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Bazooka BTA10100

BT Series 100-watt powered 10" Bass Tube®

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17 Reviews | 4 questions - 9 answers

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A bass cannon

Bass makes up about 30% of your music, and it gives music its power and impact. A good subwoofer can make an average car audio system sound good, and a good car audio system sound great. Good bass is all about moving air, and a cylindrical tube translates the motion of its woofer into maximum air pressure so you hear and feel more bass. Bazooka designed the Bass Tube to act like a bass cannon, firing low frequencies throughout your vehicle.

Bass Tube efficiency

BTA10100 10" amplified Bass Tubes enclosure

The affordable BTA10100 10" amplified Bazooka Bass Tube lets you add ride-filling bass to your system with a minimum of hassle. It's an ideal solution if you drive a leased vehicle, and want the thrill of powerful bass but don't want to make any modifications. The BTA10100 Bass Tubes enclosure comes with a 10" woofer, a built-in amp (100 watts max power), and installation parts including a power/signal harness (15" power and ground wires, 10" turn on and speaker input leads, RCA inputs, and auto turn-on jumper), 7.5-amp fuse with holder, power rings, and mounting hardware.

Big bass without losing space

Bass Tubes fit just about anywhere

A compact Bass Tube will fit in almost any vehicle, and you can disconnect it in a snap if you need more cargo space. Since the tube's speaker and port are right next to each other, you can get amazing results by "corner loading" your tube — placing it in a corner of your trunk or cargo area so your vehicle's boundaries act as a natural amplifier, boosting bass production.

Bass control from the driver's seat

An optional wired Remote Bass Control Module gives you independent in-dash volume control of your bottom end. Want to know more? Take Bazooka's Bass Tubes Tour.

Important Note: You'll need to purchase an amp wiring kit to install this powered Bass Tubes enclosure — the included wiring harness is less than two feet long.

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From Bazooka: Bass Tube Technology

Product Highlights:

  • 10" woofer with treated foam surround
  • power output 100 watts max
  • 85 Hz low-pass filter (18 dB/octave)
  • line- and speaker-level inputs
  • frequency response 39-85 Hz
  • subsonic filter (12 dB/octave at 35 Hz) for improved amp efficiency
  • sensitivity 107 dB
  • 20-7/8"L x 10-3/8"W x 12-1/4"H
  • 2-ohm impedance
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Who needs a powered subwoofer?

To produce bass, you need a sub, an enclosure, and an amplifier, and it can be little tricky to match them all up. A powered sub eliminates all the hassle, as the manufacturer designs the enclosure to house the sub and amp together. This all-in-one solution is especially useful in smaller vehicles, where there's no room to mount a separate amp, or in any vehicle where you need every bit of cargo space. Powered subs range from small, flat boxes that fit under your seat to larger boxes that go in your trunk.

Bazooka BTA10100 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

17 Reviews

Great bass

Written by: Joeyjojojr.sabadoo from Mn on July 26, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great bass

Pros: Easy to install , sounds great , plays a huge range of bass , very good for the cost , I had at one time 4 pwr 15 and 4000w so I know bass , this dosent come close to that a but for what it is , it is great

Cons: None

Great bass but not to clean on lows

Written by: Dani from Florida on July 22, 2015

Great bass and easy installation, if you are looking for a deep clean bass pay extra and get a ported or sealed box with 2 biggers subs and amp, because this wont dont the job and will Be dissapoined as i was, this subs are great for a bit of upgrade to the cat but if you are looking for something deep Clean go with something bigger, thanks to customer service i called them and told them thay they did not meet my expection and rapidly suggested something else, i ended up getting a sealed box with 2 12" kickers comps and the cx 600 amp great amazing combination, deep and clean how i wanted it now my 2013 vw cc is shaking , thanks Crutchfield for the recommendation and the exchange was so easy will buy again!!

Pros: Small, easy installation a bit powefull.

Cons: Not too clean on lows, not powerfull enought for the money they go for, was dissaponed for the sound.

Big Bang for the Buck

Written by: DavidK from Chicago, IL on July 20, 2015

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Very solid sub. Fit in my truck real nice and produces a surprising amount of bass. Isn't overpowering but still hits hard. I listen to a lot of metal, and this sun sure delivers when it needs to. The only thing I can really complain about is the straps that hold it down seem pretty cheap.

Pros: Fits well, big sound, easy install

Cons: Hold-down straps aren't the greatest but they work

Great Buy!! Thinking about getting another one!!!

Written by: Tacker from Little Elm Texas on August 6, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased this sub for my 2014 Ford Explorer because it did not have a premium sound system. I'm so glad I did not pay the extra several thousand dollars for the Sony upgrade. The bazooka to has great bass response at low and high volume. I would recommend this tube to anyone looking to upgrade their system

Pros: Can easily be removed from the vehicle if I need additional storage space

Cons: None


Written by: Subwoofer from NY on April 12, 2014

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is my second Bazooka Sub that I have purchased from Crutchfield and I could not be happier. If you do not keep cars or trucks for lengthy periods these subs are ideal as it is simple to remove them and install in other vehicles. If you like massive bass this sub will not disappoint you , I have a older 8" model that really cranks up the bass to make the music pop and now I just bought this 10" what a treat. You will not be disappointed with this Sub woofer. This sub I just bought I got it as a second meaning it has a very small rub mark on it but has nothing to do with it's performance and it save me a bunch of money by buying a second , let's face it if your mounting it in a trunk who is going to see a small rub mark.

Pros: None , very good quality.

Cons: None

Bazooka BTA10100

Written by: Gerald from Atlanta on December 28, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This my 2nd sub I've ever owned. It's perfect for my needs. Wasn't looking to bring attention to myself driving down the street, just wanted enough low end to compliment my stock speaker. Wasn't sure which Bazooka tube would be adequate. I chose this one over the 6" tube. The 10100 is probably a little more than power than I needed, but I 'd rather overwhelmed than under any day. I highly suggest getting the F.A.S.T. harness AND also extension cable sold separately. At the time I bought the Bazooka off the website, Crutchfield did not have the F.A.S.T harness & ext cable displayed as accessory option for this tube, so I wound up buying what was displayed which was the Fosgate wiring kit which I'm sure is decent. Only after I got the tube & wiring kit, I found out about the FAST harness package & asked Crutchfield to exchange the Fosgate kit for the FAST package. Crutchfield was very fast in replacing. The FAST harness & cable made it super easy to install. Didn't need to hook the power to the battery, which is what the manufacturer said this tube does not require. You simply tap into all wires to the back of the head unit. The Bazooka forum offered very good support. I had posted a question about the fast harness @ 1 am, they answered me 4 hours later!

Pros: Good sub. Great support from Bazooka, & Crutchfield as usual.


Bad little tube

Written by: Mike from Columbus, OH on July 5, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I put this 10 in my 2004 Honda odessy expecting a moderate increase in bass but I am always shocked when the system powers up how much power it delivers. As somone who has done car audio for years and put in dozens of subs I can say I'm extremely impressed with my tube. The fact that it doesnt require an amplifier and has a quick disconect block harness makes it a perfect solution for a low profile, semi perminate instal in any I put this 10 in my 2004 Honda odessy expecting a moderate increase in bass but I am always shocked when the system powers up how much power it delivers. As somone who has done car audio for years and put in dozens of subs I can say I'm extremely impressed with my tube. The fact that it doesnt require an amplifier and has a quick disconect block harness makes it a perfect solution for a low profile, semi perminate install in any vehicle.


Cons: Because of the shape of the tube it has a somewhat more limited freqeuncy response than a conventional sub

Bazooka BTA10100

Written by: Anonymous from Chicago on February 12, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Ok product but didn't meet my needs.



Bazooka BTA10100

Written by: Richard from Laguna Niguel, CA on August 26, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound. Easy to hook up.



Good product but

Written by: Colorado 4x4 263 from Hillsborough NC on March 24, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this sub 3 months ago. put in my ext cab chevy cloroado. It works like a charm.... well for 3 months it did. I noticed a rattle, screw that holds the amp was loose no problem. But now the stupid plug is messed up. its loose it wiggles and causes the connections to go crazy. Ill walk out side to get the mail and here my truck thumping and i haven't cranked it all day. Now its really bad and i just have to unplug it so the constant bass will stop. Its wired correctly so i dont know whats wrong. If Bazooka can fix this it will be a great product if not. I wont make the same mistake twice. I listen to rock so its not like i have it maxed out. Its a good sub, if you buy it treat the plug with extra care. As far as the good things its got good bass and makes all types of music sound better. Quick removal is a plus. Overall without the problems i give it a 4.5 out of 5 (2008 chevy colorado, Alpine door speakers, JVC XG-700 radio, bazooka tube)



Just as expected

Written by: Johnny from Jacksonville, FL on February 6, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I wanted to add some bass to my factory speakers and head unit as easily as
possible. Installing this was very easy with the F.A.S.T harness - just connect
6 wires to the factory harness, run the cable to the trunk, ground it, and plug
it in to the sub after mounting it down, and you're good to go.

As far as the sound, I already got pretty decent bass beforehand considering it
was a factory system, but I wanted to add more, without rattling everything and
everyone outside of my car. It is actually louder then I thought it would be,
which is great considering it's in the trunk of a sedan and has to make it
through my seats. Would probably be a lot better in a hatchback, but in my 08
Altima, I'm very happy with this.



Great Product

Written by: David from Eureka, California on January 18, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought the 10 inch bazoka to put in my sons '94 BMW 325i. The stock system was a bit wimpy and needed some low end help. What a difference! Now he gets well defined bass. It's not like the fluffy 15 inch trunk rattlers. But definitely worth the price. Fairly easy to install and the built in crossover routes all the low end signal directly to the sub. Now the stock speakers have less work to do. Great product!



OK sound, Auto-On feature not sensitive enough

Written by: Chad from Ankeny, IA on May 28, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this
item and hooked it
up with one of the
amp wiring kits sold
here as well. This
included RCA cables
to my head unit
which I installed.
To my dismay, even
at the HIGH output
setting, the head
unit didn't give
enough juice to the
RCA to trigger the
Bazooka to turn on
at any volume below
17-20 depending on
input (CD 17, radio

I'm going to try
using the remote
power wire instead
of the auto-on

complaint/issue I
have with this tube
is the astounding
lack of bass. I am
wired correctly, IN
PHASE, and using the
RCA patch cables as
mentioned and it
sounds quite
underwhelming. I
have the
dial all the way up.

I may try using the
high-level input
instead of the
low-level RCA cables
to see if that helps
both the auto-on
feature and the
bass/volume level.



Bought 2 of these as scratch and dent aand they ROK

Written by: aric from Reno NV on January 18, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought two of these from scratch and dent and they showed up in flawless condition with all of hte materials and in good working order. The shipping boxes were the only things that appeared to be used.
I pointed them forward in the trunk of my Maxima rather than back at the rear corner of the car.
The sound from them is crystal clear and easily adjustable to taste. I can make them bump like MAd or keep them soft and subtle.
They sound good with everytype of music I have thrown at them.

Definitely not dissapointed in any way.

One other good factor is the tube form factor works out real nice for space in my sit



Bazooka BTA10100

Written by: gary from Bellmawr,NJ on April 8, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have a 1999 Honda Crv in which I was lacking bass.I have a Pioneer head unit and decent aftermarket speakers.I was very surprised by the quality of this subwoofer.It effectively rounds out my system well and does not cause a vibration to hear outside like more powerful subs do.Plan on buying a spool of wire ,rca cables and quick connectors as you only get a small harness.Installation was easy as i used rca cables to connect into my JL amp.



Bazooka BTA10100

Written by: Eric from Wyoming, Michigan on July 31, 2005

I love my two 10' Bazooka tubes. They fit perfectly in a small truck like my Ford Ranger. Installation was so easy, and they bump so hard in that small space that I have.



Good product!

Written by: Andrew from Belvidere, IL on February 9, 2005

I am very impressed with this product. Sounds great got a good thump and is loud. Installation of the sub itself is a breeze with the included cords. I dont know of the longevity of this product but from what I've sceen it varies from person to person. I hope mine lasts a long time. I do not recommend this if you want to stun small animals. It does not have the omg thats a loud bass sound that shakes your house as it drives by. It still holds it's own very well. I strongly reccomend this product for a easy and convential way to add good bass to your car!



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • One 10" amplified tube-style subwoofer with attached grille
  • 10" Wiring harness
  • 1 In-line fuse holder with a 7.5A fuse (has 6" leads on both sides)
  • 3 Blue butt connectors
  • 1 Crimp-on ring
  • 1 Self-tapping screw
  • Two 40-1/2" mounting straps (each strap has an attached plastic mounting base)
  • 4 Self-tapping screws
  • Installation Manual

Features and Specs

Enclosure Type Ported
Finish Material Poly
Grille Plastic
Connector Type Molex plug
Bi-amp Inputs No
Woofer Size (inches) 10
Woofer Material Poly
Passive Radiator None
Width 10-3/8"
Height 12-1/4"
Depth 20-7/8"
Second Depth N/A
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Frequency Response 39-85Hz
Amplifier Power (RMS) 100 watts
Maximum Wattage N/A
Sensitivity 107 dB
Impedance 2 ohms
Second Voice Coil Impedance N/A
Crossover Point 85

Product Research



Overview: The BTA10100 features a water-resistant poly enclosure that houses an 10" poly woofer with a foam surround. The woofer is powered by a built-in 100-watt maximum amplifier. The patented Bass Tube enclosure design eliminates bass standing waves for high accuracy, and superior efficiency.

Low-pass Filter: The BTA10100 has a fixed low-pass filter at 85 Hz with a slope of 18 dB/octave.

Subsonic Filter: The subsonic filter, set at 35Hz, prevents really low frequencies from being amplified. This allows the amplifier to run more efficiently with increased power output.

Remote Level Control: Using an optional remote level control, you can control the bass output level of the subwoofer from a remote location.

Auto Turn-On: The subwoofer will turn on automatically when it senses music in the high-level or low-level inputs.

Balanced Input Circuitry: Balanced low-level and balanced high-level input circuitry is used for improved noise reduction.


Back Panel:

  • Level Control: rotary control that allows you to adjust the level of the subwoofer
  • Input Phase Switch: allows you to adjust the phase of the subwoofer
  • Power LED: if power, ground and remote are connected properly, the LED will illuminate in green


Back Panel:

  • Remote Level Control: minijack for use with optional remote level control
  • Harness: 14-pin Molex plug for use with supplied harness


Installation: Each mounting strap has an attached mounting base that can be secured to your vehicle using the supplied self-tapping screws. Once the mounting bases are installed, the tube is held in place by the mounting straps. For best results, the tube should be mounted facing into a corner, and there should be 2" to 4" between the woofer and the corner into which the woofer is pointing.

Required Accessories:

  • Power Wire: the 16-gauge power lead is only 10" long, so additional wire is required to extend it to the battery. Additional power wire must be crimped or soldered to the Bazooka's power lead.
  • Ground Wire: the 16-gauge ground lead is also only 10" long, and may need to be extended. Additional ground wire must be crimped or soldered to the Bazooka's ground lead.
  • Speaker Wire: required only when using the high-level inputs
  • RCA Patch Cord: required only when using the low-level inputs
  • Remote Turn-on Wire: required only if you do not use the auto turn-on feature

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.

Customer Q&A

4 questions already asked

For details on fit or installation please contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and give you the details on if this will fit and what you will need for an installation in your vehicle. [ Krissy  Dec 02, 2015 ]  Staff
I do not know if this is possible. My gut says yes being that I've always been told that more power is better than less power. [ Tamill  May 23, 2015 ]
I wish I had an absolute answer here. From my experience, the Bazooka has a built-in amp. There are adjustments you can make to your car stereo bass and to the bazooka bass until you find a happy medium. My bass was a little low as well. Then I made a few simple adjustments with the knobs, and BOOM!! Good luck. [ Ryan  May 14, 2015 ]
This bass tube is already wired with a 100 watt amp. If you put a amp to a amp you will burn out one if not both amps not a good idea to do this. My bass tube works great straight from the factory. There is a adjustment on the bass tube to increase the amount of bass if needed and mine I have set on the low side and it keeps me hapy. But no I would never put a amp to a amp. Let me know how you make out with this should you do it. Good luck cutie [ DARRELL  May 11, 2015 ]
You can not add an amp as the amp is inside of the tube so you'll need to open the tube disconnect the stock amp and add the one you want also the woofer is matched to the enclosure and amp. If you want more bass i think it is better just to buy something bigger and or more powerful [ ERNIE J  May 11, 2015 ]
I would buy the un-powered model than. This has been engineered to run at the wattage of the integrated amp, if it would even work. Why spend the money for the integrated amp that you don't want to use? I am not an expert so I can't say 100% that running a powered amp into the RCA inputs would work and most likely it would blow something. Just get the model without the amp and spend the $$ you save on the tube on a better amp. [ Bernard  May 11, 2015 ]
You can try to plug into the factory plug , if it does not work then call Crutchfield and they should have a adapter plug that will go into the factory plug. They carry them when I do installs of the receiver and I get the plug that goes right into the existing factory plug so installation goes quick and easy without splicing wires so I would think that Crutchfield would also carry a plug for the Bazooka to go into your factory setup. [ DARRELL  Nov 17, 2014 ]
I ran a separate line to the battery for my sub this way I know it will get the correct voltage and amperage no need to overheat the amp. [ DARRELL  Nov 17, 2014 ]
I'm not sure I used the power from the factory amp .... [ WILLIAM  May 12, 2014 ]