Got enough juice? Get an amp for your new sub Maximum power, wiring flexibility, and a round-shaped sub from Kicker. Put them together, and you've got the "Very Radical" CompVR. The 05CVR124 is a 12" dual voice coil sub that can handle a ton of power.

The CompVR sub features a rigid, injection-molded polymineral cone that'll stand up to the demands of your favorite low tones. Add Kicker's famous Inverted Structural Dome, and you have terrific durability and reliability.

The hyperextended, vented pole piece and back plate are molded as a single piece for outstanding heat transfer and cone travel. Perimeter venting in the non-resonant steel basket helps to keep the sub running cool. Dual 4-ohm voice coils add versatility to the way you wire your system.

Don't limit yourself to just using these subs in your car — they're built and warranted by Kicker for marine use also.

Note: If you are wiring this DVC sub for lower impedance, make sure that your amp is compatible. Most car amplifiers are stable down to 2 ohms in standard mode, or 4 ohms in bridged operation.

Priced per speaker

Product Highlights:

  • 12" sub with dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • suitable for marine use
  • injection-molded polymineral cone
  • double-stitched, foam-ribbed Santoprene rubber surround
  • frequency response: 25-500 Hz
  • power handling: 50-400 watts RMS
  • peak power: 800 watts
  • sensitivity: 86.7 dB
  • top-mount depth: 6-5/16"
  • sealed box volume: 1.0-4.6 cu. ft.
  • ported box volume: 1.75-2.25 cu. ft.
  • Recommended Q-Logic Box Type: 1, 2, 3
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's a component sub and why would I want one?

A component sub is simply a speaker that's designed to reproduce bass once it's installed in a compatible enclosure. Think about the impact of a movie soundtrack in a big theater or even in your own home HDTV setup. A component sub can add the same kind of power to the music in your car. And a car sub is not all about the boom that you hear on a street corner (although that's cool too) - you can pair a component sub with your choice of enclosure to get bass just the way you like it, from tight and punchy to fat and loose. And once you experience music in your car with a well-tuned subwoofer, you'll never go back.

Kicker CompVR 05CVR124 Reviews

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31 reviews
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Written By MikeRF, Canon City, CO on Thursday, December 21, 2006

well at one point i had 2 of these in a vented box ran by a fosgate amp and it was very efficient and this was about 2 years ago, since then ive upped my system here and there until recently i decided to get 4 of the 2 ohm dvc 12s and run them with the kicker 1250.1 on a stinger 5 farad cap and a quad 12 vented box, i ordered all my gear a couple of days ago and im still in the process of getting the box. these subs are great for the price and they look super nice, everyone admires their looks but i myself think these subs are very efficient and i like the construction of them. im excited to see how my new setup will be and i think these subs are a good way to go, get a good amp and you definately wont be disappointed


Written By Cheryl, Hoopeston,IL on Wednesday, November 29, 2006

These subs were my first. I had them hooked up to my Kicker KX850.2 and it was louder than any system I have ever heard. When I put them facing up in my S10, they could be heard for at least 4 blocks. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. They eventually wore out and Kicker sent me a new set for free. They have great customer service.


Written By MTX_Thunder, Toledo, Ohio on Thursday, November 23, 2006

These are some great subs. I have two of them powered by a BXi1606D amp. I have each speaker wired in series to and 8 ohm load, them the two of them wired together in parallel resulting in a final 4 ohm load. At 4 ohms my amp will lay down 600rms without a problem. I have both of these in a 2.5 cu ft slot ported box and they sound great. I was praying that they were going to be louder than my MTX's and they are. To my surprise they also sound fantastic, with gut pounding lows. Also they have a very smooth sound that is pleasing to the ears. For the price, THERE IS NO BETTER SPEAKER. Go and buy some NOW!

I also have to give praise to Crutchfield for their wonderful shipping speed. I ordered a pair of these tues night at 11pm and got them FOR FREE Thursday. Excellent service. If I need anything else from you, I will not hesitate to order, GREAT JOB!

Excellent Buy

Written By Brian, Wisconsin on Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If the 26 previous reviews didn't convince you...
I work part-time building speaker enclosures and installing car audio systems. I won't say this is the best sub I've ever heard, because it isn't. But for a <$200 subwoofer, this one gives you a lot for your money. Though others have commented on how much output this gives, I was more impressed by its clarity.

A customer wanted a strong but clean-sounding, lightweight sub for a mid-sized car ('93 BMW 525i), but didn't want to "break the bank." I built a 1.2 cu.ft fiberglass-reinforced plywood box, installed this woofer and powered it with a RF Punch 3001. Great system for very little money. At a moderate volume it gave a decent "kick" despite the BMW's sound deadening, and as I mentioned the bass was "tight," surprisingly clear.

Prospective buyers will no doubt be debating whether to buy these, Alpine Type-R's or Infinity Kappa's. I don't think most buyers will be able to tell the difference in clarity between the CVR and the Kappa, and the CVR's if paired up and powered well should break windows about as easily as the Type-R's. If you can stand (or like) the flashy dust cap... these are a good bit cheaper, and especially if you're buying two will save you enough to get a notch better amp.

Not what I was hoping for

Written By Brad, Michigan on Thursday, November 09, 2006

I thought that I would be cool and buy 4 of these bad boys... I wish I wouldn't have. I had a custom ported box built for them and had 4 kx400.1's hooked to them. At first that was too much for my car (1987 Monte Carlo SS), so I got a 25 farad cap and had 2 optima (yellow top) batteries and upgraded my electrical system... That was plenty of power, my lights did not dim at all. I worked with the subs for a few weeks until they broke in and then I began to really use them. At first they were just really punchy and did not hit very low. So, I took it in and had the experts adjust the amps and it sounded a little better. They were still punchy though and just did not hit as low as I wanted. My friend had 1 L7 that hit as hard as my 4 CVR's... I decided to drop down to 2 subs and it did not do anything. So, I scrapped these subs and got 2 L7's. I was much happier. For the money, these subs are alright, but if you are looking for some LOW bass, go with the L7's or T112D4's or (my personal favorite) the Pioneer TSW3004SPL's (Best all around sub I have ever heard and very very cheap... not sure why). For a budget system, these are great, but for a heart pounding, shake the neighbors system, go with something a little better.


Written By Chrisace89, Moreno Valley,CA on Monday, October 30, 2006

These speakers are LOUD. i have two of them hooked up to an amp pushing 440 whats per channel and omg are they loud. great price and great sound you will feel like your are the speakers punching bag when you turn these up

Great sub, can't be beat for the money...

Written By mgramlng, memphis,tn on Friday, September 08, 2006

I bought 1-12"CVR 4ohn DVC and love it..I have it in 1.5cu.ft. sealed box...installed in a 96 accord sedan..My phoenix gold amp is pushing 418watts RMS..All I can say is wow...I absolutely love it..Great clean bass w/ no distortation..I have no idea how far it can be heard..But it is definately more than loud enough for me inside the car, and that is all that I need...For what its worth I highly recommend this sub.. I can't even imagine running two of these at 400 watts each..that would be completely mind numbing.

The best in life is made by Kicker

Written By Seth, Palmyra, MO on Monday, August 14, 2006

I've only been doing car audio for 3 years. I have tried a lot of subs and i was blown away when i heard these babies. I have them hooked up to a Power Acoustik TS-1920 amp shoving 440 to each sub at a 2-ohm load. Each sub has 1.25 cu. ft. in a ported box and with the gain turned half way up, it makes your chest want to colapse. The pound out loud and clear bass notes without over heating or distorting. I now have the loudest system in my school. If your looking at buying a pair of subs, take my advice and buy these.

Kicker is bad

Written By Pete, silsbee,texas on Saturday, July 15, 2006

these kickers are really good subs especially since they are only 100 dollars more than comps. i have mine in a two twelve sealed truck box in a 89 chevy being powered by a kicker xs100 competition amp that really pushes 1000 watts. all my highs are kicker and im running a kenwood 4032 cd player. my only complaint with the subs is that the bass doesn't go as low as it can but thats because my box is actually a little too small. other than that these are top notch. thse subs do hit low and hard especially if you have around 1.25 cu ft airspace. i am very pleased with the results of using all kicker in my truck i get the best of both worlds spl and sound quality.

Good Golly Miss Molly

Written By Niq, Centereach, NY on Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Allow me to just say how nasty these subs are. I have a pair of them in the back of my 95 Cougar being powered by a HiFonics BX1000D amp. I'm putting 500 watts RMS to each sub and I have the sub level on my deck turned to -3dB. My rear view mirror is useless. Amazing subs I wouldn't give them up for anything.

My car is just too small

Written By Patrick, New Orleans, La on Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This sub is just incredible. The sub hits soo hard I think my car might need a downgrade! I am amazed at how nice it sounds turned very very low. Definately a great bargain!

Nice sub

Written By Chance842, C Town, WV on Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this sub in a package deal and it is a great sub for the money. I have a 300-watt kicker amp running it in a sealed box. Kicker subs is all that I have ever had and I don't think I will be switching anytime soon.

Alot of Bass Without the cost

Written By ShaknSC, Crewe, VA on Friday, April 21, 2006

These Subs are nasty. Nothing in their price range will out bass them. I have 2 of these bad boys fueled by a Rockford Fosgate Power 1001bd amp and with the bass remote maxed out i was settn' off car Alarms. I really did find all the loose bolts on the car with these subs. I had these subs screaming with the fosgate amp and they never once got distorted. For gods sakes don't put these subs in a eclipse, they are just dog nasty. You might want to consider for dynamat with these subs.


Written By Eric, Elkhart, Indiana on Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I very pleased with this sub. I have one in the cab of my pickup truck and it turns heads. People can't believe that it is only one. Always been a kicker fan. Good quality.

Dear God

Written By Ty, Kansas City, MO on Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dear God,
We thank you for this sub...

Yes Yes it is that amazing...these people giving out 5 stars do not lie... I have One of these babies..Just one and omg it is amazingly accurate and loud... i just bought another though just to further blow people away..these are amazing and no matter how much you research you should end up here. These are a must if you dont want to spend over 150 for a sub and honestly they sound better than most 200$ subs...Get These and you will Love Em!! But make sure you give it wat it want(A Good amp)!!


Written By Randon, ATL, GA on Sunday, March 19, 2006

OK, thats put it this way, these subs provide all the bass that you will ever want. I bought 2 of these and powered them with a Alpine MRD-M1005 (700w @ 4ohms). So 350 for each speaker. ...

But dont let these people who say "I can be heard from a mile a way", fool you. They arent the person who is outside of the car listening to you come around the corner, so really, they have no idea how far away they can hear you coming. But even so, im sure you could hear it a few football fields away. THEY ARE LOUD.

So to give you a good idea...they are louder than the rockford p1, 2's, and 3's. They are just as loud as the Type-R's, they beat the mtx 5500's, and can compete with the mtx 7500's. And they beat anything lesser than 150$ on crutchfield. o yea and my buddy has a JL W7, if you know what im talking about then you would probably expect the W7 to win, i think it does, but my friend thinks my 2 subs are louder.

Just make sure you got the money to spend on a good amp, and some dynamat, and make sure your car isnt that old cause it will rattle it apart.


Written By Michael, Oak Harbor, WA on Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)




Kicker CompVR 05CVR124

Written By y2kimpala, Marshalltown, IA on Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Had 2 mounted in a up-firing box in an extended cab s10 and all i can say is wow! The were powered by a JBL BP1200.1 at full power and they were begging for more. They should have blown at the first beat, but never hesitated. Nobody will regret buying these. I cant wait to install them in my new Impala!

Kicker CompVR 05CVR124

Written By Jeff, st.paul mn. on Saturday, December 24, 2005

i had two jl audio 12w3-d2, i blew both of them out. then i bought 1 of thease kicker comp's. this one sub pounds harder than the two jl's i had.....AMAZING...
i have it powered up by a ppi pcx 2200.

Bangin outta control

Written By RITA, Detroit, Mi on Monday, November 28, 2005

I bought 2 12" last christmas and they bang so hard I got them hooked up to a kenwood 800 watt amp which is only giving them half of what they can push Im upgrading my amp to a 1000 watt but these are fo sho the bomb and Im a girl who loves bang I want to bang so loud that the 3 block can hear me good buy !!!!


Written By dj, HILO on Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Look no further, this is what you've been searching for!

Written By BoogaBass, Tulsa, Oklahoma on Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ok guys and gals, I have been into car audio for seven years now, I have owned and installed all types of subs, speakers and amps, of all sizes and types into all types of vehicles. I have one thing to say, THESE THINGS ARE BRUTAL!!!

I bought two of these (12 inch Kicker CVR DVC 4 Ohm) and slapped them into an old sealed box I had laying around. The box is a little smaller than they recommend in the manual, plus they say they are loudest in a ported box. Well, I ran 800 watts on a single channel at 4 ohms, 400 rms per speaker... I COULD NOT HEAR FOR THREE DAYS! No joke, these babies were so loud I couldnt stand any kind of noise for three days, my ears hurt too much. It took a week before I could stand to turn my car stereo back up again.

The bass is DEEP (my car has a burp at about 43 Hz, BWAAAAMMMMP!!!! it makes the entire top of the car and the trunk go crazy!) People talk about making a quarter bounce... they bounced ME when I sat on the trunk. I weigh 160 pounds!

When I roll around people already have their heads turned when I come around corners or over hills. My roommate heard me from a block and a half away IN OUR HOUSE, WITH MY STEREO AT 1/4 VOLUME. Do I have to say anything else? BUY THESE THINGS!!!

Me and my friends estimate I am hitting low to mid 140s with a SEALED BOX. Get your credit card, buy them now, dont even think twice.

Oh yea, and durability? They DOUBLE stitch the woofers onto the surround, these things look great and I have no doubt they will last. I remember an 8" Kicker I used to have, it was so old and decrepit that you couldnt even tell what brand it was. It was louder than my Infinity 10" and I couldnt

Kicker CompVR 05CVR124

Written By Jeff, TheBash, IN on Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

i got 2 12's hooked up to a 1920 watt power acoustic amp ( with the plasma sphere ) in a ported trunk box from MTX in the back of an extedend cab truck .. it hits so hard it makes your stomach hurt .. been pulled over 3 times in the past 6 months because of the noise .. awesome subs if your looking for loud bass for a semi-cheap price.

These things are awesome

Written By Kody, Orofino, ID on Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I bought these speakers thinking they would just be alright for where I live and holy crap I was really surprised at how good they first I only had 125 Watts going to each speaker and it still rattled and shook my pickup and people were able to hear me from blocks I have 370 watts going into them and people can hear me coming from forever...I love these speakers and I would Tell anyone that asked to get these speakers...they're Baaad


Written By butters, Beecher, Illinois on Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This sub is freakin awesome I put 4 of them into my truck powered at 400 a piece and my god do they pound. My friend said he could hear me from half a mile away. I would highly recomend these subs they pound. PEACE

Best i've owned!

Written By Shamonte, Netherlands(Military assignment) on Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was a little shakey about buying 12 inch subs because of bad experiences. I have these subs in a 1cubic ft sealed box with polyfill powered by an Orion XTR Pro1000d on an Audio Control crossover playing at 90hz. They hit so much cleaner,lower and louder than my 15 inch Kicker XPL's and Orion Xtr 3's that were in a 2.5cubic ft sealed box on the same amp. I'll be chageing the crossover freq to about 60hz once the prom arrives. I have only had them in for an hour, not even broken in yet! The craftsman ship is unmatched! Best of both worlds SQ and SPL! Wait til I add the capacitor!


Written By Justin, Arvada, Co on Monday, April 11, 2005

I got 2 12in. in a glass box wit 4 ports powered by a 1500 watt Fozgate amp and it pounds. I can be heard up to 4 blocks away. I out pound my friends hatchback wit 3 12in. JL Dub 3's wit 1500 watt amp. I highly reccomend these speakers.

Buy these babies

Written By kevin, Kevin from Lewiston, Maine on Sunday, April 10, 2005

I bought 2 of these for my extended cab ranger in a small 1.0 Cu.Ft. box. with the front of the sub faceing in the box and wired it to a 4 channel 1200 watt amp brigded.i was running 600 watts to each sub and they pound. i recomend these to any1 with an ext. cab truck. but i'm sur they'll pound in anything.

Great speaker

Written By cody, statesville nc on Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Man i got three of these bad boys in my car and people can hear me from 3 blocks away, if you want to have some bump in yo trunk you need these speakers right here. Jus make sure you power them with a good amp like i got mine on a memphis 1000D amp and it pushes them great. so i urge you to get these speakers im pretty sure you will hit hard with two of these things.


Written By kyle, Rc, SD on Monday, February 28, 2005

Good subs really good subs, 2 12's and all h*** breaks lose there loud if u power them good go witha kicker amp 2 run them, i prefere a sealed box but thats just me if its loud in a sealed box its a good sub

Kicker CompVR 05CVR124

Written By Gloria, Ohio on Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Amazing sub, bass that shakes the ground one word of advice for people buying this sub the cone smells weird during its break in period dont worry about it...

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • One 12" DVC woofer
  • Cutout template (attached to carton)
  • Manual
  • Product Registration card
  • 2 Kicker decals

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Marine Ready: This woofer is made with a powder coated, weather resistant basket and stainless steel hardware, so it can be used in marine and mobile applications.

Dual Voice Coils: For increased system flexibility, the woofer has two 4 ohm voice coils. When the voice coils are wired in parallel, the woofer presents a 2 ohm load. When the voice coils are wired in series, the woofer presents an 8 ohm load. In addition, each coil may be connected to a different amplifier channel and each channel will see a 4 ohm load.

Cone Materials: The Kicker Comp VR woofer consists of a unique one-piece, aluminum vapor-deposit material that moves as a lightweight piston, exhibiting power and control. This injection-molded polymineral cone features an inverted structural dome (ISD), which remains rigid to minimize cone flex and lowers harmonic distortion. A rear cone brace integrates into the cone with a continuous contact perimeter weld, which offers unmatched strength and resistance to deformation under pressure.

Surround: The optimized Polyfoam-ribbed Santoprene surround allows extended cone excursion for additional bass output and higher SPL. The surround is double-stitched to the cone to add a mechanical fastener to the chemical adhesives. This prevents the cone and surround from separating in the harshest conditions.

Enhanced BAM (Basket And Motor) Assembly: The high-strength steel basket features a low-profile open design, and provides a solid foundation for the precision-aligned motor assembly. Perimeter venting in the BAM relieves pressure from under the spider, supports a linear excursion, and helps dissipate heat from the voice coil and motor structure.

Voice Coils: The dual ultra-strength voice coils sustain enormous cone excursion and provide flexible impedance matching options. The high-temperature Polyimide Film voice coil former improves sonic and conductive properties, and prevents thermal-electrical meltdown.

UniPlate Construction: The woofer features a one-piece UniPlate construction with a vented hyper-extended pole piece and backplate. This unique design provides the following benefits:

  • Optimizes heat transfer efficiency for cooler operation and maximum power handling ability.
  • Eliminates erratic magnetic flux from the voice coil gap.
  • Releases pressure under the suspension for uniform cone movement and responsive low bass.
  • Prevents the voice coil from bottoming out and corresponding damage.

Tinsel Leads: The woofer features sleeved high-power tinsel lead wires to resist breakage and power-robbing resistance losses. The lead wires are terminated with polymer-based strain relieving mechanical fasteners.

Speaker Terminals: The spring loaded, nickel-plated terminals provide solid connections with medium to heavy gauge speaker wire.

Break-in Period: Due to the complex nature of Kicker Comp VR speakers, they require a break-in period in order to produce optimum low-bass response. The high-performance suspension system makes the speaker very stiff "out-of-the-box". Approximately 2 weeks of daily playing will allow the suspension to break-in and reach its optimum equilibrium. A "broken-in" subwoofer will exhibit stronger bass performance, smoother response, and greater low-bass extension.

Enclosure Compatibility

Power Handling: The power handling specifications differ according to the type and size of the enclosure. The power handling specifications assume that both voice coils are in use. Note: Both voice coils in a dual voice coil speaker should always be connected.

Recommended Sealed Box Volume:

  • Compact (minimum enclosure volume): 1.0 cu/ft; the woofer can handle up to 400 watts RMS (200 watts per voice coil)
  • SQ (maximum enclosure volume): 4.6 cu/ft; the woofer can handle up to 300 watts RMS (150 watts per voice coil)

Recommended Vented Box Volume:

  • Compact: 1.75 cu/ft; 2.5" x 12.5" port opening; 20" port depth; the woofer can handle up to 300 watts RMS (150 watts per voice coil)
  • SPL/Deep Bass: 2.25 cu/ft; 3" x 12.5" port opening; 20.5" port depth; the woofer can handle up to 300 watts RMS (150 watts per voice coil)

Note: The power handling specifications listed with the vented enclosure recommendations apply only when a 25Hz, 24dB/octave subsonic filter (sold separately) is used with this woofer. If a subsonic filter is not used, power handling may decrease, excessive port noise can occur, and the life of the woofer may be shortened.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.