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Never worry about your boat's battery again. Battery Brain Marine Type III attaches directly to your battery's positive terminal, constantly monitoring power. It automatically disconnects the battery from the electrical system when the charge drops near the minimum level required to start the motor. The battery can't drain any further, and you'll have adequate power to start the motor.

If you're worried about theft, use the remote control to disconnect the battery and prevent someone from starting or hot-wiring your boat. You can use the included remote control to turn on the unit or to reconnect the circuit. Warranty: 2 years.

Battery Brain Marine Type III Reviews

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Very Convenient Product

Written by: Will from Vancouver, WA on June 7, 2008

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This battery saver works great. It automatically shuts down my boats stereo when the battery level begins to approach a level where the engine won't turn over.

The remote is convenient. You will receive two of them in the package I can turn the stereo on or off from the beach or from my car while towing.

The brackets provided in the accessories box allow you to mount this thing anyway imaginable.

It will work with any standard 12V+ vehicle battery.



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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Battery Brain Platinum unit with attached protective cap
  • 2 Wireless remote controls with batteries installed
  • 2 Key-chain hooks
  • Aluminum female positive post with butterfly connector and bolt/lock washer
  • Aluminum male positive post with bolt and lock washer
  • Side mount bolt
  • Chassis mounting spacers
  • L-mounting bracket
  • Straight mounting bracket
  • Mounting bolt with washer and nut attached
  • Red accessory bypass wire with fuse holder
  • Black ground wire
  • 2 Cable ties
  • Installation Instructions

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Overview: The Battery Brain Marine III is a patented innovative accessory that easily installs to any marine battery to ensure your boat or vessel starts every time. Using unique micro-electronic technology it continually monitors your boat or vessel battery's power. When the Battery Brain Marine III detects power falling below the level required to start your engine, it automatically isolates the battery from the electrical system. It is specially designed to protect accessory memory and presets. The Battery Brain Marine III system ensures you always have enough battery power to start your engine.

Battery Protection: The Battery Brain Marine III module monitors you boat or vessel's battery and automatically disconnects it from the electrical system if the battery charge is at the point of being too low to start the engine of your boat or vessel. When you return to the boat or vessel, the battery can be reconnected with the push of a button on the supplied wireless remote control and you will be able to start your boat or vessel and ride away. All electronic settings in the boat or vessel will be maintained.

Anti-Theft: The Battery Brain module also can be used as an anti-theft device to prevent someone from stealing your boat or vessel. You can push a button on the supplied wireless remote control when you leave your boat or vessel to disconnect the battery from the electrical system so it will not start until you reconnect the battery to the electrical system by pressing another button on the remote control.

Wireless Remote Control: The Battery Brain Marine III comes supplied with two wireless remote controls for operation of the system. The remote controls allow you to Arm, Disarm, Connect or Disconnect the Battery Brain as well as test the operation of the unit.

Manual Reset: The Battery Brain module features a manual reset control knob under a removable protective plastic cap. This allows you to bypass the Battery Brain Marine III so that it will not function when the engine is turned off. The reset knob must be set to On for the Battery Brain to function.

Installation: The Battery Brain Marine III module is installed on the positive (+) battery post with the post clamp provided (top, side and chassis mounts included). The clip end of the black ground wire attached to the Battery Brain Marine III module is fastened to the negative (-) post clamp bolt.

Multi-Battery Installation: The Battery Brain Marine III can be mounted to any battery configuration. However, any primary live positive posts must have their own Battery Brain. If two or more batteries are connected in series then only one Battery Brain is required. If two or more batteries are connected in parallel, then it will require two Battery Brains to ensure that the batteries are effectively isolated from the electrical system once the activation threshold is reached.


  • Battery Brain Marine III Module: Width = 2.365", Height = 2.815", Depth = 4.355"
  • Remote Controls: Width = 1.175", Height = 2.265", Depth = 0.449"

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