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Exceptional weather-resistant outdoor speaker

Audiophile sound quality doesn't have to stay inside the house. The THIEL DewPoint provides the same kind of accuracy and detail as THIEL's indoor speakers, but with added weather resistance for outdoor installations. Its unique wedge shape directs sound over a larger space than many other outdoor speakers — letting everyone on your deck or covered patio experience big, engaging sound.

THIEL DewPoint

Carefully engineered drivers and crossover

The DewPoint sports a unique two-way driver design that mounts an aluminum dome tweeter inside an aluminum woofer. This mounting method ensures that all frequencies reach your ears at the same time, for the most accurate and realistic sound reproduction. The woofer's advanced motor structure features a short voice coil sitting inside a large magnet — creating a uniform magnetic field to eliminate distortion caused by variances in magnetic strength. A state-of-the art, first order crossover sends the right frequencies to the right drivers, while keeping musical information such as amplitude, phase, and time faithful to the original signal.

Got wire?

Most speakers don't include any. Learn more about in-wall wiring at the Crutchfield Learning Center.
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Product Highlights:

  • weather-resistant outdoor loudspeaker
  • recommended power 30-200 watts
  • frequency response 75-20,000 (±3dB)
  • recommended placement: under eaves or covered patio
  • 4-ohm impedance — suited for high-current amplifiers
  • sensitivity 89 dB
  • 1" aluminum dome tweeter
  • 6-1/2" aluminum woofer
  • wedge-shaped design directs sound over a large area
  • short coil/long gap driver design eliminates distortion caused by variances in magnetic strength
  • aluminum cabinet
  • 12"W x 6"H x 21"D
  • warranty: 10 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • sold individually

Outdoor speakers let you move the party outside

Outdoor speakers are built tough -- they laugh at wind, rain and weather. Tuck a pair under your eaves and they'll pump out the tunes to keep everybody smiling and swaying at your next cookout or pool party. We also have some "rock" speakers that blend seamlessly into your landscaped lawn or garden.

THIEL DewPoint™ Reviews

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