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Klipsch Image S5i Rugged

In-ear sports headphones for iPhone® and iPod®

Item #: 714S5IRGD

8 Reviews

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Built tough to go the distance
Before you hit the gym, slopes, or trail, make sure you have your S5i Rugged headphones tucked away and ready for action. These Klipsch in-ears team high-energy sound with a durable, water-resistant design made to match your active lifestyle. Moving-coil micro speakers in each earbud deliver smooth, full-bodied sound with plenty of detail and tight punchy bass to keep you rocking out when the going gets tough.

Control your iPhone or iPod with ease
The S5i's rubberized in-line remote features over-sized buttons for easier operation of your favorite Apple device while you're on the go or wearing gloves. You can control your music's volume, and pause, play, or skip through your songs. Plus, a built-in microphone lets you answer and end calls on your iPhone, and provides voice control on select iPod and iPhone models.

Patented earbud design for super-comfortable listening
Klipsch's patented oval-shaped ear tips naturally fit the contours of your ear canals, providing better comfort and sound isolation than conventional circular-shaped ear tips. The soft ear gels also create a tight seal to help minimize outside noise, so you can enjoy your music at lower, safer volumes. Three sizes of ear tips are included to help ensure a good fit. A compact, heavy-duty case with a built-in flashlight and removable belt clip provides safe storage for your earbuds when they're not in use. And a handy clothing clip helps keep them in place while you're on the move.

From the review Klipsch Image S5i Rugged In-ear sports headphones: Keeping pace and sounding good doing it

"For a set of rugged and ready-to-go in-ear headphones, you won't go wrong with the S5i Rugged. They'll ride comfortably in your ears even under extreme conditions while providing impressive sound quality at the same time. If you care about what you hear when you're putting forth your best effort, go with the Klipsch Image S5i Rugged sport headphones."

— Ken, Crutchfield Video Producer and A/V Writer

Product Highlights:

  • in-ear design provides natural sound isolation
  • all-weather, moisture-resistant headphones and remote
  • in-line microphone and three-button remote lets you answer and end calls, turn the volume up and down, and control music playback on select Apple products
  • large control buttons for active, on-the-go use
  • patented oval ear tips provide a comfortable fit for hours
  • dual magnet, dynamic moving coil micro speaker in each earbud for powerful bass and reduced distortion
  • frequency response: 10-19,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 110 dB
  • impedance: 18 ohms
  • included clothing clip keeps cable in place
  • includes an assortment of soft washable ear gels for a comfortable fit
  • carrying case with built-in flashlight and removable belt clip
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Klipsch Image S5i Rugged Reviews

Average Customer Review:

8 Reviews

Great sound and features

Written by: DJohnson from Salisbury, MD on April 19, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These headphones fit comfortably and sound excellent. Had Bose earbuds that wore out. The Bose sound is tough to match but these Klipsch buds sound great. The inline controls are useful on the treadmill. No need to fish the ipod out of your pocket.

Pros: sound quality, good bass response, comfortable fit, in line controls for volume and track selection

Cons: none


Written by: davisk from New Orleans on April 2, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Sounds really good,fit well.Only volume controls don't work with my Rzar



Nice Headphones

Written by: Jstraw from Harvard, MA on January 23, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

These hadphones are very comfortable. The sound is clear, accurate and well balanced. I like the external ipod / volume control feature

Pros: Quality / Comfort

Cons: A bit pricey for what you get.

Some of the worst sport headphones I've ever owned

Written by: Sonny Q from Austin, TX on July 24, 2011

To begin with, the sound quality is nothing short of horrible. Forget the company's claims of "powerful bass"...I couldn't hear ANY bass at matter how I positioned the earbud, or how (dangerously) far I crammed the thing into my ear canal. The result is a very un-Klipsch-like tinny sound.

Part of the sound problem of these headphones may be due to the fact that all of the sound is piped out through a tiny hole in the earbud. This hole is so tiny that it very easily clogs with even the smallest amount of ear wax (and I keep my ears VERY clean).

Also, like most other earbuds on the market, the S5i tend to slip out VERY easily whenever there's the slightest amount of tension on the cables, or the instant I begin to sweat. On a two-hour bike ride, I found myself having to re-insert the earbuds back into my ears dozens of times. I tried all of the included earbud covers, and nothing addressed this issue.

The one positive thing I will say is that the remote control is very good, and very easy to use while working out.

Overall, these headphones are horrible, especially when you take their price tag into consideration. To me, they are the same or worse quality than earbuds 1/3 their price.

I just bought a pair of the Powerbeats Sport Headphones. So far, these blow the Klipsch away...merely in terms of sound quality and resistance to popping out of the ear during use.



Good sound Bad Michrophone

Written by: ChrisL from Westlake Village, CA on May 10, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Good sound quality from the ear buds but received constant complaints from
other side of phone calls telling me I sound muffled, unclear or too soft.



Can you love a headphone more than your girlfriend?

Written by: Man On The Mountain from Seattle, WA on April 7, 2011

This pair of Klipsch Image S5i Rugged RULES!!!

Totally Comfy!
Sound Amazing!
Works with my iPhone and iPad

Huge Mic and Remote make it possible to use while I am boarding with gloves on!!
No one else does this.

Seriously, I love these earphones more than my girl. Shh!! Please don't tell on me.

The Klipsch Rugged is the only headphone I have been completley over
the moon about since i started riding with headphones on my head.



Best ever if you are active

Written by: MTBaddict from Orange County, CA on April 5, 2011

I bought the Image S5i because they were water resistant and because they are
made by Klipsch. As a long time lover of Klipsch speakers I knew I was probably
going to be satisfied. Turns out I was OVERLY SATISFIED. These are perfect for
anyone who is active and cares about sound.

They work with my iPhone thru an oversized 3-button remote that i can operate
while I am riding and wearing mountain biking gloves. I can't believe nobody
else has thought of this feature before. All the other 3-button remotes that i
have seen on the market are all small and work fine when you are holding in your
bare hand.

1 more thing, in regards to sound, they are awesome. I get a great seal from
the largest earpiece. Lots of clean bass and ear splitting highs. I did a
bunch of research on these before i purchased and found out the the Klipsch
Image S5i and S4 have the exact same build. They sound identical. The
difference is the oversized remote/mic and that they are water resistant. The
S5i also comes with a pretty cool carrying case that works as a flash light that
blinks. I guess it will keep me from getting hit by a car when i ride on the road.



Klipsch Image S5i Rugged

Written by: Cheryl M from San Diego, Ca on March 15, 2011

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Love these earphones. The music sounds awesome. The controls have easy
access when I'm running. I have received phone calls while running and the sound
is clear on both ends. My only problem is sometimes while sweating one of the
plugs slip out however this is an on going problem I have with earplugs. Most likey
I will order the foam earplugs from Klipsch to help with this problem. The
earphones do stop the sound from the outside from coming in when my earplugs
stay in.



Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • In-ear headphones + in-line remote/mic (with attached 54" cord terminated by a male 3.5mm connector
  • 3 Pair of silicon single-flange ear-pieces (S/M/L)
  • 1 Pair of silicon dual-flange ear-pieces
  • Shirt-clip
  • Storage case
  • Belt-clip (for storage case)
  • Owner's Manual

Features and Specs

Fit Style In-ear/Earbud
Earcup Type ---
Noise-canceling No
Bluetooth No
Frequency Response 10-19,000 Hz
Sensitivity 110 dB
Impedance 18 Ohms
Weight 0.42 ounces
Cord Length 54"
Airline Adapter Included No
iPod Control Yes
Volume Control Yes
Built-in Microphone Yes
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years

Product Research


Overview: The Klipsch Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones feature a rubberized finish, a durable headphone cable, a corrosion-resistant connector, and a moisture resistant in-line remote/mic. The Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones are perfect for runners, skaters, and other athletic and outdoors types.

Rugged Design: The Klipsch Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones are extremely durable and are perfect for the active outdoor lifestyle. Designed to live with the elements, these in-ear headphones are moisture tested and the in-line remote is rubberized to offer weather resistance for outdoor activities.

Dual Magnet Micro-Speaker: The Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones deliver dynamic sound (with clear highs and enhanced lows) through the use of a dual-magnet, dynamic moving coil micro-driver (or mini-speaker) per channel. These drivers cover a wide frequency range (10Hz-19kHz) with dynamic detail.

Flexible Ear Tips: The Image S5i Rugged headphones feature angled housings for proper in-ear alignment. The Klipsch Image S5i's exclusive soft and flexible oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of your ear canals, providing comfortable long-term wear as well as producing a perfect acoustic seal. The Image S5i comes with three different sizes of washable single-flange ear tips (S/M/L) and one pair of dual-flange ear-tips.

Noise Isolation: The Image S5i Rugged headphone's offer passive noise isolation, minimizing outside noise up to -16 dB. This allows you to enjoy your music at lower, safer volumes.

3-Button Mic and Remote System: The Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones features a unique Apple-based mic and three-button remote system for taking calls and having full music and/or voice control from select iPod, iPhone, and iPad models. The buttons on the remote are slightly enlarged, making them easy to navigate when on-the-go or wearing gloves. The built-in 3-button remote control lets you answer and end calls, turn the volume up and down, and control music playback (Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind, Previous/Skip).

360° Mic Design: Unlike other headsets, the S5i Rugged headphones position its mic and remote at the cable yoke to create a more natural feel when answering calls and controlling music. The mic is a highly intelligible 360° design with echo cancellation, so you will be heard crystal clear and will not have to worry about the external noise around you.

Apple Compatibility Chart: The Klipsch Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones are compatible with the following Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad models (as of 1/20/2012).

iPod Model Generation Tested Version Audio Output In-Line Remote In-Line Mic
3.5mm Connector Audio Playback Playback Controls Answer/End Call Voice Control Hands-Free Communication
Shuffle 1st n/a Y Y N N N N
2nd n/a Y Y N N N N
3rd n/a Y Y Y N N N
4th n/a Y Y Y N N N
dock connector 3rd 2.0.2 Y Y N N N N
4th 3.1.1 Y Y N N N N
mini 1st 1.4.1 Y Y N N N N
2nd 1.4.1 Y Y N N N N
video 5th 1.3 Y Y N N N N
classic 80GB 1.1.2 Y Y N N N N
120GB 2.0.1 Y Y Y N Y N
160GB 2.0.4 Y Y Y N Y N
nano 1st 1.3.1 Y Y N N N N
2nd 1.1.3 Y Y N N N N
3rd 1.1.3 Y Y N N N N
4th 1.0.4 Y Y Y N Y N
5th 1.0.2 Y Y Y N Y N
6th 1.1 PC Y Y Y N Y N
touch 1st 2.2.1 Y Y N N N N
2nd 4.2.1 Y Y Y N Y N
3rd 5.0.1 Y Y Y N Y N
4th 5.0.1 Y Y Y N Y N
iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Y Y N N N N
3G 4.2.1 Y Y N N N N
3GS 4.3.5 Y Y Y Y Y Y
4 5.0.1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
4S 5.0.1 Y Y Y Y Y Y
iPad 1 5.0.1 Y Y Y N Y N
2 5.0.1 Y Y Y N Y N

Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to revert to the older software version or wait until a newer software update is available.

54" Headphone Cable: The Image S5i Rugged in-ear headphones features a durable 54" headphone cable with built-in strain relief. The headphone cable has an adjustable cable-slider to prevent tangling.

Gold-Plated Connector: The Klipsch Rugged in-ear headphones features a gold-plated, straight, male 3.5mm connector, so it works with any portable device that features a standard 3.5mm headphone output.

Shirt-Clip: The S5i Rugged included a shirt-clip to keep the in-line mic close to your chest when speaking.

Travel Case: The Klipsch S5i in-ear headphones come with a heavy-duty travel case with a built-in flashlight and removable belt clip. The built-in flashlight can also be used as a safety strobe light while exercising outdoors in the dark.

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