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Get wraparound sound from your movies and TV shows with the HT-SR600. This system features a home theater receiver, five speakers, and a subwoofer. And Onkyo has packed plenty of features into this budget-friendly system. You get multiple audio/video inputs, including three component video inputs. Connect three high-definition sources — like a high-def disc player, cable box, and video game console — and switch between them easily, while maintaining the best possible picture quality. The receiver's advanced audio circuitry reduces signal noise for clean, precise sound with all your A/V sources.

You can expand your listening options by adding Onkyo's optional DS-A2x iPod dock. It lets you enjoy digital music stored on your iPod®, as well as view and select songs using a display on your TV screen and this system's remote. Color-coded speaker cables and connections make for easy hookup.

Product Highlights:

  • home theater audio system with receiver, 5 speakers and subwoofer
  • built-in Dolby® Digital, DTS®, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24, & Dolby Pro Logic® II processing for surround sound from DVD, VHS, and stereo sources
  • 105 watts x 5 and 125 watts for subwoofer
  • iPod compatible with optional Onkyo DS-A2x iPod dock
  • 2 stereo analog audio inputs
  • HD-capable component video switching (3 in, 1 out)
  • 4 A/V inputs
  • video output for TV (composite and component video)
  • digital inputs: 2 optical, 1 coaxial
  • color-coded speaker connectors and cables
  • remote control
  • receiver: 17-1/8"W x 5-7/8"H x 14-1/2"D
  • 2 front speakers:
    • 3-1/4" midrange driver and a 3/4" tweeter
    • 4"W x 10-3/4"H x 4-1/2"D
  • center speaker:
    • 3-1/4" midrange driver and a 3/4" tweeter
    • 10-3/4"W x 4"H x 4"D
  • 2 surround speakers:
    • 3-1/4" cone woofer
    • 4"W x 6-7/8"H x 4-3/8"D
  • subwoofer:
    • 8" driver
    • bass reflex enclosure
    • 9-1/16"W x 16-3/4"H x 14-5/8"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Transform your TV experience

Enjoy rich, robust sound that puts you right in the middle of your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games. Powered home theater systems come with speakers and a subwoofer plus the amplification to drive them. Many of these systems feature low-profile consoles and ultra-compact speakers for minimal visual clutter. Some include a built-in Blu-ray/DVD player for enjoying movie and concert discs.

Onkyo HT-SR600 Reviews

Average Customer Review:

6 Reviews

Excellent yet simple

Written by: PMan52 from Hayward, WI on May 4, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I recently picked this system out for my parents, who are not big on the
latest technology. Setup was simple and teaching them to use the remote
was surprisingly painless. After a few days of having the surround sound,
they now mute the TV speakers, which they listened to for years, and love
the sound quality. The system is simple to use and great sound quality.



Simple and easy to use

Written by: chaps from Lake Oswego OR on March 26, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have always been pleased with Onkyo products. They are easy to use and have quality options. This unit was bought to replace a very out dated system and the difference is night and day. Simple hook ups and overall very good product. For the money its perfect. Everything you need for a home theater system. The optical and coax inputs are enough for the Blu-ray and flat screen. Crutchfield always awesome and always there to help with your needs. was missing a plug for the unit and they respond right away with a great attitude.



Works as described

Written by: gerardw from Windsor Locks, CT on February 5, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Works well in small basement room. Ability to tune individual speaker levels very helpful due to less than ideal room geometry.



Great Value!

Written by: picksix from Hamilton, NJ on January 7, 2008

THIS UNIT IS EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD! This was my first home theatre system, but having over 30 years experieince in live audio, and knowing that creating a nice TV viewing experience in my 12' x 18' family room should not require thousands of dollars, I did some research and bought this system. I first looked at the cheaper all-in-one HTIB's that come with an up-converting DVD player but quickly ruled them out because I knew I was going to get a HD DVD player anyway. I also didn't like the lack of expandability of the "receivers" in these cheap units.
I then looked at the Onkyo 800 series because it had a powered sub, (and because the sales rep steered me in that direction) but I didn't need 7.1 or HDMI on the receiver since my TV has three of them, so I opted for this one. Along with the features, the price difference sealed my decision. When I set it up, however, I did replace the cheap speaker wires with quality heavy gauge wires. I also spent a good deal of time reading the manual to learn all the speaker adjustment capabilities the unit has, which I was very happy with. It provides a lot of different kinds of adjustments allowing for very precise sound distrubution and placement. The remote control also offers quick access to all of these adjustments as well.
BOTTOM LINE is that the sound of this unit is more than what I hoped for. Now, I'm sure the unit lacks in subwoofer potential compared to the more expensive powered units out there, but if all the speakers are set up properly it will easily deliver more than enough boom to thrill anyone. At normal levels the whole system sound truely awesome, (haven't had the need to turn it up much but when I did, for a minute or so, the wall-rattling lows stayed tight and the highs stayed crisp). And, surprisingly, even at low listening levels, like late at night with the baby asleep right above the family room, the system maintains a very good mix of highs and lows.
Add all this sonic performance to the expandability of the receiver and I don't think you can beat this system for the money.



Onkyo HT-SR600

Written by: MichaelNJ from Woolwich, NJ on November 17, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a good system with decent sound. I put 3 of these systems in my house after the first sounded good. I'll admit that it's not as intense as my neighbors $2,500 system, but then again I don't need to shake the entire neighborhood when my kids watch a movie. This is our second system and I thought it would be a downgrade from my old-Sony - my mistake. My only real criticism are the super-thin speaker wire that the unit ships with. Do yourself a favor and just toss these out and get yourself real speaker wire.



Great for the price

Written by: Paul from Louisville, Ky on October 4, 2007

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this because I wanted a system that was easy to setup and use, had a lot of inputs, and decent sound out of the box. This Onkyo unit certainly has all that, with great sound. I looked at higher end units, but I don't need HDMI (it has component and optical for HD anyway) or upscaling (most quality DVD players do it themselves), nor did I need a massively overpowered speaker system for my basic Den setup (my neighbors would go nuts if I turned this system even half way up), and I found this unit to be an incredible value. It runs well, and I have zero complaints, you get exactly what you expect: a decent and reliable unit, easy switching between components (I have an Xbox, DVD player, and N64 hooked up), no hassles or goofy features, all at a great price.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • HT-R340 A/V Receiver
  • 2 SKF-350F Front speakers
  • 1 SKC-350C Center channel speaker
  • 2 SKM-350S Surround speakers
  • 1 SKW-350 Passive subwoofer
  • RC-646S Wireless remote control
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • AM loop antenna
  • FM wire antenna
  • Three 11.5' Lengths of speaker wire (each length of speaker wire has tinned bare wire on each end)
  • One 15' length of speaker wire
  • Two 29.5' lengths of speaker wire
  • 16 Thin self-adhesive rubber feet
  • 12 Thick self-adhesive rubber feet
  • System instruction manual (English)
  • System instruction manual (French/Spanish)
  • Quick Set-up guide
  • Warranty information/Product registration card
  • DS-A2 iPod dock information
  • Note about optical digital connection

Product Research

Receiver Features
Speaker System Features
Inputs and Outputs Notes

Receiver Features

192kHz/24-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converters: The HT-R340 receiver is equipped with 192kHz/24-bit DACs to decode and play high-resolution recordings.

iPod Compatible: The DS-A2 Remote Interactive Dock for iPod (item number 580DSA2) provides an interface between an iPod digital media player and Onkyo receiver. Once the iPod is docked you can control basic functions such as volume control, play, stop, and skip via the Onkyo system's RI-compatible wireless remote control. The dock also charges the iPod's battery.

Adjustable Crossover: This receiver has a built-in crossover for the subwoofer output. This setting is also used for any other speakers set to Small. The frequencies that you can choose from are 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, and 200 Hz.

Double Bass: With the double bass feature you can boost the bass output by feeding the low frequency signals from the left and right channels (when front speakers set to large) to both the front speakers and to the subwoofer.

Assignable Digital Inputs: The HT-R340 has 3 assignable digital inputs (2 optical, 1 coaxial) allowing you to tell the unit which input source is connected to which digital input jack.

Multi-channel Input: Although this unit features built-in Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS processing, it also has a 5.1 multi-channel analog input for use with external multi-channel decoders (DVD-Audio, SACD, etc).

Audio Sync: Occasionally the audio and video signals are not properly synchronized, typically when using a progressive scanning DVD player. You can correct this by delaying the audio; options are 0 (no delay), 20, or 40 milliseconds.

B Speaker Outputs: The B speaker outputs can be used to power speakers in a different room, creating a second zone. When the B speakers are turned on, the main room is reduced to a 2.1 channel system (front speakers and subwoofer).

Speaker Levels: Along with adjustments for the front, center, and surround speaker levels, the left and right B channel (2nd front) outputs can be adjusted from -12dB to +12dB relative to the A channels. This essentially gives you independent volume control for the A and B speaker outputs.

Listening Modes: This HT-R340 receiver has a 32-bit Analog Devices DSP and incorporates a wide variety of listening modes to bring you maximum enjoyment from your audio and video software. The listening modes include:

  • Surround Modes:
    • Dolby Digital
    • Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie, Music, and Game)
    • DTS
    • DTS Neo:6 (Cinema and Music)
  • DSP Modes:
    • Mono Movie
    • Orchestra
    • Unplugged
    • Studio-Mix
    • TV Logic
    • All Channel Stereo
    • Full Mono

Direct Mode: This mode delivers pure sound with minimal sound quality adjustment and filtration. The sound recorded for the right and left front channels is output to the right and left front speakers and subwoofer only, not to the center or surround speakers.

CinemaFILTER Circuitry: This circuitry provides a subtle high-frequency roll off for proper playback of soundtracks in the home. It provides the means to easily remove excess treble response from soundtracks that were originally equalized to sound best in a large theater. This function works with the Dolby Digital and DTS modes, plus the Dolby Pro Logic II Movie and DTS Neo:6 Cinema modes.

Late Night: The Late Night feature limits the dynamic range of Dolby Digital recordings making it easier to find a volume that ensures the quiet sounds are not too quiet and the loud sounds are not too loud for night time listening. The settings are: Off, Low, and High.

Note: This feature only works with Dolby Digital Encoded software and the amount of effect will vary based on the individual soundtrack.

Dolby Pro Logic II Music Mode: While listening in the Dolby Pro Logic II Music format, there are three further enhancements you can enjoy (available with 2 channel sources only):

  • Panorama: broadens the front stereo image to the surround speakers to provide a wraparound effect, especially effective when there is limited output from the surround channels, panorama can be turned on/off in the menu
  • Dimension: allows you to move the sound field forward or backward
  • Center Width: allows you to adjust the width of the center channel

Center Image: In the DTS Neo:6 Music mode, the Center Image feature adjusts the output of the left and right channels relative to the center channel, allowing you to make the center channel more or less dominant as needed. This improves the image of the center channel, especially when the listener is off-center. Adjustment varies from 5 (nothing subtracted from the L/R channels) to 0 (L/R channel output is cut in half).

OptiResponse Equalizer: When using the HT-R340 with the included speakers, by turning on the OptiResponse equalizer (OR EQ), you can enjoy a powerful sound with movies or music.

Sleep Timer: From the remote, you can set the unit to automatically turn off after a preset amount of time. The sleep timer can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 90 minutes in 10-minute increments.

Direct Change: When playback is started on a component connected via the Remote Interactive (RI) jack, the receiver automatically selects that component as the input source.

Input Display: The name displayed for most inputs is fixed (DVD, CD, etc), but the Tape and Video 3 input displays can be changed. Tape can be changed to MD, CDR, or HDD and Video 3 can be changed to HDD. These settings also effect the Remote Interactive (wired remote) codes output to other connected components.

Note: Only one of the input labels can be changed to HDD.

Display Dimmer: The display illumination has three brightness level settings.

Wireless Remote: The RC-646S remote is programmed to operate this unit and other Onkyo components; including a cassette deck, DVD player, CD player, Mini-Disc player/recorder, and CD recorder. When combined with the DS-A2 iPod dock the remote offers basic control of your compatible iPod as well.

Speaker Outputs: The speaker terminals are spring terminals, they will accept pin connectors and bare wire up to 14 gauge.

Speaker System Features

Subwoofer: The passive subwoofer is powered by the receiver's 125 watt sub amp. It features a 8" down-firing woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. The subwoofer has a set of spring clip terminals for use with the supplied speaker wire. The sub's frequency response is 30 Hz to 150 Hz.

Front Speakers: The front speakers each use a 3/4" ceramic tweeter and a 3-1/4" cone woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. Each speaker has a set of spring clip terminals for use with the supplied speaker wire. Each enclosure has a non-removable black cloth grille. Two keyhole slots on the back of each enclosure allow you to wall-mount the speakers (horizontally or vertically) without any wall brackets. There is also a 1/4"-20 threaded insert on the back for use with a wall mount bracket or stand. The speakers' frequency response is 100 Hz to 22 kHz, sensitivity is 85 dB (1 watt/1 meter), the crossover point is 10 kHz, and they are magnetically shielded.

Center Channel Speaker: The matching center channel speaker features the same 3/4" ceramic tweeter and 3-1/4" cone woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. It has a set of spring clip terminals for use with the supplied speaker wire. The enclosure has a non-removable black cloth grille. Two keyhole slots on the back of each enclosure allow you to wall-mount the speakers (horizontally or vertically) without any wall brackets. There is also a 1/4"-20 threaded insert on the back for use with a wall mount bracket or stand. The speaker's sensitivity is 85 dB (1 watt/1 meter), its crossover point is 10 kHz, and it is magnetically shielded.

Surround Speakers: The surround speakers use a 3-1/4" full range cone driver in a bass reflex enclosure. Each speaker has a set of spring clip terminals for use with the supplied speaker wire. Each enclosure is covered by a non-removable, black cloth grille. A keyhole slot on the back of each enclosure allows you to wall-mount the speakers without any wall brackets. There is also a 1/4"-20 threaded insert on the back for use with a wall mount bracket or stand. The speakers' frequency response is 110 Hz to 22 kHz and sensitivity is 83 dB (1 watt/1 meter).

Speaker Wiring: Color-coded speaker wire is provided for all 5 satellite speakers. Standard speaker wire can be substituted if longer lengths or thicker gauge speaker wire is desired.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Component Video Inputs/Output: This unit has 3 component video inputs and 1 component video monitor output. The component video inputs/output band width is 5 Hz to 50 MHz, so they will accommodate an HDTV signal.

Multi-Channel Input: A 5.1-channel analog input accommodates present and future multi-channel formats.

Headphone Output: The receiver has a standard 1/4" headphone jack on the front panel. The speaker outputs are muted when headphones are plugged into the Phones jack. When you connect a pair of headphones, the listening mode automatically switches to Stereo, unless it's already set to Mono, Stereo, or Direct. When you disconnect the headphones, the previous listening mode is selected. The headphone volume for the left and right channels is adjustable (relative to one another) from -12 dB to +12 dB.

RI Remote Control Jack: The 1/8" RI (Remote Interactive) remote control jack on the receiver allows you to control other RI-remote capable Onkyo components.

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