Alpine IDA-X001

Digital media receiver

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Alpine created the IDA-X001 digital media player specifically for the iPod lover. You won't find a CD player — this car stereo is all about the iPod. You get a striking color display, easy and fast iPod control, and the best possible sound quality.

High-res, full-color display
Alpine designed the stereo's display and menu system in collaboration with Apple to deliver the full iPod experience. A back button lets you backtrack through the menus, instead of having to start over from the top. The "view" button lets you switch the display from the time and date to different views of the CD art and song information. You can customize the display's background "skin" by downloading alternate backgrounds from Alpine's website.

Simple iPod navigation and control
The centrally located jog dial brings the functions of the iPod's click wheel to your car stereo. In Search mode, turn the jog dial just a little to scroll line-by-line. Turn it and hold it for a half second, and it switches to Alphabet Search mode. Now you can scroll through the letters of the alphabet to jump quickly through your lists of artists, albums, or songs. And while you're searching, the current song keeps playing, so there's no interruption of the music.

Top-level sound quality
You get an incredibly clean, digital transfer of the audio signal, whether you're using the USB connection with a new iPod or the "Full Speed" connection for an older iPod. The IDA-X001 uses a 24-bit Burr-Brown digital-to-analog converter for premium conversion of the digital signal into music.

Flexible system-building options
The IDA-X001 offers a ton of flexibility for expanding your car audio system. It includes a great AM/FM tuner and several connection options — the rest is up to you. The USB connection works with 5th generation iPods and other USB-capable music devices, including thumb drives. It even provides power to any device connected to the USB input. Alpine also includes their "Full Speed" iPod connection for older iPods, just add the optional connecting cable.

With Alpine's optional KCE-300BT Bluetooth® interface, you can press the dedicated phone button on the faceplate to mute the music, answer an incoming call, or access your phone book to place a call. An indicator light lets you know that the Bluetooth module recognizes your phone.

The stereo features an Alpine Ai-Net connection, letting you choose from all of Alpine's peripheral gear. Select from satellite radio, an auxiliary input adapter, a second USB input, or an HD Radio™ tuner. Setting up a system with external amplifiers or subwoofers? You'll appreciate the three sets of preamp outputs and the ability to control the subwoofer's output level from the stereo.

Stereo security
You can remove the portion of the faceplate housing the controls to keep your stereo safe from thieves. The display remains attached, so you don't have to worry about damaging it on the go.

Note: If you're going to use your iPod with this receiver, be sure to check "Details" for specific iPod model compatibility with this receiver or its optional iPod adapter.

Note: Sorry, Crutchfield cannot ship Alpine products to Guam or Puerto Rico.

Product Highlights:

    General features:
    • digital media receiver (no built-in CD player)
    • built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)
    • designed for use with iPods — display and jog dial mimic iPod display and controls
    • plays MP3, WMA, and AAC music files from external sources
    • full-color, high-resolution, 2.2" TFT display
    • detachable face
    • optional remote control
    Audio features:
    • 24-bit Burr-Brown digital-to-analog converter
    • bass and treble controls
    • USB input for direct connection to, and control of, fifth generation iPods and other USB devices
    • "Full Speed" iPod controls for all other dockable iPods (requires Alpine's interface cable, $29.99)
    • Bluetooth ready, including dedicated button for accessing address book and placing or receiving calls
    • satellite radio ready
    • compatible with Alpine's HD Radio™ tuner
    • optional auxiliary input or second USB input
    • compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls (adapter required)
    • CD changer controls
    • three sets of preamp outputs (subwoofer output has bass level control)
    Other features and specs:

    Why replace your factory radio?

    Two good reasons - sound quality and cool features. A new car stereo offers power that's superior to most factory radios, along with more sophisticated tone controls. And most car stereos offer built-in or optional features that add safety and fun to life in your car, including inputs for your iPod or MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free cell phone calls, satellite radio or HD Radio reception, and connections for building an audio system in your car.

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    77 reviews
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    Written By SalG, La Verne, CA on Thursday, March 07, 2013

    • "Coolness Factor"
    • Build Quality
    • Ease of Use
    • Sound Quality
    • Value

    I've always held Alpine in high esteem for its quality products. That all changed when I bought the IDA-X001 head unit. From the start the graphical interface was slow and cumbersome to navigate. A simple radio channel change could involve pressing a button and then turning a dial repeated times. Channel presets could not be named, so often times I had to guess. The tuner is weak and struggles to lock into channels other tuners can handle with ease. I was also getting numerous and frequent errors with my iPod and iPhone, requiring me to disconnect the cable to reset the connection. Because of this I bought Alpine's expensive high-speed cable which was slower and even less functional. The HD radio module was optional. I bought that as well and am not impressed. It is bulky and performance isn't impressive. The buttons on the front of the IDA-X001 often become unresponsive. For ex, if I press a button to enter a menu, nothing happens. I can see an indicator LED flashing (showing me the button is physically being depressed), but the unit's micro-controller does not respond and so nothing happens as it should. Because this was a firmware-driven device, I expected Alpine would be issuing updates. No such luck. This thing is as advanced as an old toaster in that respect. All in all, I am extremely UNSATISFIED with my experience with the IDA-X001 and will not choose another Alpine unit so readily in the future.

    Pros: Graphics display is pretty.

    Cons: Extremely poor user interface. Graphics display underutilized in general. No album thumbnails. Poor tuner. Many iOS compatibility issues. HS data cable does not work as advertised - worse than the included cable.

    False Advertizing

    Written By Brian, Philadelphia on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    I was very excited when I bought this stereo back in July 2008. The iPhones were
    just starting to dominate the market and if you didn't have an Ipod of some sort
    you were considered somewhat weird. Now, the Iphone is in its fourth generation
    and this stereo is practically useless. The whole premesis of this stereo is to
    be Ipod Compatible. However, my Ipod touch and my Iphone do not work with this
    unit ever since the IOS 4.0 came out. I get an error reading "not an apple
    compatible device" and no music will play. Now if I hook up a thumb drive, it
    works great. But I didn't buy it for my thumb drive I bought it because it was
    supposed to be integrated with my ipod. Additionally, the controls for the
    stereo are somewhat hard to work with while driving so I bought a remote for it.
    Any remote you purchase to work with this will only do 6 basic functions, pause,
    play, next, back, vol up and vol down. THAT IS IT, no scrolling no searching,
    not even a change view button worked...this annoys me to no end because when you
    have 10+gigs of music, scrolling and driving is quite difficult. Anyways, I
    would give this review a one star however when it did work (pre IOS 4.0) the
    sound was outstanding and I really appreciated that the menus resembled Ipod menus.

    Thank you for listening I hope this helps,

    Oh I almost forgot, the only cable that ever worked with any ipods was the one
    that the unit came with,

    Alpine System

    Written By Dale, Summerville SC on Saturday, September 27, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have the IDA_X001 installed in a 2002 Toyota Tacoma Extend Cab. i installed Alpine 6x9 Speakers front and rear. This system sounds great. My wife has a gen 4 IPOD and i have an earlier gen2, we can plug in both, hers with the high speed cable and mine with the KCE-422i cable. It is great to be able to shift between 2 different IPODS and the high speed connection lets us display the album art on her pod.

    I did a lot of research and am completely happy with my choice of this head unit, i can really enjoy my IPOD now!!

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Kyle, Naperville, IL on Saturday, August 16, 2008

    I got this receiver after my window was smashed and my Dual 7" flip up screen was taken. I love it when I use it with my iPod Touch. I got the cable to use it with older iPods as well but when used with older iPods the navigation is much slower and some of the features don't work. This receiver is very user friendly, whenever I have friends in the car they can figure out how to use it in just a few seconds.

    I'm giving it a 4 of 5 because sometimes when turned on the iPod needs to be disconnected then reconnected or restarted before it will play. This doesn't happen very often but it can be quite annoying when it does.

    Almost what I'm looking for

    Written By danoid, Lake Orion MI on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Let's see here, single DIN - check, mp3 capability - check, shuffle by album - check, no CD mechanism to wear out - check, small screen to see album art thumbs - cool check, KTP-445 Power Pack option for decent output - cool check, storage - well.

    All of these iPod control units basically reduce the iPod to a VERY expensive usb hard drive that shouldn't be left in the vehicle for heat and theft reasons. You could connect a large capacity USB drive, but their function is hit or miss.
    Oh, and I hate extra cables, that's just more connectors to fail.

    Slap the 40 GB drive in there for storage and a front panel USB port to get data into the drive and you would have made a sale.

    Very nice (if you have the right cell phone)

    Written By Greg, Northern California on Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was very hesitant in purchasing this unit as my primary use would be the Bluetooth phone kit, and after reading all of the reviews, there seemed to be issues with the Bluetooth kit and certain (maybe all) cell phones.

    Here in California, a new law was passed and is now being enforced that reads drivers may not use a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle unless a "hands free" function is in operation (read bluetooth).

    After the installation process (Crutchfield makes it sooooo easy), I tested the system with my Treo and found that I could not answer calls using the HU (Head Unit). And even when I answered a call using the Treo, the Bluetooth function was not working. Also, the phonebook (contacts) function in the HU was also not available. However, the HU and Bluetooth unit works flawlessly with the Motorola Razr.

    I also have a 5th gen IPOD and it works perfect with the HU. Very nice Alpine. I'd like to give this unit and the Bluetooth kit five stars, but I know not everyone out there has a Motorola cell phone. Just remember, you may return your HU and everything for a full refund! If you'd like to find if your cell phone will work before you purchase and install everything, give Crutchfield a call and talk to one of the advisors. They'll give you the number to Alpine so you can talk to Technical Support. Hopefully they can give you the skinny on your cell phone.

    Good for the iPod

    Written By John, Riverside, Ca on Friday, August 01, 2008

    It is realy good for the iPod, but I have noticed that the radio reception is not that great. Over all I liked it. Please keep in mind there is no CD player.

    It is easly seen in full sunlight and the clock and date display is great.


    Written By faygo, brookeville md on Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    i replaced my ivaw200 with this unit i love it easy to use once you play around with it. the i pod feature works good i just wish the select button was the center button.

    Pretty Sweet

    Written By Mitchellbm, Broken Arrow, OK on Sunday, July 20, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    My factory unit finally melted down and i set out to replace it with an aftermarket head unit. I hate cd's and found this digital media receiver. I love the fact that is can utilize a flash drive via the usb input and ipods. I only wish is controlled and displayed information from the flash drive like it does the ipod. I have read several reviews pertaining to the sound. I havent had any problems with the sound as their are preset equalizers, ie(rock, country, etc). I set this up with the alpine PLT-5 powered sub box and man what a sound. Highly recommended!

    I'll stick with Pioneer

    Written By Michael, Georgia on Saturday, July 19, 2008

    I bought this unit about 4 months ago to replace my aging Pioneer 5800 (amazing unit, but old). I had heard a lot about this HU so i figured id give alpine a try, plus i got a good deal on it! Alpine did a good job on the looks of the unit and its ease of use, but thats about it. The sound comes nowhere near that of the Pioneer, plus it only has 2 volt preamps. This HU is not worth the money, stick with pioneer. I finally gave in a bought a new model 6000.


    Written By robert, charlotte,nc on Monday, July 07, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    im dissapointed in this hu. i was hoping it would blow away the pioneer
    (4500) i got. not even. im talking bout sound. id say the alpine has the best
    look and features. i like the usb hook up. ive always bought pioneer, had
    about 4 of them. thats what i get for being curious. returning this. sticking
    with pioneer.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Santino, Chicago, IL on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    installed it yesterday, easy install. wish it came with crimpers. sounds great works great. setting up all the features isnt the
    easiest thing in the world but also not the it thou

    Best In Class

    Written By Brett, Sunbury, Pa on Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Absolutely stunning is the only way to describe this receiver. This receiver is
    by far one of the best looking I have ever seen and one of the easiest to
    use. Some complain of the way the preset stations are in a menu but I love
    it, it sets it apart, makes it seem more unique. This head units features are
    endless and easily controllable, the intigrated subwoofer volume is
    awesome. Anyone looking for a receiver without a cd-player, and whose
    beatufilly crafted body and built-in ipod control are second to none, I
    assure you look no further.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By bboyfobulous, Oceanside, CA on Thursday, June 05, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit works remarkably. Nothing much else I can say about. Just make sure you do your research before buying to make sure this is the one for you.

    Great for iPod but otherwise average

    Written By William, McKinney, TX on Friday, May 23, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I ended up getting the //////Alpine IDA-X001. It was $80 cheaper than it's replacement, the IDA-X100 and the changes seemed minimal to me. Initial impressions.


    Great iPod interface and probably the easiest and fastest one currently available.

    Display looks great with the top up, cloudy days or at night. Cool clock display looks like a modern version of the old flip style digital clocks.


    Radio presets require three commands to select. [Pre-Set, Jog Wheel to select and Ent]. Poor design but not a huge issue for me since I hardly listen to the radio.

    Screen washes out in the bright sunlight but most displays will have this problem.

    Artist display needs work. It will scroll the song title but not the artist or the album. Again, a minor annoyance.

    Menu options screens are always blue even if you switch to red illumination. Only noticeable when programing the unit.

    Phone button is useless unless you have the optional $200 Bluetooth module.

    I had an issue with the stereo initially sounding flat but called Crutchfield and found out if I hold down the Audio button it gives me soundfield settings. It was set on FLAT. Switching it to ROCK made a huge difference. While it isn't a customizable EQ it sounds good.

    Once I get a Sirius receiver for it I think it will be all I need.

    Great ipod car system

    Written By hartland, Cleveland, OH on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this after reading the various reviews. I'm using it with a 1st gen
    ipod nano using the USB cable included with the Alpine & it works great.
    The radio presets don't have individual buttons, so its not as convenient to
    tune as a "normal" radio if you flit from station to station a lot, but I have to
    say I haven't used the radio since I set up the presets as its all about the
    ipod! Love the ipod display & controls!
    As usual the install kit & instructions from Crutchfield were outstanding.

    Not for iPod Touch

    Written By Bruce, Seattle, WA on Sunday, May 04, 2008

    I love the features of this deck, but if you have an iPod Touch, stay away. Songs skip, menu features disappear, trouble all around. The specs say all iPods are supported, and even the iPhone, but Touch just doesn't work. Look for another deck if you have a Touch.

    Fantastic iPod solution

    Written By areg, Boston, MA on Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Ever since the iPod came out, there have been as many integration solutions for the car as there are foreclosures on interest only home loans but honestly this Alpine is a perfect solution for playing your iPod in the car. I have my 8GB iPod nano hooked up to it, and the sound quality even with my existing factory speakers is incredible, it's like the unit unlocked the hidden potential in the factory speakers that I wasn't getting with the factory head unit. The color display is unreal and extremely high quality, and searching for songs by playlist or artist or song title is very easy with the center control wheel. The only complaint is that when searching by song, the unit will scroll the names of longer song titles slowly across the screen - I'd prefer it if the font was smaller and you could actually see the entire song name on the screen without waiting for it to scroll, which can be tedious when you're searching through a lot of songs. A very small blemish on an otherwise high quality unit. Buy this before they sell out!! For the price it's really a bargain.

    This is for the iPod

    Written By Brian, Twin Cities, MN on Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The IDA-X001 is an iPod controller on steroids, for your car. I have found the radio tuner weak, but it's really about the iPod control. Screen can be caught in glare, making it hard to read but that is mostly avoided by closing the sun roof. :-).

    I like that it was painless to install. The Crutchfield team has it together with their install kits. It's free with the purchase and the direction for wiring install were pretty clear. Read them a few times and you'll have it working in no time!

    great job!

    Written By romo, houston, tx on Monday, April 14, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    i have to say i am really pleased with this item. after reading some of the first reviews i was worried that the alpine would have issues. but i soon realized that it was due to operator error. come on people do your research! this reciever has everything for the ipod lover; if you have the right generation ipod...... and it has wallpaper downloads

    A round of applause for Alpine.

    Written By Rich, Pennsylvania on Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Alpine did a great job on this one. It's got plenty of features you'll be using all the time, plus the time and date display is so great looking. Jog dial is great to use on the road, plus the few number of buttons allows you to know what you're pushing without taking your eyes of the road.
    So far the only not-cheerleader thing I can mention is, from time to time using the iPod adapter cable, there's a 2 or 3 second hesitation before the next song starts. Nothing big, but it's just noticeable.
    I'd recommend this head unit to everyone, and by god I slowly will!

    Another satisfield Alpine buy

    Written By Glenn, New Haven. Mi on Friday, March 28, 2008

    This is the third unit that I have installed in my cars. This one is super. I use
    the USB cable with the attached I-Pod cable and my 8gb Nano works great.
    I can access what I want on the I-Pod with the click wheel. I have a first
    gen Sirius that I use through the FM station and it sounds good also. A
    friend was able to make a cable so I could control the volume of my Ford
    subwoofer and amplifier with the Alpine unit. Everything about the unit
    says quality and my only complaint is that the owners manual has to be
    accessed by the enclosed CD or through an online manner. Great job as
    usual ALPINE!!

    Phenomenal Head Unit

    Written By Quinlan, Los Angeles, Ca on Thursday, March 27, 2008

    I absolutely love this receiver. It does exactly what it says it does, it gives you access to you entire iPod library and you don't have to deal with an FM transmitter or AUX cables. The display is absolutely great it's nice and bright but it doesn't distract you at night. The controls are very similar to the the normal ipod so there isn't a lot to learn. My only complaint is that it is Bluetooth "Ready" but it doesn't come with the hookup out of the box. That would have been really nice to have that feature as soon as i got the product other than that I have nothing to complain about. I am using it with an iPhone and an iPod classic and I haven't had a single issue. Anybody who uses there iPod regularly should get this head unit. Trust me you wont miss the CD player.

    Be careful with iPod Touch

    Written By Rebecca, California on Sunday, March 16, 2008

    I am not going to pretend that I know a whole lot about car stereo's, but
    my fiancé bought me an iPod Touch and then he bought me this Alpine. I
    have had nothing but problems with this stereo as far as having an iPod
    Touch hooked up to it is concerned. I am sure this stereo works just fine
    with any other iPod, but I don't recommend you use it with an iPod Touch.
    I also find this one a little harder to work then the JVC I used to have in my
    car. I just think you should get a little more bang for your buck.

    Great for 5th Gen Ipods

    Written By Jose, Bpt. CT. on Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    I think that the head unit works great I just bought it and it sounds great I have a 30 gig ipod video and the sound is excellent the screen is clear I definitelt dont have any complaints

    Great headunit for iPod Lovers

    Written By Stephen, Calvert County, Marlyand on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First off, i was skeptical at first buying a headunit that couldn't play cd's what-so-ever. However i installed this unit today in my 2006 jeep liberty and couldn't be happier. As always crutchfield provides all the necessary tools and information to get the job done right.

    This receiver is perfect for me, i love my ipod and take it wherever i go. i got tired of using the cheap cheesy fm-transmitters or just the aux cable hookup's to my old headunit. This one is the real deal. the ida-x001 offers plenty of nice options for the ipod and it feels like I'm using the ipod when i begin to use the head unit myself. The controls are almost exactly like that of the ipod. I've read some reviews referring to those who are using older generations of the ipod so i can't validate if the claims are true or not since I'm using the newest generation ipod. Its blazing fast and the transition from song to song is just about a second or so. my only complaint would be the controls take a minute or two to get the hang of. i would recommend reading the manual right off the bat to get everything setup perfectly. Its nice to be able to pick what categories such as genres,composers,songs,audiobooks,podcasts,etc you want to show up on the main menu. The display for the screen is also very clear from morning to night. All in all this was a great buy and i'm glad i chose this alpine headunit. so if you love your ipod , you'll love this headunit.

    almost perfect iPod receiver

    Written By chris, Live Free or Die (NH) on Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I had a little faith and believed the reviews that the X001 has been pretty much the best iPod controler receiver out there this past year and got one for my self. After using it for a month on my daily commute I must agree completely - no regrets what so ever. Sound quality was a huge improvement over the stock 'premium' audio system in my Ford F150 (replaced 6-disk in-dash CD unit). Going with the Alpine X001 was so much better choice than spending almost as much for an iPod converter and splicing into stock radio. Really a no brainer choosing this over other receivers either given the much more iPod friendly control layout which is so easy to use while driving - no taking eyes off the road.

    Install was straightforward with the Crutchfield kit. Controls, settings (dimmer, EQ vs. bass/treble, etc.) were easy enough to learn with one read through of the owner's manual. Navigation is similar to the iPod itself which is the whole point, I called the review almost perfect - in my opinion the X001 would be perfect if it had an exact replica of the click wheel, but the knob and button combo works fine. The display is huge and I have no problem seeing it day, night, morning, etc.

    I use it to run a very full 30 gig iPod video via the included control cable. I find response is virtually instantaneous - no lag when navigating or on shuffle play. I did find a bit of a trick from an tone setting standpoint - I liked the sound best when I set the EQ to 'flat' on the iPod itself and then tweaked the EQ settings on the receiver. I found with the iPod EQ set to other settings like 'loudness' or 'rock' (my customary settings using the iPod out and about through headphones) there seemed to be a magnification/distortion effect among the various EQ settings on the receiver. With the EQ set to 'flat' on the iPod itself the tone from the receiver is pure goodness !!

    I paired this unit up with four new Polk speakers. If you are swapping out your stock radio I highly encourage taking the plunge for new speakers too so you get the full enjoyment of your new sound.

    I love it

    Written By Scot, Tampa, FL on Tuesday, February 05, 2008

    After reading several reviews over the last month, I noticed a theme where users were either annoyed by the enter button not being on the "big" dial or that the navigation feature through iPod files was too cumbersome. I have to admit that it gave me doubts about whether to fork over the bucks to purchase it and then spend another $70 for someone to install it. I decided about 3 weeks ago that I would just wait for the iDA-x100 or iDA-X200 to come out and see if they resolved the aforementioned "problems". Well, last week I decided I would "try" out the x001 until the x100s came out. If I didn't like the x001, I could just return it and buy the new model. The funny thing is, the "enter" button on the side took me all of 5 minutes to fully adjust other words, no big deal. And the navigation is actually quite amazing. If I am in the "Artists" section, I can hold down the "search" button for a couple seconds and it will allow me to jump to the next letter in the alphabet (similar to the iPods fast scrolling). This feature only works if you are connected to the iPod via the USB as opposed to the "Full Speed" you need to have one of the newer iPods. But as it stands, the navigation feature are very easy to use and work great.

    A couple other negative comments that I've seen that don't appear to be truthful about this device.

    1) It's too bright (Resolution: You can wire this to the car's dimmer and change the amount that the lights dim)

    2) Someone mentioned that it's ability to utilize Sirius SATRAD presets was poor. (Resolution: It was designed around the iPod, not Sirius, rating it a 2/5 was a little harsh since it performs its primary function amazingly well)

    3) Using this with a USB HDD is probably not the optimal music solution. HDDs are notoriously slow...a flash USB drive would be much more efficient and appropriate for on the fly music changes. You can not overcome physics

    4) The search feature using the first letter as your search criteria does not work great at all (Resolution: I had to remove the "The" from the beginning of all the Artist names...before I did that it would go from A...T...A....T...A...B...T...etc, drove me nuts till I fixed my Artist names. Since I did works like a charm)

    5) USB connection works alright. VERY VERY SLOW if you have even a small number of songs. The more songs, the slower it is. (I've had no problems at all with access speeds. It is very responsive)

    If you have a newer iPod, I would definately recommend this unit.

    All done with Alpine

    Written By Dave, Gloucester, MA on Monday, February 04, 2008

    This is my second Alpine head unit, the first one was a XDA-9884? I think was the model number. After almost 3 years I had to replace that unit because the face unit that rotates open to allow a CD to be inserted started sticking in random positions.

    One of the big reasons I selected the IDA-X001 is because of the iPOD interface and the display screen. After having it installed professionally I realized the position of the screen was a little difficult to read from the drivers seat without leaning over a bit to reduce the angle, it would have been great if the display screen was tilted a little towards the driver.

    Another thing I noticed with this unit is it doesn't sound as good as the previous Alpine unit I had just pulled out. I have Polk mid-ranges with cross overs and tweeters in the doors. I also have a 75 watt 4 channel Alpine amp in the in my trunk, had to replace this once due to a "cold" thermal short, would not work when the temp dropped below 30 deg.

    After owning this IDA-X001 for only two months it stopped working with my brand new nano iPOD. At first I thought it might be the iPOD so I tried two other iPODs that belong to other family members, same results, the screen displays a error message "No USB device found". End result, the stereo has to come out and be sent to Alpine for repair, leaving a nice hole in my dash where I will put a Pioneer.

    Everything I have bought from them has had some sort of electronic or mechanical failure, I'm all done with Alpine.

    Once you learn the unit, it rocks!

    Written By Brandon, Ruston, LA on Saturday, February 02, 2008

    I've had this unit for almost six months as I waited before reviewing. Once I learned how to use the unit (moreso, through try and error--the owner's manual wasn't much help), I have grown to appreciate it. I have the Ipod cable not the usb for my 80gb. Super fast, no problems. Also, have Sirius connection. No problems, again. Having the bluetooth adapter installed this week. No need for the HD radio as it's not really available in my area. My unit is installed in a '07 Dodge Ram Quad Cab. Most will enjoy this unit. Make sure you have a newer Ipod, spring $30 for the cable and Sirius. So long cds! I currently have 2 Alpine and one Kicker amp with Polk Momo mids/his and Kicker Subs. I love my truck. P.S. Dodge Ram owners---if you remove the dash piece around the heat vents, you will find a perfect slot for 4" on either side and a nice 3" hole in the center. I assume those are for the premium Inifinity upgrade. FYI, '09 Dodge upgrade is Alpine!

    Works like a charm for me

    Written By Rick, Pembroke, MA on Friday, February 01, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Before I bought the ADA-X001 I read several negative reviews and a few positive ones. I was a bit ambivelent about going ahead with the purchase. I had read for example that the Ipod wouldn't charge correctly or would skip ahead, or wouldn't work at all. I also discerned that the people having issues were those with older generation Ipods. I have a fifth generation 80gig Ipod. So, I decided to buy it. After some fairly minor installation appointment related glitches; it got installed. I have found the unit to work as advertised. My fifth generation Ipod works great with it. The HD radio is great also. I may add the satellite radio as well in the future. Although with almost 40gig of music to listen to on my Ipod (and counting), I don't know why I would need it. The ADA-X001 has fulfilled my expectations perfectly.

    Very Good Sound

    Written By Tony, Ashland, Ky on Sunday, January 20, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit was pretty easy to install. I replaced my factory head unit in a 2001 Honda Accord. The IPOD hookup was straightforward. It worked instantly and sounded awesome! My factory speakers never sounded better. The radio sound quality is very good but not quite as good as the IPOD.

    The unit looks very good. I am using a 5th generation IPOD with a 30 Gig capacity. The album artwork looks fine and the speed of searching for songs is very quick. The jog wheel is not like the actual IPOD wheel but this is not enough to even worry about.

    The XM satellite tuner installation (Audiovox) was a little complicated. The real issue was that the instructions did not mention anything about connecting the yellow and black wire. After reading another post, it all made sense and the installation was completed. The sound quality for the XM is also impressive, but still not quite as good as the IPOD.

    Overall, it was a great buy!!

    Awesome for Iphone

    Written By milks, Colorado Springs, CO on Sunday, January 20, 2008

    I just got this installed 2 days ago and I already love it. The sound is excellent with my iPhone and I don't get any radio disturbance which is a huge upgrade from the noise I was getting with my FM transmitter. I also got the KCE-300BT installed along with it and that works amazingly. It is similar to the Microsoft SYNC program, but without the voice activation. The only gripe I have is changing the radio station is kind of hassle, especially with trying to set the preset stations. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has the iPhone and is trying to do something similar with their vehicle.

    damn fine!

    Written By Doug, Fullerton, CA on Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    This does everything I wanted it to! custom mounted in my 65 Impala SS.

    Everyone claiming speed issues, is weird to me, cause I have a loaded up 30GB iPod Video... and it works as fast, if not faster then the iPod by itself.

    I would only wish for maybe video playback.. but definitely more indepth audio adjustment, not just Bass, Treble, Sub.

    But this thing rocks and its funny they aren't making decks better than this, for 08.. just the X100, with the itunes tagging and a little more juice per channel (who's not gonna use an amp anyway), and the X200, which seems like the walmart version or something...

    this deck hasn't been overshadowed yet and would take a lot for that to happen.

    For iPod lovers only

    Written By Randy, Kenmore, WA on Sunday, January 13, 2008

    If you only plan on using your iPod you'll probably love this HU. I find myself listening to SIRIUS satellite radio mostly and it is really annoying to have to hit the Preset button, scroll down your preset list to highlight a station, then hit Enter whenever you want to change stations.

    Also the display is way too bright.

    Excellent for Ipod

    Written By HorsySce, Auburn, MA on Monday, January 07, 2008

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed an Alpine IDA-X001 Receiver into my 2006 Mazda 3 Hatchback (Without Bose or Navigation, with a factory tape & 6 CD player.) I also purchased the PAC SWI-JACK (so that I could retain my steering wheel controls,) the Monster Mini Stereo Dual RCA cable (1 of 2 pieces needed to play my old mp3 player if I want to) and the Alpine KBA-121B (2 of 2 pieces to play my old mp3 player.) I bought this unit to work with my 1) 160 gb IPod Classic 2) Old Dell DJ MP3 Player & 3) 1 gb usb flash drive.

    After reading other reviews on this receiver, I purchased it knowing that there would be a couple of quirks - so, I was ready for them and ended up not really even caring about them. The first quirk is found when playing an IPod Classic through the included USB connector - While the 'small album art' view (with track info) is shown, the album art looks really good. But, if you want to view the 'large album art,' the album art looks very 'pixellized' and is not good quality. I've heard this is a firmware issue, but no one seems to know if it's a new version of ITunes that will fix it or if it is an Alpine issue. I would never choose the 'large album art' view, so this is a quirk I don't mind. The only other things that could be improved are if you could still rate songs on the unit, like you can on the Ipod itself and I think the Artist and Album text should also scroll on the screen, like the song titles do.

    Overall, I think this is the best you can find if you're willing to give up the CD player - Excellent sound & Interface. The IPod, Aux In (other mp3 players) and the USB all work great. One note is that the unit comes with it's own 6 inch black Ipod plug, which is great. If you want to plug in your USB drive, you just unplug the Ipod plug and slip in your drive instead. I've listed a review for the SWI-JACK on this site as well - just look up the individual part's reviews.


    Written By wwefreak, Salt Lake City Utah on Sunday, December 30, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    When i was looking at this unit i was a little worried, do to all the bad reviews it has gotten, people have said the sound is terrible and it is hard to use when driving, to many buttons to push. Well here is what i think. It is bad, all of the other guys must be crazy and cant navigate if they have to push more than one button. It is really simple to use and it made my system not only sound alot clear but my subs hit harder as well. I have always had a nice stereo in my cars and i would have to say this kills them all. Alpine has done a really good job in design and in sound quality. The only thing i would recommend, is purchasing the hi speed i-pod adapter, this will charge your i-pod and you will have no problems getting your music quikly. There also was some people saying the treble increases the bass. i do not have that problem, also people have said that there amps that are running there subs and there mids they sound like terrbile now that they put this unit in. every unit is differant, adjust your settings on your amp and adjust the bass treble and subwoofer level on you system then it will sound better. Anyways you will not be dissapointed with this product, Alpine has done a exceptionaly well job with this unit. All i can say is enjoy this product if you buy.

    Does not work well for Hard Drive users.

    Written By Tracy, Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)


    Excellent sound quality
    Nice interface for navigation


    Poor performance when using a HDD.
    Does not navigate quite as well as the IPOD it tries to mimic.
    The Menus and Navigation are always Blue, even when using the Red Buttons and Background color scheme.

    As a life-long Alpine customer, I have come to expect the highest quality head units for a given price range and rock solid performance. The ida-x001 does not live up to Alpine's reputation I am disappointed to say. Billed as an USB 2.0 receiver with functionality for not only iPods, but USB Memory Sticks and Hard Drives, the unit promised a great host of features with Alpine's great quality.

    I purchased this unit, along with a High quality, high speed 250gb hard drive that utilizes the USB 2.0 port on the head unit. Upon first turning on the head unit, it takes approximately 25 seconds to recognize the USB Hard drive and it instantly begins playing music from a folder on drive. After this, the navigation and playback become far from reliable or quick. Navigating the folders on the drive goes fairly quickly, but once a song is selected, it may or may not begin playing within the first 60 seconds. After 60 seconds of waiting for the file to load, I have had to manually re-start the head unit up to 3 times before it will play the file. Once playback begins, it typically has no problems playing other files in the same folder. Navigating to another folder and playing another file becomes a crapshoot again.

    Due to this un-reliable functionality, Crutchfield replaced the HU with another one in short order. Again, the new unit performed exactly the same. I replaced the Hard Drive, believing it to have a possible defect, but the same results came every time.

    In all, the entire unit is not very functional for users purchasing it with the intent of keeping a hard drive on hand for bulk file storage. Couple this unreliability with several other "flakey" features, like random lock-ups, mismatched color schemes when attempting to "go red" and the less than user friendly EQ settings, I would call this unit a total Dud.

    Looks good, sounds ok...

    Written By David, North Canton, OH on Thursday, December 06, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I owned one of the Alpine headunits similar to the 9887 - with the biolite display for about 2 years, it was the first to come out. That unit was amazing. It made my subs, speakers and 3 amps (all polk momo) sound very crisp and vivid with the sound processing included in the unit. Not until I replaced that headunit with this one did my system setup start to sound messy.

    So why did I buy this unit? Well, somebody recently stole my Alpine and I was forced to get a new one. So I bought this one.

    I thought it wouldn't make any difference in the world what type of headunit I hooked up to my top of the line speakers and amps - but man was I wrong. I can tell you honestly, that the lows of my subs blend with mediocrity into the midrange of my speakers. I can adjust the crossover frequencies all day - literally, 5 hours a day for the past week... whether it is higher frequencies (around 100hz) or lower (around 50hz) the sound blends together.

    I would not put this review on here if I knew nothing about speakers. I can tell you if you are looking for excellent sound processing, consider the Alpine 9887 - which is what I am exchanging this unit for. But if you want great sound with a pretty cool looking display you're in the right place. Just don't expect exceptionally clean response from your amps and speakers if you have them.

    iPod Reciever

    Written By Mike, Sherborn, Ma on Friday, November 30, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The reciever acts almost like the iPod interface, but there are a few minor querks that should be noted. First, The selection button for all the menus is to the left of the dial instead of in the middle. Second, the search feature using the Letters as your search criteria does not work great at all.

    On the other hand, there are many features that I find work well and make this reciever great with the iPod. First, The LCD display looks just like the iPod's and you can even show the album art work as the entire screen. Second, other then the selection button being off to the left, the interface acts just like the ipod as you go through artist, playlists and etc.

    Some other cool features are that the reciever is Satellite Radio capable and Bluetooth capable.

    Good but but some odd issues

    Written By Mark, Boston, Ma on Sunday, November 18, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The head install was great and the adapter kit from crutchfield was the key to it's ease.

    The iDA-x001 seems to have access to only a subset of items on the play list and then it repeats. In other words if you have 2000 songs on your iPod when you hit shuffle and then fast fowards enough, after about 12 to 20 songs the list will repeat. Hiitint shuffle/ent again appears to load another 20.

    The USB plug for the ipod may be under powered. Being a next song junkie , i hit the next song button often. The aged battery in my ipod loses life after a while of this excessive hard drive use. You would think that being connected would charge the battery regardless.

    The bluetooth is good but I find that I have to hard reset the head to be able to re-connect to the phone of "discover" the device. This reset has the side-effect of losing my radio presset and audio adjustments. Using it with an iphone is awsome. After a initial syncing periord you have access to recent/missed calls and your phone book. It could take ques from th ipod and use playlist for the phone book. Should not have to scroll threw hundred of entries to find the frequent people you call ( mom :)

    These are not show stoppers by any means but searching the web for the ipod subset list solutions revealed no results. Maybe using the speed connection would help(?)

    I would hope that firmware upgrades. if thats possible, would make the BIG search button in the middle of the unit configurable ( like "next song" ) this would make it easier to drive safely not searching for some small button in the middle of a cluster.

    iDA-X001 Will NOT Recognize My External USB HDD

    Written By Jerry, Arlington, TX on Friday, November 09, 2007

    A number of reviewers have stated the iDA-X001 will work with both USB flash drives and with USB external disk drives. From my own experience, I can confirm it does work with a 4 GB flash drive. However, I've spent a whole day trying unsuccessfully to get it to recognize a 80 GB FreeAgent Go external HDD. This is a USB 2.0 drive, which I've formatted FAT32 per Alpine's specs. Plus I've tried all sorts of different formatting schemes - setting the drive's partition both primary and logical, making sure the partition was set to active, resizing it down to 30 GB, resizing it down to 4 GB (which is the size of the flash drive that DOES work) - and the iDA-X001 STILL will not recognize the drive.

    And it's not because the drive isn't getting sufficient power, either. The drive powers up when it's plugged into the receiver, and I can feel it spinning. I've even used a dual power and data cable, to augment the power to the drive via a USB port on my laptop. But nothing works to allow the iDA-X001 to recognize this drive.

    All Alpine could say was that it could be insufficient power, and that they don't guarantee the iDA-X001 will work with USB drives. Maybe they don't guarantee it will, but the receiver's specs say it'll work with USB mass storage devices formatted FAT 12/16 or 32.

    This is a huge PAIN; we have an older iPod that's incompatible, and I had intended to use the USB drive to play our music.

    Too Slow!

    Written By John, New Orleans, LA on Friday, November 09, 2007

    First of all, unless you have a 5th generation classic ipod (NOT a mini or nano), you need to buy the additional Ipod cord. USB connection works alright. VERY VERY SLOW if you have even a small number of songs. The more songs, the slower it is. Sometimes it can take up to a minute to play a song. Also, when you are searching through your library the music stops. Sound quality is excellent. EQ is limited. Looks great. I am going to keep the unit, just wish it were faster.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By dan, Florida on Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Great product, few problems, but still the best you can buy in this category... My biggest complaint is every once in a while it changes the names of songs and sometimes sets the album art to just a black picture... other than that I am quite happy

    Everything I wanted

    Written By Bubba, Charlotte, NC on Monday, November 05, 2007

    Easy installation, swapped it out for my decade-old Alpine CD player. The interface is not intuitive, as others have already mentioned, but its not rocket-science to learn, and I'm already used to it after a week. The built in amplifier is comparable to that in most head-units on the market today, and I'd strongly recommend an upgrade to an aftermarket amp if you are contemplating this deck. Its way easier to install it all at once, so save yourself some heartache. I have a fifth-generation iPod that runs like a dream with this unit, so I don't have the limited features that others have complained about. Two thoughts: 1) It would be cool if a future model would take advantage of iPod's video feature, even with a small screen, it would be pretty cool. 2) Has anyone had any success with this unit running with a newer iPod? (80GB or 160GB would be pretty cool, but I'm not sure it would run with the same USB user interface, and haven't been able to find a review yet).

    Best value and solution for mobile iPod integration right now...

    Written By Christian, San Diego, CA on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    If you find yourself not listening to CD's anymore on the road, this is probably your ticket. I also wanted some expandability, so the HD radio option was compelling. I'm not interested in SAT radio, but the Bluetooth phone option is a plus. /// Function-wise, this is a god-send if you're using the headphone connection and fumbling with your iPod controls in your car. Now, I just tuck the iPod away in a storage compartment beside the seat, and voila! - you've got control. Best used with a 5th generation iPod via the USB connection (it doesn't need the hi-speed connection to other peripherals). At least via USB, your iPod's charged up too! /// Other equipment are components, a JL Audio Stealthbox, and JL Audio 500/1 and Boston Acoustics GT40 amplifiers. /// Only two quibbles, already mentioned. First, the screen is a bit too shiny in the sunlight. I'm sure there are protectors/overlays that'll decrease this somewhat, but it still is a pretty screen. Second is the word sizes on screen. They are big enough to read easily, but only the title scrolls (top line). The other two lines do not. Maybe Alpine can initially scroll these large font, then shrink to fit after a certain time? Again, these are very minor. /// The jog dial does NOT rotate full round, so it doesn't mimic the iPod control exactly. However, I think Alpine's solution is a compromise for a vehicle application, as it facilitates operation without taking the eyes off the road. A fully rotating dial would make this unit almost perfect, however. /// Highly recommended - even if this is the "first" generation.

    Love It!

    Written By Dan, Richlands, NC on Sunday, October 21, 2007

    In a word...Outstanding! If you've got an Ipod it's absolutely perfect. Sound quality and power are near perfect and the interface is excellent. Very intuitive. Just don't try searching around for songs while driving.

    Good but could be Great

    Written By pjk, Basehor, KS on Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this unit for two reasons. The DA converters and the ability to have the same search and view capabilities on the HU as my Ipod. In both respects the X001 delivers. The sound is CD quality and the Ipod interface and graphics are very good. I'm using a external Profile 80W x 4 amp powering components in the doors and a sub. The HU is only powering 5-1/4 speakers in the rear. I got around the no High/Low pass filter by installing base blockers. All other High/Low pass control is through the amp. The only pain is it's mounted under the passanger seat, so it's a set it and leave it sort of thing. Having pre amp output control gain/high/low pass on the X001 would be a huge improvement but something that can be designed around. My only real complaint is the jog dial does not completly mimic the Ipod control. Why design something different when the Ipod works so well? This is minor as I'm not constantly scolling but selecting the play list I want now and then. Overall I would recomend this unit. Just understand that it has limited functionality that you will need to consider in your system design.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Dan, Concord, NH on Saturday, September 08, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    If you have a 5G iPod and like Alpine Blue by all means buy this head unit it has the nicest interface for the 5G iPod on the market. If you are considering ever upgrading to a newer iPod, or heaven forbid, you actually want your car stereo to match the red interior lights read on. I bought the Alpine iDA-X001 with the PAC SWI-JACK steering wheel remote adaptor. After installing the unit into my 2000 Pontiac TransAM I noticed the steering wheel controls only worked during the daytime. As I investigated the problem I determined that if the display on the Alpine iDA-X001 is set to red instead of blue, as soon as the radio dims the display, it stops responding to the remote. I contacted Crutchfield about the problem and after multiple phone calls with their helpful technical support department I was informed that yes both Alpine and PAC are aware of the problem however Alpine doesn't see it as an issue. They consider it a problem with the remote interface and besides you can always just use blue. So just remember if you are crazy enough to actually think your car stereo should function in the same manor day or night this might not be the correct unit for you!!! On the other hand if you plan on being home before dark enjoy!!!!!

    Very Exciting!

    Written By Mark, Westchester County, NY on Friday, August 31, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I ordered the X001 as well as the Alpine KCE-422i iPod cable and Alpine's HD Radio tuner TUA-T500HD. Installation of the X001 head unit in my 2001 RAV4 was pretty simple but there is no space in the dashboard for the HD radio tuner... I had to install it under the driver's seat which is working out well so far.

    I live in the suburbs of NYC and the digital tuner is fantastic! There are lots of crystal clear HD stations to listen to, but a road trip to New Hampshire last week had left me with slim pickings on the radio.

    My iPod works beautifully with the X001 and for the first time I can navigate my iPod gracefully from the dashboard while driving!

    If you like really really loud music you are probably going to have to add an amplifier to this unit, but the sound was loud enough for me, especially since it was very crisp and clear.

    The display is challenging to read in daylight, I was thinking that if the screen swiveled it would help, but it doesn't.

    My next installation might be the Alpine KCE-300BT Bluetooth Interface for my phone. I have a big "Phone" button staring at me on the X001, and without this $200 option it does nothing. The KCE-300BT hasn't had glowing reviews though.

    Overall I'm very excited... This is the first upgrade to my car stereo that has made me happy... And this unit replaces an Alpine CDA-9847 head unit with iPod adapter!

    Not perfect - still beats everything else out there

    Written By Greg, FL on Friday, August 24, 2007

    The good:
    Extremely fast ipod navigation. It's scrolls as fast as you would on the ipod itself. No need to buy extra ipod cable as it connects directly into a USB port in the back of Alpine. They even include a USB-ipod cord.
    You can go back one level when browsing: e.g. you pick an artist, an album, play a song, then decide to listen to another album from the same artist. You can just hit the Back button. No need to start over the alphabet. No CD drive (yes, that's a good thing in my book!)
    Can also manage large external USB hard drives. Plug and play.

    The bad:
    Screen in bright daylight barely readable. Cannot edit Subwoofer frequencies. Sounds a bit bad on mine, I think it's getting too high frequencies.
    Setup menu navigation not nice.
    Menus and buttons full of Bluetooth hints, yet no bluetooth out-of-the box! It is a $300 add-on you have to buy. Yet there is a huge Phone button in the middle of the radio, now without function.
    All-in-all, no major problems, except maybe for the weak display in daylight. (Yes, I disabled Dim already!)

    Very Satisfied

    Written By Tom, Manalapan, NJ on Friday, August 10, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I put this unit in a convertible - a Miata. It may not have the top Alpine features, but honestly in my loud little roadster convertible, there's no way to appreciate all that stuff. This unit sounds great to me, definitely better than the stock Bose unit. The iPod features are wonderful. Everything I want to do on my iPod I can now do directly through the radio controls. The menus and controls are very intuitive. The unit looks great and with some help from the fine people at Crutchfield, I didn't have any problem installing it - even with the steering wheel control interface. I have only two "I wishes." I wish the screen had a brightness control. It can be dimmed at night, but it can't be brightened when I put the top down and it becomes a little tough to read in the sun. And I wish it had that feature where the radio station info - station letters and song names - are displayed. I'm very happy I got this unit.

    Perfect for Ipods, great unit!

    Written By Randy, Vernon, NJ on Friday, August 03, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    With the directions you enclosed I was able to easily and completely install this unit in my 2007 Explorer Sport Trac in less than 30 minutes. It looks and sounds great and the Ipod interface is excellent. I can get to my songs faster using this unit than I can on the IPod itself. One of my concerns is that some IPod units do not shut the IPod down when the unit is turned off, this one does turn off your IPod when not in use. If you use an IPod this is the unit you need! With the ability to use almost any USB device you will not miss not have a CD player.

    Best iPod unit yet

    Written By WeirdDudeMac, Manchester, NH on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    I got the X001 as part of a whole system. iPod and CD changer in the glovebox. Amps and subs in the trunk and 6.5" components all around. Once I got an iPod, I rarely listened to CDs. I wanted a headunit that was designed for the iPod but can still play CDs, satelite radio, etc. The display on this is just like the iPod. When people get in the car the first thing they saw is, "Man look at that display!" All the other single DIN units have terrible displays with just text. The Radio control do stink but not bad enough to not buy the unit. They need preset buttons instead of going through a menu to get to your presets. Also, the audio controls (bass and treble) are just basic and not advanced at all. I got a separate 1/2 DIN EQ and sub control units so I don't care. If you're going to have subs then you need some kind of separate sub control. If you don't have subs then the controls are fine. The sound quality is excellent. The quality of your .mp3 file is the limiting factor, and your speakers. The satellite radio is good but I haven't got hooked on satelite radio yet.

    The best part is giving someone a ride and the reaction that they give when they see this thing. They immediate hook up their own iPod or USB thumb drive and want to listen to everything.

    You'll have to go to a double DIN unit to get a display in the ballpark of this thing, and those aren't cheap. I'd rather get this and with the money saved buy subs and an amp.

    The iPod does charge when connected. It just discharges if you leave your car off for a few days and then charges up once your turn on your car. That's the iPod's fault not the X001.

    Met all my expectations

    Written By Lou, Colchester, VT on Friday, July 27, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Install was straightforward in a '97 Porsche 911, using the Crutchfield supplied harness. Noted that switched and constant +12volts were reversed on this vehicle relative to the harness diagram, but easy to confirm which was which. Also note the easy-to-miss step of pressing the Reset button on the unit after wiring up.

    Very impressed with the functionality and speed of the iPod interface. Others have mentioned the use of Enter and Back buttons separate from the dial, but this doesn't seem to be a big issue for me. I think the the angle of the 911's dashboard creates more glare on the display than would occur with a vertical mounting, but that is not Alpine's issue...just the nature of the car.

    Being a software designer, of course I think I could improve the user interface, but overall it works very well...not perfect, but well above average.

    Paired this with the Bluetooth phone interface, which is surprisingly good, and very nicely integrated. Paired right up with a Treo 680 and downloaded the (large) phonebook.

    Next step, new speakers and amp.

    Note for the person who likes remotes, this unit CAN be controlled by an Alpine just doesn't ship with one.

    Totally bummed

    Written By kevho66, Dallas, TX on Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I have a Alpine 9851 that I was going to put in my wifes car and upgrade to the IDA-X001. I was so excited because of the new iPod interface and screen....

    Was I ever let down.

    First of all, I am not sure why Alpine did not include the BBE technology because if you have heard the difference with and without it in a high quality system you are instantly sold on the studio production level sound. It is a night and day difference. That was the first and biggest hit...

    Secondly, the ipod interface is better but I am not sure why the main dial is not utilized more. It does not make sense and therefore does not flow like you would think. One of the cool features was the ability to view album artwork from the iPod...not so fast. You can only do this if you are using the USB cable on your iPod instead of the high speed cable designed for the iPod. I am still scrathing my head over that one.

    Overall, I would say this is just an average head unit in a pretty package. I am going to return it and buy an Alpine head unit with the BBE capabilities. I am pushing around 75 Watts through Infinity subs, Infinity Kappa 3.5's and 4 Polk Audio 6.5 component speakers. Sound quality matters to me and this just does not cut it!

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Mick, West Chester, PA on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First complaint, it doesnt have any of the audio features of the 'lesser' Alpine units. No hi-pass filter and bass engine adjustments. I expected this 'top end' model would have the same features and add the better ipod integration. It only has bass and treble control.
    Second; For some reason, the sub output is effected by the bass and treble controls, so if you want to drop the bass to the speaker lines you loose all bass to the sub too. The sub out should be independent of the rest of your tone / EQ setup. They achieve this on the lesser models with the hi-pass filter.
    Moving on out of the audio quality area to usability, complaint three; Whats with that knob? If you want a knob, use a knob. This spring loaded, cant turn it more than 1/4 turn jog dial is atrocious! Telling where slow stops and fast begins is almost impossible. They should have just used a notched free spinning knob. If I recall the 'rotary encoder' on the 9881 behaved this way.
    Four; when you go to the next song, it takes several seconds to list the title. It starts playing but it types the title one letter at a time, rather than just putting the title up. Just show me the title so I can decide if I want to stop there.
    Five; and this is for all the 'it has a back button' folks (including Alpine themselves), you can ONLY go back, if you've just browsed. If you turn off the stereo, when you turn back on, you can't navigate from the current location. You DO have to start all over agian. The ability to browse through the songs ahead and easily skip over several songs is critical, and missing.

    Great! (but no iPhone)

    Written By Tugrik, Los Gatos, CA on Friday, July 06, 2007

    After having gone through many various iPod-capable stereos, this one stands out above all the rest. Sure, it's not perfect... but it's definitely the best of the lot. If you want to hide an iPod in your glovebox to be a 'tank' of music for your car, this is the stereo to get. No iPod? Heck, just use a USB-powered harddrive or thumbstick. That'll work too.

    I won't go about repeating what everybody else says; it's just a dang good stereo. I will add, though, for those shopping who might wonder: no, it will not work with the iPhone over the USB cable (the better link with album-art and faster controls). But hey, now that you have an iPhone to walk around with, just leave the full-sized iPod you already own there in your car. :)

    iPod integration the best yet. Bluetooth adapter great also.

    Written By John McDaniel, West Monroe, LA on Saturday, June 30, 2007

    Installed mine in a 2006 Ranger single cab. The iPod integration is excellent. If you have a huge library it can take a min to find the song you're after, but for the most part it's easy. Play lists help. If your songs are tagged correctly ie, genre, artist, it is easier to find what you're after. I love mine and can't see myself going back to any other type of receiver.

    Bluetooth adapter works great with my razor. Callers hear an echo only if you have the receivers volume up too high. I mounted the mic right on the tip of my visor and everyone says I sound loud and clear. Cut the volume (still plenty loud enough to hear) and any echo disappears. At normal listening level (i know this varies from person to person) I never have an echo problem anyway. Mic placement plays a large role in this. Before you make the install permanent play around with mic placement for that 'sweet spot'.

    My factory speakers sound twice as loud and ten times better. I would definitely recommend.

    Great Head Unit

    Written By Paul, Owings, MD on Friday, June 01, 2007

    This is an excelleny unit well worth the price! All i did was listen to my iPod on my old unit any way. Trust me if thats all you do that you wont miss the CD player fuction at all. Also u wont have to try and find music that ur friends like. All they have to do is plug there iPod in and everyones happy. The only thing is that it should have come with a remote. I give it a 9.5 outta 10. I LIKE REMOTES!!! But nevertheless a great buy

    Great for its purpose

    Written By Goose, Los angeles, CA on Monday, May 21, 2007

    I bought this mainly for the conveniece of its functionality and other reasons such as the nice display and the back button, yes the back button, haha. I drive an 06 scion xb and the car came equipped with an ipod ready stereo, just plug and play. The only problem with that was, to search for songs you would have to scroll one by one through hundreds of artists to get to where u want, imagine going to z. It took me a good 2 minutes to get there with the factory pioneer stereo the car came with. Also if i wanted to choose an artist within 2 spots away, i would have to start from the begining again, good god!!

    Others complain about the radio presets, if u are a radio listener I could see how its a problem. I dont care about the radio. I bought this to listen to my ipod, not the radio, =) I have a few issues with this though: Adjusting the bass (not the sub level) seems to apply settings to the sub level as well, making the sound distorted at peaks. Second problem is the enter button!!! Why cant the enter button and the big center button have swapped functions, like an ipod. Im so used to pressing the center ipod button as ok to play a song, basically, enter. Pressing search, then going back to press enter is a nuisance. Another small issue, is the display during the day time.... The glare. But since Im driving and focusing on the road, its not a huge issue. I also wish that when switching the view to album art, the art would take up the whole screen, not be centered and taking up lil space. Its also a hundred dollars too pricey, i think.

    All in all though, I think this is a great buy for what its intended to do.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By cjr121, West Warwick, RI on Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    I purchased this head unit because I was tired of CDs (as most of you who are interested in this HU would agree with). The display and functionality of this HU is great. Perfect handling the 2nd Gen Nano, and the supplied FREE accessories (install kit, wire harness, and antenna adapter) were perfect for this install.

    I only have a few issues.
    1st, (and most importantly), I have had some trouble with the power lines. The manual said to install the included red power wire to the windshield wiper fuse, which seemed to be out of reach for me (as it is located under the hood and not in the dash). So I had to resort to the "power outlet" fuse which seemed to be a "switched" accessory but turns out that the unit will not shut off after the key is removed and door is opened. I can easily turn off the unit and remove the face plate for added assurance that the unit is in fact OFF (and wont kill the battery). That being said it seems this is only an issue of my laziness to just get a longer wire and have it done right.
    2nd, I was unable to connect the Illumination wire to the dimmer switch.
    3rd, the dash trim had these small little nubs on both sides that created the tiniest gap between the dash trim and the new kit (but noticable).
    All this being said. I would purchase this unit again and would recommend it to anyone who is hard drive oriented to have all o

    Awesome iPod Integration, but lacking in Radio/HD Radio Controls

    Written By uwmbjn, Minneapolis, MN on Friday, May 11, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This deck is awesome and by far the best for iPod integration. The navigation is very smooth, and easy to control. If you use your iPod exclusively then this is the deck for you. It also accepts USB sticks to play songs off of which is a nice feature.

    The radio controls, especially for presets are pretty bad. You have to press the preset button, then scroll through the 6 presets and hit enter. This means you may have to press up to 8 buttons to get to your preset.

    I also bought the HD Radio receiver. The deck's controls for multicasting are pretty bad. You need to select the channel. then press search, and scroll through the multicast channels, then press enter. You can't use the seek button to get to the different channels. You also can't save multicast channels as presets. It will default to the -1 station which is a huge pain. The same is true when you shut off the car, it will go back to the -1.

    That is my only complaint, normally i wouldn't care, but we get some good multicast stations in my city, and I just wish it were easy to get to these stations. I have not used another HD Radio so this may be the norm. I bought this for the iPod integration, so I still give this 4 stars, and am very happy with my purchase.

    iPod Enthusiasts Look no Further!

    Written By Derek, Colorado Springs, CO on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this unit for my 2005 Volkswagen Passat and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of sound produced even over my stock speakers.

    I was somewhat disappointed at the difficulty of the installation. I've come to rely on Crutchfield's wonderful instructions and installation kits, but this one was more of a struggle than I've experienced in the past with other head units. I imagine this was mostly because of the limited space available and some contraints with my particular vehicle, so I didn't downgrade the rating because of it.

    The controls are pretty easy to use since they so closely mimic the iPods native controls. Once I discovered how to set the unit to dim when the headlights are turned on and switched the background illumination from blue to red (red matches the rest of my vehicle's console lighting), I found it truly blends in well with my car and adds a great deal of perceived value.

    My one possible complaint is that it appears my iPod's battery is not being recharged when it is connected via the supplied USB cable. According to Crutchfield's classification for this unit, it falls within the "iPod audio in w/ iPod control" which means that the receiver has a dedicated input for the iPod's cable or an included cable/adapter that connects to the iPod's docking port and the iPod's battery will be recharged.

    I found this to not be the case as my iPod completely froze today while I was out and about displaying only the Alpine logo. Once I reset it, I discovered that the battery was completely drained. I didn't see anything about this, so I thought I'd mention it.

    A So-So HU

    Written By Sal, La Verne, CA on Thursday, May 03, 2007

    I think "joey" hit the nail on the head with his review in an earlier posting.

    The X001 has a rather terrible user interface for the most part - it just is too cumbersome. Due to Alpine's lousy UI design - changing station presets being one of the biggest blunders.

    I also dislike the the behavior/performance of the equalization functions (i.e. Bass/Treble/MX Audio Processor, etc). The results of changing these settings leads to unconventional and sometimes unpredictable (to me at least) results. Take one situation, for example, where decreasing the treble level appears to also increase the bass levels, and vice-versa. Certainly not a linear attenuation function, but probably based on shifting the frequency spectrum according to some algorithm which yields less-than-acceptable results. And that doesn't even take into account the diminished output that results when the MX Processor is enabled.

    Not a good conventional HU IMHO. I think Alpine may have focused too much of their attention on the iPod side of things, at the cost of other HU features.

    My only hope is that, being a firmware-driven system, Alpine will eliminate some of these flaws in function/performance and will continue to refine/upgrade this HU.

    Sick of CDs and love your iPod? Then this head unit is for you!

    Written By matt, Sparta, Michigan on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    The interface with the iPod is as close to flawless as you can get with it not being made by Apple themselves.

    Use caution however as with my unit I had a very prominent distortion coming from the internal amp only, but this was easily fixed with the addition of an extra amp I had tucked away from a couple years ago. Who really buys this head unit and doesn't plug it into a true system as opposed to stock speakers?

    My only wish for the unit is that the jog dial could have been more closely modeled after the click wheel of the iPod as you will find yourself trying to treat it as just that.

    Alpine IDA-x001

    Written By joey, Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Ive had this new unit for about a week. Display looks great, works fast with IPOD, but I do have issues with it. Not having cd isnt a problem. I dont like some of the user interfaces for other options. For ex: picking a preset memory station, you have to hit preset button, then use jog dial to scroll to station you want (each turn of job goes down 1 station), then hit enter. So, to go to station 6, you have to hit buttons SIX TIMES. That is ridiculous. Also, the enter button is very small and is required for about everyting you do. Yet, the center button of the jog dial is HUGE and much easier to press, yet hardly used to do anything.
    its also tougher than it should be to go in and change audio settings in the menu and submenus. Its also kind of goofy the way you pick a setting, then hit enter to go to subsetting, hit enter to make change, then enter to go back to setting, then back to back out. Just seems like a lot of steps. I think the engineers could have made it much more user friendly. Scratch that, I KNOW they could have made it more friendly. For that price, they should have.
    For $399 , should have come with remote. I bought one but you cant scroll through IPOD music with it, just change volume, stations, and source. Range of remote is VERY limited.
    I also dont like that ALPINE doesnt let users customize their own wallpaper. Why not, makes no sense? Alpine isnt charging for wallpaper on the site, so why not let people customize it?
    I do have the bluetooth, and while there are a few bugs, it seems to work VERY WELL.
    I have other issues I cant think of right this sec. It gets 5 stars for look,4 for performance,3 for function.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Douglas, Boulder, Colorado on Friday, April 20, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I researched this head unit (and others) for several months and decided to go with the iDA-X001 sight-unseen because if its USB integration with my ipod and continuing support for my XM (and soon to be XM/Serius) connection. Of course it helped that I have always stuck with the Alpine brand. But given all of my pre-conceived thoughts on the unit I was still pleasantly surprised by its performance once installed. My ipod sounds amazing through this head unit and the search capabilities are simple enough. My only issues are 1. my USB thumb drive is not working with this unit so I have not been able to download my own wallpaper from the Alpine ipersonalize site as I should be able to. Also, I had learned in a blog just prior to receiving the iDA-X001, the entire faceplate doesn't come off, only half of it. So security is not the greatest because would-be thieves not only can see what kind of stereo I have, but they can assume there might be a nice ipod awaiting them in the glove box as well. So I am thankful I also have a security system in my car.

    Deck of the Future! Alpine does the iPod justice in the car.

    Written By Cody, Albuquerque, NM on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Ive owned several aftermarket decks over the years, mostly by Sony and Pioneer. This is my first Alpine and wow, what an upgrade! I was initially skeptical for a couple of reasons. Mainly, the thought of a deck without a CD player was a little frightening (even though I cant remember the last time a actually played a CD in the car, or anywhere for that matter). Also, despite tons of recommendations, Id never actually owned an Alpine before, & no-one ever seems to get the iPod stuff right. Long story short, I picked this up and have been grinning ever since! This thing is slick, unique, and the epitome of quality. The sound, despite being rated lower than my previous Pio unit, is not only louder but cleaner. The features all work as advertised, and the iPod interface is as perfect as I can imagine anything that isnt Apple. Its a direct USB connection, so its not just mimicking your iPod, its using it directly (youre actually using the iPod, the Alpine is just the bridge-just like it should be). The display is basically a direct match of the iPod display, and the cover art, while a little small, is well transferred onto the sharp little LCD of the deck. Searching really is as fast if not faster (no joke) than the iPod itself, and just as easy. I found the layout and button setup to be well designed and ergonomically pleasing. An earlier reviewer stated that the FM reception was poor, but that must be an antenna issue or something. FM is as clear as its always been for me. My only gripe with this unit is the lack of a manual dimmer (gets a little bright). Overall, this is the way to go for any iPod/USB/mp3 enthusiast looking for a near-perfect in-car solution!

    Close, but no CD player.

    Written By Whiskey Robber, Alexandria, VA on Friday, April 13, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was very excited to receive this unit for use in my '04 Audi TT. When it arrived I decided to return it for the Alpine CDA-9885.

    Here's why:

    1. Only the left side of the face detaches. The screen remains, pretty much advertising to thieves that an expensive HU and an iPod is close by. (My iPod is in the glove box.)

    2. To take advantage of the new iPod connection's top speed, album art, etc. you need the latest 5th generation iPod. You can still use the Alpine KCE-422i iPod cable attachment for older iPods. I use a 4th gen. 40GB model that works great and see no reason to upgrade. Especially since it's stays hidden away and rarely leaves the car.

    3. No CD deck. I'm close to a complete digital music collection, but not ready to forgo the CD player quite yet.

    I've since installed the Alpine CDA-9885 and I echo all the positive reviews it has received. It is great!

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Cynthia, Hurricane, Florida on Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this unit for my 06 Jetta. The idea was to use USB memory and Satellite radio, not an Ipod. It works with USB flash drives and the sound quality depends on bit rate. With a 320 bit rate the sound is superb. The XM interface works well, but as you probably know sound quality varies with XM, with the classic music stations being the most clear sounding.

    The song navigation is fast and easy. The display is bright and very clear. This unit will work with many different inputs, including 2 aux inputs, sat radio, HD radio, USB and Ai net. The FM tuner is clear and pulls in stations well. Another cool feature, the custom screen background and different colors to match interior lighting. It even dims with the dash lights if you hook that feature up.

    The built in amp is clear sounding and sufficient to satisfy, but cannot be driven loud enough to distort much. This is odd, as quiet music is limited in volume. Further still, turning the bass/treble up reduces the volume and the max volume attainable. Using the preset EQ does not do this, and will net additional volume. One other con, not all USB memory will work. Certified USB memory is required. AND it will not recognize certain odd characters in the song title. Not really an issue.

    Overall, it sounds great, cranks up fairly loud, has plenty of inputs and outputs and most of all it has a very nice user interface.

    Almost There

    Written By Dave, Tuscaloosa, AL on Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I just recently purchased this head unit along with the Bluetooth Adapter. For the most part the head unit is very good.

    The Ipod compatibility right now is unmatched. Used to have a Alpine 9857 with the full-speed conection, and it was terribly slow. The USB connection on the X001 is much much faster then the old full-speed. It displays artwork well and the navigation and search features are all very well designed and user friendly. The only thing the ipod use is lacking is the ability to play video. If this HU played video it would be a perfect ipod HU.

    There is no CD player which is kind of annoying (even more cosidering the amount of empty space in the X001). But you can hook up a USB key into the USB cable to play cd and suff that you havent put on the ipod yet.

    The radio is the worst part of this HU. It gets terrible reception compared to all the other HU's i have had (alpine, clarion, keenwood). I dont know what alpine was thinking, but this radio receiver is garbage??

    The bluetooth for this is ok. I am still messing around with it, but for the most part there seems to be more bad then good with this component. I think it might actually be safer to use your cell phone than this bluetooth. About the only thing it does right is receive calls.

    All in all Alpine almost has the perfect HU. If they fix the radio and improve the compatibility for the bluetooth and ipod it would be awsome. Oh and 600 for the both is kinda steep.

    I love this stereo

    Written By aggiepm, Sacramento, CA on Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is an amazing stereo! The ipod interface is flawless. You can control your ipod from the head unit just like you were using the ipod itself. Sound quality from the ipod is also great. I never realized how bad my tape adapter was until I had this stereo.

    I also got the XM adapter and I am loving it. The head unit controls the XM tuner great, and the large screen lets you see all the info of the channel, song, and artist that you are listening to.

    This unit does not have a CD player, but if you are an ipod listener then this probably does not matter to you. If you want a good way to listen to your ipod in your car I highly recommend this product.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Paul, Boston, MA on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Just installed into my 2005 Corolla and looks great. No doubt it's an eye catcher though I wish the faceplate was more detachable.

    This headunit was no doubt made for an iPod. Navigating through radio station presetes is awful and annoying unless you have a remote. Don't complain about the lack of a CD Player either, it's a known fact before buying the headunit and you can have your CD's obvioulsy uploaded onto your iPod.

    The screen is very nice looking and displays song information perfectly. It's also great for Satellite Radio and displaying song information.

    If you're thinking of getting HD Radio with it I don't suggest it. Navigation through regular stations is bad enough and to get HD Radio it's a press of the search button, use the nob to scroll, then enter. I really liked Alpine's CDA-9885! I just switched out because I'm an iPod person.

    Navigating the iPod and other features obviously takes some practice and once you're used to it, it's easy. Huge downfalls are the engineering and design. Though it does look great, you're not going to want to constantly listen to you're iPod and you're going to be ineterested whats on the Radio. I feel people want a headunit that looks as great at this one does but allows other features/sources to be just as easy to use such as radio and satellite radio.

    Alpine IDA-X001

    Written By Matt, Missoula, MT on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

    Granted I've owned this unit for about three hours, but I'm in love already. We got one deck in at our local Best Buy last night, and I had to pick it up this morning. I had a 9857 in there prior, but this is sooo worth it to step up to. The screen in amazing, and I can't believe how fast the USB connection is. I thought the 422i was fast, but this is somehow even faster! Definitely pick this one up!

    Real nice

    Written By J, Riverside, CA on Monday, April 09, 2007

    Alpine did it again! very nice product. it makes my IPOD sound better than Cd's. Trust me i replaced an Alpine 7998 phantom face and i honestly think this sounds better. But dont expect anything but great sound quality and fast ipod navigation because thats all it does!

    Great extension to the IPod for the IPod addicted

    Written By Rob, KC, MO on Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I installed this unit into my 97 Accord, replacing the factory unit. A few months ago I replaced the speakers with Infinity Kappa 692.7i in backr and 6012si in doors. I held off at that time on purchasing a head unit based on the poor reviews of the IPod interfaces for the other head units. I decided to wait for the IDA X001 and Im happy I did. I was using a FM transponder in the interim - soon to be run over repeatedly.

    The Interface mimics the IPod menu system and can be navigated with three buttons (search, enter, and back - yeah, back actually moves back one level). The unit does not use the menu setup on the IPod, but has a separate configuration to enable/disable the top level menu items (playlists, albums, artists, audiobooks, genres, etc.). The navigation is fast, cranking through a couple hundred artists in no time. The display will show the song details with album artwork, larger artwork and song title, or clock. The clock reminds me of an alarm clock I had back in the 80s (pretty cheesy).

    This unit does not have a CD bay. I have a CD changer in the trunk, but havent used it in about 8 months. The unit is all about the IPod.

    You connect the IPod through a USB cable (~4 ft.) that is screw-locked to the back of the unit. I ran the cable under the shift box up to the middle console compartment. There you connect a short USB to IPod cable (provided) or attach a USB drive.

    Sound is awesome ... can cleary hear and differentiate the instruments in the music. I can also actually feel the bass for the 1st time in this car. It isnt even worth comparing to the FM Transponder or the factory unit. Worth the price? for me yes.

    Hands-on research

    What's in the box?

    Download owner's manual

    • AM/FM/Digital Media receiver
    • Face
    • Sleeve
    • Trim ring
    • Wiring harness
    • 8" iPod/USB cable
    • 6.5' USB extension cable (with male Type A USB connector on one end and a female Type A USB connector on the other end)
    • Cloth face pouch
    • 2 Radio removal tools
    • 4 Flat-head ISO screws (M5 x 7mm)
    • Face fixing screw
    • Owner's Manual on CD-ROM
    • Owner's Manual CD instructions
    • "To Customers" sheet about the Owner's manual
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • Customer Care registration card

    Features and Specs

    CEA-2006 Compliant Yes
    RMS Power Output 18 watts
    Peak Output 50 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 6-channel