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When the power goes out, you'll find Duracell's heavy-duty Powerpack 600 indispensable for running your small television, video game system, fan, computer, phone, or other electronic device. This rugged unit boasts a 480-watt DC-to-AC power inverter and a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to run up to three 120-volt appliances or tools with its built-in AC outlets. It also features one 12-volt power port for charging up devices you might need on the road.

The Powerpack 600 holds enough juice to jump-start a car, and includes jumper cables that connect to your car battery. Reverse-polarity protection means you can't damage your battery by hooking the cables up wrong. The integrated emergency light shines provides a bright, reliable beam that cuts through the darkness for hours.

You'll also find a powerful AM/FM radio with alarm clock for picking up emergency information in an outage caused by bad weather or a natural disaster. Why rough it? The Powerpack 600 can help make things a little easier whenever you're without electrical power.

Product Highlights:

  • DC-to-AC power inverter with built-in battery, radio, digital alarm clock, emergency light, and jumper cables
  • sealed 28 amp-hour AGM battery
  • three 3-prong AC outlets
  • 12-volt DC outlet (12 A max continuous load)
  • AC charger, DC charger cable, and jumper cables included
  • AM/FM radio and digital alarm clock
  • built-in 5-watt emergency light
  • 480-watt continuous 120 volt AC output (960 watts surge capability)
  • overload and over-temperature protection
  • 3-digit digital display (battery status and wattage draw)
  • 14-1/2"W x 11-3/4"H x 9-1/8"D
  • warranty: 6 months
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Duracell® Powerpack 600 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

1 Review

Very useful for my needs

Written by: Jerome from Denver, CO on July 8, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I use this unit camping and in a boat. I have owned it for about 45 days and it has worked very well. It has plenty of power for my needs. I have used it to jump the boat, air up tubes and air matresses, and other general items while camping. I have also used it for a small TV and DVD player as well. The light on the unit works very well. While it charges slow, the fact that you can plug it in and leave it without worrying about overcharging is a nice feature.

Cons: The radio does not work well enough to use for any practical use and the controls are not real sturdy. I do not use this feature. I was concerned about the weight and size on initial purchase but it has not been an issue to this point.



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Powerpack 600 Inverter with built-in radio
  • AC charger with attached 6' cord (13.8VDC/1A)
  • 34" DC charging cable (has a cigarette lighter adapters on each end)
  • 34" Jump-start cables (equipped with 6-gauge wires)
  • Owner's Guide (English)
  • Owner's Guide (Spanish)
  • Set of 3 Spanish self-adhesive labels

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Overview: The Duracell Powerpack 600 features a 600 watt DC-to-AC power inverter, plus a built-in AM/FM radio, a digital alarm clock, and built-in sealed lead-acid battery, all in one convenient package.

AC Outlets: The Powerpack 600 has three 3-prong outlets that supply 115 V AC power for running AC appliances. You can run several appliances if the total rating of all the appliances does not exceed 480 W. The Powerpack can supply momentary surge power up to 960 W.

DC Power Socket: The DC power socket allows the Powerpack 600 to operate 12 V DC auto, RV, marine, and other portable appliances that draw 12 A or less.

Jump-Starting a Vehicle's Engine: You can use the Powerpack 600 to jump-start a vehicle or boat engine that has a 12 V starting battery using the supplied jumper cables. The Powerpack provides 280 cold-cranking amps for starting most automotive or marine engines.

Built-in Light: The Powerpack 600 has a built-in 5W incandescent light that will operate for up to 50 hours when the battery is fully charged.

Digital Display: The unit has a digital display, indicating the output power in watts and the percentage of battery charge. A push-button Display Function switch toggles between the two readings and power off. There is also a Charging Status light which illuminates when the unit is in charging mode.

Built-in AM/FM Radio: The radio is found on the back panel of the inverter and powered by the internal battery. When in use, the current draw from the radio is 30mA, allowing you to use the radio for more than a month on a fully charged battery. When you are listening to AM radio, due to signal interference, it is not recommended to operate an AC appliance at the same time. For better FM reception, you can extend the telescoping 10" antenna.

Digital Alarm Clock: The unit has a digital clock that is displayed when the radio is turned off. You can set an alarm which will automatically turn on the radio.

Automatic Overload: The Powerpack 600 has built-in protection against output overload. If you connect an appliance that draws more than 480 W, or one that draws excessive surge power, the power to the AC outlet automatically shuts off.

Overheating: The Powerpack 600 is protected from overheating. If the inverter exceeds a safe temperature, power to the AC outlet automatically shuts off.

Low Battery Protection: Low battery protection protects the internal battery from excessive discharge and possible damage. The unit sounds an audible alarm when the internal battery is nearly discharged (11.0 V DC), and automatically turns off when the internal battery is discharged to 10.5 V DC.

Jump-Start Cable Safety Feature: The Powerpack 600 comes with a user-replaceable, 250A fuse to protect the unit and vehicle battery from damage through reverse polarity and short-circuit conditions.

Recharging: You can recharge the Powerpack 600 using any of the following options:

  • supplied AC charger
  • supplied DC charging cable
  • optional generator equipped with a regulated 12 V battery charging outlet
  • optional solar panel

Using the Powerpack 600 for the First Time: Prior to operating your AC appliance or 12 V DC appliance, you must ensure that the battery of the Powerpack 600 is fully charged. If the battery has been fully discharged, recharging with the AC charger may take up to 35 hours.


12V DC Section:

  • Internal Battery Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Internal Battery Capacity: 28 Ah
  • Internal Battery CCA Rating: 280 CCA
  • DC Power Outlet: 12A with automatic reset
  • Jump Start Port: 50A

AC Power Section:

  • Output Power:
    • Continuous Output Power: 480 Watts
    • Five-Minute AC Output Power: 600 Watts
    • Peak AC Output Surge Capacity: 960 Watts
  • Output Voltage: 115 V ±10V AC RMS
  • Output Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Output Waveform: Modified sine wave
  • No Load Current Draw: <0.4 A DC
  • Input Voltage Range: 10.5 to 15.5 V DC

Weight: 32 pounds

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