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Sound that brings it all back home

All of Grado's headphones are impressive performers, but even in such luminous company, the Statement Series GS1000i stands out. Grado carefully handcrafts these gorgeous mahogany beauties to recreate all the emotions your favorite artists pour into their performances. Rhythms and melodies obscured by lesser headphones are revealed with crystaline clarity — delighting and surprising you at every turn. Their extra-large wooden earpieces and air chambers allow them to deliver massive dynamic impact with extremely low distortion and coloration, while serving up a powerful underpinning of taut, tuneful bass. Like all Grado headphones, the GS1000i can be driven using the headphone outputs on most home audio systems, but to really hear them sing a headphone amplifier is strongly recommended.

Old-school looks with up-to-the-minute technology

The GS1000i uses Grado's vented "open-air" earcup design for more spacious sound and deeper low frequency response. Each pair is made in Brooklyn, New York from a specially selected species of mahogany. The wood is carefully cured between production steps to achieve optimum sound quality, and takes advantage of the wood's natural warmth and light weight. The GS1000i's extra-large ear cushions create a "room" around your ears. This added space creates a huge soundstage for your music, and provides enhanced wearing comfort. Ultra-high purity copper voice coils and a beefy eight-conductor connecting cable deliver refined sound with a high degree of control and accuracy. The GS1000i's ultra-wide frequency range ensures you'll hear every bit of your music. And the genuine leather headband can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

From the review Grado GS1000i Stereo Headphones: Mahogany makes for marvelous sound

"These are headphones made for those listening sessions at home when you're playing music through your best audio system, intending to savor every note. If you take your music seriously, then invest in some headphones that are serious about sound — like the Grado GS1000i stereo headphones."

— Ralph, Crutchfield Blog Editor and A/V Writer

Product Highlights:

  • open-back, around-the-ear design with replaceable ear cushions
  • vented diaphragms (open-air) for spacious, low-distortion sound and extended bass response
  • extra-large mahogany wood enclosures and air chambers provide natural sonic warmth and smoothness in a lighter weight design
  • special "de-stressed" diaphragms and an eight-conductor connecting cable for enhanced levels of inner detail with a more open sound
  • extra-large ear cushions, precisely matched drivers, and increased air flow through improved rear metal screens deliver a large soundstage free from coloration
  • adjustable leather headband for a custom fit
  • driver pairs matched to within 0.05 dB for better stereo imaging
  • ultra-high purity, long-crystal copper (UHPLC) voice coil wire
  • 67" ultra-high purity, long-crystal copper headphone cable terminated with a 1/4" plug (Grado 1/4"-to-1/8" mini-plug adapter and 15 ft. extension cord included)
  • frequency response: 8-35,000 Hz
  • sound pressure level (at 1mW): 98 dB
  • impedance: 32 ohms
  • warranty: 1 year (does not include earpads)
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Grado GS1000i Reviews

Average Customer Review:

6 Reviews

Grado gs 1000i

Written by: Ed O from Gurnee,IL on November 4, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

  • "Coolness Factor"
  • Build Quality
  • Comfort
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Quality

If you're willing to spend a lot on headphones, you'll hopefully have already put some thought into what sets you should be looking at. There's no doubting the GS1000i are one of the best, with superb levels of detail on-hand and far greater comfort than you get with the more expensive PS1000 pair. A keen ear and a quiet listening environment are key to getting the most out of these headphones, but if you have those vital ingredients and a love of great sound.

Pros: 3 D Sound,full massive bass,super high.

Cons: No case Expensive

Almost Great

Written by: outthere from Idaho on July 3, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

  • "Coolness Factor"
  • Build Quality
  • Comfort
  • Not Rated
    Noise Reduction
  • Sound Quality

Solid bass response and excellent detail resolution. Sound stage spaciousness is good, though not the sensational of the Sennheiser HD-800s. Lightest headphones I tested, though headband could use padding. High quality materials throughout. Clipped briefly on rare occasions--this with EF5 and EF2A headphone amps (don't bother running these without a headphone amp--they are downright dull!) I debated long and hard before deciding for me the soundstage and immediacy of the HD-800s over-ruled the excellent bass response and, frankly, beauty of the Grados. Also, clipping--though rare and brief--led me to wonder about longevity. Still, no one would be unhappy with these headphones!

Pros: Bass response. Detail resolution. Absolutely beautiful design--look as good as they sound! Appreciate the extension cord and small adapter fitting provided.

Cons: Rare but unacceptable clipping (the only phones I evaluated to do so). At times, highs or mid-range overwhelmed. No storage box.


Written by: Paul from Ishpeming MI on April 13, 2013

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

  • "Coolness Factor"
  • Build Quality
  • Comfort
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Quality

Extremely comfortable, and sound great. Great soundstage.

Pros: Sound, Comfort.

Cons: Not good for mobile use.

Audiophile Headphones; Great Customer Service

Written by: MikeK from North Wales, PA on September 30, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

  • "Coolness Factor"
  • Build Quality
  • Comfort
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Quality

I began writing my review and realized it was almost identical to the excellent review of VanD above. I echo his comments regarding the great sound quality of the Grado GS1000i's as well as the outstanding Crutchfield customer service.

I own the Grado RS-1i's, which are also fantastic headphones (I became a Grado-phile after comparing the RS-1i to my Sennheiser HD-650's; the Senn's sounded muffled compared to the RS-1i's, and I had been a die-hard Senn-ophile for years). A big difference between the Grado RS-1i's and the GS-1000i's is in soundstage, perhaps due to the ear cup size. Bass is also much higher quality and presence in the GS1000i. There is a definite difference in the frequency response, which you can look up easily online. It's nice having both sets of cans; I use my RS-1i's for computer listening (iMac > Musical Fidelity V-DAC II > Grado RA-1 amp) or iPod (Cypher Labs Algorhythym Solo > ALO Audio amp) for the immediacy. I listen to my GS-1000i's at home (Arcam DC37 > Benchmark DAC1 HDR or Mac Mini with Amarra software > Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 > Benchmark DAC1 HDR) as they better approximate listening to speakers than headphones, so it's comfortable listening with them in my main audio room.

Thanks, Crutchfield for the great service.

Pros: That crystal clear Grado house sound. Very comfortable over long periods.

Cons: Needs a little more bass No cushioning on head strap (a standard Grado flaw) No case Expensive

Great service, spectacular cans

Written by: VanD from Brooklyn, NY on June 2, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

  • "Coolness Factor"
  • Build Quality
  • Comfort
  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Quality

First, let me say that my experience with was beyond satisfactory; it was among the best online shopping experiences I've ever had. Customer service was attentive and responsive, shipping was super fast, and I was given a full satisfaction guarantee. Crutchfield's reputaton is well deserved.

Now to these magnificent headphones. My first experience with Grados was with the SR325is. I ultimately sold these on eBay because even though I thought they sounded great, I found them too uncomfortable to wear for long (even short) periods. I still felt that the Grado sound was IT, so I decided to go for the GS1000is (greater comfort, even more impressive sound, I'd heard) despite their gulp-inducing price. Bottom line: My search for the perfect headphones (perfect for ME... sound quality is subjective no matter what anybody says) has ended.

How can I describe the sound of the GS1000is... it's very present, exciting, and far above many other pricey cans that wax on about natural musical reproduction and yadayada but just sound SO b-o-r-i-n-g. Grados accentuate midrange, so vocals and horn instruments come to life -- you feel the music in your gut. The bass is not muddy, not overpowering, but exhilirating. I think the Grado sound (and there are detractors out there) appeals to a certain group of people, myself included, who've tried the Boses, AKGs, Sennheisers and their ilk and say "so what." After the Grado gs1000i headphones, there's no turning back.

Pros: That spectacular sound. Comfortable enough to wear for long periods, unlike the SR series Grado cans.

Cons: Carrying case not supplied. Steep price

Outstanding Product

Written by: Marsha from San Mateo,Ca. on February 29, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

If there ever was a niche product, audiophile headphones are it. Purchased these based on reviews I read on the internet. I was not able to find a set locally to listen to. I had owned a Grado headphone amp for several years and was impressed by its quality and performance so I was already sold on Grado. This plus the fact that these headphones are designed to work with the amp I already owned made the choice easier. Any concerns with not liking them were eliminated with Crutchfields return policy. The following comments are for these headphones used in conjunction with a Grado headphone amp, I have not listened to them stand alone. These sound outstanding. You hear new sounds listening to material you have listened to 100 times before. These phones deliver everywhere, bass, mids and highs with separation you must experience to believe. Extremely comfortable as well, I can wear these for hours. These phones are capable of VERY HIGH volume levels, use caution! I am extremely pleased with this purchase and would recommend these headphones to anyone in the market for high end "cans"

Pros: Comfort, performance and retro look along with legendary Grado quality.

Cons: None really.

Hands-on research

What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Over-ear headphones
  • 15' Extension cable (male 1/4" jack on one end and female 1/4" jack on the other)
  • 6" Mini-plug adapter (male 3.5mm jack on one end and female 1/4" jack on the other)
  • Headphone information/ Warranty information

Features and Specs

Fit Style Over-the-ear
Earcup Type Open
Noise-canceling No
Bluetooth No
Frequency Response 8-35k Hz
Sensitivity 98 dB
Impedance 32 Ohms
Weight Not Given
Cord Length 67"
Airline Adapter Included No
iPod Control No
Volume Control No
Built-in Microphone No
Parts Warranty 1 Year, earpads not incl
Labor Warranty 1 Year, earpads not incl

Product Research


Vented diaphragm: Grado headphones have a vented diaphragm design for a large, airy, three-dimensional sound. The wooden air chambers are hand-crafted at Grado's labs from a specially selected species of mahogany. An intricate procedure of curing is done between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality.

Drivers: The diaphragm is made of a low mass polymer, developed with the suspension's compliance in mind, to achieve the desired low frequency response. The diaphragm's total mass is designed to provide a full 20 kHz bandwidth, while avoiding break-up at lower frequencies. High power neodymium magnets maximize efficiency and minimize weight. The left and right drivers are matched to within 0.05 dB for exact imaging.

Voice Coil: The GS1000i's voice-coils are wound from ultra-high purity, long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper. This high conductivity copper yields a clear transmission and minimizes coloration, resulting in smooth, clean and dynamic sound output.

Connecting Cord: Grado also uses UHPLC copper in the cable. The new 8-conductor cable design improves the control and stability in the upper and lower frequency ranges.

G-Cushion: The GS1000i's over-ear cushion design creates a virtual room where your ears sit. The result of this room is a more spacious soundstage, and long term comfort.

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Product reviews from the Crutchfield Labs

Some headphones just sound as beautiful as they look. And with their mahogany earcups, the Grado GS1000i headphones looked very beautiful, indeed.

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