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MTX Amplified ThunderForm

1997-2001 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab

Item #: 236DDXP20A

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Original Price: $549.99

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There's a Thunderstorm in the forecast, and it's headed for the wasted space in your vehicle. ThunderForms preserve all the legroom in pickup trucks and all the cargo space in SUVs. Each ThunderForm is an acoustically-designed, non-resonant, airtight enclosure, with the correct internal volume to yield optimum bass response from its subwoofer.

So what makes ThunderForms different than a standard sub box? MTX engineers design each ThunderForm enclosure for optimum performance in your specific vehicle's acoustic space. Using state-of-the-art rotational molding techniques, and exotic high-density polyethylene, MTX creates a sculpted masterpiece of a sub box, beautifully finished to blend with your interior. And they sound as good as they look, delivering bass that's tight, accurate, hard-hitting, and way down low.

This Amplified ThunderForm comes ready to install under the rear jump seat of your 1997-2001 Dodge Dakota Club Cab trucks, with two rugged 10" subwoofers and a super-efficient 100-watt amplifier already built in — so you don't have to find a spot to mount a separate amp. (The subwoofer, made specifically for the amplified ThunderForm, presents a 0.7-ohm load to the Class D 100 watt amplifier — they're a perfect match!)

The enclosure replaces the factory tool tray and contains a molded space with a nylon strap for securing the jack. Speaker- and line-level audio inputs means you can integrate them into any system. They also have simple connections for 12-volt power, ground, and signal wires. 1-year limited warranty.

Vehicle-specific enclosures with subs? Say what?

Instead of the usual sub in a box, the manufacturer creates a molded enclosure that fits perfectly into a convenient spot in your specific vehicle, housing a high-quality sub. Some enclosures even include a built-in amp, for the ultimate in stealth bass. The advantages? You don't lose much space (if any), your sub is perfectly matched to its enclosure, and your enclosure has a factory look that won't tell potential thieves you have an awesome sound system. Doesn't get better than that.

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What's in the box?

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  • Black amplified Thunderform with two pre-installed 10" subwoofers and a 15-amp blade fuse
  • Wiring harness (20' length of 10-gauge power wire/3' length of 10-gauge ground lead/3' remote turn-on lead)
  • Fuse holder with attached wire loop
  • One 15-amp blade fuse
  • Crimp-on ring connector with large hole
  • Crimp-on ring connector with small hole
  • 1 Butt connector
  • 4 Self-tapping screws
  • Five 1-3/4" Hex bolts
  • 5 Flat washers
  • 2 Plastic mounting brackets
  • 1 Nylon strap
  • Instructions
  • "MTX Audio" sticker

Product Research

Controls and Inputs


Note: The provided dimensions are taken at the widest points of the enclosure. Since the enclosure is custom made to fit in a particular vehicle, the enclosure will fit properly in only one specific location.

Mounting Location: This enclosure is molded to fit under the rear jump seat (replacing the factory tool kit) in 1997-2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab trucks.

Jack Relocation: The jack must be relocated to a new location molded into the ThunderForm. A mounting strap, two mounting brackets and hardware are included with the ThunderForm to secure the jack into its new location molded between the woofers.

Tools Required:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Wire crimpers/cutters
  • Ratchet
  • 6" ratchet extension
  • T50 Torx bit
  • 10mm socket
  • 1/4" socket
  • 11/32" socket
  • Panel tool (item #18187650)


Class D Amplifier: The enclosure contains a built-in 100-watt Class D (digital) amplifier that allows RCA or speaker-level input. The amplifier is highly efficient and designed specifically for use with the subwoofers in the enclosure.

Woofers: The enclosure comes with two 10" woofers installed:

  • Design: The woofers are custom-designed to compliment the efficiency of the Class D amplifier to deliver deep, low bass.
  • Materials: The woofer cones are constructed of a laminated paper composite.
  • Surrounds: Each woofer uses a foam surround.

Built-In Crossover: The crossover frequency can be varied from 50Hz to 150Hz for a seamless transition between the output of this unit and that of the other speakers in the vehicle.

Smart-Engage Feature: When the speaker level inputs are used, the system will automatically turn on and off with the radio. This time-saving feature eliminates the need to remove the head unit when installing the ThunderForm. Note: The auto turn-on feature does not operate when the preamp level inputs are used, unless the remote turn-on lead is connected.


  • Design: The acoustic suspension design gives you tighter, more accurate bass.
  • Materials: The high-density polyethylene resin enclosure resists flexing and dampens resonance.

Controls and Inputs


  • Gain Control: Rotary control allows you to set the gain of the amplified sub.
  • Crossover Control: Rotary control allows you to adjust the crossover from 50Hz to 150Hz.


  • Speaker Level Inputs: Left and right spring clip speaker-level inputs. The manual includes the wiring codes necessary to connect the vehicle's speaker wiring to the speaker-level inputs.
  • Preamp-Level Inputs: Left and right female RCA preamp-level inputs
  • 3-Pin Harness Inputs: Power, ground and remote harness
  • Fuse: 15 Amp fuse (one is installed in the enclosure, plus an extra fuse is supplied)

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