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Python DSM100

SmartStart module for iPhone®

Item #: 607DSM100

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2010 Innovations International CES

Use your iPhone or BlackBerry® to start your car, lock or unlock the doors, open the trunk, or activate the panic mode with the Python DSM100 SmartStart module. Once you've installed the module into your compatible Python or Viper remote start system, just download the free app for your iPhone or iPod touch® from the Apple App Store, or go to the Blackberry site for their app.

Newfound convenience
SmartStart works through the 3G cellular network and through Wi-Fi so, when you've got service, it'll do things your keychain remote could never do. It's no fun carrying your keys when you're exercising. Go jogging with your iPhone, and SmartStart allows you to leave your keys and other valuables locked in your car. Your son calls to say he's locked himself out of the car — no problem, you can open it up from home. Start your car from the supermarket checkout line so it's cooled off when you get the groceries out there. The possibilities are endless.

Multiple vehicles
You can install a SmartStart module in all your vehicles, and touch your screen to choose which vehicle to access. Using the SmartStart module requires a service plan — one year of service is included with the purchase of the module. Warranty: 1 year.

Note: Check Hands-on Research for specific model compatibility and for current subscription rates.

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • DSM100 SmartStart module
  • 39" Wiring harness
  • Quick Reference Install Guide
  • Quick Reference User's Guide
  • Warranty sheet

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Overview: The DSM100 SmartStart module, made by Python, allows you to operate specific functions of your Directed SmartStart-ready car alarm and remote start system from your Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The free SmartStart application can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPod touch from the Apple App Store. The Python SmartStart app is also available for BlackBerry smartphones with the same features as the v1.5 Python iPhone app (see below for a list of compatible BlackBerry models). A service plan is required--a one-year service plan is included ($29.99 value).   

Compatibility: The SmartStart module is compatible with the following models of Python Security and/or Remote Start Systems:

  • Responder HD Security / Remote Start Systems:
    • Python 592 (item # 607P592P)
    • Viper 5902
  • Responder LC3 Security / Remote Start Systems:
    • Python 991
    • Viper 5901
    • Viper 5501
  • Responder LE Security / Remote Start Systems:
    • Python 872 (item # 607P872)
    • Python 580
    • Python 1601
    • Viper 5701
    • Viper 5301
  • 1-Way Supercode Security / Remote Start Systems:
    • Python 1401 (item # 607P1401)
    • Python Responder One
    • Viper 5601
    • Viper 5101

Functionality: With SmartStart, you can use your iPhone/iPod touch to pre-warm your car's cabin in the winter, pre-cool it in the summer, lock/unlock the doors, arm/disarm your alarm, or find your car in the parking lot. Your vehicle responds exactly the same way as it does when using the alarm system's remote control, with audible and visual confirmations. On your iPhone or iPod touch, you can perform the following commands, which appear as icons on the touchscreen:

  • Lock: Locks the vehicle and sends a confirmation message. (Can also arm your vehicle's car alarm.)
  • Unlock: Unlocks the vehicle and sends a confirmation message. (Can also disarm your vehicle's car alarm)
  • SmartStart: Remote starts your vehicle and sends a confirmation message. The vehicle stays running for the programmed run time (default is 12 minutes). You can tap the icon again to turn off the vehicle.
  • Trunk: Tapping the icon once opens a dialog box, asking you to confirm the command (Yes/No). If you tap "Yes" the trunk opens and a confirmation message is sent.
  • Panic: Activates the panic mode for 30 seconds. You can tap the icon again to turn off. (This feature is used to attract attention if you're in a threatening position. It can also be used as a car finder.)

Multiple Vehicles: If you have SmartStart module installed in more than one vehicle, your iPhone/iPod touch will display a Cars Screen, which allows you to choose which vehicle to control.

Virtually Unlimited Range: SmartStart works over the 3G cellular network or over Wi-Fi, giving you virtually unlimited range anywhere in the United States. As long as your vehicle is in range of a GSM cellular signal and your phone has a 3G or Wi-Fi signal, SmartStart will work.

Compatible BlackBerry Smartphones: As of March 2010, the Python SmartStart app is compatible with the following BlackBerry smartphones:

  • BlackBerry® Bold 9000 smartphone (3G, GPS, Wi-Fi)

  • BlackBerry® Curve 8900 smartphone (EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi)

  • BlackBerry® Curve 8350i smartphone (iDEN®, GPS, Wi-Fi)

  • BlackBerry® Curve 8330 smartphone (EVDO, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® Curve 8320 smartphone (EDGE, Wi-Fi)

  • BlackBerry® Curve 8310 smartphone (EDGE, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® Curve 8300 smartphone (EDGE)

  • BlackBerry® Pearl Flip 8230 smartphone (EVDO, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone (EDGE, WivFi)

  • BlackBerry® Pearl 8130 smartphone (EVDO, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® Pearl 8120 smartphone (EDGE, Wi-Fi)

  • BlackBerry® Pearl 8110 smartphone (EDGE, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® Pearl 8100 smartphone (EDGE)

  • BlackBerry® Storm 9530 smartphone (3G, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® Storm2 9550 smartphone

  • BlackBerry® Storm 9500 smartphone

  • BlackBerry® Tour 9630 smartphone (3G, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone (EVDO, GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi)

  • BlackBerry® 8820 smartphone (EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi®)

  • BlackBerry® 8800 smartphone (EDGE, GPS)

  • BlackBerry® 8703e smartphone (EVDO)

  • BlackBerry® 8700 smartphone (EDGE)

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