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Bazooka makes it easy to create a customized sound system for your boat, RV, or tour bus. Four different Audio Input Control System kits allow you to build a setup that best fits your vehicle or vessel: the Interior Kit, the Amplifier Kit, the Transom Kit, and the Tower Kit.

Control center
The MA-AIC-INTK Interior Kit is the starting point for your customized marine sound system. It includes an amplifier, an audio input control switch, and a wired remote control, allowing you to set up a central system that also feeds the satellite systems in your boat or RV. You'll find three sets of outputs, one for connecting to the included amplifier and two more for any satellite systems. The amplifier delivers 30 watts RMS each to a pair of speakers (not included) in your main listening area. You can connect up to three different audio sources — the control switch features one 3.5mm input and two sets of RCA inputs.

Multiple systems
Once you've installed this interior kit, you'll be able to choose from up to three different sources, control the volume level in your area, and send music to two satellite systems. People using the satellite systems will also be able to select their own source and control the volume independently in their area. Imagine — your family can listen to music from an iPod® while sunbathing on deck, while you check out the latest news on satellite radio in the galley.

Product Highlights:

  • package includes amplifier (30 watts RMS x 2), 3-source switch, and remote control
  • control center for your audio system
  • enables independent source selection and volume control on satellite systems
  • accepts up to three separate sources (one 3.5 mm input, two sets of RCA inputs)
  • standard Cat5 cable required to connect remote to amplifier (not included)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Bazooka MA-AIC-INTK Interior Kit Reviews