• LG 42LC7D


  • LG 42LC7D


  • LG 42LC7D

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  • LG 42LC7D

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  • LG 42LC7D

    Side A/V jacks

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Our take on the LG 42LC7D

by Steve Kindig

Looking for a medium-sized flat-panel HDTV that offers bang for the buck without scrimping on picture quality and convenience? LG's 42" 42LC7D makes an all-around great choice. Its "Super-IPS" screen technology delivers exceptionally wide viewing angles, with more consistent color and contrast for viewers sitting on the sides.

This versatile HDTV has built-in tuners for your local digital and analog over-the-air broadcasts, plus a "QAM" digital cable TV tuner that lets cable subscribers tune in unscrambled channels without a set-top box — even HD channels in many areas. You'll also be impressed at the way LG's powerful XD Engine® video processing cleans up lower-res non-HD sources like standard satellite and cable programs.

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The 42LC7D's "jack pack" has multiple inputs for high-resolution sources. For future-readiness, there's not one but two HDMI inputs, so you can add an HD DVR from your cable provider as well as an "upconverting" DVD player or HD video game console. The SimpLink HDMI-based control system lets you operate compatible LG components using the TV's remote.

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  • 42" widescreen HDTV (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • built-in digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts (antenna required)
  • built-in QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required)
  • Super-IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD panel for better viewing from the sides
  • 178°(H) x 178°(V) viewing angle
  • 1366 x 768 pixels
  • 5-millisecond pixel response time
  • 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • XD Engine digital video processing
  • built-in stereo speakers (10 watts x 2)
  • multibrand remote control
  • SimpLink remote control networking system (HDMI-CEC)
  • 6 A/V inputs, including:
    • 2 composite video (1 rear, 1 side)
    • 2 S-video (1 rear, 1 side)
    • 2 component video (accepts signals up to 1080p)
    • 2 HDMI v1.2a (accepts signals up to 1080p)
  • PC input: analog RGB (D-Sub 15-pin)
  • RF input for antenna/cable signals
  • optical digital audio output for Dolby® Digital
  • Energy Star® compliant
  • detachable stand (stand "footprint" is 25-3/8"W x 11"D)
  • wall-mountable (bracket not included)
  • 40-3/4"W x 27"H x 3-1/2"D (29-3/8"H x 11"D on stand)
  • weight: 54.9 lbs. with stand; 45 lbs. without stand
  • warranty: 1 year parts & labor — in-home service
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Tip: For a list of over-the-air digital TV stations you can receive, as well as antenna recommendations for your location, enter your zip code in AntennaWeb's mapping tool.

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Hands-on research from the Crutchfield Labs (what are the Labs?)

Features and Specs
Screen Size 42"
Screen Design Flat
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1366 x 768
Screen Refresh Rate 0
Backlighting Type Fluorescent
3D ---
Instant Internet Movie Streaming ---
MHL-compatible ---
Picture In Picture No
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Type of Warranty Service In-home
Total Video Inputs 6
HDMI Inputs 2
Component Video Inputs 2
Composite Video Inputs 2
RF Inputs 1
PC Input Yes
Ethernet Port Yes
USB Port Yes
Optical Digital Audio Output 1 Rear
Coaxial Digital Audio Output None
Analog Audio Output 1 Rear
Power Consumption
Estimated Yearly Electricity Use (EnergyGuide) Not Given
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost (EnergyGuide) Not Given
Dimensions & Mounting Information
Width (inches) 40-3/4
Height with Stand (inches) 29-3/8
Height without Stand (inches) 27
Depth with Stand (inches) 11
Depth without Stand (inches) 3-1/2
Stand Width (inches) 25-3/8
Weight with Stand 54.9 lbs
Weight without Stand Not available
Wall Mountable Yes
Wall Bracket Included No
Pedestal Stand Y
Product Research
What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • 42" Flat-panel LCD TV
  • Pedestal stand
  • 6' AC cord
  • 9.75' Coaxial cable (with screw-on "F" connectors and ferrite core noise filters on each end)
  • Wireless remote control (AKB3255904)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • Cable management bracket
  • Twist holder
  • 4 Metal brackets
  • 2 Bracket bolts
  • Polishing cloth
  • CD-ROM of Owner's Manual
  • Owner's Manual booklet
  • Warranty sheet
  • Product registration card

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Mounting Options
Inputs and Outputs Notes


XD Engine: LG's XD Engine takes the low resolution of analog signals to near HD levels by improving brightness, contrast, detail, and enhancing color, as well as reducing signal noise. Auto XD is automatically selected when you use a preset picture mode. If you select User Mode 1 or 2, you can select auto or manual XD. Manual XD lets you adjust XD Contrast, XD Color, and XD Noise.

Super IPS Technology: The television's Super IPS technology reduces common distortion and blurring caused by fast motion video and also provides one of the industry's widest viewing angles of 178-degrees with consistent contrast and color. The TV features a Dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000:1.

Advanced Cinema 3:2 Pull Down: This function provides an optimized display by automatically detecting film content and applying a reverse 3/2 pulldown process. Moving pictures will appear clearer and more natural-looking. This feature operates only in Analog, AV1, AV2 and Component 480i mode.

Native Resolution: The TV has a display resolution of 1366 x 768. The 2 HDMI inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p signals, and will display them as 1366 x 768. The 2 component video inputs will accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i signals. All other input signals will also be displayed as 1366 x 768.

Analog/Digital Tuners: In addition to the 181-channel NTSC analog tuner, this TV has built-in 8VSB ATSC and QAM digital tuners, eliminating the need for a separate DTV digital set-top box.

EZ Scan: The EZ Scan feature finds all channels available through antenna or cable inputs and store them in memory on the than television's channel list.

DTV Signal Meter: This feature display the DTV signal level being received and indicates whether you need to adjust your antenna or digital cable input. The higher the signal strength, the less likely you are to experience picture degradation.

Input Label: The Input Label features sets a preset label for each input source. You can select from Cable Box, VCR, DVD, Set Top Box, PC, Game or Satellite.

SimpLink: The SimpLink function operates through the TV remote other LG branded, SimpLink-compatible components that are connected via the HDMI cable. SimpLink allows you to directly control and play media without additional settings, select connected A/V devices, power on and off all connected devices, and switch audio outputs. 

Picture Size: This feature allows an analog picture with a 4:3 aspect ratio to displayed on the television is various formats. You can choose from the following.

  • Set By Program: the television automatically selects the proper picture proportion to match the source's image
  • 4:3: choose 4:3 when you want to view a picture with an original 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 16:9: adjusts the picture horizontally, in a linear proportion to fill the entire screen
  • Horizon: the screen size is more enlarge at both sides to create a spectacular view
  • Zoom 1: choose when you want to view the picture without any alteration but the top a bottom portion of the picture will cropped
  • Zoom 2: choose when you want the picture to be altered both vertically extended and cropped, taking a halfway trade off between alteration and screen coverage

EZ Picture: EZ Picture adjusts the TV for the best picture appearance through preset value settings. You can choose from the following preset picture settings - Daylight, Normal, Night Time.

Color Tone Presets: You can choose from one of three automatic color adjustments - Warm (enhances hotter colors such as red) or cool (less intense color with more blue).

Manual Picture Adjustment: In addition to the preset picture settings, the TV features two custom User modes. The User mode allows you to manual adjust the Contrast, Brightness, Color, Sharpness and Tint of the picture from 0 to 100. It also allows you to adjust Red, Green and Blue color tones individually from -20 to +20.

Advanced Black Level: This feature allows you to adjust the contrast and the brightness of the picture using the black level of the screen.

EZ Sound: EZ Sound lets you enjoy the best sound without any special adjustment because the TV sets the appropriate sound options based on the program content using the following preset soundfields - Normal, Stadium, News, Music, and Theater.

User Sound: The User Sound mode lets you adjusts the bass and treble manually and allows you to turn On or Off the SRS TruSurround XT effect which provides virtual surround from the television's two speakers. SRS TureSurround XT technology takes advantage of any multi-channel format without needing to add extra speakers or equipment. Dialog clarity, bass enrichment, and the addition of stereo audio enhancement produces and immersive sound experience from standard stereo material.

Analog and Digital Closed Captioning: The television features both analog and digital closed captioning. Analog Caption displays information at any position on the screen and is usually the program's dialog. Analog Text displays information, usually at the bottom position and is used for a data service, generally not program related.  Digital CC from digital channels allows you to customize Size, Font, Text Color, Text Opacity, Background Color, Background Opacity, Edge Type and Edge Color for the provided captions.

Auto Clock Set: The time is set automatically from a digital channel signal, which includes current time information provided by the broadcasting station. The clock must be set in order to use the On/Off timer.

Note: You can also set the clock manually if desired.

Timer Functions: The 42LC7D has an On Timer, an Off Timer, a Sleep Timer, and an Auto Shut-off Setting. Here is how they function:

  • On Timer: With the TV in standby mode, you can set a time for the TV to turn on automatically, and enter the channel and turn-on volume. If no buttons are pressed within 2 hours of the TV turning on by the On Timer, the TV will automatically revert to standby mode.
  • Off Timer: The Off Timer automatically turns the TV off at a specific time of day.
  • Sleep Timer: The Sleep Timer turns off the TV after a preset amount of minutes has elapsed. You can set the Sleep Timer to turn off the TV after 10, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, or 240 minutes.
  • Auto Shut-off Setting: If the Auto Shut-off is set to "on", the TV will automatically be turned off if there is no signal on the TV or from the Input Sources, or if there are no remote control commands for 10 minutes.

Parental Controls: Parental Controls can be used to block specific channels, ratings, or specific inputs from being viewed or used. The "V-Chip" is used to block programs based on the ratings sent by the broadcasting station. Most TV programs and TV movies can be blocked by TV ratings (TV-G, TV-PG, TV-14, etc.) or content (age, dialogue, language, sex, or violence). Movies that have been shown in theaters use the MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, etc.). External Input Blocking enables you to select a source to block from the external source devices you have connected. These Parental Controls are protected by a 4-digit password.

Multibrand Remote: The supplied remote is pre-programmed to operate this unit and a number of functions on other brands of components, including VCRs, Cable Boxes, HD Set-top boxes, Audio systems, and DVD players.

Mounting Options

Pedestal Stand: The TV comes supplied with a detachable pedestal stand for easy placement on top of a cabinet or TV stand. The pedestal stand can be detached by removing 4 bolts. Brackets are also included that can be attached to the back of the TV and to the wall for security. It is suggested that the TV be placed close to a wall, and secured with a rope or chain to keep the TV from tipping forward. The TV weighs 54.9 pounds with the stand.

Wall Mounting Option: For wall mounting, optional universal wall-mount brackets can be used. There are 4 threaded inserts on the back of the TV to accommodate wall mount brackets. The inserts have a hole spacing of 23-1/2" horizontal x 15-3/4" vertical (equivalent to VESA 600mm x 400mm), and accept M6 screws. The TV weighs 45 pounds without the stand.

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Video Inputs: The 42LC7D has the following video inputs:

  • HDMI: There are two HDMI ports on the rear panel, that connect audio and video devices with one cable, and produce the highest quality digital images and sound. The HDMI ports are Version 1.2a, and supports control of other LG SimpLink products using the existing HDMI connection. The HDMI inputs accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 480p video signals.
    • Note: If you have a device that has a DVI output, you can plug it into either of the HDMI inputs using a DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable. The audio signal from the device should be plugged into the 3.5mm mini-jack of the RGB input.
  • Component Video: There are two HD-compatible component video inputs on the rear panel, marked Y, Pb and Pr. Analog RCA audio inputs are included for each component video input. The component video inputs accept 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i video signals.
  • AV Inputs: There are two AV inputs, one on the rear panel and one on the side panel, with composite and S-Video inputs and RCA audio jacks.
  • RGB Input: You can plug a PC into the TV's RGB input using a D-sub 15 pin cable. The PC audio is plugged into the 3.5mm minijack of the RGB input.

Audio Outputs: Both analog and digital audio outputs are provided on the rear panel of the TV. The analog output can be used to connect the TV to a home receiver for stereo or Dolby Pro Logic surround. You can use either the optical digital or the coaxial digital audio output to connect the TV to a receiver with Dolby Digital and/or DTS 5.1-channel surround.

Antenna Input: A single RF coaxial jack is provided for connecting an external antenna or cable box.

Remote Control Input: A 3.5mm minijack is provided for plugging in a wired remote control system, or an infrared repeater system.

RS232C: The supplied RS-232C port is for service, and for connecting third-party remote control systems.

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