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AudioControl EQX

Trunk-mount 2-channel equalizer with 2-way crossover (Gray)

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Maximize your system's performance

AudioControl designed the EQX for one purpose — to make your car audio system sound better. This 2-channel equalizer features 13 bands of adjustment for sonic fine tuning, along with a 2-way crossover that allows you to add a powered sub to your setup. And speaker-level inputs allow you to connect the EQX to just about any car stereo, even to factory amps up to 400 watts.

System diagram

Pinpoint bass equalization

Most car audio problems occur in the bass frequencies, so the EQX gives you six bands of equalization between 31.5 and 180 Hz, along with a rolloff filter that keeps bass below the range of human hearing out of your subwoofer system. You also get seven bands of equalization at octave intervals from 250 Hz all the way up to 16,000 Hz.

Easy setup

The 2-way crossover offers one set of inputs, along with three sets of outputs: full range, high-pass, and low-pass. The crossover point is set at 90 Hz, but you can changer the crossover point by buying another AudioControl module, or by modifying the module installed in your EQX.

Once connected, the EQX makes it easy — turn up the input gain knobs until the indicator light flickers, adjust the output knobs until the light indicates a 2-volt output, and you're all set. Balanced inputs reject noise caused by your vehicle's electrical system.

Information provided by AudioControl


Product Highlights:

  • dual 13-band equalizers with level matching controls
  • gray steel chassis with gold-plated RCA jacks
  • Linkwitz-Riley 2-way crossover (90 Hz at 24 dB/octave)
  • top-mounted controls for easy adjustment
  • preamp- and speaker-level inputs
  • 6-channel outputs: full range, high-pass, and low-pass
  • balanced inputs eliminate noise
  • 33 Hz subsonic filter eliminates extreme low bass (rolloff point can be adjusted with optional module)
  • EQ points: 31.5, 45, 63, 90, 125, 180, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000 Hz
  • frequency response: 10 to 20,000 Hz
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 110 dB at full output
  • maximum output level: 9.5 volts
  • fuse rating: 2 amps
  • size: 6-15/16"H x 8-15/16"W x 1-1/4"D
  • weight: 3 pounds
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

AudioControl EQX Reviews

Average Customer Review:

2 Reviews

AudioControl EQX

Written by: Frank from Huntsville, Al on January 26, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Overall very happy with the install - in a 2013 Nissan Frontier being fed from the speaker level outputs of the factory head unit which then feeds a 4 channel Alpine amp. Did all of the initial adjustments using the RTA function of the Audio Tools app on an IPAD / pink noise and then some final adjustments by ear with music. All of the boominess of the low end is now gone and bass notes are discernible in the music - the mid-range and highs are well balanced. The Alpine amp feeds the 2 front speakers (Focal 165VB's which are absolutely wonderful) and 2 channels bridged feed a Pioneer sub. Using an RTA for adjustment does make a difference - I enjoy a wide variety of music and all of sounds excellent now.

I have always replaced the head unit in previous installs but with since this head unit had all of the features I wanted I went this route with no regrets.

Pros: Excellent sound form the factory head unit / truck acoustics and fairly easy to adjust.

Cons: None so far.

Good design, build and features

Written by: Rob_L from Augusta, GA on October 10, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Although the JL Audio Clean Sweep flattened out the output from my GM
factory head unit, it's not designed to match the system output to the
vehicle (in this case, a 2005 Tahoe). The EQX is in the chain right after the
Clean Sweep and replaced a cheaper (in every way) graphic EQ with
crossover which did not have enough fine control over the lower ranges to
fix problems in a large vehicle where the ambient noise is pretty low
frequency. The 1/2 octave control points for the low frequency output did
the trick. I only wish that there were 1/2 octave intervals for the high-pass
end, as well - but it still does a very nice job. I have (and highly recommend)
a 1/3 octave RTA with reference mic and used this to "pink" the system. The
only music source I listen to is my beloved Kenwood Music Keg (with
lossless FLAC files). The EQX, coupled with a four-channel amp for the
doors (Polk Audio) and a two-channel amp for the JL Audio center console
sub, comes much closer to the audiophile sound desired. This unit is
expensive and on-line dealers are not over-abundant, but it is an excellent
piece of equipment.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Pre-amp Equalizer/Crossover
  • Owner's manual
  • QC checklist
  • Product registration card

Product Research


Dual Bandwidth Equalization: A total of 13 bands are available over two bandwidths, each band has separate dials for the left and right channels:

  • Full Octave EQ: A 7-band full octave equalizer controls frequencies above the bass range; the center frequencies are 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz, 8 kHz, and 16 kHz. The rotary knobs adjust the signal +/-12 dB. There's a notch at each knob's center position so it's easy to return to the flat setting.
  • Half Octave EQ: A 6-band 1/2 octave equalizer controls the bass frequency range; the center frequencies are 31.5 Hz, 45 Hz, 63 Hz, 90 Hz, 125 kHz, and 180 kHz. The rotary knobs adjust the signal +/-12 dB. There's a notch at each knob's center position so it's easy to return to the flat setting.

Input Gain: The input gains for the left and right channels are set independently. The range is adjustable +/-18 dB to match the source output to the EQ input.

Output Level: The adjustable output levels allow you to increase the head unit's line voltage to the top of your amp's input range; up to 9.5 volts RMS/13 volts peak.

Balanced Inputs: Using the balanced differential input circuit cancels noise picked up in the transmission line between the EQX and the source unit.

Speaker Level Inputs: The speaker level inputs are compatible with most factory installed radios.

Terminal Blocks: The power/ground/remote terminal and the speaker level input terminals are removable; the wiring is attached to the block, then the block is plugged into the EQX. The terminal block will accommodate wire up to 12 gauge.

Crossover: The crossover point between the high-pass and low-pass outputs is 90 Hz and the crossover slope is 24 dB/octave. The crossover point is governed by a replaceable chip, so it can be modified.

Subsonic Filter: The subsonic filter crossover point is 33 Hz and the crossover slope is 18 dB/octave. The crossover point is governed by a replaceable chip, so it can be modified.

Bridging Output: The mono and inverted low-pass outputs can be used to bridge many amplifiers that don't have internal bridging circuitry.

Bypass: The bypass switch allows you to instantly bypass all the EQ adjustments.

Inputs and Outputs:

  • Line Input: stereo RCA, balanced
  • Speaker Input: removable stereo terminal block
  • Full Range Output: stereo RCA, not crossed over
  • High-Pass Output: stereo RCA, frequencies above the crossover point
  • Low-Pass Output: stereo RCA, frequencies below the crossover point
  • Mono/Bridged Output: two RCA, one mono, the other inverted
  • Power Input: removable terminal block


  • Maximum Output: 9.5 volts RMS/13 volts peak
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz-20 kHz; ±1 dB
  • THD: 0.005%
  • S/N Ratio: 110dB

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