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The SIRIUS Starmate 5 satellite radio sports a sleek look to go with its compact size and long list of features. It stores the last 44 minutes of the channel you're listening to, so you can pause, rewind, and fast forward live broadcasts. The easy-to-read display showcases artist, song title, and channel information.

A la carte programming
Unlike other satellite radios, your Starmate 5 allows you to choose from a variety of "a la carte" programming options, so you can customize your satellite radio experience. Once you activate an "a la carte" subscription, you can go online and choose which channels you'll receive. A la carte programming options begin at 50 channels for $6.99 a month.

Find all your favorites
You can scroll by channel, artist, or song title, and you can enter channel numbers directly. You can also save up to 30 of your favorite channels in the preset banks. The handy wireless remote gives your passengers convenient system control while you're driving.

Save the names of up to 30 songs or artists, and S-Seek will tell you anytime one of them is playing on SIRIUS. You can also save the name of your favorite sports teams, and the system will alert you whenever their games are starting.

Car accessories
You'll get the accessories needed to use the Starmate 5 in your vehicle, including a dock that connects to your stereo's auxiliary input for the best possible sound. No aux input? The PowerConnect system features a built-in FM transmitter you can use to get the satellite radio signal to your stereo without a lot of messy wires. The optional home kit gives you SIRIUS playback over your home stereo.

Note: A subscription to SIRIUS is also required. Satellite radio service is available only within Canada and the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii. Limited service is available in Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Product Highlights:

  • internal memory stores the last 44 minutes of the channel you're listening to (memory resets when you change the channel or turn the power off)
  • wireless remote
  • supports a la carte programming
  • included PowerConnect adapter with FM transmitter
  • 30 presets
  • compatible with SIRIUS Universal Docking accessories
  • S-Seek alerts you when any of 30 songs or artists you've saved plays anywhere on SIRIUS
  • notifies you when your favorite song, artist, or sports team are playing on another channel
  • 5-line LCD displays artist, song, and channel info
  • clock, auto shutdown, sleep timer
  • tuner dimensions: 4-15/16"W x 1-15/16"H x 11/16"D
  • warranty: 90 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

SIRIUS Starmate 5 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

10 Reviews

serius vs xm

Written by: Al from New Mexico on October 9, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I chose the ala carte program options with XM/Sirius and wanted to select a couple of premium channels to go with the normal 50 channels in the ala carte menu.

I found out after the purchase that some channels are only available on XM with an XM radio. Unfortunately I had chosen a Sirius radio that offered the ala carte option and now I cant get those specific channels.

Other than that, I live in a mountainous area with poor radio reception. The Starmate 5 along with the home installation package gets good reception and provide a lot of choices that I did not have before. Installation and start up was very easy. I am looking forward to many more listening options that I had before.



love it

Written by: John B from Mpls MN on September 29, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It's so nice to have commercial free electronic jazz thru my home stereo ;-)



did not know what I was missing

Written by: Robster from Tennessee on August 24, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced an old Audiovox receiver with this model and what a difference! I love the pause function for when the kids start talking and I miss an announcement. The rewind and fast forward are also an added benefit. This unit is also about a third of the size of the old one and does not vibrate and rattle the way the other unit did when driving at highway speeds.

Only downside was that I did not qualify for any sort of rebate because I was not adding another subscription to my account.



Sirius Receiver in Toyota RAV4

Written by: John E from Placerville, CA on July 1, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Meh. If you are into yesterday's tunes, the Sirius/XM offering may be of interest. Technically it works well. Good reception even in the hilly terrain of the Sierra foothills of Northern California. Most of the music stations sound flat as compared with an attached iPod. If I was a sports nut or into all the foment of talk radio, I may have been more impressed. Installation is straight forward due to excellent guidance from Crutchfield and follow-on technical support.



SIRIUS Starmate 5

Written by: Tony from Fort Lupton Colorado on June 15, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great product and easy to install. It took about an hour with most of that spent routing the antenna cable. BTW, if your radio has an aux connection-use it. The reception will be far superior than anything you'll get with the FM tuner. On the other hand, this unit still allows you to enjoy satellite radio without one. The only criticism, I have, and its minor, is that the display does not have a light sensor to automatically dim at night. You can do it manually via the menu, but its a bit cumbersome.



SIRIUS Starmate 5

Written by: tom d from maryland on February 4, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

good product . had profesionaly installed due to going into a bmw 2005, but well worth it. dash is taken apart.



SIRIUS Starmate 5

Written by: CHT from Rochester, NY on January 28, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love this radio! We do a lot of travelling, and no longer have to spend time searching
the airwaves for something to listen to. Also like the ability to chose 50 stations or all
of Sirius/XM. The installation was quick and easy. Great radio; great price!



SIRIUS Starmate 5

Written by: MarilynJD from Sterling Heights, MI on January 26, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works well.



works well

Written by: Wayne from Raleigh,NC on October 2, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is the second unit, and it works well. The first unit needed to be returned, because it couldn't detect the antenna.

I would recommend this unit.



The everything box

Written by: dgtucker from Nashville, TN on September 30, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received my new radio and had it working in my 02 Liberty the same day. This was my
first cable run but I was able to get the antenna routed through the third brake light and
trim-tucked all the way to the dash in about an hour. More like 35 minutes, actually, but
my little son was helping.

Reception is great, and the radio is almost always at 10 bars of strength. I don't have an
FM antenna installed but when I'm near home I still get 3 bars from the terrestrial
repeater downtown.

My factory receiver doesn't have an auxiliary input, so for now I'm just using the built-in FM
transmitter. It's not crystal clear by any stretch but it'll get me through the decision of
adding an input or getting a whole new receiver, and it honestly isn't that bad for what it
is. The Sirius website gives frequency suggestions by zip code and I found one that
works pretty well all the way between home and work. Long trips might be sort of a pain
but you can program several presets and quickly cycle through them later.

I do have a few minor gripes, of course. There doesn't seem to be way to dim the display
without drilling through menus, and that's a bit of a pain at night because I like it nice and
bright during the day. The construction of the radio itself really could have been beefier,
too. Since buying the unit I've read several reviews that suggest it doesn't hold up to
droppage at all. I'm not surprised given its light-weight design, and I really wish I'd
bought the extended warranty.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Starmate 5 SIRIUS satellite receiver (ST5)
  • PowerConnect vehicle dock (SDPIV1)
  • Magnetic base antenna with attached 21' microcable (terminated with a single SMB connector)
  • 4' Auxiliary input cable (right-angle 3.5mm stereo mini-jacks on both ends)
  • PowerConnect cigarette lighter adapter with attached 55" cord (SXDPIP1)
  • Remote control
  • CR2032 3V lithium battery
  • Adhesive dash mount
  • Vent mount bracket
  • 2 Extended vent mount clamps
  • 4 Large machine screws
  • 1 Small machine screw
  • 2-3/4" Antenna cable rubber tail with adhesive strip
  • Antistatic alcohol cleaning pad
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • User guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Station guide
  • Accessory guide
  • Warranty information
  • SIRIUS XM Programming information

Product Research

Overview: This package contains the Sirius Satellite Radio Starmate 5 Dock & Play receiver, car cradle (with swivel adhesive mount and vent mount), a PowerConnect FM transmitter cigarette light adapter, and a magnetic roof-mount antenna. You can connect the Sirius Starmate 5 to your vehicle's sound system using the unit's built-in FM transmitter or your headunit's auxiliary input (minijack cable supplied).

Note: A subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio is also required.

Sirius Satellite Radio: Sirius Satellite Radio features more than 130 channels of original programming beamed coast-to-coast, including 65 channels of commercial-free, digital-quality music, and news, talk, sports, entertainment, and children's programming. Satellite radio service is available only within the continental United States. Service is not available in Alaska and Hawaii.

Dock & Play Receiver
Vehicle Docking Station

Dock & Play Receiver

Wide-Screen Display: The Starmate 5 has an easy-to-read, wide-screen LCD display which allows you to view artist name, song title, and channel information. You can toggle between 2-line artist name/song title text and large character displayed text. The large character format will change the character size and cause the field to scroll from right to left, if the length of the artist or title cannot be viewed in its entirety. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of the display.

Search Modes: You can search for and select music four ways on the Starmate 5. You can search and select by Category, Channel, Artist and Song title. The Category mode allows you to cycle through the available genres of programming: Pop, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, R&B/Urban, Dance/Electronic, Jazz/Standards, Classical, Latin/World, News, Sports and Entertainment. Once the category has been selected, you can choose the channels from that category using the rotary knob.

Real-Time Program Guide: The Real-Time Program Guide makes it possible to browse programs, artists, and songs playing on other channels, without having to change the channel you are currently on, so you can listen to your current channel and never have to interrupt your music.

Direct Tuning: Using the direct and numeric buttons on the supplied remote, you can directly access Sirius channels by their 3-digit channel numbers.

Preset Tuning: The tuner allows you to store 30 presets in 3 separate banks (A, B, and C - 10 presets each). Preset channels can be tuned directly by selecting a preset band and pressing the preset number on the numeric keypad (unit or remote). You can also activate the preset tune mode in which the rotary knob scrolls through only the preset channels.

Jump Button: This function allows you to access traffic and weather of the 20 most congested cities, or access a favorite channel.

Channel Lock: You can lock a channel, making it only available by direct tuning. When a locked channel is tuned directly, you will need to enter a 4-digit code before the channel can be heard.

Instant Replay: The receiver is capable of storing the audio from the current channel for later playback. Up to 44 minutes can be stored and accessed later. As soon as you tune to a channel, the receiver automatically begins storing the audio. Once the audio is stored, you can perform the following functions: play, pause, fast forward, and rewind.

Memory and Song Seek Functions: This feature allows you to capture and store the program data information (artist and song title). You can store program data information for up to 30 songs. The tuner will monitor the current incoming Sirius signals and alert you if any match the program data information stored in memory.

Game Alert With Sports Ticker: When your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL, and college team is playing on a different channel, Game Alert will notify you. The Sports Ticker feature will display the information (including the channel that is carrying the game) for the team continually during a game they are playing. The currently-playing artist and song title will still be visible when the ticker is active.

Time-Based Functions: The tuner has a built-in clock with the time data provided by the Sirius channel. The clock options can be set for 12-hour or 24-hour operation, time zone, and observance of Daylight Saving Time. Once the clock data is set, you can activate the following functions:

  • Alarm Clock: The built-in alarm clock can be set to turn on the unit at a specific time.
  • Program Alert: The Program Alert function allows you to program the unit to turn on and switch to a selected channel at a specific time.
  • Auto Shutdown: The unit can be set to automatically turn off after a one-hour period without any user intervention. After 59 minutes of inactivity, a beep-tone sounds and a display prompt appears on the screen allowing you the option of canceling auto shutdown.
  • Sleep Mode: The receiver can be set to turn off after a selected period of time, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Remote Control: In addition to offering all the controls on the receiver's front panel, the included IR remote adds wireless operation of the Sirius Satellite Radio Starmate 5.

Vehicle Docking Station

Vehicle Dock: The Sirius Satellite Radio Starmate 5 comes supplied with a vehicle dock which allows you to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in your vehicle. The vehicle dock has color-coded connectors to assist you in connecting the cables to the correct connector. The Sirius Satellite Radio Starmate 5 Dock & Play receiver's vehicle dock provides three connection options to transfer Sirius Satellite Radio audio to your vehicle's audio system.

  • PowerConnect: The Sirius Satellite Radio Dock & Play receiver comes supplied with the PowerConnect FM transmitter and cigarette lighter adapter which allows the Sirius Satellite Radio receiver to wirelessly transmit audio to your vehicle's in-dash headunit over and FM frequency. You can choose from any FM frequency between: 88.1 and 107.9 MHz. You can store up to 5 FM stations so you can quickly access the stations which give you the best audio reception when using the PowerConnect. The PowerConnect FM transmitter and cigarette lighter adapter simply plugs into the power port of the included vehicle dock and the cigarette lighter or 12-volt accessory port of your vehicle.
  • Auxiliary: The Sirius Satellite Radio Dock & Play receiver's vehicle dock has a minijack audio output (3.5mm) to connect the unit directly to your in-dash headunit's auxiliary input (if applicable), using the supplied stereo minijack cable. When using the line output jack, you can adjust the level to match your headunit's other sources.
  • FM Direct (optional): The FM Direct Adaptor (607FMDA25, sold separately) connects directly in-line with your vehicle's existing AM/FM antenna input (motorola) and the Sirius Satellite receiver's vehicle dock FM output (2.5mm). This optimizes the Sirius receiver's built-in FM modulator to your vehicle's radio, especially in regions with a high density of FM radio stations and few open FM channels.

Antenna: The low-profile Sirius antenna has a powerful magnetic base that allows you to mount the antenna on the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle. The antenna needs to be positioned in such a way that it will be free of mechanical and line-of-sight obstructions.

Note: The attached micro-cable has a single SMB connector, which plugs into the vehicle dock.

Mounting: The mounting location of the Starmate 5 should be easily accessible for controlling the unit and provide good visibility of the unit's display, and should not be located where it will be in direct sunlight, which will affect the visibility of the display screen. The Sirius Satellite Radio Sportster 5Receiver comes with two mounting options.

  • Self-Adhesive Dash Mount: The Starmate 5 includes a self-adhesive plastic mount which allows you to place the unit on your vehicle's dash. The self-adhesive dash-mount allows you to swivel and adjust the unit for better visibility.
  • Vent-Mount: The Starmate 5 also includes a plastic mount which allows to you to clip the unit onto one of your vehicle's dash vents.

Compatibility with Optional Pro-Fit Brackets: The car kit docking station is directly compatible with the Legend series (adjustable ball/socket joint) Pro-Fit Vehicle-Specific Mounts (VSMs). When used with the Pro-Fit easy swivel adapter (042EZ1026, sold separately), the docking station will work with the standard (fixed) Pro-Fit VSMs, as well.

Optional Home Kit: An optional home kit (607SUPH1, sold separately) allows you to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio in your home.

Second Vehicle Kit: An addition vehicle kit (220SADV2, sold separately) can be purchased to install the Sirius Satellite Radio Dock & Play receiver in a second vehicle.


Receiver Dimensions: 4.895" (wide) x 1.935 (tall) x 0.675" (deep)

Docking Station Dimensions: 4.005" (wide) x 2.065" (tall) x 1.125" (deep)

Receiver in Docking Station Dimensions: 4.895" (wide) x 2.545" (tall) x 1.125" (deep)

Antenna: 2.195" (diameter) x 0.445" (tall); cable length = 21'

Remote: 1.625" (wide) x 0.725" (tall) x 4.155" (long)

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