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An infrared repeater system lets you control your audio/video components from just about anywhere in your home — such as a second or third listening room in a whole-house audio/video system. The Niles MSU440Z acts as the hub, or "brain," of your IR (infrared) repeater system, allowing you to control up to eight components from four different rooms. To complete the system, you'll also, need —

  • IR sensors or Niles in-wall keypads: Place these in your listening or viewing locations. Aim your regular remote or a universal remote at a sensor, and it sends the IR commands on to the MZU440Z hub. The MZU440Z also accepts commands from compatible Niles programmable in-wall keypads.
  • IR flashers: The MZU440Z passes the commands from your IR sensors and/or keypads to these infrared light-emitting devices, which in turn control your components.
  • Infrared cable to wire your IR repeater system.

Flexible, customizable control
The MSU440Z features four dedicated IR flasher outputs — one for each of four listening rooms. This lets you assign components to specific rooms. For example, you could set up the same model CD changer for each listening area, with each room controlling only its dedicated changer. You also get four assignable flasher outputs that let you control connected components from any combination of rooms. Easily access the satellite radio tuner from both the den and the master bedroom, or dial in your favorite FM stations from the kitchen and the patio while you grill up dinner.

Product Highlights:

  • routes IR signals from up to four rooms to up to eight A/V components
  • four IR sensor inputs
  • eight IR flasher outputs — four dedicated and four assignable
  • cascade input and output for system expansion
  • four dedicated 12 volt DC output jacks (triggered by IR commands from a specific zone)
  • one master 12 volt DC output jack (triggered by IR commands from any zone)
  • included labels to identify zones
  • integrated mounting wings accommodate both vertical and horizontal installation
  • UL-listed, regulated in-line power supply with universal voltage capability
  • 8"W x 1-3/8"H x 6-11/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • IR Main System Unit
  • AC adapter with attached 6' cord
  • 6' AC power cord
  • 4 Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • 72 Printed room/zone labels
  • 6 Blank room/zone labels
  • Installation & Operation Guide
  • FCC compliance information

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IR System Overview: An infrared (IR) extender system enables you to control your IR remote controlled A/V equipment from a remote location. You can place your A/V components out of sight (behind cabinet doors, in the rear of a room, or in a different room) and still conveniently control your equipment. Additionally the MSU440Z has dedicated outputs for the signal from a given input, so you can control a specific component, even if you have similar models from the same brand.

IR System Components: The MSU440Z IR Main System Unit is one of three elements that make up an infrared extender system:

  • MSU440Z IR Main System Unit: This Main System Unit provides a connection hub for multiple IR sensors and/or keypads and multiple IR flashers and is generally located near the A/V components. The Main System Unit, the heart of an IR extender system, has LED indicators to monitor the IR extender system.
  • IR Sensors/Keypads (sold separately):
    • IR Sensors: The IR Sensors are the eyes of the system, receiving IR commands from hand-held remote controls and relaying the commands to the Main System Unit via a 4-conductor cable. There are four sensor inputs, corresponding to the four zones. Generally, sensors are placed so that you can easily and naturally point your remote control directly at them. Sensors are available in wall-mount, ceiling-mount, surface-mount and table-top models.
    • Keypad: The IntelliPad is a wall-mounted, programmable IR keypad system that provides a unique LED power status display and the convenience of true one-button remote control of complex audio/video systems.
  • IR Flashers (sold separately): Up to eight IR Flashers re-transmit the infrared signals from the IR Main System Unit to your A/V components.

Command Routing: An IR command from any sensor/keypad zone is routed to a corresponding dedicated flasher output which feeds only that zone's equipment. The MSU440Z prevents IR conflicts by routing the remote commands from each zone only to the proper components. Of the eight flasher outputs, four are dedicated single zone and four are assignable to any combination of the four zones.

Universal Compatibility: With the necessary accessories, an IR remote control extender system using the MSU440Z is compatible with virtually all brands of A/V equipment and remote controls (using carrier frequencies between 26 and 105 kHz).

Flasher Hi/Lo Switch: One of the eight IR flasher outputs has switchable high/low output. When switched to High, you can connect a high-output flooding flasher, such as an IRB1 (item 190IRB1). When in the Low position, you can connect low-output micro-flashers, such as the MF1, MF1VF, MF2 or MF2VF.

LED Indicators: The MSU440Z provides a visible indication of system status and IR reception via LEDs.

Wiring: From every IR sensor, you must discretely wire (home-run) a Category 5 (Cat 5) cable back to the MSU440Z, connecting each sensor to the hub with an individual cable. The Cat 5 cable should be terminated with the supplied quick connect sensor plugs. The IR flashers connect to the hub via 3.5mm (1/8") mini-plugs.

12 Volt Trigger: The MSU440Z features a dedicated 12 volt DC/200mA output for each of the four zones, triggered by a voltage or status signal from that zone. There is also a global 12 volt DC/200mA output, live when there is a voltage or status signal from any zone.

Expandability: Using the IR Cascade in and out jacks, multiple MSU440Z units can be used together for additional system flexibility.

Contact Closure: The MSU440Z has two three position quick connect plugs for connecting either NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) contact closure devices. There is a two position switch that determines whether the contact closure is activated by either the presence of status or discrete IR commands.

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