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Use the PX05 to add a THIEL SmartSub® Series subwoofer to an all-THIEL surround sound speaker system. This passive crossover is specifically designed for the frequency response and bass roll-off of THIEL speakers. Simply connect the PX05 to your receiver or amp, and it creates a line-level, bass-only signal for your SmartSub. You'll enjoy deep bass that blends with your main THIEL speakers so seamlessly, you might even forget you have a separate subwoofer in the room.

Note: THIEL will calibrate this crossover at the factory to match your specific model of THIEL speakers. A Crutchfield Sales Advisor will contact you to get this information before we process your order.

Product Highlights:

  • seamlessly integrates THIEL SmartSub Series powered subwoofers with THIEL full-range speakers
  • custom-tuned to your specific THIEL speaker setup
  • designed for 5.1-channel home theater systems
  • speaker-level inputs
  • line-level balanced XLR output
  • 7"W x 2"H x 6-1/2"D
  • warranty: 10 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

THIEL PX05 Reviews

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  • 5-Channel passive crossover
  • Owner's Manual

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Overview: The THIEL PX05 Passive Subwoofer Crossover allows a THIEL subwoofer to perfectly blend its output to augment the output of main THIEL speakers. Individual THIEL model versions of the five-channel PX05 are each specifically designed to create a seamless match with its main THIEL speaker model's normal bass roll-off, extending the entire system's low frequency response to below 20 Hz. The 5-channel PX05 is custom made to match different models for front, rear and center channel speakers. The unit receives speaker level inputs and derives a line level subwoofer signal that can be used while the subwoofer simultaneously receives an LFE signal. This configuration is often a good approach for music and video systems when the main speakers play sufficiently loud but do not have extended, deep bass response.

Compatibility: The PX05 passive crossover matches THIEL subwoofers to current main THIEL speaker models and achieve very good integration and balance between the subwoofer and your THIEL speakers. A limitation is that these crossovers do not redirect bass energy away from the main speakers and so the main speakers will not play any louder than normal. Another limitation is that the bass extension and level of the subwoofer are not adjustable. Use of these crossovers provide very good performance for music and video systems when the main speakers play sufficiently loud but do not have extended, deep bass response. With these units the subwoofer will reproduce the part of the bass signal supplied to the left/right main speakers that the speakers cannot reproduce. The combination will reproduce the entire sonic range, to below 20 Hz, and provide performance equivalent to speakers with the best, most complete bass capabilities.

Installation: The Crossover receives its input from the output of the power amplifier driving the main left/right speakers. While leaving the existing speaker cables in place, connect additional speaker wires from the power amplifier output terminals to the respective speaker level input terminals on the passive crossover unit. Be careful to connect the positive amplifier outputs to the positive crossover inputs. The cables used for these connections can be small since no power is being transferred. The crossover's output is supplied to the subwoofer by connecting a balanced XLR type interconnect cable from the crossover unit's output to the subwoofer's Normal Input. If you don't want the main speakers to receive the LFE signal, then an additional RCA interconnect cable is connected from the processor's subwoofer output jack to the subwoofer's LFE Input.

Note: If two subwoofers are used for stereo subwoofer operation, the subwoofer for each channel needs to connect to its own passive crossover which is driven by only the left or right channel signal. Each crossover must have the included input terminal shorting jumper in place for the unused channel's input.

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