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Nothing is better at pulling in free HDTV broadcasts

This complete kit will help you install your TV antenna without having to stop and chase down a cable, connector, or bracket. The combination of Channel Master's best long-range antenna, antenna rotor, and preamp will allow you to receive the maximum number of TV stations within a range of up to 75 miles.

We tried to think of everything

Complete kit

We've included everything you need to install this high-performance antenna in an attic or on the roof:

For tips on selecting an antenna, and links to websites that help you locate HDTV signals in your area, check out our article on Choosing & Installing an HDTV Antenna. The article also includes a brief hands-on review of a high-gain Channel Master antenna and 7777 preamp.

Long-range TV Antenna Package Reviews

Average Customer Review:

1 Review

Goodbye Direct TV

Written by: kwdawg from Anacoco, LA on July 9, 2009

I was fed up with my Direct TV bill going up every month and was not
willing to sign another 2 year contract to lower the price. I purchased this
system and now receive 12 HD stations to include the THIS movie network
and a weather channel. I receive stations from Alexandria, Lake Charles
and Lafayette, LA, and Beaumont TX, all greater than 40 miles from my
location. When conditions are right I receive stations in excess of 150 miles

My antenna is mounted on the corner of my house just beolow the roofline
and I'm considering raising it another 10 feet to see if I get even more
stations. Once you identify your station azimuths and program the rotator it
is very simple to use.

Installation is pretty straight forward and not too difficult. My only regret is
that wire for the rotator remote is not provided and I had to order that
from another source. You will also need grounding wire and a grounding
rod as they are also not provided.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

  • The Crutchfield Long Range Antenna Packages contains the following individually-packaged items:
  • Channel Master 4228 UHF HDTV antenna
  • Channel Master 7777 RF preamp
  • Channel Master 9521A Remote Control Antenna Rotor
  • Channel Master 3079 Antenna Wall Mount
  • Channel Master RG6500B 500 feet bulk RG6 coax cable
  • Two 10-packs of AudioQuest F-type connectors
  • Terk BSP-4 4-way signal splitter
  • Channel Master 3078 Roof/Attic Mount
  • Channel Master 3080 Chimney Mount
  • Channel Master Coax Grounding block
  • AudioQuest One-Step wire stripper
  • 75' Channel Master 3-conductor rotor wire
  • 5' Channel Master antenna mast
  • The antenna box contains:
  • Antenna * Transformer * Weather boot * S clip * 2 Nest brackets * 2 U-bolts * 4 Nuts * 4 Split lock washers * 2 Wing nuts * 2 Flat washers * Assembly instructions * Installation instructions (English/Spanish) * Electrical wire danger warning sticker
  • The preamp box contains:
  • RF pre-amp * Indoor power supply with 66" AC cord * 3 F-type connectors * 3 Rubber weather boots * U-bolt * 2 Bolts * 2 Star lock washers * Two 1-1/2" Power supply mounting screws * Instruction sheet (English/Spanish/French) * Caution sheet
  • The rotor box contains:
  • Rotor * Controller * AC power supply * Wireless remote * 2 "AAA" batteries * Installation and Operation instructions
  • The wall mount contains:
  • 2 Brackets * 2 Saddle brackets * 2 U-bolts * 4 Nuts * Four 1-1/2" Lag screws * Mounting diagram on packaging
  • The Terk 4-way splitter box contains:
  • Metal 4-way splitter * Two 1" self-tapping screws * 1 Metal coax connector cover * Instructions and warranty info are printed on outside of package
  • The Channel Master Roof/Attic Mount box contains:
  • Base * Saddle bracket * U-bolt * 2 Nuts * 2 Split lock washers * Three 1-1/2" Screws * Mounting diagram on packaging
  • The Channel Master Chimney Mount box contains:
  • 2 Z-type chimney brackets * 2 U-bolts * Two 12' Chimney straps * 4 Strap buckles * 4 Strap holders * 8 Nuts * Mounting diagram on packaging

Product Research


Overview: This Long Range Antenna Package contains an antenna, signal preamp, rotor, wire, mounts for the roof, chimney, or side of your house, and accessories to help you install an HDTV antenna on your home. The package includes the following components:

  • Channel Master Model 4228 Antenna:
    • designed for UHF frequencies, both digital and analog
    • average gain across the UHF frequency range is 12dB
  • Channel Master Model 7777 Titan High Gain Pre-amplifier:
    • provides a 26dB gain on the UHF band
    • has a switchable FM trap to prevent interference
    • installs on the antenna mast
  • Channel Master Model 9521A Antenna Rotor:
    • motor driven rotor to orient the antenna for best reception
    • 69 programmable positions
    • includes indoor control unit and wireless remote control
  • Terk BSP-4 Indoor/Outdoor 4-way Splitter:
    • high-quality, die-cast aluminum construction
    • 75-ohm matching
    • Insertion Loss: <7.8dB, Return Loss: >15dB
  • Cables:
    • RG-6:
      • 500 feet of full-bandwidth RG-6 cable
      • UL-rated for in-wall installation
    • Rotor Wire:
      • 75-feet of 3-conductor for antenna rotor
      • three 22-gauge conductors
  • Accessories:
    • AudioQuest F-type Connectors: Two 10-packs of instant tool-less connectors
    • AudioQuest One-Step Stripper: for preparing RG-6 cable for terminating with F-type connectors
    • Channel Master Antenna Mounts:
      • Model 3078 Roof/Attic Mount: mounts antenna on roof or attic
      • Model 3079 Wall Mount: mounts antenna mast to side of house
      • Model 3080 Chimney Mount: mounts antenna to chimney
      • Model 1607 Galvanized Mast: 1-1/4" diameter x 5' long, tapered "Dura-Tube" mast made of 16-gauge galvanized steel
      • Model 3274 Grounding Block: provides lightning protection for 75-ohm coaxial cable installations.

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