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From top to bottom, Kicker builds the Solo-Baric L5 subs for powerhouse bass. The 06S12L54 12" subwoofer features Kicker's trademark square woofer cone, crafted from composites and treated with aluminum — it's rigid, responsive, and ready for hard-hitting, accurate playback at extreme sound pressure levels. The tough, tear-resistant Santoprene surround includes reinforcement at the edge of the cone for added durability.

A sturdy steel basket holds these elements in place, while air vents around the sub's perimeter pump the hot air away from the interior. Kicker's UniPlate pole piece and backplate allow extended cone travel, so the sub won't distort when the lows start bumping. The two 4-ohm voice coils offer the wiring flexibility you'll need to use your sub in either high output or multiple woofer configurations.

Product Highlights:

  • 12" subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • SoloKon aluminum-treated composite cone with Santoprene surround
  • rigid steel basket
  • power range: 50-600 RMS watts (300 watts per voice coil)
  • peak power: 1200 watts
  • frequency response: 20-100 Hz
  • sensitivity: 88.9 dB
  • mounting depth: 6-7/8"
  • sealed box volume: 0.88-2.00 cubic feet
  • ported box volume: 1.75-3.25 cu. ft.
  • Recommended Q-Logic Box Type: 1, 2, 3
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's a component sub and why would I want one?

A component sub is simply a speaker that's designed to reproduce bass once it's installed in a compatible enclosure. Think about the impact of a movie soundtrack in a big theater or even in your own home HDTV setup. A component sub can add the same kind of power to the music in your car. And a car sub is not all about the boom that you hear on a street corner (although that's cool too) - you can pair a component sub with your choice of enclosure to get bass just the way you like it, from tight and punchy to fat and loose. And once you experience music in your car with a well-tuned subwoofer, you'll never go back.

Kicker Solo-Baric L5 06S12L54 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

15 Reviews

Bounce for the Savior!

Written by: Jay from Depauw, Indiana on August 14, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

My friend has 2 Kicker L7 subs, I couldn't afford those, so I got one L5, but let me tell you, there is enough bass for me! With the Amp Crutchfield set me up with, that one L5 sounds only a little less powerful than my friends two L7's. Worth every penny and with Crutchfield you can't go wrong! If you are looking to hear Awesome bass and ready for people to look at you drivin' down the road, this is the speaker for you! Kicker has done it again! I like it loud and play it loud for my neighbors to hear,and without the cussing in rap, YES Christian Rap thumps louder and better with this L5 than any other subs in town. Kickers Livin' Loud and Livin' it up for Christ, and KICKIN' with 600 Watts of GREAT SOUNDING BASS! I am so happy with my purchase, the L5 is by no means the little brother to L7, I'll just have my hearing a few more years longer than the other guys!



l5's in a s-10

Written by: Troy from South Dakota on May 14, 2007

I have 2 L5's in a sealed box, in a S-10. They are pushed buy a 1000 watt (rms) MB Quart. I hit 147.4 db. This is in a sealed encloser. Now imagine what a ported box made within kicker comp specs would do. Oh- I forgot to mention that my L5's were late models (the red ones), and that they are over a year old and still bumbin strong. I know that they are a little spendy, but you get what you pay for.



Little Brother Takes You By Surprise .....

Written by: Mike from Albany, MN on May 8, 2007

I bought two of these almost a year ago and am using a SL2-2000 amp. I'm putting 450 RMS to each at 2 Ohms and these bad boys pound like nothing else. I wanted the L7's but couldn't afford them so I had to settle for the L5's. I thought that since they were the little brothers they wouldn't be nearly as good ..... boy was I wrong. I have been beating these things for a little over a year and have had no problems what-so-ever .... except for the fact that they keep dislocating my back dash from all the pressure. If you can afford the L7's buy them right now but if not these are killer subs as well. The awsome square design adds not only more surface area but they also turns heads as not too many people have seen, or heard, square subs ..... at least not too many people I know. All in all these subs are a great buy and I would definatly buy them again. Thank your Crutchfield ! !



Rattle your brains!!!!!

Written by: Matt from Big Rapids on February 26, 2007

I purchased the 12" Kicker comp and was pleased, so I decided to buy these monster's. They have moderate sound quality, but I have them in a ported box. They are so loud and powerful that they were shaking my dash in my cutlass and making my CD player skip. If you are a sound quality nut then these might not be for you, stick with the round subs. You'll need one heck of a amp too these monster's are hungry. Also you'll need some dynamat or something equivilant or you'll get tons of rattles everywhere.



Kicker Solo-Baric L5 06S12L54

Written by: pgh chance from pittsburgh pa on February 17, 2007

I got one L5 hooked up in a custom box, running off a Audiobahn 800.. Had 2 step up my game and grab 2 of them joints and hooked them up 2 an Audionbahn 1800.. U already kno the outcome.. Kicker been doing it for years.. Two thumbs up..




Written by: Damon from Lawrenceville,GA on January 18, 2007

This sub is serious. Only a baby being an L5 but it is definitely a forced to be reckoned with. It definitely competes with the top subs on the market today. I have one in the box it came with hooked up to a Infinity Reference 611a amp. wired at 2 ohms its pushing out 657 watts RMS. I had it hooked up to a Kenwood KAC-9102 pushin 850 watts RMS but it blew that amp. The Infinity is holding up pretty well though. Now if you do invest in this sub I suggest you get two. Im about to get another one next week and it is going to be so serious!! With the right amp you can do a lot with a little.



powerful bass

Written by: JR from tx on December 19, 2006

i bought one of these about 6 months ago in the factory box for a toyota corolla with an eclipse xa1000. I've hooked up alot of systems in my time and love this sub, i have a single 12" hooked up to a eclipse xa1000 (great sound, and the sub makes up for the amps lack of bass) which complement each others weakness well and even after dynamating the trunk and doors i cant turn the gain up past half without the car making horrible rattling noises, and even then the bass is too powerful to listen to long without getting a migrain, this sub is incredibly powerful and can out perform alot of higher priced ones, i recomend getting a quality amp as some people complain of melted coil though even after long road trips i never had any issues with heat




Written by: Miller from houston, mo on December 6, 2006

I have two of these subs hooked up to a rockford fosgate power T5002 amp, giving each one about 500 rms rockford watts. These things are LOUD!! I have each one in a single vented box, and they rattle every part of the rear end of my 2001 Mustang. Only thing is the boxes are so big, i had to remove my Mach system from the rear end. These things are definately worth the money. But make sure you BREAK THESE IN!! I hooked one up to the amp and had it turned less than 1/4 the way up and it melted the voice coil in less than a minute.



Kicker Solo-Baric L5 06S12L54

Written by: getphatcrew from Fresno,CA on November 4, 2006

I had 2 of the L5's and only had about 800 watts for both , that less than it would be for the RMS. They blew out to fast and that shouldnt happen.



Kicker Solo-Baric L5 06S12L54

Written by: hatchetrider from Yakima, Wa on July 18, 2006

had 2 12in comp in my van that were the best. loved then got this L5 and i made a custom sealed box all i have to say is i wish i had these in my van, so much power i need a bigger amp thoe its a kenwood 1000 watt the sub made the amp so hot it blew the fuses but it was execelent while it lasted



Pounding Headache!!

Written by: blwn02gs from Warren, Ohio on June 14, 2006

I have the dual setup of these in a custom ported box from Kicker (06DS12L5) in the back of my POS 95' Corsica hooked up to a ZX1500.1 amp, and Eclipse CD7000 head unit. Let me say these things pound so hard it makes my rear bumber shake!! If you want loudness, shaking, and getting noticed, these will definitely do the job! Far as the break-in goes, played them for a few hours at low levels, then I put the hammer to these babies! No problems here, except for ringing ears and a bad headache! These things are lethal!




Written by: ice_9_88 from Cumberland, MD on June 12, 2006

Wow this subwoofer is really crazy! its dangerous alright! This sub really hits all the notes in most music! i highly Do recommend this subwoofer to anyone wanting to put a hard hitter in thier trunk! i have it hooked up to a MTX 2-channel amp, pushing 600 watts rms, giving it a max of 1200 watts. The gain is only turned up to 65% cause i have ground noise and the sub acts crazy turned up past 65%. I'm trying to get a Kenwood 950 Watt rms mono amp, its should really tear it up! 5 stars deff.



Kicker Solo-Baric L5 06S12L54

Written by: jay from minnesota on May 17, 2006

these subs rock!!! best out there hands down. bought two of these and put them in my 1999 durango,hooked them up to a Kicker KX850.2 after bout a month later i blew that amp,sent it back to Kicker and they sent me the new '06 ZX850.2 amp before any stores evan got one!!! had my system tested,im hitting 143.3db! thats loud but now im thining bout getting the 1500watt kicker amp lol cant go wrong with kicker brand.
so if ya wanna make ur neighbors houses rattle buy these with a good amp.they can handle more than the 600 watts they say AFTER BREAK IN and these DO need to be broken in or u will run the chance of melting them lol



Livin' VERY Loud!

Written by: Balla from H-town on March 1, 2006

I got 2 of these as just a throw-in system for my '07 Escalade and... THEY POUND. They were each hooked up to a kx600.1 amp and it's one of the loudest but clean systems i've heard. Truly do recommend these subs if you want a quick system gig. If you want to go deaf get the L7's. I got these hooked up to my Mercedes G-55 and it's too much. But to cruise around, L5's are great!



Crazy Stupid LOUD!!!

Written by: Anthony from Maryland on February 1, 2006

I had two knock off wanna be Kickers. I should have known these Kickers were gonna be dangerous when they wouldn't fit in my other box. I had a box custom made, got a mono amp that could handle 600 watts RMS and is 1 ohm stable. These subs HIT HARD. I had to turn my subwoofer control to -5. I can't even turn my head unit up past 25 without my eardrums feeling like they are gonna burst. Definitely worth the money and will get you noticed.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • One 12" Square DVC woofer
  • Cutout template (attached to carton)
  • Owner's Manual

Product Research

Enclosure Compatibility


Dual Voice Coils: For increased system flexibility, the woofer has two 4 ohm voice coils. When the voice coils are wired in parallel the woofer presents a 2 ohm load. When the voice coils are wired in series the woofer presents an 8 ohm load. In addition, each coil may be connected to a different amplifier channel and each channel will see a 4 ohm load.

Square Design: By making the Solo-Baric square, Kicker is giving you the most possible cone area (Sd) for a given size baffle, 16% to 20% more area than a conventional round subwoofer. More cone area means the Solo-Baric L5 moves more air, resulting in louder, deeper bass.

Cone Materials: The square cone is made of SoloKon, an ultra high performance composite, which remains rigid, minimizes cone flex and lowers harmonic distortion. SoloKon consists of a unique one-piece, aluminum vapor-deposit material that moves as a lightweight piston, exhibiting power and control. A rear cone brace integrates into the SoloKon with a continuous contact perimeter weld, which offers unmatched strength and resistance to deformation under pressure.

Surround: The tough, flexible Santoprene rubber surround has a long-throw, positive-roll design, which controls extreme cone excursion and is highly tear-resistant. The corners of the surround are ribbed to ensure linear cone motion. The surround is stitched to the reinforced cone edge, making separation between them virtually impossible, even in the harshest conditions.

Spider: The woofer is equipped with a wide poly-cotton spider which easily handles high cone excursions due to its increased diameter and unique shape.

Enhanced BAM (Basket And Motor) Assembly: The Solo-Baric L5 utilizes a high strength stamped steel basket which features a low-profile open design and provides a solid foundation for the precision-aligned motor assembly. Perimeter venting in the BAM relieves pressure from under the spider, supports linear excursion, and helps dissipate heat from the voice coil and motor structure.

UniPlate Construction: The Solo-Baric L5 features a one-piece UniPlate construction with a vented hyper-extended pole piece and backplate. This unique design provides the following benefits:

  • Optimizes heat transfer efficiency for cooler operation and maximum power handling ability
  • Eliminates erratic magnetic flux from the voice coil gap
  • Releases pressure under the suspension for uniform cone movement and responsive low bass
  • Prevents the voice coil from bottoming out and corresponding damage

Tinsel Lead Wires: The sleeved, high-power tinsel lead wires eliminate broken leads and power loss due to the common use of insufficient-gauge lead wires. The lead wires are stitched to the spider to relieve stress on the connections.

Rubber Magnet Boot: A black rubber boot covers the outside edge of the magnet structure to improve the cosmetics of the woofer and protect the magnet from chipping or breaking during installation.

Speaker Terminals: The terminals are spring loaded and nickel-plated for solid connections with heavy gauge speaker wire, up to 11 gauge.

Break-in Period: Due to the complex nature of Kicker Solo-Baric L5 woofers, they require a break-in period in order to produce optimum low-bass response. The high-performance suspension system makes the speakers very stiff "out-of-the-box". Approximately 2 weeks of daily playing will allow the suspension to break-in and reach its optimum equilibrium. A "broken-in" subwoofer will exhibit stronger bass performance, smoother response, and greater low-bass extension.

Enclosure Compatibility

Power Handling: The power handling specifications differ according to the type and size of the enclosure. The power handling specifications assume that both voice coils are in use. Note: Both voice coils in a dual voice coil speaker should always be connected.

Recommended Sealed Box Volume:

  • Compact (minimum enclosure volume): 0.88 cu/ft; the woofer can handle up to 600 watts RMS
  • SQ (maximum enclosure volume): 2.0 cu/ft; the woofer can handle up to 500 watts RMS

Recommended Vented Box Volume:

  • Compact: 1.75 cu/ft; 2.5" x 13.25" port opening; 22.5" port length; the woofer can handle up to 600 watts RMS
  • SPL/Deep Bass: 3.25 cu/ft; 3" x 13.25" port opening; 14.5" port length; the woofer can handle up to 600 watts RMS

Note: The power handling specifications listed with the vented enclosure recommendations apply only when a 25Hz, 24dB/octave subsonic filter (sold separately) is used with this woofer. If a subsonic filter is not used, power handling may decrease, excessive port noise can occur, and the life of the woofer may be shortened.

Cutout: The woofer will not mount in a standard enclosure with a round cutout. Instead, the woofer must be mounted in an enclosure with a 11" x 11" square opening.

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.