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Made in the USA

The compact Uplift Universal TV cabinet is great for a bedroom or den. Its attractive cabinetry hides it is a powerful motorized lift fitted with a TV mount and component shelf. When you want to watch TV, hit a button on the included remote control, and your display rises out smoothly. When you're done watching, you can lower the TV back into the cabinet to keep it out of sight.

A dependable lift mechanism
The Universal cabinet can accommodate a TV with screen size of up to 43-3/4" and a maximum width of 45". A rugged, heavy-duty rack and pinion lift comes pre-installed in the cabinet. It includes a mount for your TV, and space for two components. There's room in the back of the compartment for the connecting cables, too.

Inside the compartment is a box with three AC outlets for plugging in your TV and components. The box has a built-in surge suppressor to shield your gear from harmful power spikes. A single cord runs from the outlet box to the wall, maintaining an uncluttered appearance. And the interior of the cabinet is ventilated, to keep your components cool when lowered into storage.

Fine furniture craftsmanship
The cabinet is built from richly grained hardwood with framed panels. cabinet for a comfortable viewing angle. And the Universal finished on all four sides, so you can use it at the foot of a bed, or even free-standing in the room.

Product Highlights:

  • for TVs up to 46" (maximum TV dimensions: 43-3/4"W x 27"H x 5"D)
  • pre-installed heavy-duty motorized rack and pinion TV lift
  • lift unit can house two components up to 13-1/4"D with clearance for wires
  • built-in surge suppressor with three AC outlets
  • quality cabinet construction
    • richly grained hardwood
    • hidden casters
    • finished on all four sides
  • wire management to keep cables out of sight
  • ventilation to keep components cool
  • wireless RF remote control
  • 47-1/8"W x 37-7/8"H x 20-1/2"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

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