menus: The DVDirect will record a DVD menu at the beginning of disc recorded. The DVD menu is displayed each time a DVD is inserted into a DVD player and serves as a title page or table of contents for the video DVD. You can create DVDs that display thumbnail images of titles in their menu screen. You can select from four different menu styles (1-4) when creating video DVDs. Note: A DVD menu is not created during AVCHD recording.

Color System: The Sony DVDirect supports both NTSC and PAL color systems. You can select which one to use in the unit's menu.

Multi-Language Display: The DVD recorder features 10 different language displays to choose from, including English, French and Spanish.

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