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MTX ThunderForm

Custom-fit subwoofer for 1999-up Ford Ranger SuperCab (Charcoal)

Item #: 236FRS20CN

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Crinkled french fries, discarded receipts, old gum wrappers — you probably have everything in the hidden corners of your vehicle except great bass. ThunderForm enclosures fill the nooks and crannies of your vehicle with low tones that stand out, but their factory look blends right in.

MTX engineers evaluate the "sonic signatures" of top-selling vehicles so they can design ThunderForms as custom acoustic matches. Each ThunderForm fits and blends inconspicuously into your vehicle, so you get great bass without losing any space. They're made of high-density polyethylene resin to curb resonances — they deliver bass that's tight, hard-hitting, and way down low. The airtight enclosure provides the correct internal volume to yield optimum bass response.

This molded MTX ThunderForm comes loaded with two premium-quality 10" Terminator 8-ohm subwoofers, and mounts under the rear jump seats in your 1999-up Ford Ranger SuperCab pickup. The enclosure is seamless and airtight, with the correct internal volume to yield optimum bass response from the subwoofer. For the ultimate in thundering bass, drive one with an MTX Thunder amplifier.

Product Highlights:

  • charcoal custom-fit subwoofer enclosure
  • mounts under back seat
  • high-density polyethylene resin enclosure
  • two 10" Terminator 8-ohm subwoofers, wired to a single 4-ohm input
  • power range: 100-450 watts RMS (900 watts peak power)
  • warranty: 5 years (free repair or replacement for 2 years, prorated replacement for years 3 through 5)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Vehicle-specific enclosures with subs? Say what?

Instead of the usual sub in a box, the manufacturer creates a molded enclosure that fits perfectly into a convenient spot in your specific vehicle, housing a high-quality sub. Some enclosures even include a built-in amp, for the ultimate in stealth bass. The advantages? You don't lose much space (if any), your sub is perfectly matched to its enclosure, and your enclosure has a factory look that won't tell potential thieves you have an awesome sound system. Doesn't get better than that.

MTX ThunderForm Reviews

Customer Q&A

1 question already asked

The box is sealed. The speakers themselves were decent. I blew them with a 500 JL amp. depending on the amp i believe they should hit fine. You will just need to not turn it up to full "gain". I swapped the speakers for JL Audio speakers and they really didnt fit being the speakers were .5 inch bigger than a standard 10 in. They hit well but there just isnt enough air space for them. Though love how the box is plastic and fits well in my 2002 ext cab ranger. The seats lay down for someone to sit in if needed. [ ANDREW  Feb 17, 2014 ]
Either, as long as the enclosure is designed spacious enough to allow the sub to do what it does. Check the specs of the speaker and the enclosure. To be sure, ask the Crutchfield experts online. I'm very confident of their advice. I just purchased a system that was coordinated with their help. Sounds awesome! [ David  Feb 17, 2014 ]

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