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dbx DriveRack PA+

Loudspeaker management system

Item #: 856PA

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Maximize your system

You've built a nice PA system, so why not get the most out of your gear? dbx designed the DriveRack PA+ loudspeaker management system to be the ultimate link in the chain between your mixer and your speaker system. Descended from the incredibly popular DriveRack PA, this versatile processor replaces your old rack full of gear as it sets out on its mission: to make your system deliver maximum performance without a risk of speaker meltdown. And its automated features make this a valuable tool for bands that don't carry a sound engineer.

The Wizards

dbx's Set Up Wizards walk you through setting up your system with step-by-step instructions. If your speakers and amps are on the list that's built into the PA+, the system will set itself up automatically. If not, you can use the Auto EQ Wizard to tune your system, then engage the automatic feedback suppression to kill feedback as the system gets turned up. Whether you have a touring system or a permanent installation, the DriveRack PA+ can make your system sound better.

dbx DriveRack PA+ rotated view

There's Wizards in there. Don't worry, they're friendly Wizards, and they've got features to show you.

Check out some of the features built into the DriveRack PA+.

  • dual 28-band graphic EQs
  • stereo dbx compression and limiting
  • subharmonic synthesis for bass optimization
  • feedback elimination
  • real time analyzer with pink noise generator
  • 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 2x6 crossover configurations

How it works

You simply send pink noise from the PA+ through your speaker system, as the processor measures the response with an omnidrectional mic (not included), then adjusts the equalization and other processing for optimum performance.

You can improve the bass response with the subharmonic synthesis feature, which creates a tone an octave below bass notes in your music, then mixes it into the signal to pump up low-frequency punch. And there's no worry when you add on to your system – the PA+ includes built-in crossovers for 2-way and 3-way systems. The PA+ also includes 25 presets for suggested applications, along with 25 slots for user-programmable presets.

Amplify your artistry

The DriveRack PA+'s quick and easy setup and array of features and functions make it a valuable resource for sound engineers who want to get the most out of their system. Doesn't that include all of us? See what the dbx DriveRack PA+ can do for your system.


  • speaker management system
  • feedback elimination with advanced feedback suppression filters
  • 10ms of alignment delay
  • classic dbx compression and limiting
  • auto-EQ function and gain control
  • full bandpass, crossover, and routing configurations
  • pink noise generator and full-time real-time analyzer
  • subharmonic synthesizer for sub-bass EQ
  • setup wizard with JBL speaker and Crown power amplifier tunings
  • 25 factory preset programs and 25 user-configurable presets
Electronic features:
  • 2 XLR line inputs, 1 XLR RTA microphone input
  • 6 mutable XLR outputs
  • maximum output: >+20 dBu
  • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
General features:

What's a speaker management system and why would I want one?

A speaker management system is a multi-function signal processor, which is connected between the mixer and the amplifiers of a PA system or studio monitor setup. The processor uses equalizers, limiters, and a real time analyzer (RTA) to maximize the performance of the speaker system in a given venue, so the final mix sounds good and the speakers stay safe from damage. It used to take a rack full of expensive equipment to ensure good tone and safe operation of a sound system. Now you can get one small signal processing box that does all that work, and does most of it automatically.

dbx DriveRack PA+ Reviews

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dbx Drive Rack PA2

dbx DriveRack PA2


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Complete Loudspeaker Management System

The dbx DriveRack PA2 offers these features:

ethernet connection for wireless control via portable devices

input delay to align instruments and PA speakers

frequency sweeps for Auto-EQ instead of pink noise

31-band graphic EQ with Quick Curve options

50 more factory presets and 50 more user presets