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This super-bright projector can turn nearly any room into a high-definition home theater
Epson builds so many different projectors that there's one to suit every room and budget. Their 705HD is one of the most affordable high-def models we've seen. It's a great way to share a beautiful widescreen picture with the whole family for movies, games and TV shows. And when the weekend arrives, your place is where friends and neighbors will want to gather to watch the big game.

Epson's 3-LCD technology produces accurate, lifelike colors
Epson has been refining their 3-chip LCD imaging system for years. 3-chip projectors have a big advantage over single-chip models that use a color wheel. The 705HD has separate red, green, and blue image chips to produce smooth, accurate, colors that really pop.

Enough brightness to overcome daylight or room lights
The 705HD is a real "light cannon," with 2500 lumens of available light output. You'll enjoy crisp, punchy images even when you're watching an afternoon ball game, or when family members need to keep the room lights on to do other things. Picture setting modes make it easy to optimize the image for your room conditions. Choose "Dynamic" when you need maximum light, or "Theater" for a picture that's not as bright, but with more accurate colors and contrast.

Movies, sports, games ... even your photos get the big-screen treatment
This projector's inputs can accommodate a variety of sources. An HDMI jack is ideal for a high-def Blu-ray player or cable box. There's a standard PC input, too, and even a built-in speaker to provide basic sound. Or load up a thumb drive with your latest photos, plug it into the USB port, and see your snapshots life-sized.

For optimum performance, a separate projection screen is recommended.

Learn about the ins and outs of HDMI connections at the Crutchfield Learning Center.
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  • high-definition projector (digital TV reception requires a separate HDTV tuner)
  • widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio (can also display 4:3 material)
  • 3-LCD, 3-chip technology (1280 x 800 pixels each)
  • 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • light output: 2500 lumens
  • auto iris for improved contrast and black level
  • 1.2X lens with manual zoom/focus
  • 200-watt UHE lamp (lasts up to 5000 hours)
  • quiet cooling fan (29 dB)
  • built-in speaker
  • remote control
  • picture settings memory for each video input
Connections and Dimensions:
  • 3 video inputs, including:
    • 1 composite video
    • 1 S-video
    • 1 HDMI v1.3
  • PC input
  • USB port for viewing photos
  • detachable power cord
  • 11-5/8"W x 3-1/8"H x 9"D
  • weight: 5.1 lbs.
  • warranty: 2 years parts & labor (90 days on lamp)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Note: front projectors don't include any type of built-in TV tuner, but they can display signals from an HDTV tuner, satellite receiver or cable box

Epson PowerLite® Home Cinema 705HD Reviews

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1 Review

Epson 705HD Projector

Written by: Richard from Palm Bay florida on August 10, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent picture and easy set up.The carrying case is a nice feature.A good value for the price.

Pros: a good value for the price

Cons: Elevation adjustment is functional but a bit flimsy.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • White home theater projector
  • 6' AC cord (IEC 3-prong type)
  • Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 11" Component video-to-VGA adapter
  • Padded projector case
  • User's Guide on CD-ROM
  • Quick Setup guide (Eng/Fren)
  • Quick Setup guide (Span/Port)
  • PrivateLine card with attached information sheet
  • Extra Care Home Service sheet (English)
  • Extra Care Home Service sheet (French)
  • Declaration of Conformity/Warranty sheet (Eng/Fren)

Product Research

Mounting Options
Warranty Information


3LCD, 3-chip Technology: The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705HD features 3LCD, 3-chip technology to give you rich, vibrant images for enjoying spectacular movies, games, and sporting events in your home, or to deliver sizzling business presentations at the office. This technology requires 25% less electricity per lumen of brightness when compared to 1-chip DLP projectors.

Projection Lamp: The projector uses an energy-efficient E-TORL 200-watt Ultra High Efficiency (UHE) lamp with a life span of approximately 4000 hours in the Normal Mode. In the ECO mode, the life span is increased to approximately 5000 hours. The lamp (Part # V13H010L54) and air filter (Part # V13H134A25) are the only user-serviceable parts.

Light Output: In the normal mode, the 705HD outputs 2500 lumens of white light and 2500 lumens of color light for bright, balanced colorful images. In the ECO mode, the light output is 1960 lumens each for white and color light. The white light output is measured using ISO 21118, a more rigid standard than the ANSI lumens rating used by many competitors. The projector is capable of a contrast ratio up to 3000:1 (Dynamic Color mode, Normal Power Consumption, Auto Iris on)

Native Resolution/Resizing: The Home Cinema 705HD has a native resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (16:10 aspect ratio), and is capable of 720p High Definition performance for your movies, games, and other HD sources. You can resize your images by changing the aspect ratio to one of the following options:

  • Auto (HDMI images only): Automatically sets the best aspect ratio according to the input signal.
  • Normal (Computer/Component port only): Displays images using the full projection area and maintains the aspect ratio of the image.
  • 16:9: Converts the aspect ratio of the image to 16:9. 4:3 ratio images are elongated horizontally to fit.
  • Zoom: Displays images using the full width of the projection area and maintains the aspect ratio of the image. The image may be cut off on the top and bottom, depending upon its aspect ratio.
  • Full: Displays images using the full width of the projection area, but does not retain the aspect ratio. 4:3 ratio images are elongated horizontally.
  • Native: Displays images as is (aspect ratio and resolution are maintained). Black bands may appear or images may be cut off, depending upon the resolution.

Multiple Sources: The 705HD has inputs for multiple sources to give you lots of choices. For connecting to your video equipment, the unit features one HDMI input, a component video input (requires supplied VGA-to-component adapter), an S-Video input and a composite video input (a stereo RCA input is provided for the component, S-Video, and composite video inputs). The projector also has a USB Type A port for connecting a digital camera, a USB flash drive, or other types of USB devices. You can also connect your computer to the projector via the VGA input and stereo RCA input. (The Type B USB port is for service only.)

Built-in Speaker: The projector features a built-in speaker with volume control on the unit and the remote control. This allows you to listen to the audio from your selected source without having to turn on your entire sound system. The speaker is powered by a 1-watt monaural amplifier.

Color Modes: The Home Cinema 705HD offers four color modes to optimize viewing for different environments and image content. The Color Mode adjusts the brightness, contrast, and color for the best possible picture. You can select from these Color Modes:

  • Dynamic: for projecting in a bright room
  • Game: for video games or TV in a bright room
  • Living Room: for projecting in a room with blinds closed
  • Theatre: for natural-toned movies in a darkened room

Lens/Keystone Correction: The 1.2x projection lens offers manual focus and manual zoom for easy picture adjustments. If the projector is placed below or above screen level, you may need to tilt the projector, causing "keystone" shaped distortion of the image. The projector's Auto Keystone function detects and corrects vertical keystone distortion (0° to 11°). Manual keystone correction (up to +/- 30°) can further adjust the shape of the image until it is evenly rectangular.

Adjustable Image Size: The Home Cinema 705HD projector can produce an image that is adjustable between 30" and 320" (measured diagonally).

Lens Projection Distance: The projector's adjustable lens provides a wide range of placement possibilities for a given screen size. The projection distance (distance from lens to screen) range is 3' to 35.75'. The distance for several screen sizes at 16:10, 4:3, and 16:9 aspect ratios are given below:

Screen Size Projection Distance (in feet)
16:10 4:3 16:9
40" 3.6 to 4.4 4.2 to 5 3.75 to 4.5
50" 4.6 to 5.5 5.2 to 6.25 4.67 to 5.67
60" 5.5 to 6.6 6.25 to 7.5 5.67 to 6.8
80" 7.3 to 8.8 8.3 to 10.1 7.6 to 9.1
100" 9.25 to 11.1 10.5 to 12.6 9.5 to 11.4
150" 13.9 to 16.7 15.75 to 18.9 14.25 to 17.2
200" 18.6 to 22.3 21 to 25.25 19.1 to 22.9
Maximum 29.75 to 35.75
(320" picture)
29.5 to 35.4
(280" picture)
29.67 to 35.6
(310" picture)


Control Panel: The projector features a control panel, conveniently located on the top panel. The controls include:

  • Power: turns projector on or off
  • Source Search: search for connected video sources
  • Menu: displays projector menus
  • Escape: exits menu items
  • Help: brings up Help menu to correct problem
  • 5-way Control: includes keystone correction (up/down), volume up/down (left/right), and enter button to select menu item
  • Indicators: LEDs indicate power on, lamp on, and temperature warning

Remote Control: In addition to the control panel, the projector can be controlled by the supplied wireless remote control, which has a range of 19.7 feet. The projector has infrared receivers on the front and rear to give you control from most anywhere in the room. The remote has the following controls:

  • Power: turns projector on or off
  • Source Search: search for connected video sources
  • Source Select: individual buttons for Computer, Video, and USB sources
  • A/V Mute: turns off image
  • Freeze: freezes current image on the screen
  • User: lets you assign a function
  • Auto: resets tracking, sync, and position
  • Aspect: changes screen size
  • Color Mode: changes display mode
  • Help: brings up Help menu to correct problem
  • Volume: separate volume up and volume down button for built-in speaker
  • Menu: accesses projector menus
  • Escape: exits menu items
  • 5-way Control: includes up/down, left/right, and enter button to navigate through and select menu items

Slideshow Feature: Whenever you connect a USB device that contains JPEG image files, you can show the images in a slideshow fashion. For an instant PowerPoint presentation, you can save your PowerPoint slides as JPEG images, and store them in a folder on the USB device. You can select individual slides or folders by using the arrows and enter buttons on the remote. JPEG files of up to 8176 x 6144 can be projected.

A/V Mute: By pressing the A/V Mute button on the remote control or closing the A/V Mute slide on the projector, you can turn off the image and sound, and darken the screen. This allows you to temporarily re-direct the audience's attention without the distraction of a bright screen. You can create your own startup screen, such as a company logo or photo, to use whenever you press the A/V Mute button on the remote.

Instant Off/Sleep Mode: The projector incorporates Instant Off technology, allowing you to turn off the projector without having to wait for it to cool down first. You can also set the projector to automatically turn off the lamp and enter a "sleep mode" when it has not received a signal for a preset length of time (1 to 30 minutes). This conserves electricity, cools the projector, and extends the life of the lamp.

Mounting Options

Mounting: The Home Cinema 705HD can be placed on a tabletop or inverted and mounted on the ceiling. It can be used for front or rear projection. For tabletop use, you can adjust the image position by raising or lowering the front foot. The two rear feet can be adjusted to fine-tune the height of the image if necessary. For ceiling mounting, you will need an optional projector ceiling mount. Three 4mm threaded screw holes are provided on the bottom for a ceiling mount. A commercially-available security cable or Kensington lock can be attached to the unit to prevent theft when installed in a public location.

Projector Case: The 705HD comes with a padded case for storage or for transporting the projector.

Warranty Information

Warranty and Extra Care Home Service: The projector is covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty, while the lamp is covered for 90 days. Included with the warranty, Epson offers Extra Care Home Service. A replacement unit (in most cases, a refurbished unit) will be shipped to you immediately. (A credit card is required for security deposit.) If it's important that you receive your original projector back, you should use the basic carry-in service instead of Home Service.

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