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Are you an action movie fan? Then you were probably pretty stoked when surround-sound started becoming a common feature. The ability to sit in an immersive soundfield and hear vehicles, steps, breath, off-screen yells, ordnance, and unexplainable alien technology in three vivid dimensions is addictive once you've experienced it. But did you know that reproducing modern-day movie-industry sound design is one of the most demanding things you can ask of a sound system? This is especially true if you're asking it to work with the high dynamic-range, lossless surround-sound available from today's better Blu-ray discs and players.

The NAD T 977 power amplifier has the ready power to respond instantly to any theatrical content demand — or musical demand too, and to keep doing it without complaint or a hint of distortion. With its massive toroidal power supply, the T 977 can provide 140 watts of clean, instantly available power to seven fully-independent channels. NAD's proprietary PowerDrive circuitry makes sure that your loudspeakers will be controlled with authority and nuance. And their exclusive Soft Clipping feature makes sure your speakers are protected from the effects of signal clipping well before any damage can be done.

The T 977 benefits from a uniquely designed forced air cooling system, borrowed from NAD's Masters Series M25 power amp. The circuit monitors internal temperature and the demands of the input signals, so the fan sound will never mar a quiet passage or whispered dialogue. And because heat is dealt with so efficiently, the T 977 can keep delivering thrills and musical enjoyment for hours on end without audible distortion. But if you've got to take a break, its automatic standby mode will ramp down the power consumption until your return.

The NAD T 977 is an ideal companion for the NAD T 187 preamp/processor. Its built-in 12V DC trigger will make it easy to integrate into your home theater system.

Product Highlights:

  • 7-channel home-theater power amplifier
  • 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20 kHz at 0.03% THD)
  • NAD Soft Clipping™ technology, switchable at rear panel
  • PowerDrive™ circuitry
  • each channel operates fully independently to eliminate inter-channel interference and noise
  • massive Holmgren toroidal power transformer
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 96 dB
  • gold-plated RCA inputs
  • gold-plated binding post speaker terminals
  • 12-volt DC trigger input
  • detachable power cord
  • 17-1/8"W x 7-11/16"H x 19-9/16"D
  • weight: 71.2 lbs.
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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What's in the box?

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  • 7-Channel power amplifier
  • 6' AC power cord
  • Owner's Manual
  • Warranty Card

Product Research


Seven Channel Power Amp: The power rating of 140 watts (continuous) x 7 is taken with all channels driven simultaneously into a 4Ω or 8Ω load, from 20Hz to 20kHz, at the rated distortion of 0.03% THD.  The T 977 provides a dynamic power of 230W/ch into 8Ω and 390W/ch into 4Ω.

NAD's Full Disclosure Power Ratings: NAD uses Full Disclosure Power (FDP), the most demanding criterion for performance measurement. FDP specifies distortion under the most extreme conditions of low impedance loads and frequency extremes, rather than the simple and easy 1kHz @ 8 ohms test quoted by many of other manufactures. NAD uses this stricter performance criterion because it more closely matches the demands of real music and real loudspeakers. Maintaining specified distortion at 4/8Ω and at 20-20kHz is a much more difficult achievement. The benefit of NAD's Full Disclosure Power is the total elimination of audible distortion at any listening level. This provides pinpoint imaging and realism with music and movies alike.

Mono-Block Modular Construction: The T 977 employs mono-block construction for each of its seven channels. Every element of each channel's circuitry, save the power supply, is fully independent thus eliminating inter-channel influences as a concern. The T 977 employs active ground isolation to further eliminate any possibility of inter-channel interference even when more than one preamplifier is driving the power amp (as might be the case in a custom installation).

MOSFET Class A Input: The T 977 features a MOSFET Class A input and driver stage circuits, and a high-current output-stage design, employing high speed, discrete output devices to promote superb dynamic quality.

PowerDrive Amplifier Technology:  The T 977 uses NAD's proprietary PowerDrive amplifier technology that provides high dynamic power and low impedance drive capability. By adding a second high-voltage rail to the amp's well regulated high-current power supply, the amplifier can nearly double its continuous power on a short term dynamic power basis. This uniquely efficient power supply topology provides the real world benefits of high dynamic power that remains uncompromised by low impedance speakers. The PowerDrive topology allows the T 977 to deliver maximum performance under virtually any  circumstance, independent of the loudspeakers it is driving. The circuitry automatically senses the impedance characteristics of the loudspeaker and will then adjust its power supply settings to best cope with that specific load. PowerDrive topology is a practical approach to enable an amplifier to easily deal with musical dynamics and difficult speaker loads. PowerDrive not only makes NAD amplifiers sound better, it makes them cooler running, with improved efficiency, leading to greater reliability as well.

NAD Soft Clipping: The T 977 incorporates NAD's unique Soft-Clipping circuitry in all seven channels. Any amplifier can be overdriven if it is played too loud, exceeding the maximum output power. Under such circumstances, amplifiers produce extreme high levels of distortion which, besides sounding very unpleasant, can damage your loudspeakers. The Soft Clipping circuit suppresses such distortion and minimizes the risk of damage to speakers. This is particularly important with movie soundtracks which often contain very dynamic outbursts in which, unlike music, it is difficult to hear this potentially damaging distortion. The Soft Clipping LED on the front panel illuminates when the Soft Clipping circuit is engaged. Soft Clipping can be defeated with a rear panel switch.

Low Loss, Massive Holmgren Toroidal Mains Transformer: The T 977 employs a "Holmgren" transformer for its superior regulation and low stray magnetic field. This exclusive transformer uses a special core design and materials to enhance efficiency and make the transformer less sensitive to DC offsets on the AC mains voltage. Over 80,000 uF of storage capacitance ensure an ample reserve of power for even the most demanding music and film soundtracks.

Thermostatically Controlled Fan w/ Signal Tracking Circuit: The T 977 uses a unique variable speed fan cooling system first introduced on NAD's M25 Masters Series amplifier, allowing the T 977 to deliver massive amounts of power for hours on end. Many lesser amps thermally protect and cycle on and off when asked to perform at their maximum causing an unpleasant disruption of the movie. While a well designed forced air system can eliminate thermal cycling, it is crucial to keep the noise of the cooling fan from intruding; especially during quiet passages of the movie or music. To this end, we have developed a unique circuit that measures not only the operating temperature but also the level of the input signal, automatically silencing the fans during quiet passages.

Protection Circuits: This amplifier utilizes a combination of fuse and electronic nonintrusive protection; dependable, fail-safe, and sonically benign. Each channel is fully protected against excess temperature, DC fault, and loudspeaker short-circuit.

Input Gain Control For Each Individual Channel: Each of the T 977's channels has a single RCA input and individual gain adjustment to promote easy, accurate system configuration.

Binding Posts: This multi-channel amplifier delivers its output via heavy-duty "5-way" binding-post speaker terminals.

+12V Trigger Input: The T 977 can be turned on automatically using the 3.5mm +12 volt trigger input on the rear-panel.

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