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Big game hunter

Line your shot up. It's a grizzly on the other side of the meadow... no, wait... it's just the new rookie linebacker, and he's heading directly for you. Either way, you'll be ready for the "big game" with this precision Canon L Series lens. Superior-quality glass, including two Fluorite elements, ensures razor-sharp, high-contrast images free from color fringing and distortion. You get super-durable magnesium and titanium construction for reduced weight and long-lasting performance, plus a special fluorine lens coating that resists dirt and fingerprints.

Beast-sized, yet nimble

Though this lens is almost a foot and a half long, it's surprisingly light for its size. All the more surprising is the amount of technology it packs at under nine pounds. Being at the higher end of the prestigious L Series product line, it features three sophisticated image stabilization modes that help you to freeze the moment — regardless of the challenges of distance and fast movement. Near-silent USM autofocus, full-time manual focus, and a continuous-speed focus mode that's perfect for video shooting all add the fast response you need with a lens this long. And Canon's Subwavelength structure coating helps to minimize the flares and reflections that can intrude with lesser lens architectures.

From the wilderness to the stadium

It's no surprise that lenses like this one are established favorites of many of the world's best nature and sports photographers. The nine-bladed, almost circular aperture lends itself to isolating the subject while rolling focus outside the focal plane to a very appealing blur. The extreme length of this lens makes it possible to force perspective in creative and interesting ways. No matter whether you're photographing the bears, or "Da Bearss," you'll come back with a trophy.

Product Highlights:

  • EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM super telephoto lens
  • compatible with Canon EOS film and digital SLR cameras
  • effective focal length:
    • 600mm with full-frame digital or film cameras
    • 780mm with APS-H sensor cameras
    • 960mm with APS-C sensor cameras
  • Canon pro-quality L Series lens for superior image sharpness and durability
  • Image Stabilization II allows in-focus shots with longer exposure times (up to four stops slower shutter speed)
  • three Optical Image Stabilizer modes:
    • Mode 1 provides optimum performance with stationary subjects
    • Mode 2 provides a smoother view through the finder when panning moving subjects
    • Mode 3 prevents stabilizer over-compensation and interference with framing of distant or fast-moving subjects by activating only when the shutter button is fully pressed
  • two fluorite elements deliver sharper images with less chromatic aberration
  • ring-type Ultrasonic Motor (USM) for fast, silent autofocus
  • magnesium and titanium construction for lighter weight and durability
  • dust-proof and water-resistant design
  • available full-time manual focusing
  • minimum focus distance: 9.75 feet
  • lens construction: 16 elements in 12 groups
  • rear holder accepts drop-in 52mm filters (optional adapter required to accept standard 52mm screw-in filters)
  • lens is 17-5/8" long, 6-5/8" in diameter
  • weight: 8.64 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Supplied Accessories:
  • tripod mounting foot
  • lens hood
  • front and rear lens caps
  • carrying case

Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM Reviews

Preliminary info from the manufacturer

Features and Specs

Brand Compatibility Canon
Image Stabilization Yes
Focal Length 600mm
Maximum Aperture f/4
Weight 8.64
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year