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This small IR (infrared) sensor works as part of an IR repeater system, letting you control audio/video components concealed inside a cabinet or hidden in another room. It picks up commands from your audio/video system's remote control. The MS220's tiny size and built-in adhesive strip allow for flexible placement — on the front of your component cabinet, for example, or on your TV's bezel.

To complete your IR repeater system, you'll also need:

  • An IR hub: The hub accepts the IR signals from the MS220 sensor, and passes the instructions on to your A/V gear via IR flashers.
  • IR flashers: The IR hub passes the commands from the MS220 to these infrared light-emitting devices, which in turn control your components.
  • Infrared cable to wire your IR repeater system (10 feet included).

Product Highlights:

  • receiving range: 20' to 35' (depending on the strength of your remote)
  • LCD- and plasma-proof sensor design — works near flat-panel TVs
  • works near fluorescent lighting or indirect sunlight
  • wide-angle reception
  • bi-color LED confirms the reception of an IR command and the on/off status of your A/V system
  • passes high data rate IR code formats, including Phillips RCMM codes
  • 10 feet of IR cable included
  • 11/16"W x 2"H x 1/2"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Niles MS220 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

3 Reviews

Niles MS220

Written by: Anonymous from FL, Miami on May 31, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works Great Best I Had yet



Niles MS220

Written by: Anonymous from Wallace, NC on January 30, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent qualite and works great.

Pros: Great product

Cons: none

Needed upgrade for ATT U-verse

Written by: JohnC from Detroit, MI on June 30, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased a Niles IR repeater system 3 years ago from Crutchfield so that I could place my cable box and DVD player out of sight in a closet. The system worked great for 3 years but recently I changed my cable service to AT&T U-verse. The repeater system didn't work with the U-verse cable box. The consensus online was that the U-verse cable box uses a frequency range that is higher than my previous receiver was capable of handling. I purchased the MS220 to replace my older MS210 receiver. The MS220 works perfectly with the U-verse box.



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • White MS220 surface-mount IR sensor with attached 10' white IR cable (4-conductor tinned bare wire on the end)
  • Installation and Operation Guide

Product Research


IR System Overview: An infrared (IR) extender system enables you to control your IR remote controlled A/V equipment from a remote location. This enables you to place your A/V components out of sight (behind cabinet doors, in the rear of a room, or in a different room) and still conveniently control your equipment.

IR System Components: The MS220 miniature surface-mount IR sensor is one of three elements that make up an infrared extender system:

  • IR Main System Unit (sold separately): The IR Main System Unit provides a connection hub for the IR sensors and the IR flashers and is generally located near the A/V components. The Main System Unit's level controls and LED indicators enable you to calibrate and troubleshoot an IR extender system. The Main System Unit is the "heart" of an IR extender system.
  • IR Sensors/Keypad:
    • IR Sensors: IR Sensors are the "eyes" of the system, receiving IR commands from hand-held remote controls and relaying the commands to the Main System Unit via a 4-conductor shielded cable. Generally, sensors are placed so that you can easily and naturally point your remote control directly at them. Sensors are available in wall-mount, ceiling-mount, surface-mount and table-top models.
    • Keypad (sold separately): The IntelliPad is a wall-mounted, programmable IR keypad system that provides a unique LED power status display and the convenience of true one-button remote control of complex audio/video systems.
  • IR Flashers (sold separately): IR Flashers re-transmit the infrared signals from the IR Main System Unit to your A/V components. Flashers are the "voice" of an IR extender system that "speaks" to your components.

Universal Compatibility: When used in a complete system, this IR sensor is compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls using carrier frequencies of between 25kHz and 90kHz. The MS220 is also compatible with the recently introduced Philips RCMM codes.

Universal Noise Suppression: The sensor has a patent-pending Universal Noise Suppression design that effectively eliminates IR interference from plasma and LCD TVs, CFL (fluorescent) lighting, and direct sunlight. This two-stage technology combines an optical noise filter with a "smart" electronic circuit to provide consistent, reliable control.

IR Receiving Range: You get 20' to 35' of remote control range, depending upon the strength of your handheld remote. The IR pickup angle is 30° off-axis (horizontal and vertical) at 25 feet.

Bi-colored LED: The LED glows green when the system is on and flashes blue to confirm reception of IR commands.

Mounting: The MS220 is designed to surface-mount almost anywhere with its self-adhesive backing. Convenient mounting locations for the MS220 include: on the front panel of a television set, on the front surface of a wall, a cabinet, an appliance, or a speaker grille.

Wiring: The MS220 connects to the Niles infrared main systems unit (or IRH610 sensor expansion hub) with an individual "home run" of Category 5 ("Cat 5") cable. When running wires inside walls, most states and municipalities usually require the wire to have a specific "CL" fire rating. Please consult your local building inspection department for requirements in your area.

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