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Alpine's ERE-G180 1/2-DIN graphic equalizer offers exceptional system control in a compact package. In addition to 11 bands of equalization, the unit boasts high-pass and low-pass crossovers, three sets of preamp outputs, subwoofer level control, subwoofer phase switch, and a handy input level indicator.

You can boost or cut the following frequencies by up to 12 dB: 31.5, 63, 125, 190, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,200, 4,500, 9,000, and 18,000 Hz. The built-in BBE sound processor adds clarity and power to your music by adjusting phase relationships and pumping up bass response.

  • compact 1/2-DIN size
  • 11-band equalization (31.5, 63, 125, 190, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,200, 4,500, 9,000, and 18,000 Hz) with 12 dB boost/cut range
  • BBE sound processing
  • variable 50-120 Hz low-pass (18 dB/octave) and high-pass (12 dB/octave) crossovers
  • preamp inputs only
  • 4-volt input capability
  • 3 sets of 4-volt preamp outputs
  • subwoofer level control (0 to +15 dB)
  • subwoofer phase switch 0-180°
  • switchable stereo-mono subwoofer output
  • input level indicator
  • no built-in power — amplifiers required
  • signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB
  • frequency response 20-30,000 Hz
  • 7-1/16"W x 1-1/16"H x 6-1/2"D
  • 1-year warranty

Alpine ERE-G180 Reviews

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • ERE-G180 11-Band Passive Equalizer
  • Attached power harness w/3-amp in-line fuse
  • Trim plate (W=7.475/H=1.375/D=0.321)
  • Mounting bracket
  • Four 8mm Hex Bolts with washers
  • Four 20mm Self-tapping screws
  • Owners manual
  • Installation guide
  • Warranty sheet
  • Customer care registration mailer

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Eleven Band Equalization: This equalizer gives you eleven bands with which to optimize the sound of your system. The center frequencies of each band are 31.5Hz, 63Hz, 125Hz, 190Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2.2KHz, 4.5KHz, 9KHz and 18KHz. Each control has a boost/cut range of 12dB.

BBE Processing: This circuit improves the overall clarity, definition and fullness of music by correcting phase errors in reproduced sound and restoring it to its original levels.

High and Low-Pass Filters: When the low-pass filtered subwoofer output is switched on, the front and rear outputs become high-pass filtered outputs. The crossover frequency is variable from 50 to 120Hz; the high and low-pass crossover points are not independent of each other. The low-pass filter has an 18dB/octave slope, and the high-pass filter has a 12dB/octave slope. The high and low-pass filters allow you to fine tune the frequency output range your subwoofer and main speakers to achieve a well balanced sound.

Sub-Level Control: The subwoofer output level control has a range of  0 to +15dB. This lets you control the overall volume of your subwoofers and match them to your system.

Fader Control: A front panel fader control is provided to permit fading between the front and rear pre-amp output jacks. The subwoofer output jacks are of the non-fading variety, so they are not controlled by the fader.

Subwoofer Phase Control:  A switch on the back panel of the equalizer allows you to set the subwoofers output at either 0 degrees (in phase) or 180 degrees (out of phase). This control allows you to compensate for acoustic problems that can occur because of speaker placement and the acoustic environment of your vehicle's interior.

Stereo-Mono Switch: A switch on the back panel of the equalizer lets you set the subwoofer output to either a mono or a stereo output signal. If you are using only one subwoofer, set the switch to mono. If you are using two or more subwoofers, the switch may be set to either mono or stereo. In the stereo mode, you may gain some sound separation (depending upon the music material). In the mono position, the subwoofers will share the load more equally and can play louder.


  • Slide Controls: each equalizer slider has a green led 
  • Equalizer Defeat Switch: in the "off" position the switch glows green; in the "on" position it glows amber and all of the sliders are dark
  • BBE Switch: in the "off" position the button glows green; in the "on" position the button glows amber
  • Subwoofer Level Controls: the slide control glows amber when the sub function is "on" and is dark when "off"
  • Input Level Indicator: 5 red LED's glow at various rates to indicate input voltage level

Inputs and Outputs

Pre-amp Inputs: A pair of gold plated RCA jacks (left and right) are provided to input the signal from a head unit.

Pre-amp Outputs: A pair of front (left and right) and rear (left and right) gold plated RCA jacks are provided for the full range and filtered high pass connections to the amplifier(s).

Subwoofer Outputs: A pair (left and right) of gold plated RCA jacks are provided for connection to the amplifier(s) that run the subwoofer(s). These outputs are switchable between stereo/mono and are non-fading.

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