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Mirage OMD-R surround speaker

The OMD-R's curved, Omnipolar® cabinet creates spacious surround sound effects.

Enjoy spacious, high-impact surround sound

The Mirarage OMD-R speaker delivers enveloping sound for your home theater's surround channels — mood-setting ambient effects and exciting action sequences that bring your movies and TV shows to life. Mirage teams up two high-performance multi-layered carbon fiber woofers with dual pairs of precision titanium midranges and tweeters, then mounts them in a semi-circular cabinet. This exclusive Omnipolar® design helps disperse surround effects in a wide, room-filling arc, providing the proper proportion of direct and reflected sound for immersive, true-to-life home theater.

Low-profile design

The OMD-R's sleek, high-gloss black piano finish and low-profile design allows it to blend in with your décor and virtually disappear from view. A flush–mount bracket is included for easy and secure wall mounting.

Product Highlights:

  • Omnipolar technology creates a larger, more realistic soundstage
  • frequency response: 75-20,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • sensitivity: 90 dB
  • impedance: 6 ohms
  • recommended power: 25-200 watts
  • dual 1" titanium dome tweeters
  • dual 2" chambered titanium cone midranges
  • dual 5-1/4" multi-layer carbon fiber woofers
  • acoustic suspension (sealed) design
  • high-gloss piano-black finish
  • two sets of gold-plated five way binding posts — can be bi-wired
  • flush-mount wall bracket for secure installation (mounting screws not included)
  • weight: 22 lbs.
  • 14-11/16"W x 14-7/8"H x 7-3/4"D
  • warranty: 5 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Mirage OMD-R Reviews

Average Customer Review:

2 Reviews

Mirage omd-r amazing speaker

Written by: Dan from Lexington, OK on September 16, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These speakers are amazing!!! The sound is crystal clear. Watched Avatar in 3d to see what they could do. I was very impressed!!! I'm using mirage omd-15 for my front and mirage omd-c2 for my center. These speaker brought the movie to life!!!



Mirage OMDR

Written by: BT from Houston, Tx on September 8, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great Sound in our theatre room

Pros: Great Sound. Real life

Cons: Would like some of these half the size

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Omnipolar surround speaker
  • Detachable cloth grille (attached)
  • Plastic mounting bracket
  • 9MM bolt
  • 2 Self-adhesive rubber bumpers
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 1 Pair of gloves
  • Manual

Product Research


Application: The Mirage OMD-R is the recommended rear channel speaker for the Mirage OM Design Series of loudspeakers. It is a great rear speaker for cinematic surround effects of multi-channel audio and provides a seamless blend between front and rear effects, creating a 360º listening environment.

OMNIPOLAR Technology: This technology radiates sound in a perfectly spherical dispersion pattern, expanding the sweet spot to encompass virtually the entire room. OMNIPOLAR technology uses natural room reflections to create a greater sense of realism. This is accomplished by recreating the same ratio of direct to reflected sound (70% reflected/30% direct) that is typically found in performance spaces. A conventional speaker only produces 30% reflected sound. It is the additional reflected sound provided by a Mirage Omnipolar speaker that creates a three-dimensional sound experience in your home.

Drivers: The Mirage OMD-R OMNIPOLAR rear speaker features dual 1" titanium dome tweeters, dual 2" titanium cone midrange drivers, and dual 5.25" multi-layer carbon fiber cone woofers for premium, spacious sound.

Enclosure: The sealed cabinet is made of very solid inert medium density fiberboard (MDF) which creates a solid, flex-free cabinet which eliminates music altering distortion. The enclosure is curved and completely sealed. The cabinet uses quality veneers and is protected with a hand-rubbed urethane finish (high-gloss piano black).

Speaker Terminals The OMD-R uses high quality gold-plated bi-ampable binding posts located on the rear of the speaker. The terminals will accept a wide range of connector type including bare wire, spade lugs, banana plugs (single only), or pin type connectors. The versatile speaker terminals allow you to connect the OMD-15 speaker in the traditional method, Bi-Wire, or Bi-Amplification method.

Mounting Options: THE OMD-R features a very simple mounting system. The speaker can be wall mounted using the supplied plastic wall bracket. The wall bracket is attached to the speaker using the supplied 9mm bolt. The screws needed to hang the bracket from the wall are not provided.

Placement: The OMD-R speaker's placement can vary depending on the room layout, and the furniture placement. The ideal position is either on the side walls, or rear walls. The Side Wall position utilizes the rear walls of the room to reflect sound and create the "surround" effect. The Rear Wall position is generally used when the sidewall position is not available to you, due to furniture placement or room dimensions. It is also used in a 6.1ch or 7.1ch surround configuration. Both mounting positions have their advantages and disadvantages, the position offering the best coverage of the entire room should be chosen. The goal of the surround speakers during movie reproduction is to create an "atmosphere" around you. The rear channel speakers are ideally placed an equal distance from you as compared to the front speakers. But this is not always possible in a home environment. The OMD-R will emit sound from both sides of the speaker, and is best placed where it can use the walls to reflect the sound around the listeners.  These general guidelines should aid in positioning choices.

  • Side Wall: The best mounting position for a 5.1 system is the Side Wall position, as it makes use of the rooms' rear walls, and sidewalls. It will create a lifelike surround effect and make the room sound larger than it is. In this position, try to mount the speaker so that it is beside you or slightly behind you. The height should be above ear level, at approximately 2/3 of the height of the wall. 6' off of the ground is typically a good starting point, and the speaker should be 2' above your head when seated.
  • Rear Wall: You can also achieve excellent results in the rear position. Try not to place the speakers directly into a corner. Leave 2 or more feet between the edge of the cabinet and the sidewall, so the sound can reflect into the room environment. The rear position is usually chosen when your room will not accommodate the sidewall position due to unequal walls, a doorway, or a large opening, etc. It is recommended that the rear center (6.1ch system) or dual rear surrounds (7.1ch) be placed at the same height as the other two rear surround speakers wherever possible.

Break-In Period: It is vital that the OMD-R speaker be allowed to break-in properly before you perform any precise set up procedures, system adjustments, and before you play it at higher volume levels. The best method of performing the break-in is to play a full range musical passage at a moderate level as long as possible. Utilizing the repeat function on your CD or DVD player can assist greatly. Optimum sound will not be achieved until approximately 100 hours of playing time. After break-in, the volume level can be increased. Do not play the speaker at high levels until the break-in process has been completed. The drivers need to "loosen up:, and until this occurs, damage can result to the drivers.

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