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Protect your investment with Streetwires System Gear. Forged-brass battery terminal connectors use an advanced clamping technique to ensure a solid, clean contact point for your power cables. Streetwires finishes their battery clamps with corrosion-resistant, Diamond Plate Nickel, and each terminal comes stamped with color-coded polarity markings. A clear, impact-resistant cover is also included.

The versatile BC2PF positive(+) battery terminal connector features two cabling options: one non-fused, compression-screw socket that accepts 4-gauge power cable and one fused Power Ring® connection for higher-powered hookups. Warranty: lifetime

StreetWires BC2PF Reviews

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sub-par at best

Written by: thenetdr from Ohio on February 10, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought 3 of these because I could not find another battery connector with a built in fuse.

Also purchased StreetWires 4-gauge Crimp-on 3/8" Power Rings. I thought these two items would match perhaps because they both include the phrase "Power Ring". But power ring hold down screw bottoms-out on the plastic prior to tightening by significant amount in other words the power ring connector needs to be 3 times as thick. Spend time grinding the length of threads down.

The surface area/meterial of set screws allen key head appear as if you could tighten them only once before stripping the head. As long as you can then grab onto the head with side cutters or pliers you could work with it, but I am concerned that stripping the head of the in-set screw would be disastrous, but I'm only using the power ring. 1 of the 3 I purchased, the plastic cover was warped suchas the snaps that hold it in place don't touch the mating surface.

1 screw had a lot of play even when threaded halfway in by hand.

I purchased and kept this ONLY due to its unique FEATURE of having a fuse, not its general quality of construction and durability. Sorry, but that's my evaluation opinion. Yours may be different.



StreetWires BC2PF

Written by: nealhan from San Antonio, TX on June 22, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It is a good product however their aren't as many places to put wires.. My car has an 4 gauge wire and two 8 gauge wires.... plus my 4 gauge amp wire... No place to put them all... It would be better if they got rid of the fuse holder and added another power tap. most amp kits should have there own fuse.



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What's in the box?

  • Single direct input battery terminal with AFS fuse holder and impact resistant cover

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Overview: The StreetWires BC2PF Positive Battery Terminal Clamp features a single direct input, an AFS fuse holder (fuse sold separately), and impact resistant cover. The BC2PF is machined from forged brass and feature a polarity marking (Red for positive). The BC2PF's Super Torx clamping system assures connection integrity via integrated set-screws. The Positive Battery Terminal Clamp features a single 4 AWG input and  provides a connection for an optional AFS fuse (sold separately) to protect your system's power wire.

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