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This box was designed to match the Artison RCC-300-SM in-wall subwoofer. It installs easily into a stud bay while a home is in the early stages of construction or renovation. Install it before the drywall goes up to mark the sub's location for your builder, and you won't need to cut holes later.

You can also use this enclosure for retrofitting your Artison in-wall subwoofer. It ensures accurate, consistent bass regardless of what's behind your wall.

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What's in the box?

  • RCC300 in-wall pre-build box
  • 3mm Wooden mounting spacers
  • Installation Guide
  • Warranty Card

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Overview: The Artison  In-Wall Pre-Build Box (RCC300-IWPBB) is designed to provide the minimum air volume requirement in a sealed and braced enclosure for the Artison RCC300-SM in-wall subwoofer module. The Artison pre-build box installs easily in the early stages of home construction and allows an easy installation of the RCC-300-SM in-wall subwoofer module in the later trim-in phase of the installation. This pre-build box is also designed to be easily retrofitted into existing standard home construction.

Enclosure: The RCC300-IWPBB provides an acoustic suspension enclosure for your RCC300-SM in-wall subwoofer module. The enclosure features a white satin finish which can be painted to match your decor.

Mounting: The RCC300 In-Wall Pre-Build Box is designed to fit into the bay of a stud wall that is constructed of 2" x 4" studs spaced at 16 on-center. A deeper all may be used but the stud spacing should still be 16" OC. The front-face of the RCC300-IWPBB is designed to mount flush with the finished drywall surface. The in-wall pre-build box has two integrated mounted flanges with pre-drilled mounting holds that run along the two longer edges of the enclosure. These secure the RCC300-IWPBB to the two studs that make up the stud bay. When mounting the RCC300-IWPBB fasten 1-1/2" drywall screws (not supplied) through the pre-drilled holes in the mounting flanges to the two studs on each side of the bay. This will ensure a safe and secure installation. The front edges of the RCC300-IWPBB are chamfered to allow mudding, taping ,and sanding of all four edges flush with the drywall. The drywall thickness is critical to the mounting of the in-wall pre-build box.

  • If the construction calls for 1/2" drywall, then the RCC300-IWPBB should be mounted directly to the studs. After the drywall is hung, the edges of the in-wall pre-build box should be taped, mudded, and sanded flush with the drywall.
  • If the construction calls for 5/8" drywall, the use the two 3mm wood spacers supplied to fur the in-wall pre-build box out from the stud wall. After the drywall is hung, the edges of the RCC300-IWPBB should be taped, mudded, and sanded flush with the drywall.

Connections: The RCC300-IWPBB features a pair of gold-plated spring-post terminals on the top of the enclosure to attach your in-wall speaker wire. Inside the box is 18" speaker wire leads (positive/negative) with bare-tinned wire to connect your RCC300-SM in-wall subwoofer module.

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