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Do your headlights flicker when the bass hits hard? Does your bass start out strong, and then fade into mush after a minute or two? Car batteries are slow to deliver the kind of power your amps need to give you tight, powerful bass hits. Lightning Audio capacitors eliminate that problem by storing reserve power and then delivering it when your amps need it most. That's why you see external capacitors in just about every stereo competition vehicle — and you don't see dimmed headlights.

Lightning Audio's Strike Caps act as a buffer zone between your amp and your battery, getting the juice to your bass for maximum performance. The LS10-03 1-farad capacitor can be used with amplifiers producing up to 1,000 watts RMS.

Note: The capacitor is installed on the power cable that connects the amplifier to your vehicle's battery. You will need a short length of ground cable and crimp-on connectors (not included) to install the capacitor. The ground cable is used to connect the capacitor's negative terminal to the chassis of your vehicle.

  • 1-farad cap for systems of up to 1,000 watts RMS
  • 16-volt maximum (20-volt surge)
  • 3-1/16" diameter x 8-3/4"H
  • 1-year warranty

Lightning Audio LS10-03 Reviews

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Get It, Your Electrical System Will Thankyou!

Written by: Brahda808 from Hawaii on October 19, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this cap as a "just in case I needed it" deal. If I didn't need it, I was going to return it (30 days back..).

I got an 01 Sentra w/a 100 amp stock alternator. I bought the MB Quart Bass Package consisting of the RAA2400 amp and PWE 304 sub. W/out the cap, my interior light flickered when the bass dropped. But the headlights didn't dim nor did the instrument panel lights, which was kind of weird. When I installed the cap, no more flickering interior light!!

The amp is putting out 800w RMS, so it's not a lot. I guess small cars come with small alternators. So if you have a small car, with a system putting out at least 500w, get this cap. There will be less strain on your alternator and battery, increasing their life.

Instructions for installation was simple and easy to use.



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 1 Farad capacitor
  • 2 Plastic mounting brackets
  • CHRG2 Charging/discharging card
  • Two 1" Terminal bolts (1/4"-28 thread)
  • Installation and Application Manual
  • Warranty info card
  • Caution info card

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Overview: The overall response of your audio system will be enhanced with the use of capacitors due to their ability to quickly supply a large amount of current to your amplifier's power supply during high current demand (low bass). This makes the Lightning Cap a logical addition to your system due to the fact that automotive electrical systems aren't designed to deliver the current to satisfy the requirements of high-powered audio components. It can also filter AC voltage induced in the system by the amplifier's power supply which could cause objectionable noise. A one Farad capacitor is recommended for each 1000 watts of amplifier power, although you can never have too much capacitance for any system.

Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): The Lightning cap is able to deliver its power quickly because its super-low ESR. Each capacitor has up to 18 ultra-sonically-cold welded tabs that connect the foil winding to the terminals at the top of the capacitor with almost no resistance.

High Gain Foil: Lightning capacitors use a high-gain foil. High-gain foil is created by passing the foil through several high-current (10,000 amp) chemical baths that "etch" the foil and create surface area. This allows for more capacitors in a smaller area.

Reverse Voltage Warning: A buzzer will sound if the capacitor is connected backwards.

Pressure Relief Valve: In the event the capacitor is wired in reverse, the electrolytic fluid inside the capacitor will vent through a small pressure relief valve in the top of the capacitor.

Mounting Brackets: The Lightning cap is equipped with two translucent plastic mounting brackets. The brackets allow the cap to be mounted in virtually any position on a vertical wall or a horizontal surface.

Installation: In addition to the wires and connectors for your amp installation, you will need additional short lengths of ground wire and power wire and 2 pairs of ring terminal connectors with 5/16" holes (1 pair for the power wires and 1 pair for the ground wire) to properly install the capacitor. One length of power wire connects from your battery to the capacitor's positive terminal, while a separate length of power wire connects from the capacitor's positive terminal to your amplifier. (It is recommended that the capacitor be wired no less than 18" from the amplifier.) The ground wire connects from the capacitor's negative terminal to the chassis of the vehicle.


  • Size: 1 Farad
  • VDC: 16V, 20V surge
  • ESR: < 0.00198 ohm at 120Hz 25°C
  • Terminals: 1/4"-28 thread--requires 3/16" Allen wrench

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