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This package includes everything needed to receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio through your compatible JVC receiver. The SC-C1 universal SIRIUS tuner connects to your JVC receiver through the included KS-SRA100 adapter. You'll see channel, song, and artist information on your stereo's display, and you can even save your favorite SIRIUS channels as presets. The adapter works with newer JVC car stereos equipped with a CD changer connection.

The package includes a roof-mount antenna that attaches to your vehicle with its powerful magnetic base. The included removable metal mounting plate makes it easy to install the tuner box out of sight. A pass-through connection allows you to add another JVC component.

Note: A subscription to SIRIUS is also required. Satellite radio service is available only within the lower 48 states — not available in Hawaii or U.S. territories. Limited service is available in Alaska.

Product Highlights:

  • SiriusConnect™ tuner and adapter package for JVC
  • provides control of your SIRIUS radio through select JVC car stereos
  • antenna included
  • pass-through connection allows you to add JVC CD changer, iPod adapter, or other component
  • tuner: 3-3/8"W x 1-5/16"H x 5-3/4"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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16 reviews
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RESET 8 again

Written By Jim, New Richmond, Wisconsin on Friday, December 07, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The major problem with Sirius or Sirius/XM is that its signal is not 100 percent reliable for the aftermarket car receivers. All the parties involved know this and play the "must be a loose wire" game for the do-it -yourselfer install problems. The do-it-yourselfers installing these extra electrical components to their receivers for satellite radio need to realize they are behind the eight ball before they tear open their dashboard. Please research Sirius/XM customer complaints to prepare yourself for a rocky journey. Also, identify and list all the parties involved in making satellite radio connect to your car receiver. First, there are you, the customer or end user and possible installer. The manufacture of the car receiver is second in my case JVC. The satellite signal supplier, Sirius/XM is third. Lastly, the makers of Universal Vehicle tuner and the Satellite Radio Interface listed on this page are forth. Both are made by Sirius.

I understand and accepted all of this and continued to set up my old JVC head for Sirius/XM radio. Thinking" I'll cross that nightmare bridge when I come to it"

My JVC receiver KD-HDR20 was purchased in October 2010 as a special Crutchfield package deal. Crutchfield was selling the KD-HDR20 and two new JVC CS-HX6957X speakers. Both JVC components are now discontinued. I knew buying this old stock was okay at the time and I don't blame Crutchfield for cleaning off there shelves to make room new stock. Happy days, the installed economy receiver may not be the top of the line but it put new blood in a fifteen year old Toyota Camry.

November 2012 I purchased from Crutchfield the JVC kit SIRIUS SC-C1 SIRIUS Connect Universal Vehicle tuner and the JVC KS-SRA100 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Interface with a rebate which I may see in 30 weeks if I'm lucky. No worries.

RESET 8 error starts a few days after the install. RESET 8 on the receivers' display window means many things. It could mean reconnect the CD changer, IPod or the Sirius radio. JVC and Crutchfield's standard answer is a loose wire. I would hate to have a Crutchfield Tech support's job. I would say loose wire also. I told the tech support I solder all connections. With that said, I would think 100 percent of the people reading this and buying product from Crutchfield would triple check their wire connections also before a closing up their dashboard.

OK it's not a loose wire then what?

There is a pattern to when it does RESET 8; it's just why the RESET 8 displays that I can't figure out. I'm thinking power serge may cause it to default to a RESET 8 . I only time it happens is when the car is started up. One morning started the car and Sirius radio works. Start car again at noon get the RESET 8 display. Start car again seconds later and get RESET 8 again. Start car again seconds later and Sirius radio works. The signal is strong and no dropping out. Drive for hours no loose wires-- perfect. Stop

Pros: Crutchfield tech support is happy to solve any problem and stand behind their products by sending you a second kit to see if that works. Customer Comment and star rating system on products is for the customer use only.

Cons: Crutchfield seems to avoid reading customer low rated comments and feed back.


Written By do, ok on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Worked for a few months. Now it turns off when it wants to. Stays off for days or weeks at a time although still has power and the antenna connected.

Pros: Forces you to diversify you entertainment sources.

Cons: Everything. It doesn't work. For some reason the two modules takes up as much room as a single DIN head unit. I can get a standalone Sirius receiver with a big display, buttons and a dock and it's less than 1/3 the size. Design FAIL.

sent it back

Written By cc, st.louis on Friday, March 09, 2012

was very disappointed with sound quality compared to FM & CD. sound came in like waves or something i can't explain but was not happy. crutchfield made it easy to return & i thank them for that. i gave two stars cause easy install & lots of channels but whats the point if poor sound quality!

Cons: poor sound quality on most channels


Written By go canes, pensacola fl on Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

works great


Written By Anonymous, edison, nj on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wonderful product to use with your new Radio


Written By RickS, Skowhegan, ME on Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a great kit for the JVC and very simple to install.

Satellite Radio in my Dodge RAM!

Written By Jeffrey, Edgewood, NM on Monday, July 18, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This satellite receiver works absolutely perfect! Easy to install. Installed my antenna just above my third rear light above the cab routing wire under cab ceiling liner...i.e. can't see wires....looks like a factory install. Reception is awesome!

Sirius Ear Candy.

Written By xdamagexx, Hoxie,AR on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love Sirius in my Tahoe. this unit works great. easy install. woohoo JVC and
Sirius. good combo.


Written By Richard, Madera, CA on Friday, February 04, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

excellent works good, very easy to install

OK product second time around

Written By DanF, New York, NY on Monday, September 06, 2010

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The JVC Interface is working fine so far (about 2 weeks). The Sirius Connect was defective, and was replaced as soon as I spoke to Crutchfield Tech Support at no cost to me. Tech support was very good. The new unit is OK so far. The $30 rebate is stated as only good if you take the whole Sirius package, which I did not know going in. I got only the "Mostly Music" package, and I'm sending it in anyway, and see what happens.


Written By RONALD, Medford, MA on Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

not sure if this is strictly the function of this unit or the head unit (I have a JVC
KW-AVX810), but I was disappointed that I couldn't do standard things I did
with my stand alone, cheapo sirius tuner such as pause the stream or store
favorite songs / artists as well as the listing of channels didn't include the
number, nor could I access a channel by typing in it's #. Again, some or all of
this may be just a function of the head unit, but I think it's good to have this
information here as well...


Written By Mark, Niagara Falls, NY on Monday, July 27, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Perfect! Sound is way better then CD or Radio... So far nothing on the reset thing.. Have had it for a few weeks. Mines all in the dash and so far so good.. Can't beat it..


Written By Adam, Milwaukee, WI on Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I have only gotten the RESET8 error once so far, and I've had the for a week or two now. I did mount the JVC part of the unit in the glovebox though, so it can be easily reset. I would suggest doing the same.

I was a little disappointed with the sound quality. Its better than FM, but its not CD or HD Radio quality. However, no commercials, and tons of music is worth it, at least for me.

I don't regret the purchase.

Very Frustrating

Written By Brian, Denver, CO on Monday, March 02, 2009

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After having this adapter installed for 1 week I got a RESET08 error. I had to tear open the dash again to get behind the receiver. I disconnected and reconnected the adapter and had to reset the receiver's memory - losing all my settings and presets. Then after about 2 months the unit died again but this time there were no errors. I tore apart the dash and wasted several hours troubleshooting the problem. I'm not a newbie to this type of work. I was able to eliminate every other problem that did not involve the adapter being dead. I'm not installing another new unit. I'm just cancelling Sirius and staying away from JVC products. Very Frustrating!

Be Careful when purchasing this product

Written By Lando Commando, Tempe, AZ on Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Like the other reviewer stated, I ALSO had the SIR-JVC1 tuner box. I had the same problem with the unit going out. I would have to unplug the unit and wait a few mins, plug it back, and then it would work again. I had to do this once about every month. Finally, I tried the trick and it stopped working all together ! ! I had to wait about a FULL YEAR for this new Sirius JVC tandem to come out so I could have Sirius again. I had it installed and had it working for about a month. One day, I got in my car, and . . . . . . RESET appeared on my screen. I pressed the button on my head unit only to have the sat radio stop working AGAIN. Now I will have to try the same trick on the new unit to see. It just bites because I paid $500 for the lifetime subscription (mainly for Stern) and so far, I have not gotten my $$$ worth because of the problems with these JVC parts. Be sure to have these units installed in a place where you can access them easily, because sooner or later, it WILL stop working. GOOD LUCK

This one works better than the SIR-JVC1

Written By Thanh, Buena Park, CA on Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I've owned three JVC HD-1 head units each with a Sirius SIR-JVC1. A consistent
problem with the SIR-JVC1 is that once in a while I'll get a RESET 8 on my head
unit display and then I can no longer switch to Sirius on the head unit. JVC is
aware of the problem and acknowledges the error on their website. The only way
that I know of to fix it is to unplug the J cable from the SIR-JVC1 and plug it back
in. I've since put the Sirius unit in my glove compartment so that I can easily get
to it and reset it. A couple of months ago, one of my SIR-JVC1 units stopped
working. I bought this device to replace it and it's been almost two months and I
haven't had a problem with it yet. Now, if you are thinking about replacing your
SIR-JVC1 unit with this, keep in mind of two things. One, this unit actually consists
of two units as you can see in the picture. That may make it hard to fit them
behind the dash in some cars. Second, one of the units requires direct power that
required me to take my head unit out and wire to the yellow and black wires. By
the way, you can re-use the J cable from the SIR-JVC1. This product provided no
new features over the SIR-JVC1 but so far has been 100 percent reliable.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • This package contains two separately boxed items: A Sirius SC-C1 Sirius Connect Universal Vehicle tuner and the JVC KS-SRA100 Sirius Satellite Radio Interface
  • The Sirius SC-C1 box contains:
  • Sirius Connect vehicle tuner
  • Mini-magnetic antenna with 21' cable using a SMB connector
  • 63" Sirius Connect interface cable with a male 8-pin DIN-connector on each end
  • 4 Mounting screws
  • 2.75" Rubber antenna tail cover with a self-adhesive backing
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Installation Guide
  • Sirius Channel Guide
  • The JVC KS-RA100 box contains:
  • SiriusConnect Satellite Radio JVC Interface
  • 8' J-BUS cable with a proprietary connector on each end
  • 36" Power/Ground harness with a molex-plug on one end and bare wire on other end (features an in-line 2-amp fuse)
  • 4 Self-tapping screws
  • Installation/Connection Manual (English/Spanish/French)
  • USA Warranty information
  • Canada Warranty information
  • Product Registration/Questionnaire card

Features and Specs

Service Sirius
Compatible Brand JVC
Display Lines None
Channel Presets None
Song Memory None
Built-in FM Transmitter No
Car Kit N/A
Home Kit N/A
Changer Jack/Pass-Thru Yes
NavTraffic Compatible No
Included Antenna Car Antenna
Dimensions and Warranty
Width (inches) 3-7/16
Height (inches) 1-3/8
Depth (inches) 5-3/4
Parts Warranty 90 Days
Labor Warranty 90 Days

Product Research

Inputs and Outputs


Package Overview: This package contains the SIRIUS SC-C1 SIRIUS Connect Universal Vehicle tuner and the JVC KS-SRA100 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Interface. Together, they allow you to add SIRIUS Radio to satellite ready JVC head unit. In addition to the tuner, interface, and compatible head unit. You will also need a subscription to SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio: SIRIUS Satellite Radio features more than 120 streams of original programming beamed coast-to-coast, including 65 streams of commercial-free, digital-quality music, and news, talk, sports, entertainment, and children's programming.

Note: Satellite radio service is available only within the continental United States. Limited service is available in Alaska. Service is not available in Hawaii or U.S. Territories.

Compatibility: The 700SIRJVC1 SiriusConnect Satellite Radio Tuner Package is compatible with all Sat-Radio Ready J-BUS JVC Head-units. The following 2007-2008 J-BUS JVC headunits are compatible.

  • KW-AVX710, KWAVX810
  • KD-AHD39, KD-AR480
  • KD-AVX11, KD-AVX33, KD-AVX44
  • KD-BT1, KD-BT11
  • KD-DV5300, KD-DV5400
  • KD-G340, KD-G430
  • KD-HDR30, KD-HDW10, KD-HDR1
  • KD-NX5000
  • KD-PDR80
  • KW-XG500, KW-XG700
  • KW-NX700
  • KW-XC410

SIRIUS Antenna: The compact SIRIUS antenna has a powerful magnetic base that allows you to mount the antenna on the roof or trunk lid of your vehicle. The antenna needs to be positioned in such a way that it will be free of mechanical and line-of-sight obstructions. The attached antenna cable is 21' long. The antenna measures 1.605" wide x 0.505" tall x 2.005" deep.

Mounting: The SC-C1 comes supplied with a removable metal mounting plate with three pre-drilled holes on either side and four self-tapping mounting screws to secure the device to a solid, flat surface. The mounting plate can be removed allowing the unit to be mounted directly to a smooth, flat, clean surface using either double stick tape, Velcro or other adhesive material (not supplied). The hide-away JVC interface features built-in flanges and comes with four self-tapping screws to secure the unit to a flat surface of your vehicle. The supplied J-BUS cable which plugs into the KS-SRA100 interface and the back of your compatible JVC headunit is 8' long, so keep that in mind when selecting a location for the interface module

Inputs and Outputs

JVC KS-SRA100 Interface:

  • J-BUS Connections: Two proprietary J-BUS connections.
    • To Head Unit: for use with the supplied J-BUS cable to connect the Sirius Satellite Radio Interface to your compatible JVC headunit.
    • Pass-Thru: to add a compatible J-BUS JVC CD changer. The J-BUS cable supplied with the changer plugs in this connection.
  • Sirius: 8-pin DIN port for connecting the SiriusConnect SC-C1 Vehicle Tuner or SiriusConnect Vehicle Dock and Portable Tuner (sold separately). The cable is provided with the SC-C1 Vehicle Tuner or SiriusConnect Tuner Dock.
  • Power: 4-Pin molex plug used to connect supplied Power/Ground harness

SCC-1 Sirius Tuner:

  • SC Output: female 8-pin DIN-port for supplied Sirius Connect cable
  • Antenna: single SMB input

Our Product Research Team

At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.