SIRIUS helped transform the way we listen to radio, and now they're transforming the way we listen to SIRIUS itself. The portable S50 satellite radio/MP3 player is an innovative blend of features that'll make your listening experience more rewarding — it lets you take your favorite SIRIUS programming and digital music files with you everywhere you go.

When docked in its included cradle, the S50 can deliver live SIRIUS broadcasts over your car stereo. While you're listening, you can pause and rewind these broadcasts. Whenever you hear a song you enjoy, save it by hitting the "Love" button — it's the one marked with a heart. You can store blocks of programming from your favorite SIRIUS talk, news, and entertainment channels, too. In fact, the S50's internal memory lets you store up to 50 hours of SIRIUS content for later enjoyment.

You can also use some of the internal memory to store MP3s and WMAs. Wherever you go, you'll be able to enjoy saved SIRIUS material and your favorite digital music files.

The S50 acts as a portable player, too. Charge up the battery with the AC power adapter while the S50 is in its dock, slip on the earphones, and check out your digital music files and stored SIRIUS content (the S50 can receive live SIRIUS broadcasts only when docked in its cradle) — the battery provides up to six hours of life. A belt clip is also included.

The bright, legible, full-color screen shows you channel, artist, and song titles on SIRIUS, as well as the names of your digital music files. The S50 is smart, too: it learns which SIRIUS music and comedy channels you listen to most, then captures content from them and stores it in three different channels, which you can listen to anytime you want. To avoid repetition, the S50 plays back the oldest content first.

You'll get all the accessories you'll need to play the S50 over your car stereo — a cradle that allows the S50 to receive live SIRIUS broadcasts, a car mount, a DC power adapter, a remote control, and a roof-mount antenna. The cradle's Media Dial makes it super-easy for you to surf through all the great SIRIUS programming and save your favorite content. Voice-assisted navigation announces the name of the channel you've just tuned into, so you can find your favorite channels without taking your eyes off the road.

A built-in wireless FM transmitter "broadcasts" the sound over any unused frequency on any FM stereo — there's no complicated installation process. If your in-dash stereo has an auxiliary input, you can connect the S50 directly to it for even better sound.

You can set 30 channels as presets, and program the Jump button to take you immediately to your favorite channel. Select your favorite NFL, NHL, and NBA teams in Game Alert, and you'll be notified whenever they're playing. A customizable sports ticker scrolls across the bottom of the screen, keeping you up-to-date on the latest action.

You listen to the S50 at home, too, when you pick up the optional home kit. Coming soon is a desktop/wall-mountable Executive Powered Speaker System, which acts as a handy boombox.

Note: A subscription to SIRIUS is also required. Satellite radio service is available only within the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii or U.S. territories. Limited service is available in Alaska.

Note: Because of varying rates of compression, when you save both SIRIUS content and MP3/WMA files, you won't quite get a full 50 hours of playback.

Product Highlights:

  • SIRIUS satellite radio/MP3 player with portable and car accessories
  • stores up to 50 hours of SIRIUS programming, or a combination of SIRIUS content and MP3/WMA music files
  • car cradle and mount (live SIRIUS broadcasts only available when S50 is docked in the cradle)
  • pause and rewind of live SIRIUS content
  • portable playback of MP3s, WMAs, and stored SIRIUS content
  • three personalized My SIRIUS channels feature content automatically captured from your favorite SIRIUS channels
  • full-color screen shows channel name and number, artist, song title, and MP3/WMA file names
  • rechargeable battery with up to six hours of life
  • belt clip
  • earphones
  • Media Dial
  • Voice-assisted navigation announces SIRIUS channel names
  • indoor AC power adapter
  • car DC power adapter
  • car antenna
  • wireless remote
  • built-in wireless FM transmitter "broadcasts" the sound over any FM stereo
  • 30 channel presets
  • Jump button takes you to a programmed SIRIUS channel, no matter what you're listening to
  • Game Alert tells you when your favorite team is about to play
  • scrolling sports-scores ticker
  • USB cable for uploading digital music files
  • 1-15/16"W x 3-15/16"H x 3/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

SIRIUS S50 Reviews

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Can't beat the price.

Written By Shawn, Dallas, TX on Friday, December 15, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

With the S50 I guess going away, you can't beat this product for the money. The display is great, pretty easy to use and with the FM relay the sound in my car is perfect. No dropped signal. It saves songs like a Ipod. Works perfect for that run around the block. Get one while they last. Its a great radio.

Siriusly Fed-Up

Written By Daniel, Maryland on Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I started writing this review and it quickly began turning into a book of how not to run a business so, let me instead, condense and bullet the major points:

 I have purchased 4 items from Sirius in the last year. The S50, Stiletto 100, Exutive docking station for the S50, the home dock for the Stiletto 100. Out of those 4 things 3 where broken right out of the box.
 The products look good but function poorly
 They leave components and functions out that one would think to be an obvious need. SL-100: no belt clip or holder of any kind. Very poor design on receiver headset. Software: no way of finding out how much space you have on you unit. Exutive Docking Station: incredibly small holes for wall mounting.

My biggest piece of advice would be not to choose Sirius and if you do to purchase an extended warranty from Crutchfield because they know how to take care of their customers.


Written By Chris, Warrenton VA on Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I like the unit, however the head unit went bad after 6 months and I am waiting on a new one now. If it wasn't for Crutchfields GREAT customer service I would have not gotten another of the same unit. When it works it is a good all around unit.

Great! Except it broke in three days

Written By Ken, Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I love this product. I switched to Sirius and this unit after 25 months of lame XM radio. The unit is beautiful and has all the functionality you could want. The ability to put MP3's on it was key.

BUT - mine broke after three days of normal use. The docking station is defective and no longer recognizes any antenna.

I plan to get another but have to wait for it to be back in stock. Wait a while for them to get the bugs out of these units.

This product is awsome!

Written By william, Memphis, TN on Monday, July 31, 2006

I bought this product when it first came out , and I absolutely love it. I recently bought a "07" Denali and GMC comes with stupid XM. So I have had this truck for 4 months and finally today realized that the port in front of the radio is a line in aux. So I plugged my s50 thats been in the closet for 4 months up today and I have sirius again. So I might add again this product is AWSOME!!!!!

S50 Jams!!!

Written By Darren, Metro Washington, DC on Sunday, July 23, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

On a Friday in the DC area highway traffic can sometimes be measured in feet per hour. When it takes me nearly an hour to go 10 miles, I am happy that I have my S50.

I am totally satisfied. Perhaps it is because I read the product description. The S50 does not claim to be a portable live satellite radio. The Crutchfield description is far from misleading: "car cradle and mount (live SIRIUS broadcasts only available when S50 is docked in the cradle)." The S50 looks great docked in both the vehicle and home cradles.

Performance issues: None. After sitting under an overpass for an extended period, the unit offered me the option of listening to stored content. Battery life is not 6 hours. It is more like 5. This small negative is neutralized by the multiple power options.

Initially, I considered something like the Sportster Replay and an MP3 player/iPod. After weighing costs and benefits, I got the S50 to kill two birds with one stone. In most office settings, getting FM radio is dicey. Having the flexibility of playing my music and stored Sirius content in one device were big points.

Accessories: Get the leather case. Good protection for your unit.

Just count me as one satisfied S50 owner. Reading is fundamental!

Great player for the price

Written By Harry, Rhode Island on Sunday, July 16, 2006

I've had absolutly no troubles at all with my S-50. The sound quality is surprisingly pretty good even with the wireless transmitter. The controls are easy to get used to, and the screen is very clear. Even though you can only recieve live content when it's docked, you can store plenty of your own music and recorded content. For the price the S-50 is great, and you will not be let down if purchased.

Great product -- does what it claims to, not what you wish it to!

Written By Ron, Georgia on Saturday, July 15, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The bad reviews here are mostly from folks who either didnt read the product description before they bought it or dont understand how to use it.

This is not a simple device -- if you want plug-and-play then this unit isnt for you. While the user interface is top-notch, you must, however, install the software on your PC and perform regular firmware updates if you want it to function properly.

I bought this unit for my wife 9 months ago and she loves it. It has performed flawlessly.

No, it is not a portable satellite radio, but it does not claim to be. The current software makes copying your mp3/wma files to the unit a sinch.

It is small, gorgeous, and works well. Period.

So, why "only" 4 stars? Heres why:

1) Sound quality: if you record high bitrate wma files from CDs and copy them to the unit they sound great, but live/recorded programming from Sirius does not sound as good as it should or I would like (I am not talking about buzzes, huming or whine here). My wife thinks it sounds great. To each their own.

2) Digital Rights: to protect themselves, Sirius has gone out of their way to keep you from copying their content. It would be nice to play recorded Sirius content on your PC, but alas, you cannot. Nor can you play wma/mp3 files youve copied to the S50 on your PC (you can play them in a car/home doc, of course). Blame the lawyers.

3) Antenna... the included unit died about a month ago. This happens, and is not an S50 problem per se.

The S50 is a terrific mp3 player that looks great and has an intuitive user interface, but sacrifices some radio sound quality. Buy it!

Great when it works

Written By David, Ithaca, NY on Friday, June 30, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The S50 is great when it works, but about twice a week it freezes up and needs to be reset. Also sometimes the buttons just don't do what the should until I reset it.

don't bother with this one

Written By tim, stewartsville, nj on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

When I got the first S50 it failed to work right out of the box, I was able to return it with Crutchfield with out an issue. However a little after 30 days the new one failed and I had to return the S50 through Sirius. I have been waiting for over 2 months for the next one. This thing is not worth the money or the hassle that I have gone thru. If you have to get Sirius I would strongly suggest that you get a different model.

S50 wasted weekend

Written By safekracker, Akron ,Ohio on Sunday, June 18, 2006

With rebate of $100 sounded like a good thing. I have a Starmate that has performed great and 6.99 a month for an additional portable that records would be super. Wrong, the unit worked fine in car docker(generates a lot of heat and will kill your car battery quickly)but out of the dock it just dont work. I returned the thing a day later. Sirius had no problem de-activating and they were very helpful and understanding. I feel they must have many problems with the S50. I'll wait on the next generation protable from Sirius and would suggest others do the same. Sounds like some work and some dont.


Written By bobby, Lynchburg, VA on Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Just ok when it works

Written By Anonymous, Long Island, NY on Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I purchased the S50 several months ago and I have to say I am quite displeased with it. After several attempts to load music material onto it the S50 just would not save the music. I calledSirius and they tried to guide me through it but it was unsuccessful. So I went out and bought an MP3 player. Over the course of a few months I stored alot of music and shows on the S50. I travel quite often and I would bring my S50 with me on the plane and road. It would help pass the time I spent traveling. I stored many songs on it. This morning I plugged my S50 into my car dock and it took a few minutes to come on. I think it said reconfiguring or something like that, or loading data. When I took it off the dock I noticed that everything was erased, songs, Howard Stern, etc. How can a product have such a malfunction that it would do this? This unit cost me alot of money and to be so faulty to have it work this way is terrible. I heard nothing but bad things about the unit but I heard that Howard Stern had one and raved about it. I said if Howard says it is great then it must be great. Boy was I wrong. There were many times when the unit would simply freeze and I had to take the battery out and put it back in for it to work. Overall I am not happy with this. And I heard that a fully portable unit is coming out that you can listen to live programming. Hopefully they will have an add on to the S50 so that we can listen live. If not I will feel that I have wasted alot of time and money on this machine. The home docking kit costs over $100. And it is the only logical way to record shows and music. This S50 needs improvements!!!! Overall I would say not to get this product!

S-50 Ipod Killer

Written By drew, North Coast on Friday, May 05, 2006

I purchased the S-50 for my wife for Christmas. She absolutely loves this thing. We have had an I-pod from day one and it is now gathering dust in our gym. Design is great. The automatic recordings of favorite stations works extremely well and the Love button is genius. I simply cannot understand why anyone would be disappointed with this product. Great design and functionality. I cannot decide whether to buy another one (for myself) or wait for the new product forthcoming this summer.

I guarantee that once you have the S-50 your I pod is done. Amazing how quickly the thousands of songs on the Ipod become too old to listen to.. on the S-50 - I hear a song - I hit a button and it is saved... also - so much less expensive than $.99 per download. Great product and it saves you money!

I could not be more happy

Written By randy, Harrisburgh, PA on Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I can't belive the negative reviews on this product. I've had my S-50 for about four months and have had zero problems. The case is the same for three of my friends which own the same unit. Is does everything that it promises to do. I now have the home dock and just recieved my executive desktop system, (which by the way is a beautiful piece of equipment). I realize that there are problems with some of the S-50's out there but I have to believe that the reviews here reflect the usual situation, someone with a complaint is at least ten times more likely to express his/her feelings when compared to a satisfied customer. So let my review reflect the opinions of the satisfied silent other 90%.

Tries hard but falls short

Written By eric, SF Bay Area on Monday, May 01, 2006

The S50 is an example of a product rushed to market.
The firmware update I did with the rep over the phone resulted in my car kit turning into a brick. I had to wait almost 3 weeks for a replacement.

The home kit for $100 should have included a FM Tuner. That is a horrible oversite and the execs that signed off on that should be fired, like yesterday.

The S50 unit locks up more than it should which requires pulling the battery out of the unit to force it so shut down.

Also, the face gets scratched easy and the 'pegs' that guide it into the cradle are easily broken off, esp in the car kit.

Overall I would say buy something else to listen to your Sirius on but if you actually want to record, you are stuck with the S50.

Don't Buy The S50

Written By DRich, New York, NY on Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Check out these facts about the S50:

1. The reception is terrible. I think that normal FM stations up in New York sound better from a cheap receiver.
2. Speaking of reception, my antenna stopped working. I called Sirius, and they are doing all they can to resist sending me a new antenna.
3. If you don't catch a song as soon as it starts playing, an error message comes up saying that you can only record part of the song. So now I have a playlist half full of songs that are well..half songs.

In sum, the reception is bad, the device is cheaply made because it's accessories conviently break, you get a bunch of cut-up half songs, and I think honestly that XM has better music programming.

Not worth the pricetag

Written By Spittmonkey, North Carolina on Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I would give this three stars, but Im disapointed in how much I paid vs what I got.
If you are in doubt,,, Go Sportster.
I initially purchased the product as my auto doesnt have the greatest reception. So in that respect it somewhat accomplishes its intended purpose.
Although this product brings a clearer sound (using FM relay hardwired into unit), It is not that of other comparable modles I have listened to.


EASE OF INSTALL - Sinch to install (especially if you use the FM transmitter instead of the modulater I went with). Antenna and plug in the power/FM transmitter and your off to the races. No hardwiring.

Small and lightweight
Sleek in design
Cool graphics
Voice Station Identifier
Sirius broad service (sports especially)

Value - You simply do not get the utility vs the price you pay for this unit. Other modles offer more function ability for a fraction of the cost. You are paying for the looks here for the most part. I would think no more that a $200 price tag (if that) would be more down to earth as it does come with the car kit.

PORTABILITY - It has to be docked to pick up a live feed folks, no way around that at this time.
This is not such a big deal to me as I am purchasing another car kit for my other vehicle and the exec for the office. I hope they come out with a boombox for it as well, this would totally add to the utility of this product.

EASE OF USE - Presets, at least give me six buttons on the unit/remote to give me ease of selecting favorite channels.

SOUND QUALITY - Not what I thought it would be. I still have static minor whine sound when using it in the car.

Wait for next generation

Written By Storm, West Virginia on Friday, March 24, 2006

The S50 is an attempt by Sirius at a portable satellite radio solution. But, it falls short on many counts.

First and foremost, it isn't a portable satellite receiver at all, it's an MP3 player that can record and hold Sirius content on the side. That may be fine for some folks, but why pay $300 for this device when you can get a Starmate for $99 and a seperate MP3 player for $99, record your Sirius show off the internet stream and put it on the MP3 player? Not only will you save $100, but you'll get a FAR more reliable unit than the S50.

The S50 has a nice screen, but the interface is missing some KEY elements. First key: NO presets! Hello? This is satellite RADIO! Second: No live satellite reception unless docked...and here's the cannot record programming unless it's docked in your car!!!!! Thankfully, you don't have to sit in your car for MP3 get a USB cable for that. So why no home recording ability? Do you people that rave about this product sit in your car and record on the go? Seems silly to me! Why would I sit in my car, listen to Stern, record it and listen to the SAME program I listened to on the way to work?

My other gripe: Sound Quality. I don't know what bitrate Sirius uses or the S50 records, but it's got to be low. There is hardly ANY stereo seperation at all.

People that rave about the current S50 must have low standards, because I simply cannot recommend this to anyone. I will wait for further improvements in both the interface and the SQ.

Sirius: You have work to do. Love your service though.

Big Disappointment

Written By CK, New Jersey on Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I received the S50 as a Christmas gift... was so excited, I couldn't wait to install and activate.
It took a week or two to learn how to properly use the player.
By March I had 120 songs saved that I truly loved and listened to while at work. And then one day, for no apparent reason other than a "glitch" my songs looked like they were playing, but there was no audio. After numerous phone calls to Sirius (and being on hold for hours!) I was told I needed to reset my player... in doing so - losing every song I had saved!! Why this can't be fixed with a software update or "patch".. I'll never know.
After resetting (which needs to be done while hooked up to the USB port), the problem was not solved and was told by Sirius that I'd need to uninstall everything from my truck (rip out all the wiring and remove the dock that was adhered to my dash) send back the radio - and hopefully within 2 to 3 weeks I'd have my new radio.
Crutchfield's customer support is superior to any company I've dealt with. While the problem can't be solved, all I need to do through Crutchfield is exchange the player. Go figure.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this problem does not occur again.
Thank you Crutchfield :)

Needs work! (and being replaced soon anyway)

Written By Dogstar, Tuscon, AZ on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

As I write this, the S50 will be discontinued, and I say good riddance! This was NOT a "portable Sirius satellite receiver" that was so touted on many a website (Crutchfield recently changed their title as well).

First the good: Small and light, nice screen, recording of individual songs via the "love" button, and automatic recording of up to 3 channels. Now the bad: Horrible interface, no all, small storage, sound quality worse than iTunes, and expensive. And the biggest? No live-on-the-go feature!

Some earlier reviewer insisted that because it can be moved around, it meant it was portable. Last time I checked, portable RECEIVER means that you RECEIVE LIVE content as you move around. Not hard to figure that one out. But, thankfully websites started correcting the information.

As much as I love the Sirius service, I say stick with a tried and true unit, like the Sportster, and steer clear of this portable "wannabe".

I LOVE my S-50

Written By Jennifer, Boston, MA on Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sirius Satellite Radio and the S-50 have, as promised, completely transformed the way I listen to radio. I have abandoned both FM radio and my mp3 player for good.

I have tons of content both saved from Sirius and uploaded from my pc on my S-50 and the memory is not even half full. I take it with me everywhere.

I have the car kit, two home kits (one for work and one for home) and have the Executive Boom Box on order. I could not be more pleased with the product!!

Love my S50!

Written By electrostatictommyboy, Hutchinson, Mn on Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had mine since December with absolutely no problems whatsoever! I have hours of music downloaded to My Favorite Channels as well as daily recorded Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge to listen to at my leisure. Thanks to members at Sirius Backstage I have my own personal photos displayed in my Favorite Channels on the S50. I find the navigation simple and intuitive. Some others here have given it bad reviews. I couldn't disagree more! Mine has been trouble free! I also have the Home Dock and it works perfectly. I covered mine with "The Invisible Shield" and use the leather Monster Case to cover the portable unit with great results. In addition I use the "Whole House FM Transmitter" in conjunction with the Home Dock to listen on my alarm, bathroom radio as well as portable FM radio while I am working outside the house. I use the Terk Outdoor Antenna for a perfect signal to my Home Dock. This is one wonderful radio!!

s50 rules

Written By Celia, bronx ny on Saturday, March 11, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

s50 records content and allows me to hear what i've missed when i have to step away from it.

S50 Swims

Written By SDF, Florida on Friday, March 10, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Dropped my S50 in pool. It was at 4 feet for three minutes. Fished it out... took out battery... put unit under blow dryer for a couple of minutes... PERFECT. I wish cell phones were made as well!

Pretty Darn Good - with some room for improvement

Written By, Miami, FL on Monday, February 27, 2006

By and large the S50 is a superb device. It is sleek, light, has cool features, and works well. The device does occasionally crash, but experience helps you avoid making inputs that push it over the edge. A longer battery life would be swell, but it's generally ok (about a 4 hour plane ride). It would also be nice if the batteries were a standard format (e.g: AAA) rather than a proprietary type. The indoor base unit is stalled out in development, leaving the car-base to fill its stead with an AC adapter. You can't listen to your saved songs you when it is conected via the USB cable to your computer, so building playlists is done by memory. DJ chatter gets saved along with the song when saving broadcasts, which gets annoying. These minor foibles do not eclipse the great functionality of the S50, but it would be nice for Sirius to remedy them in future versions.


Written By t_west101, Kenmare,ND on Saturday, February 25, 2006

I've had my s50 since last christmas and it has worked great. I love all the functions of it, it holds enough mp3s for me and I love the fact that i can save new songs off of the radio.

It's not as hard to use as most ppl say if u just give it some time and get used to it, it works just great for you. My car kit has never shooken and shut off like ppl describe or nor have i ever lost service.

I have had one problem with it though. The software provided hasn't been working very good for me. It won't let me add new mp3's to my s50. It tells me that the tracks are being updated, but they don't update. They aren't there when I try to find them. One more thing mine doesn't do is it won't update the s50 its self im still using the 1.0 version instead of the 1.2 that is out, i've tried everything the site says to do but it still won't update.

But all in all this has been a really good product for me and I would recommend it to anyone. I've even have a friend like mine so much that he plans to go get one once he makes a little more money.


Might as well give this product away.

Written By Jason, Saratoga Springs, NY on Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am sorry but this "thing" is a great disappointment because it is NOT a portable satellite receiver which makes it not what I thought it was. I chose this product due to the advertising that made me believe that it was a portable receiver, you cannot get a live satellite signal with this product, unless you hook it up to your computer with a special docking station that costs more money.

If this thing was similar to the new products coming out from XM satellite radio then I would be happy. In my opinion Sirius should have waited until they had been able to produce a receiver like XM that will record the satellite reception, play MP3s that you download and also receive LIVE satellite content while you are on the move.

On a plus note, Sirius has great content, which many people already know, but probably not the selection of music that the other company (XM) with the same product has. I personally would go with the better technology unless I prefered the content of one company over the other, I have heard stations from both that I really like.

WAY too much money for this, IMHO.

Siriusly Surprising

Written By Buckeye Nation, Columbus, OH on Monday, February 20, 2006

I was very apprehensive to buy an S50 because of all the various opinions out there on it. But, I decided to get one and I must say that I was surprised at how flawless it works. It does everything fine. Yes, I wish it had wi-fi but maybe they will make something that will easily attach to it down the road. Maybe mine works so good because I just got it last week and maybe the new ones have all of the old problems fixed.

I highly recommend this unit! A must buy.

Great Product

Written By Michael L, New Hampshire on Friday, February 17, 2006

No problems for me. Display is better than I thought and I like the way the thing talks to you so you never have to look down to see what station you are on.

Stay away!

Written By Bryan, Tampa, FL on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The S50 should not have been released to the public in its current condition. The one feature that distinguishes it from all other units is the theoretical ability to record songs and shows. Trying to schedule a recording causes the unit to lock up 9 times out of 10. Recordings are limited to 2 hour blocks, and scheduling back to back recordings is problematic.

Please don't purchase this unit and devise a raft of glitchy workarounds to perform basic function. Force Sirius to correct these major flaws before you spend your money.

they call this portable

Written By Ramos, Detroit, MI on Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wow, this is a portable Sirius satellite radio unit......right. I bought this and thought that you could just plug some headphones in aqnd listen to satellite radio. I returned it an hour after I bought it. What a waste of money. Just buy a regualr receiver and listen to it. This isn't portable.

If you want a real portable unit, go to XM.

After a bumpy start

Written By Cage, Cleveland on Sunday, February 05, 2006

When I first installed the S50 I hated it. It would freeze up, and one day driving to work it switched to playlist because it somehow lost the signal.
I have since uploaded the firmware fix, and along with that have learned the nature of the beast and love it.
It isn't idiot proof but once you figure out how it's mind works, it works great.

S50 Sorry product 50 ways

Written By Sirius mistake, Wilmington, DE on Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Besides the pretty face the S50 is difficult and limited in it's use. The home unit is two months backordered which is another Sirius mistake.
At this point and $840 dollars later the satisfaction
is about zero with my satellite experience. I expected
more from the premium product and anyone who want's Sirius I advise to go cheap until they get there act together. Don't waste your money on the $50


Written By Lee, Asheville, NC on Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This radio is great. I can set the timer to record my favorite shows not to mention the amount of songs it will hold. I still only have 50% of the memory used and i have over 160 songs stored.

Wait ! The S50 was not market ready.

Written By Joe G, Macomb, MI on Monday, January 30, 2006

The S50 was rushed out for the holidays to coincide with Howard Stern's arrival to Sirius. Since 1/4/06 I have had one replaced and that replacement has now started to freeze up on me. Although Crutchfield support has been helpful, they informed me that, afer one month, replacments must come from the manufacturer.
Other problems include a short pause that shuts the S50 down and does not let you return to where you left off. Holding FF down is excrutiatingly slow and makes it difficult to return to where you were. The battery life claims 6 hours but I have never had more than 4 1/2.
Sirius is great, Howard is better than ever and Crutchfield retains their reputation for service and support but the S50 is a piece of junk and the second another Sirius recording device hits the market it will become absolete.

S50 and Sirius Sat Radio are an awesome combo

Written By righteous, Bakersfield, CA on Monday, January 30, 2006

I have owned the S50 since the week of Christmas 2005. So far I have not experienced what everyone is talking about. My S50 unit has NOT shut down. My S50 unit has NOT frozen up. I installed the My Stuido Software included with the S50 on my computer and already had the recent firmware and software updates! The S50 is very easy to use and mine is contantly ON for most of the day and night. I take it with me as a portable to the office to listen to some Howard. The aswesome feature of the S50 I feel is it records 3 of your most listened to station in the background for listening in portable mode or whenever. And the "LOVE" feature is awesome as well. Just hit the button on a song you would like to hear again or have and its a done deal! The S50 is an awesome unit and this is coming from an owenr who has contsantly used the S50 day in and day out for a little over a month now. And SIRIUS service is the way to go.

Not ready for prime time

Written By Dave, Owings Mills, MD on Saturday, January 28, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received one of the earliest deliveries. I received an email from Sirius that I needed to update the firmware. I followed the instructions, attempted to update the device, and then it would turn on but not find any channels. I contacted Sirius technical support and was told the early devices had flash memory problems, so Crutchfield was great and sent me a new device. Well, this one worked for about one week, and now, same problem. Now, it won't even boot. Sirius technical support tells me that I have a corrupted file and that someone from technical support will contact me in 48 hours with a resolution. 24 hours down and no resolution yet. When it worked, it was an interesting device, but I'd give them 6 months to work out the bugs.

Not Ready for Prime Time

Written By Tom, Alexandria, VA on Friday, January 27, 2006

This review is for the S50 only -- in a nutshell, it is siriusly flawed (pun intended).

I incurred numerous connection problems from the power cord to the "docking station" to the "portable unit" to the antenna, and even to the god-awful headphones that came with it -- problems which were constantly annoying.

The "portable unit" is too bulky to be portable and a pain to figure out, adjust and use. The buttons on it are poorly placed (they're on the sides, so you're constantly pressing another button by accident when you're adjusting the volume).

The docking unit has this flimsy knob that does a bunch of different things dependng on the current mode that the unt is in. It'll scroll through the stations and through the play lists, and you can use it to save favorites and do a bunch of other stuff. A few better located buttons that were easier to see and figre out would have made the unit much easier to operate. Instead of functional, the designers went for sleek ... and it was a mistake.

And, even though it was most likely a small throw in without much thought given to it, the ear phones were the absolute worst ear pohones imaginable. One ear piece was blown within three days (and I wasn't playing it that loud), they woldn't stay in your ears, and they were nauseatingly uncomfortable -- my ears were sore from wearing them after just a few minutes.

The S50 just has way too many design issues to make it worth your while. Trust me, save your money, buy one of the other units (the Sportster Replay looks promising) -- the S50 needs to go back to the design team for a major overhaul.

Buy the Sportser instead!

Written By SiriusLover, Houston on Monday, January 23, 2006

As a Sirius addict, I was hoping for a serious (no pun intended) product to counter XM's Myfi/Airware. Let me tell you that THIS AIN'T IT!

This thing is pretty bad. Even after the firmware upgrade, I still have several lockups in the car. The car dock simply doesn't hold the unit tightly, and the slightest bumps wiggle it out of the dock after about 5 minutes. It either shuts off, freezes, or goes into MP3 mode. How about a lock on the dock? I believe several other reviewers said the same thing.

The design is terrific, but the functionality and reliability are terrible. Accessing stuff is easy enough, but if you make a mistake, forget about it. Pause replay is nice, but if you want to shuffle through any LONG content and pause it to come back (ala Stern), you have to start from the beginning! You can't go back to a section later on!

MP3/WMA playback is nice, but the bitrate is re-encoded to fit on the memory! So much for sound quality. This is NO iPod.

There is no "live" feature on the go. Why oh why, on the dawn of the biggest name in shock-jock history, is there no live feature to listen in? Not everyone is in the car when he's on! Hello? Sirius? Why no home dock included? How many people HONESTLY record in the car?!

If you want Sirius or Stern, buy a Sportster like I did. It is a MUCH better unit than this.

Had to Return

Written By Joe, Connecticut on Thursday, January 19, 2006

I received the product on January 6th. By January 10th I had to return it to Sirius. It totally froze on Ch 184. No support call could remedy the problem!
I am hopeful that they can fix these type of issues.


Written By Barlow_S, Richmond, Va on Thursday, January 19, 2006

Likes: Size, Looks, 50 hours of recording, IPOD Functionality, Love button, ability to mix Sirius recordings with personal playlists, you can also use it as a jump drive. Car mount is the best, the adhesive mount is flexible to fit curves on dash.

Dislikes: No live reception, not able to "love" songs from My Sirius Shows or Scheduled programming, Lack of Preset buttons, even from remote (what they call presets is a "favorite" lists), inability to see what is on multiple channels at once (just one at a time). No Alarm functionality, Home dock required for scheduled programming and is not included. Price, poor battery life. No FM transmitter when undocked or in home dock(something I use)

I like the Sirius Service, but this device is a disappointment. It's little more than an IPOD clone that functions as a Satellite Radio receiver when docked. Undocked, you cannot receive live broadcasts (but this is as advertised, so it's not a disappointment.) You cannot record individual songs from scheduled programming or My Sirius channels; you can only skip between songs (like the XM2GO). The Heart button only works from what you're listening to live. Because it only comes with the car dock, and the home dock is not available at of this writing, you're limited to recording content in the car.

I'm going to wait for a better unit, for now I'm either going to go with the Sportster and an IPOD or the XM2GO and an IPOD. XM2Go was very well designed, the S50 was not. Sirius chose a flashy design over usability and common sense. Too bad... It's not all bad, but the negatives outway the advantages. Maybe next year.


Written By ken, SAN DIEGO, CA on Sunday, January 15, 2006

Many recent posts are bashing this unit. I suspect these are already devoted XM fans trying to knock down the competition. I own 2 S50's (1 each for my wife and me). While I have experienced some "freezes", the simple fix is to turn the unit off and then back on. Sirius is already offering a software update that can easily be downloaded via computer and it fixes all the player problems identified by others. One of the best features is the My Sirius Channels. It automatically records from your 3 favorite channels anytime the player is docked and on. It does this in the background and does not interfere with the current channel you're listening to. Recording songs while docked is as simple as touching one button. You can easily build your own Sirius Songs playlist while driving around or docked to a home station. No need to pay per song downloaded. Once undocked, you access all the recorded content. Very clear, crisp sound. The screed if full color and their are different screen backgrounds for each genre (rock, pop, news, etc). I've had the first s50 since the weekend before thanksgiving and would not sell it to anyone. Good luck to those who are seriously considering this unit. You will not be disapppointed.

Drop-outs sound like HS censored - Shutdowns - No FM Trans in HDock!

Written By das, Allentown, PA on Saturday, January 14, 2006

Performance - The unit will shutoff for no reason. The unit has these sound drop outs make you think Howard is being censored. When its in the Home Dock Sirius disabled the FM transmitter option so all you can do it run it into a stereo! No way to wake up to Howard. No listening to Howard in the Shower. No way to listen to it in the Backyard or at the office. You can only listen to it in 1 room and not in at work. This is just unforgivable! How can they have their "Crown Jewel" not FM transmit? They are charging an arm and a leg for this thing and it doesn't even include the Home Dock, then you pay another $100 for that and it is worthless! How do you record without a Home Dock? $325 for the S50, then charge you $100 for the HOME DOCK that is useless and then expect you to pop down another $2-300 for an Executive Docking Station (another Speaker solution which still won't fly for the average Joe at work) & no FM Transmitter. WHAT A MESS! I was holding out some hope they could fix this with a firmware upgrade BUT I have been told that even though the FM Transmitter is available when the S50 is in the Car Dock that the technology is in the Car Dock not in the S50. This means no firmware is going to be able to make the Home Dock re-enable this feature, in other words FORGET IT! They need to recall this and replace it and I think rather than make all their customers happy they are more worried about what a recall would do to their stock. In the long run its the smart thing to do but is SIRIUS smart? Looking at this release there is almost no hope. MEL K. DO THE RIGHT THING - MAKE THE CLASSY MOVE! FIX IT! Repair the S50 & SIRUS's reputation!

Don't hit a pot hole. Your signal will be lost!!

Written By Edgar, Long Island, NY on Thursday, January 12, 2006

This unit is deceptively complicated, and works intermittently. If you hit a bump, the signal is lost.

Give me a break

Written By Usmato, Louisiana on Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Dont listen to the other whiners!!! I have owned this unit for several weeks and have few complaints. It locked up once but that it. I have NEVER had it come dislodged while driving. I live in Louisiana and we have big bumps!! If you keep bumping it out you probably installed it incorrectly. Move it to a different place.

Misleading??? Portable means it can be moved around. If you read the description it CLEARLY states it does not play LIVE programming. Just because you dont like this fact is neither misleading or a flaw because this is how the unit works.

As for other Live portable players. Before I bought this unit I used a friends XM portable unit as a comparison. The portable LIVE concept is intriguing but not realistic. Hard to keep signal clean and useless inside, like a gym. Flying cars are a great idea but not REALISTC at this time.

FOr those interested, the only reason I didnt give 5 stars is that nothing is perfect...but this is a step closer. Highly recommended!!

For those complaining......Try doing a little research before buying, and dont blame the item for your lack of due diligence!!!

Horrible quality

Written By Kelly, Phoenixville, Pa on Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I purchased this product when it was first released in November 2005. During the first two weeks it worked well but it ultimately developed problems. I was told it had something to do with the FM transmitter. Essentially the sound would cut in and out and sounded like a skipping record. Sirius customer service was aweful and ultimately I called Crutchfield who agreed to exchange it outside the 30 day time limit. Unfortunately when I received the replacement it too was faulty. It had a problem with the docking station. I couldn't get it to work. After many frustrating and aggravating hours on the phone with Sirius customer service, Crutchfield was kind enough to agree to refund my money. The manufacturing quality of this product is horrible. Sirius should not put something on the market until they are able to work out all of the bugs. Sirius customer service is even worse than the product. ON THE OTHER HAND, Crutchfield was helpful, courteous and professional. Crutchfield is exceptional and I would definitely recommend purchasing other products from Crutchfield as I have already done so without any problems. However, I would NEVER recommend the S50!!!!

I just sent mine back

Written By Bababooey, Boston on Sunday, January 08, 2006

My god worst thing I ever bought. Sent back this and got a XM myfi for half the price and had all the thinngs I needed. I hated everthing about this device turned me off Sirius for ever.

Cheaply made non portable!

Written By Chris, MS on Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well it's been said live operation...freezes sometimes...came out before it was ready...undocks it self when you go over small bumps.

One thing that has not been mentioned, is the car dock knob. It fell off after 2 weeks of usage. I took it back. This thing was simply rushed to market for Christmas.

I will not be buying anymore "State of the Art" radios from Sirius anytime soon.

solution to not having a home kit

Written By Joe, Pittsburgh on Friday, January 06, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

purchase an AC to DC converter. this enables you to plug in the cigarette lighter into a wall jack. ta-da !! you now have an instant Home Kit. the only drawbacks are a couple hanging wires (from the antenna and the plug to the wall). BUT this now makes it wireless and you can get reception on clock radios, radios in the shower, etc.
by the way, this also solves the problem of listening at work. i thought i was going to have to record Stern and listen at a later time but now i can listen at work without bulky stereo equipment.
hope this review helps ...

Nice looking but...

Written By justicks, Near Philly on Thursday, January 05, 2006

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I can't imagine why on the dawn of Howard Stern's return to the airwaves, Sirius was not armed with a portable device that would provide a live feed. It is unrealistic to expect that everyone would want to confine themselves to their car in order to hear live broadcasts. Why on earth would they not include a simple home based unit with an antenna so that I could upload content without sitting in my garage with the engine running? And then who wants to listen to an entire broadcast, tape it and the listen to it again?

This unit is deceptively complicated, and works intermittently. If you hit a bump, the signal is lost. I even encountered difficulty getting a good signal on a four mile trip to the gym. $300 is far too much for a unit with so many limitations and quirks. I'll be returning this device and looking for a cheaper, simpler solution.

Overall not bad, but could use some improvments

Written By Shawn, Albany,OR on Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The problems I have with the S50 is recording time for Howard Sterns show. His show runs 4 hrs or more,so I will have to set up 2 2hr blocks.

The second problem is lets say you have a 2hr recording and you have listened for an hour. You want to take a break. Theres no bookmark for where you left off. You have to fast forward at a snails pace to get back to where you were.
And if you pause for too long the thing will shut off and your back to fast forwarding.

last but not least if you record an NBA game and enjoy the on screen score dispay, forget it on recordings.

If these things could be fixed with a software update I would give it a 5.

Not what it seems!

Written By TJCross, Portland on Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Look at any website (even this one) and read the headline. It clearly states "Portable Sirius Satellite Radio". But keep reading the fine print. It is not what it is at all. It is a portable RECORDER.

I wanted a portable satellite RADIO with recording. Guess I'll have to wait for the next generation to come out.

Let's focus on the S50 and what it can and can't do. We know it doesn't get live-on-the-go. Fair enough. What it CAN do is a nice feature, that is, it will record up to 3 channels in the background for you while it is docked. That at least is nice. The only problem? You have to leave it docked in your car! No thanks! I'm not looking to have it stolen leaving it in my car. Why doesn't the S50 give you the home dock instead?

The S50 holds a whopping 50 hours of Sirius programming. Thankfully, that is enough for the longest trips. However, there is a fly in that ointment as well. Battery life. It is barely 6 hours. What good is 50 hours of programming on a battery that lasts 6?

You can store up to 512MB of MP3/WMA files along with your Sirius content. Sounds easy right? Only problem with that is that the files are reconverted to fit on that memory. That makes the MP3/WMA files sound horrible! Again, no thanks.

Sirius has announced that they are manufacturing a live on-the-go addition to the S50, and they are making a seperate live walkman in late 2006. I will wait for one of those.


Written By Tom, Chicago, IL on Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This product is the biggest waste of $350 I have ever seen. The marketing (Sirius', not Crutchfield's) sells itself like it's truly a portable satellite receiver - that couldn't further from the truth. All this is is a glorfied MP3 player. What's worse, you have to go down to your car, hook it up and record. Which is useless since I already have a Sirius receiver in my car. What's most disappointing is that I, like many others, waited a long time for Sirius to come out with something that can compete against the portable XM. This isn't it. In fact, it's not even close. But, it looks nice, the display is great, but the functionality is a complete and utter let-down. Don't waste your time or your money on this one... there are much better alternatives out there.

What could have been.

Written By DJMusic, Seattle on Sunday, December 25, 2005

The S50 could have been the biggest thing to come this holiday season, but it falls short on many counts.

First and formost, this is not a portable satellite radio receiver, it is a portable recorder. Those that say "the technology isn't there yet" need to get their head screwed on straight. Not only has XM had one for a year, but Sirius just announced that they are indeed making one for release in mid-2006. Bummer. And don't come in here saying that it "isn't important". It is important to LOTS of customers, myself included.

The recording in the background feature is nice, but it is USELESS unless it's docked in your car all the time. If I'm listening to it in my car, why would I want it to record the same stuff I'm listening to in the background for later use? Why is there no home kit with the unit instead?? The home kit will set you back another $100, and this is logically where you'd want to do your recording, especially while away at work or sleeping.

The car dock has a major hard time keeping the S50 on it. Any bumps and it jiggles loose and shuts the unit down. This needs a lock of some sort to keep the unit attached and to keep it steady.

Now here's the real bummer for you MP3 fans. If you choose to include MP3's on your S50, it records them on the unit at the SATELLITE bitrate, NOT the original bitrate. That means no matter what bitrate you originally had, it is recorded at approximatly 56kbps on the S50...BOO, HISS!

The S50 is a 2, and that's being generous. Wait for the new one coming out mid-2006.

(As The Beatles Sang) It's Getting Better All The Time

Written By Jo, Las Vegas on Saturday, December 24, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received my first S50 three weeks ago - I had to return it because it was missing parts and just seemed to be buggy. I just received my new one - in the interim, Sirius has updated the software and the firmware - more firmware releases are on the way. I have given it a top rating based on my intended purpose plus I know with each firmware update that the S50 will keep improving. What did I want it for: well of course to listen to Sirius both in the car and home but the S50 records music for you (both automatically and your desired songs) - I am a jogger who doesn't have a lot of downloads for MP3 playing and I am getting to hate FM radio - the S50 therefore becomes my new jogging pal. I can keep downloading songs and listening to shows and then delete and start all over again (it will record music for me automatically while I sleep). It's not perfect right now but it's getting better all the time!

About as portable as we're going to get...

Written By Matt, Sanford, Maine on Sunday, December 18, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The S50 is a great concept. Record up to 50 hrs of live content and put in your pocket and go. Problem is that it just doesnt work correctly. Constant freezes while recording and the unit not waking itself up to record are classic signs of a rushed product. Im guessing that a firmware fix is on the way so hopefully these will be moot points.

If having Stern live everyday is something that has been part of your life for the last twenty years this isnt going to be the answer.. Having Stern a day behind is not a problem though with this unit.

One major gripe is why is this bundled with the car kit and the home dock is nowhere to be found? Unless you leave your car on 24hrs a day there will be no recording.

Hopefully the home dock and a firmware upgrage will come before Jan. 9th and I wont miss a beat with Stern.

SIRIUS has released a My SIRIUS Studio software update for the S50 that helps stabilize its performance and prevent freezes while the S50 is in operation. It also allows for scheduled recordings of music programs in two-hour blocks. S50 owners with these issues can load the update via USB cable at All SIRIUS S50 models shipping at this time contain the upgraded software.

S50 - setting the standard for Satellite Radio

Written By Gman, Atlanta, GA on Thursday, December 15, 2005

First let me say that this device IS portable. I don't know why people are rating this product on the fact that it cannot receive signals while undocked...Who cares. Without a good antenna, the satellite portion is useless anyway! I like the fact then when I'm listening to a song I like, I hit the save button and it stores the songs to my Sirius playlists. I can listen to this music (shuffled if I wish) whenever I want. No it's not a IPOD it is a satellite radio receiver with some MP3/WMA and Sirius song storage. I find this very convenient and easy to use. I don't have to go looking for my songs over the internet or waste time downloading them to my S50. I can download the songs to the device when I hear them (No you can't save them to you computer - they are only on the S50). I would agree that the unit DOES lock up to the point that I had to remove the battery to recover (also noted this way in the instructions), however I believe they will eventually fix this with firmware updates that you can download to the device. I very much like the user interface and after you get used to the wheel, it does work and you can manuever rather quickly. Also it comes with a remote if you don't like the wheel.

Not perfect, but close

Written By Stephen, Thibodaux, LA on Thursday, December 15, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This innovative new product from Sirius combines the aspects of an ipod with Sat radio. You can upload around 512mb of your own music, while the rest of the memory is used for Sirius content. While there were some bugs with the unit, Sirius just released a firmware update which seems to address the great majority of them. Overall, I am very pleased with this product.

Sirius S50 Radio is Great

Written By Steve, Armonk, NY on Thursday, December 15, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Sirius S50 radio is everything I expected. The reception is great, and while some expect portable reception, I am happy to be able to record instead so I can listen to my Sirius on trains, in tunnels and while roaming the city. In addition, I compared Sirius channels with XM and the Sirius stations are far superior. XM stations are Muzak like with not many on air personalities.

Very good, will only get better

Written By Toka, Devon, PA on Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Looks like a lot of the unhappy reviews were by people who either didn't take the time to read about the unit or lack the ability to do so. Sure, not having 'on the go' live listening is a bummer, but an attachment is in the works that will allow this (and will be much better than XM's current offerings). And many of the other problems (locking up, can't schedule music recordings) have been fixed with the latest firmware update. Personally, I'm very happy with this unit, and have had no problems whatsoever (reading the manual helps).

Having it record my 3 favorite channels automatically is a huge bonus, as I can just toss the unit in my pocket and have hours of constantly updating 'new' music at my fingertips, plus hours of MP3's. The drawbacks? Having to pay extra for the home dock is not good (especially given the price...and its still not available anyway!), and again, having to get an attachment for 'on the go' listening is a let down. So for those who are unhappy, I suggest reading the manual, updating the firmware, and just enjoy all the great content!

It is not portable...but I like it...with my modifications

Written By kevin, Del Mar, CA on Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I do not use the unit in my car...which is a must with the I bought a cigarette lighter adapter...and now it thinks it is in my car. I had to run the antenna out through the wall to the outside...but if you are very can get this thing to work. I am embarrassed to say that I am still using the Windows 98 operating system on my computers...THIS IS NOT SUPPORTED and the software function will be completely wasted on you if you are in the same boat as me. I hope when my neighbor gets it, I can download songs using his software onto the unit. I mounted it next to my desk and I am broadcasting the music and Howard Stern Channel throughout the house on my home stereo and using my radio headphones...not the portable I would say that a sirius radio unit would probably do the same job and cost a lot less. So I am mixed...a lot of tinkering has made it work for me...but you have to be very mechanically inclined to hook it up the way I did.

What's an iPod Again????

Written By Steve, Minneapolis, MN on Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This thing is awesome!! I have had mine for about a week and have hardly turned it off. I was leaning towards an iPod over the XM portable options, but when Sirius came out with the S50, it made my decision easy, S50 all the way.

This is my first satellite radio, and I will never go without again! Installation was simle, the car kit that comes with the S50 has everything you need for an excellant looking install. I added an FM Modulator Relay to my install so that the S50 is hardwired, this allows you to tune your FM radio to any channel, not only channels without radio reception. It works awesome.

I would recommend this unit to anyone. Sirius programming is the best, from sports to talk, to music they have it all.

S-50 lets me down after a very long wait.

Written By Patrick, Covington,Texas on Monday, December 05, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Used the S-50 for one day and called Crutchfield to return it. When the unit is in the docking station being used in the car any bump or vibration caused my unit to shut "off". After pushing the unit down into the dock it would work again.My car is very smooth and the smallest jolt would cause the unit to go off.This is not a power problem to the docking station. Crutchfield was very helpfull in taking the unit back. My next unit will also come from Crutchfield but it won't be an S-50.

Ok, but needs work

Written By MSmith, Seattle on Monday, December 05, 2005

The S50 was touted to be a portable satellite radio with MP3 capabilities. Well, after a week of owning one, I am convinced otherwise.

The S50 is a below-average attempt at an iPod with satellite radio thrown in. Where to start. It doesn't get live reception on the go. So people say that it doesn't work well due to the limitations of being line-of-site. Right. The fact is XM has had one for a year already, so why couldn't Sirius? Even if the live reception is less than ideal, wouldn't it at least be worth an effort? Apparently not. Second, this is not an iPod whatsoever. It has playlist management and song displays, big deal. Every player on the market has those and a MUCH larger flash or hard drive memory to boot. For $329, I expected at LEAST a 5GB storage space.

What it DOES do is record Sirius programming, sort of in the background for you. That feature is cool at least. But there is one big bad apple - you can't schedule to record certain channels - music ones. Why is this?

The car dock leaves something to be desired. It doesn't seem to hold the unit steady for more than a hour before it jiggles loose and loses the satellite signal.

Overall, I am extremely dissatisfied with this unit and give it a 2. Which is more than it deserves at this price.

Not what I expected...

Written By DJ Phil, Philadelphia on Saturday, December 03, 2005

I was really excited to get my S50 and HUGELY disappointed when I read the details of the unit. It is NOT a portable satellite device. It's a recorder for satellite shows, but is limited to 1 hour of recording time. So, I can't listen to Howard while I'm out of the house with this thing. I CAN record the show when I leave for work, but would only get 1 hour of playback when I return. It also does not record music channels. It uses the dreaded DRM (Digital Rights Managment) protocols. It doesn't even play at home without an additional $100 home adapter.

So, to listen to Howard at home, the S50 will set you back more almost $400 not including the Sirius fees!

Thankfully, Crutchfield handled my return as simply and professionally as always. They are the BEST! I will buy a cheaper Sportster unit and wait until Sirius gets its act together and figures out how to produce a true portable satellite product. If XM can do it, certainly Sirius can also.

SIRIUS has released a My SIRIUS Studio software update for the S50 that helps stabilize its performance and prevent freezes while the S50 is in operation. It also allows for scheduled recordings of music programs in two-hour blocks. S50 owners can load the update via USB cable at


Written By BRIAN, San Francisco, CA on Friday, December 02, 2005

This unit is unbelievable. After only having it 1 day I can't imagine what I'd do without having it. For those who have Tivo or DVR imagine ever going back to just watching normal tv live.

Others have mentioned concern about limits on recording music. However, I only listen to about 4-5 stations consistently and the 3 most listened stations are AUTOMATICALLY recorded by this unit. I've already saved 3 songs using the "Love" button while at Starbucks and it couldn't be easier.

The software is a since to install and use also.

For the money, you get the best sat. radio on the market with the benefits of having an I-Pod all in one. I also like not having to pay for the songs downloaded from Sirius. Soon I'll have a long list of favorite "fresh" songs I can listen to while at the gym, plane, Starbucks, etc..

I give the S50 and Sirius a 5 out of 5.

S50 is like an iPod on steroids...

Written By Brian, Long Island, NY on Thursday, December 01, 2005

I have owned many Sirius radios in the past. All of which, while worked fine, they were bulkier and had limited features. The Sirius S50 is the most feature packed satellite radio available. It is very light weight and easy to operate the unit with ergonomically placed buttons. While, it does not have every single feature you may want right now, the S50 can receive firmware updates from Sirius, which will only make this product work better!

The main feature I love about the S50 is the "My Sirius Channels" which automatically captures programming from my 3 most listened to channels. One neat thing about listening to your "My Channels", is that if they play a song you don't like, you can just skip it and it'll go to the next song.

The feature I just can't stop using is the "Love button." It lets me save an individual song that I like. This is very very easy to do, just tilt the media dial. Heck, it beats paying 99 cents a song on iTunes.

Since I've received my S50 from Crutchfield, I've used it everyday. It includes lots of accessories and the headphones sound very good. Battery life could have been better, but its a removable battery, so you can buy an extra. I also wished that the home dock was included. Oh well.

Overall, the S50 is like an iPod on steroids. You can load your own mp3 files plus let the S50 do the work for you and record the outstanding Sirius programming to listen to later and bring where you like.


Written By rscott, Richmond,In on Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Whe I first purchased the S50 I was a little unsure. I hadn't experienced satillite radio until now. But,now that I have I am completely hooked. The sound quality is unbelievable and I don't have to listen to 10 minutes of comercials in between songs. As for the S50, it is a nice piece of equipment.It looks sharp and sounds even better. The navigation is pretty straight forward and easy to operate. I really didn't need the manual for much more that getting it activated. Other that I pretty much figured everything out through exploration. I really enjoy using the remote in the car(talk about lazy). I've heard some people complain that it isn't a true portable radio because it doesn't pick up satillite away from the docking station, which is true, however I knew that going in so I was fine with that. The only real drawback is the car mount. I could not get the adhesive to hold the weight of the mount and the radio.I ended up using the vent mount which works fine. I also don't like the way that you have to run the antennae. They need something shorter that you can position in the dash. But those are a couple small setbacks that doesn't take away from the quality of the item. My only regret is that I waited this long to get satillite


Written By Gordon, Cincinnati, OH on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I received the S50 yesterday and I really like it. This thing really is a departure from any other receiver to date. The screen is amazing and the unit itself is very light and stylish. It will take some time to learn how to use all of the functions, so it is definitely not for someone who likes things simple. The software interface for putting your music on the unit is very straigtforward and the car dock is really cool. The mounting options are really good - the S50 comes with a really cool bracket. Overall it is even better than I had hoped. Sirius is going out on a limb with something this innovative, and I give them a big thumbs up.

Wish it would work

Written By Greg, Indianapolis,IN on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The hype on this item has been over the top. When I finally got it, I was pleased with the appearance but two major things caused concern:
a) although you can record up to 50 hours of live broadcasts, the car unit has to be on (e.g. running in you car).. it cannot be scheduled to record unless you have the 'home unit' (read $100 more). If I have it on during my drives, the content is already been heard.. so for 'shows' why would I want to listen again..and it will take a good deal of driving to record 50 hours
b) THE UNIT COULD NOT BE ACTIVATED.. because of the SID number on the unit could not be recognized by SIRIUS..therefore I have to send the package back and wait (hope) for an SID that WORKS... ARRRGH.


Written By RobS, NY on Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One word... AWESOME! After owning the XM MyFi live portable, that constantly lost reception, I'm glad I bought this. It's amazing. Beautiful color screen, voice-assisted navigation, sports ticker, favorite sports team alert, "Love" button allows you to record and save a song you like when you hear it, for later replay. And it's really small and light-weight.

So it's not a "live" portable, so what. Everyone would know this before buying it if they did their due diligence. Live portables get very poor reception as the signal is constantly being block by something.

In summary, I highly recommend this Sirius receiver if it's within your budget.

Not just clicking on 5

Written By SatRadFan, Boston on Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I waited with baited breath for one of these, and finally got a hold of one on Friday. I own both satellite services and love them equally, hence my nickname.

The S-50 is an excellent attempt by Sirius at a portable, and it does most things well.

The unit is small, sleek and (mostly) very easy to use. It is nice that it silenty records your favorite 3 channels for you in the background, but since my tastes change rapidly, I would have hoped for more programming options. Namely this: You cannot schedule a recording on music channels. This is a huge letdown to me, because I enjoy a lot of DJ specials and artist shows from many channels (not just my favorite 3). You can schedule to record any non-music channel without limits.

There is no "live" feature, but that isn't really important to me, as I rather listen to prerecorded content so I can skip around. But for those that want the "live" on the go feature, it will disappoint.

The screen is beautiful but scratches careful with it.

Battery life is the only thing that really disappoints me about this unit. It's far too short at 6 hours, especially since I carry around 30+ hours of music content on my travels. The price is a tad high, but not ridiculous by any means. If the home dock was included with the rest, it would be a deal.

Overall, I give the S-50 a 4.

S-50 Rocks

Written By Mr LuckMan, Falls Church VA on Monday, November 28, 2005

This product rocks. I have been using it for the last 16 hours and i am a big fan of it already.

I cant seem to go to sleep without it. I have a portable unit plus a home docking station. Every one who is talking about recording while on the go...needs to see if they can record on the go on ipod.

Its simply much more than ipod. Plus it has a very very cool design. I recommend this product.

Two thumbs up. No doubt and to add more I like the howard stern channel. He is coming on board sometime next year. So that makes me service better than XM. And XM does not have the NFL. Sirius Rocks baby. I have to give it 10 out of 5, cant give it so here it is a 5 star.

S50- Best Sirius Receiver Ever

Written By Tyler, Tennessee on Monday, November 28, 2005

I've had a PNP2, an Xact XTR1, and a Sportster Replay. I must say this is the best Sirius receiver I have ever had.

I'm not going to go into all of the features here, because you more than likely already know them. And there is a 1700 character limit. ;)

Let us get to the point...

It looks freakin sweet!
Color Screen
Can store 50 hours of Sirius programming
Doubles as an MP3 player
Ability to "love" single songs, set scheduled recordings, etc.
Voice navigation
Software can be updated

Perhaps too complicated for the less technical among us.
The occasional rare freeze up.
Can't set scheduled recordings on music channels
Can only set scheduled recordings for 2 hours at a time.

The negatives however, pale in comparison to the positives, and some of those may even be fixed in future firmware updates.

If you have the money get it, if you don't than get a Sportster or a Starmate. You can't go wrong as long as you are getting Sirius programming.


Written By sofiav, NY, NY on Monday, November 28, 2005

If you're like me and you don't care whether it's "live" portable, this is a MUST-HAVE for the Holidays!! Besides the "live" portables never get good reception. It's a limitation inherent in satellite technology: you have to have an unobstruted, direct line-of-sight path to the receiver, and that's impractical when you're on-the-go. So this hybrid is the BEST solution. I love having 50 hours of music and when I get tired of a song, I'll just delete it and record a newly released song or artist. Nice!!

simply amazing !!

Written By john, Connecticut on Monday, November 28, 2005

This is my 3rd satellite radio, and it is the best to date. First of all, the content Sirius offers is truly amazing, so having the ability to record it, was a selling point. I had thought about buying an iPod but when I heard something would be available by Christmas, I decided to wait. Glad I did.
When you first open up the box, it is amazing how small this unit is, the screen is color and MUCH bigger than anything else out there, I would watch a movie on it, if I had the chance. Install and activation was easy. I actually set the car dock up in my house as I have a home dock on order from Crutchfield. Anyway, once operational, the unit is simply amazing. The coolest part was when listening to a station, you touch one button, and the song you were listening to is save to a folder for future use (un-docked). The unit also recorded my favorite 3 stations for a few hours each for portable use. The built in FM transmitter is the best I have seen yet. Also, the fact I can load MY OWN MP3's, is very cool. It is like having a super MP3 player that captures live content and allows song by song recording and organization. Sirius is already a great service, but this unit puts over the top !!!


Written By TakeDown125, Michigan on Monday, November 28, 2005

The Sirius S50 is Awsome. When you dont have time to listen to sirius, you can record the show and listen to it later when you have time.Everyone should buy one. The sound is awsome and makes it nice to be able to play MP3's. Another good feature is the colored screen. XM radio never had that.Buy the Sirius S50, it is worth it.

S50 is great

Written By Sirius Fan, Roseville, CA on Monday, November 28, 2005

I purchased the Sirius S50 and it is great. Much better then the other guys "portable".

The complaint that everyone else has with this unit is it does not play live while out of the dock. I say BIG DEAL..... The other guys portable plays live out of the dock but you can only get live reception when you have a clear view to the sky. I want to use a portable where ever I am an dthe S50 lets me do that.

While in the dock the unit records music or shows from your favorite channels with out yo having to do anything. So when you take it out of the dock wow you have fresh content. While listening you can record the individual song if you so desire. You can even delete the songs you don't want. You also have the option of loading MP3's and WMA files on the unit, create playlist and combine the Sirius content and MP3's into playlists. Try that with the other guys portable.

The battery last 5-6 hours on a charge while in the portable mode. 5-6 hours is plenty of time.

You will love the S50 as I do. No complaints the product is great and you won't be disapointed.

Better Than Expected

Written By Mongo, Houston on Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I was pleasantly surprised at the S50's size and features. Having read that it was a convergence of mp3/wma player and satellite radio, I was not disappointed at the features.

The unit is very light, less than 6 ounces and is very stylishly designed. I have been going through the features for two days now and as excited about this product as the day I received it. The record functions work as advertised and the "Love Button" works flawlessly. There are several options to record the Sirius content. The playback features are also as advertised and are intuitive. This unit learns your 3 favorite Sirius channels automatically and is very easy to delete any stored content or save (Love) songs from the automatically stored or live content.

For those that wan