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CD Receiver with CD Changer Controls

Item #: 257KDLX100

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Performance and security — JVC's KD-LX100 CD receiver delivers both! Turn the power off, and the "El Kameleon" system darkens the multicolor display and retracts the controls, leaving a featureless black panel in the dash. Power up, and the fun begins with 4-way high power (17 watts RMS/45 peak x 4) and the station-grabbing HS-II tuner.

On the road, you'll love how clearly BBE II processing defines your sound, and that Advanced Sound Control Memory lets you assign tone settings to each source. Audio Cruise mode automatically raises the volume when it detects higher engine RPM. A wireless remote is provided for your convenience.

  • "El Kameleon" security feature
  • retracting rotary control
  • HS-II tuner
  • BBE II sound processing
  • CD changer controls — add a JVC changer to your receiver order, and save with Crutchfield's package discount
  • preamp outputs
  • CD Text
  • direct track access
  • Advanced Sound Control Memory
  • Audio Cruise
  • wireless remote
  • clock
  • 17 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels
  • CD frequency response 5-20,000 Hz
  • CD signal-to-noise ratio 98 dB
  • FM sensitivity 11.3 dBf
  • 1-year warranty

Why replace your factory radio?

Two good reasons - sound quality and cool features. A new car stereo offers power that's superior to most factory radios, along with more sophisticated tone controls. And most car stereos offer built-in or optional features that add safety and fun to life in your car, including inputs for your iPod or MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free cell phone calls, satellite radio or HD Radio reception, and connections for building an audio system in your car.

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • AM/FM/CD/Changer controller receiver with 15-amp fuse inserted into chassis
  • Sleeve
  • Trim ring
  • Wiring harness
  • RM-RK31 Wireless remote
  • CR2025 Lithium battery
  • 2 Removal tools
  • 1 Rear support stud
  • 1 Flat washer
  • 1 Nut
  • 1 Rubber bushing
  • Instructions (English/French/Spanish)
  • Installation/Connection Manual (English/French/Spanish)
  • "Before Electrical Connections" instruction sheet (English/French/Spanish)
  • US warranty sheet
  • Canadian warranty card
  • Canadian service center list
  • Product Safety Registration Card/Questionnaire
  • "Caution" sheet (discusses proper installation of unit)
  • "Important" note (discusses resetting the unit and ejecting a CD by force)

Features and Specs

CEA-2006 Compliant ---
RMS Power Output 17 watts
Peak Output 45 watts
RMS Power Bandwidth 40-20kHz
Preamp Outputs 2-channel
Sub Preamp Outputs No
Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs ---
Video Screen No
Preamp Voltage 2 volts
Display Color Multi-color
Key Button Color Red/Blue/Unit on
EQ Bands None
Wireless Remote Yes
Steering Wheel Control Compatible ---
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
AUX Input Optional
Audio/video Input
USB Input ---
Memory Card Slot No
Bluetooth Compatible ---
Satellite Radio Ready No
HD Radio ---
Navigation ---
iPod Compatibility
Full size ---
Nano ---
Touch ---
Mini ---
iPhone ---
FM Sensitivity 11.3 dBf
European Tuning Yes
Seek/Scan Seek
Radio Data System No

Product Research

Changer Controls
Remote Control


EL Kameleon Anti-Theft System: When the unit is off, the display turns completely off, and the rotary knob and control panel, which runs along the lower edge of the unit, retract into the unit. With the display illumination off and the control panel and rotary knob retracted, all you see is a flat, blank, gloss-black front panel, so it appears as though there is not a radio in the dash.

Flat Panel Adjustment: When operating the receiver using the remote control, you can hide the control panel to make the front panel look flat. You can select a setting of "Flat On" or "Flat Off".  When set to "Flat On", the control panel and rotary knob will not come out when you turn on the unit. If you press the down button, the control panel and rotary knob will come out. If no operation is performed for approximately 10 seconds, the control panel and rotary knob will retract. When set to "Flat Off", the control panel and rotary knob remain out while the unit is on.

Display/Button Illumination: The main display line, clock, repeat indicator, random indicator, local indicator, mono indicator, CD-in indicator and source indicators are displayed with white illumination. The volume level meter, BBE indicator, and CD playing indicator are displayed with purple illumination. The SCM indicator is displayed with red illumination. The source button is backlit with blue illumination. The remaining buttons and rotary knob are backlit with red illumination.

Volume Level Meter: There is a volume level meter in the lower right portion of the display. The meter may be set to "Normal", "Mirror", "Level Off" (meter remains lit but stationary), or "All Off" (meter is turned completely off) operation.  While making bass, treble, balance and fader adjustments, the meter gives a graphic representation of the setting.

Dimmer: This unit is equipped with a wire that JVC calls an illumination lead, however, it acts as a dimmer lead. The dimmer can be set to OFF (normal brightness at all times), AUTO (display window automatically dims when your car head lights are turned on) or ON (display is always dimmed). Note that the amount of dimming is fixed, it cannot be adjusted, and the illumination wire must be connected for AUTO operation.

BBE II Processing: The BBE II system restores the brilliance and clarity of broadcasts and recordings by adjusting the phase relationship between the low, mid and high frequencies by adding a progressively longer delay time to the low and mid frequencies. BBE II processing also boosts the low and high frequencies, resulting in a clearer, more defined sound. The BBE II function has 3 adjustable levels and an off position.

Advanced SCM (Sound Control Memory): Three tone control and BBE II setting combinations are preset into memory. When using the SCM Link function, the unit may be set so that once a sound mode is selected for a particular source (FM1, FM2, FM3, AM, CD, CD changer), that mode will be recalled whenever that source is selected.  Or, the unit may be set to use the same SCM mode for all sources. The preset values can be changed and stored in memory, and SCM may be turned off. The three presets are:

  • BEAT: Bass = +2, Treble = 0, BBE II = 2
  • SOFT: Bass = +1, Treble = -3, BBE II = Off
  • POP: Bass = +4, Treble = +1, BBE II = Off

Audio Cruise Mode (ACM): This feature adjusts the volume level to one of three possible levels automatically when voltage fluctuations are detected in the car alternator. The settings are "OFF" (no boosting), "CRUISE 1" (moderate boost for quiet cars) and "CRUISE 2" (max boost for loud cars; the volume increase rate is twice that of the CRUISE 1 setting).

  • When the Audio Cruise Mode is on, the volume level is automatically selected from among the 3 possible volume levels according to the engine's RPM. When the increase of volume is too little or too much, you can choose the desired increase (from levels 1 to 15) for either CRUISE 1 or 2.
  • There is an indicator on the unit that lights when the Audio Cruise Mode is activated and shows you a volume level indicator.
  • Using this mode involves no extra wiring, however, it works best if it is matched to the car's idling speed. The preset idling speed is easily changed to match the idling speed of the car in which the unit is being installed.

Tuner: This model is equipped with JVC's proprietary HS-II tuner.

Standard and European Tuning Spacing: The tuner allows you to select U.S. standard or European tuning spacing.

CD Compatibility: In addition to prerecorded CDs, this unit will play finalized audio CD-R and CD-RW discs.

CD Text Capable: When used with a CD Text encoded CD, this unit will display the CD text information. The unit can be set to automatically scroll any title longer than 10 characters.

Direct Track Access: You can directly access CD tracks 1-12 by pressing the station preset buttons. If a preset button is pressed for less than 1 second, the track corresponding to the number on the preset button is selected. When a preset button is pressed for more than 1 second,  the track corresponding to the number above the preset button is accessed; this method is used to access tracks 7-12.

Disc Eject Prohibit: This feature keeps the disc from ejecting even if the eject button is pushed. The disc eject prohibit feature is engaged/disengaged by pressing the source and eject buttons simultaneously for more than 2 seconds.

Source Titling: Titles, up to 10 characters long, can be stored and recalled from memory for up to 30 radio stations. Titles, up to 32 characters long, can be stored and recalled from memory for up to 40 CDs. Note: You cannot label CDs that are encoded with CD Text information.

Auxiliary Input: The KS-U57 line input adapter (sold separately) may be used to provide an auxiliary input on this unit. This adapter allows you to connect a portable audio player to this unit as an additional audio source. The KS-U57 connects to the CD changer input on this unit. When the aux input adapter is connected to this unit, a CD changer cannot be connected.

Changer Controls

Compatibility: This unit is equipped with JVC's "J-Link" CD changer control system. CH-X series JVC CD changers can be controlled directly. A KSU15K adapter (sold separately) is required to connect this unit to older series (non-"CH-X" series) JVC changers.


  • Direct Disc Selection: You may select discs directly using the preset buttons.
  • Disc Skip: Using the remote, discs may be skipped forward/backward.
  • Track Skip: Tracks may be skipped forward/backward.
  • Track Search: Audible forward/reverse search playback.
  • RND1 (Random 1) Mode: Randomly plays all the tracks of one disc, then the tracks on the next disc and so on.
  • RND2 (Random 2) Mode: Randomly plays tracks from all discs in the magazine.
  • RPT1 (Repeat 1) Mode: Repeats current track.
  • RPT2 (Repeat 1) Mode: Repeats all tracks on current disc.
  • INT1 (Intro Scan 1): Plays the first 15 seconds of all tracks on all discs in the changer.
  • INT2 (Intro Scan 2): Plays the first 15 seconds of each disc in the changer.

Remote Control

Remote: This unit comes with the JVC RM-RK31 credit card style wireless remote.


  • ATT/Power: Turns power and mute on/off.
  • SCM: Selects Sound Control Memory mode.
  • Function (Func): Allows you to select the source.
  • Band/Prog/Disc+: Cycles through tuner bands and advances to the next disc when a CD changer is connected.
  • Disc-/Preset: Cycles through tuner bands and selects the previous disc when a CD changer is connected.
  • |<</>>| Buttons: In tuner mode, these buttons allow you to seek the next station. In CD mode, these buttons allow you to skip tracks and perform audible search.
  • Volume +/- Buttons: Allows you to turn volume up/down.

Dimensions: L=3.62" W=1.4" H=0.340"

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