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Marantz's Reference Series SC-11S1 offers many of the performance advantages of their top-of-the-line SC-7S2 stereo preamplifier for less than half the cost. Its audiophile-grade ultra-wide bandwidth circuitry and beefy construction deliver stunningly detailed sound. This preamp also includes a versatile phono stage so you can enjoy your music collection on vinyl, and a top-notch headphone amplifier for high-quality private listening.

The job of any preamp is to pass the music signal from your source to your amplifier with as little sonic coloration as possible, and the SC-11S1 does it beautifully. Marantz's sophisticated design and careful engineering provide virtually noise-free signal transfer, while preserving even the lowest-level details. In addition, this preamp supports a wide frequency range with outstanding channel separation, so your soundstage is broad, deep, and stable.

Match this exceptional preamp with Marantz's other premium-quality Reference Series components, including their amplifiers and SACD/CD players, to create a high-performance stereo system.

Product Highlights:

  • frequency response 5-120,000 Hz (+/-3dB)
  • maximum output voltage: 13.5 volts (balanced/unbalanced)
  • total frequency distortion at 20-20,000 Hz:
    • 0.002% (balanced)
    • 0.003% (unbalanced)
  • signal-to-noise ratio (IHF-A network, 0.5V output):
    • CD/line/recorder: 99dB (500mV input)
    • phono (MC): 78dB (0.5mV input)
    • phono (MM): 89dB (5.0mV input)
  • phono input: moving magnet/moving coil
  • shielded toroidal power transformer
  • switchable subsonic filter: 15 Hz (12dB/octave)
  • 4 pair RCA audio inputs (including phono input)
  • 2 pair balanced XLR inputs
  • 2 pair RCA audio record outputs
  • 1 pair balanced XLR output
  • 1 pair RCA outputs
  • remote control
  • detachable power cord
  • weight: 35.3 lbs.
  • 17-3/8"W x 4-15/16"H x 18-9/16"D
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Stereo Control Amplifier
  • 5.5' Power cord
  • RC001PM Remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • User Guide (English/French/German)
  • US warranty information
  • Canadian warranty information

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HDAM-SA3: The HDAM-SA3 is an amp module equipped with a new circuit that has further improved stability from the previous HDAM-SA and HDAM-SA2. The HDAM-SA3 is an essential part of this unit's amp module, incorporated into many components such as the current-voltage converter and input buffer.

Input Buffer: With the exception of the Phone input, each input has its own input buffer that directly uses HDAM-SA3 technology. You will experience superb sound with exceptional channel separation.

Choke Input Power Circuit: This unit incorporates an choke input power circuit in order to thoroughly eliminate high frequency noise from the rectifier circuit and external sources. The choke input power supply is a powerful, clean power circuit that stores electrical power in the coil and capacitor, and then supplies it to the amplifier circuit.

Balanced Linear Control Volume: The balanced output type volume control amplifier incorporates a combination of the WM8816 by Wolfson with the Marantz original current-feedback amplifier. This balance linear control amplifier is a high performance amplifier that controls the sound volume and convert the balanced signal.

Tone Control: This unit is equipped with an electronic tone control circuit that adjusts the sound balance using the remote control unit. The bass and treble levels of the left and right channels can be trimmed in 2dB steps across a -8 to +8dB range. This tone control circuit can be precisely adjusted with the Balance Linear Control Volume.

Subsonic Filter: The Subsonic Filter can be turned On to block unwanted super-low bass frequencies that can cause distortion. Subsonic signals are intercepted in the cut-off frequency of 15Hz (12db/oct) by the subsonic filter. The subsonic filter is an active filter used in the HDAM-SA3.

F.C.B.S.: A Floating Control Bus System (F.C.B.S.) enables the user to connect up to four units, making a diversity of applications possible with bi-amp and multi-channel connections. Moreover, a ground loop is not formed between multiple connected amplifier, therefore, sound quality is not adversely affected.

Bi-Amp Mode: The Bi-Amp Mode allows to SC-11S1 to be connected by F.C.B.S enabling each to work as a monaural Integrated amplifier. The low and mid/high amplifiers are separated and independent of the preamplifier, therefore interference between low and mid/high sounds is reduced to minimum. As a result, a wide sound environment can be reproduced.

Constant Current Feedback Phono Equalizer: The phono equalizer keeps current feedback constant from low to high frequency and supports both MC and MM cartridges.

Balanced Input Headphone System: This is a balance input current feedback headphone amplifier developed for use with the Balanced Linear Control Volume. This power amplifier is a special combination of a high quality sound operational amplifier and a discrete current-feedback type amplifier specifically for headphone use.

Display: This unit features an LCD display to display input source and volume level. Compared to other types of display panels, and LCD generates less drive noise and radiation noise, hence the interference in sound quality is minimal.

Remote Power Control: This unit is equipped with a trigger output jack that can simultaneously operate the Power On/Off control of a Marantz SM-11S1 power amplifier in sync with the power On/Off control of this unit. Up to two SM-11s1 can be connected to this unit. As with the F.C.B.S. a ground floating connection is made without a ground loop being formed, therefore sound quality is not adversely affected.


Power On/Off: Turns power to SC-11S1 on and off.

Input Selector: A rotary knob is used to select the input source for listening and recording.

Volume Control: Rotary volume control for increasing and decreasing volume output.

ATT: Attenuation is a one-touch feature for reducing the volume level. The attenuate button has four settings; -20 dB (factory setting), -40 dB, -60 dB, and -infinity (mute).

Display: Turns the display off/on.

Tone: This button turns the bass and treble control On or Off. If pressed and head for 2 seconds or longer, this button switches the subsonic filter On or Off.

Phones Out: This button switches the headphone jack output signal On/Off.

Phono MC: This button switches the Phone equalizer amplifier setting between MC and MM. Set the phone equalizer amplifier according to the type of cartridge you use.

Pre Out: This button turn output from the Pre-Out jack and Balanced Pre-Out jack on the rear panel On an Off. When using just the headphone, switch this button to Off.

Amp Mode Switch: This unit features two amplifier control mode settings.

  • Stereo: Set to use this unit as an ordinary stereo control amplifier.
  • Bi-Amp: Set to use this unit in complete bi-amp connection.

Remote Control: The supplied IR wireless remote controller can be used to control the SC-11S1 and Marantz Super Audio CD players or DVD players that have a remote control receptor.


Phono Input Jacks: Left and Right RCA jacks for connecting to an analog record player. Both MC and MM cartridges can be used.

Phono GND Terminal: Ground terminal for connecting the grounding wire from an analog record player.

CD Input Jacks: Left and Right RCA jacks for connecting to the output jacks of a Super Audio CD player.

Line 1/2 Input Jacks: Two pair of Left and Right RCA jacks for connecting to the output jacks of a tuner, DVD player, etc.

Recorder 1/2 Input Jacks: Two pair of Left and Right RCA jacks for connecting to the output jacks of a tape deck or other type of analog recording device.

Recorder 1/2 Output Jacks: Two pair of Left and Right RCA jacks for connecting to the recording input jacks of a tape deck or other type of analog recording device.

Balanced Inputs: Two pair of left and right XLR jacks for connecting to the balanced output jacks of  SACD player. The XLR jack's 3-pin construction enables the musical signal to be transmitted as a balanced signal, with little effect from external noise. The Balanced jack's detachable locking mechanism minimizes connector play and enhances connection reliability.

Balanced Pre Out Jacks: One pair of left and right XLR jacks for connecting to the balanced input jacks of a power amplifier.

Pre Out Jacks: One pair of left and right RCA jacks for connecting to the input jacks of a power amplifier.

F.C.B.S In/Out Jacks: These 3.5mm jacks are used to connect and synchronize up to four amplifiers.

Remote Power Control Jacks: These 3.5mm jacks are for connecting to the Trigger Input jacks of a Marantz SM-11S1 stereo powered amplifier used when simultaneously switching the power of both devices On/Off.


Power Output (20Hz-20kHz): 2.0V (Balanced/Unbalanced)

Maximum Output (20Hz-20kHz): 13.5V (Balanced/Unbalanced)

Total Frequency Distortion (20Hz-20kHz): 0.002% (Balanced), 0.003% (Unbalanced)

Frequency Response: (+/-3dB): 5Hz-120kHz (Balanced/Unbalanced)

Input Sensitivity/Input Impedance:

  • Phono: 280uV/100-ohm (MC), 2.9mv/47,000-ohm (MM)
  • Balanced: 250mV/20,000-ohm
  • CD/Line/Recorder: 250mV/20,000-ohm

S/N Rate (IHF A network, 0.5V output):

  • Phono: 78dB/0.5mV-input (MC), 89dB/5mV-input (MM)
  • Balanced: 98dB (500mV-input)
  • CD/Line/Recorder: 99dB (500mV-input)

Tone Control:

  • Bass (50Hz): +/- 8 dB
  • Treble (20kHz): +/-8 dB

Maximum Allowed Phono Input (1kHz): 15mV (MC), 150mV (MM)

Headphone Maximum Output (20Hz-20kHz): 200mW + 200mW (32-ohm), 400mW + 400mW (600-ohm)

Headphone Total Frequency Distortion (20Hz-20kHz): 0.015%

Headphone Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 5Hz to 100,000Hz

Power Requirement: AC 120V, 60Hz (USA)

Power Consumption: 35W

Weight: 35.3 lbs

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