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Add the creative possibilities of the large family of Pentax K-mount lenses

This handy and compact lens adapter makes it possible for you to use the large number of Pentax K-mount lenses made over the past four decades with your Pentax Q or Q10 compact interchangeable lens digital camera. Lenses used with this adapter will be subject to a 5.5x crop factor, effectively multiplying the focal length of the attached lens by 5.5 times. This means a 70-200mm zoom lens will become a super-telephoto zoom, with a focal length range of 385-1100mm (35mm equivalent). While that's a wonderful benefit, plan accordingly. You will not easily be able to shoot indoors using this adapter.

The adapter is compatible with your Q-mount camera's on-board Shake Reduction after some minor settings adjustments. It also features a built-in mechanical shutter to minimize the "rolling shutter" distortions that can plague electronic shutter systems. Manual aperture control is available on the adapter, and you will only be able to focus manually while using this item.

Product Highlights:

  • allows Pentax K-mount lenses to be mounted on Pentax Q-mount cameras
  • manual aperture control is available at the adapter
  • manual focus only
  • built-in mechanical shutter minimizes "rolling shutter" distortion
  • multiplies apparent focal length of K-mount lenses by 5.5 times (also known as 5.5x crop factor)
    • has the effect of making normal lenses telephoto lenses, i.e. a 50mm K-mount lens will act like a 275mm lens when mounted via this adapter
  • in-camera shake reduction needs focal length of lens entered in menu to operate effectively
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Pentax Q to K Lens Adapter Reviews

Average Customer Review:

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Worth the price

Written by: Glenn from Michigan on November 30, 2012

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a well designed adapter, solid and works great. It adapter gives you an advantage over some of the others. 1) it's has a step-less apreture ring, 2) it has a built in leaf shutter which is important has it lets you carry much higher flash sync speeds.

I would have gladly rated this product a 5, except Pentax got a little cheap. At the price, even though there are a few higher priced less featured ones out there. It Should have been packaged with the tripod plate/foot. If you don't own a DA*300mm, or DA* 60-250 your screwed because you need to use the one off the lens. Right now, the foot can't be found on the open market.

Pros: Great build, better features than 3rd party K2Q adapters.

Cons: Not packaged with tripod foot.

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Pentax Mount Adapter (Q cameras for K-Mount lenses) with front and rear caps installed
  • Operating Manual
  • Serial Number card

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Overview: The Pentax Adapter Q for K Mount Lens allows you to attach Pentax K-mount lenses onto the Pentax Q digital cameras, such as the Q and Q10.

Note: You must update the firmware on your Pentax Q camera to Version 1.02 or later before using the adapter.

Compatibility: The adapter's front mount is compatible with all Pentax K-mount lenses. The adapter's rear mount works with the Q series camera body only.

Performance: When the Adapter Q for K Mount Lens is mounted, the effective focal length of your lenses is multiplied by approximately 5.5x (35mm format equivalent). For example, a 55mm lens will have a focal length of approximately 300mm when used with this adapter. The adapter is compatible with in-camera Shake Reduction by inputting the focal length of the mounted lens. The focus mode is fixed at Manual when using the adapter.

Shutter Speed: The adapter has a built-in mechanical shutter to prevent rolling shutter distortion. The adapter's shutter speed can be set between 1/1000 to 30 seconds.

Aperture: The aperture value can be set with either the lens or the adapter, depending upon the K-mount lens being used. The adapter has an aperture ring that allows you to set the aperture value on lenses without an aperture ring. For lenses with an aperture ring, you can set the value on the lens.

Optional Tripod Mount: If using the adapter with a large, heavy lens, you can attach the optional Pentax Tripod Mount for DA*300mm. There are two receptacles on the adapter to accommodate the tripod mount's clamps.

Dimensions: Diameter=2.673", Length=1.613" (2.037" w/caps), Weight=5.11 ounces

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