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Attractive, matching stabilizers for your THIEL floor-standing speakers

Use these Outrigger stabilizers on your THIEL CS2.4 speakers to create a wider support base for the tall, slender floor-standing cabinets. These attachments make your speakers extra "tip-proof" — ideal when placing them on a thickly carpeted floor. The stabilizers easily attach to the four threaded inserts on the bottom of the speaker cabinet, and they use the four stabilizer feet that came with your speaker. The Outriggers have an attractive brushed aluminum finish with gold-tone caps to match the floor spikes, and are machined from 1/2" thick aluminum for maximum stability.

Product Highlights:

  • includes four stabilizers for attaching to two speakers
  • provides greater stability for THIEL CS2.4 floor-standing speakers
  • easy installation using the speaker's threaded inserts and stabilizer feet
  • machined aluminum construction
  • brushed aluminum finish with gold-tone caps
  • warranty: 60 days
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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