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The other half of the loaf

Powered speakers have many advantages including portability, compact size, and simplified setup. However, they lack the sophisticated features now available in outboard processing for non-powered speaker systems, leaving you with fewer options for enhancement and control of your powered speakers. To meet this need, dbx introduces the DriveRack PX, the first processor specifically designed to be used with powered speakers.

Advanced power management

The dbx DriveRack PX powered speaker optimizer offers a host of features for management of stereo powered speaker systems:

  •  Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) with 12 notch filters;
  • real-time analyzer and Auto EQ with the included M2 measurement mic;
  • pink noise generation;
  • dbx compression and PeakPlus stereo limiting.

The DriveRack PX also includes subharmonic synthesis for subwoofer enhancement and separate stereo subwoofer outputs.

Wizard digital control

You'll appreciate the simple setup with dedicated buttons for Auto-EQ and Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) wizards, along with presets for a number of popular powered speakers. These buttons give you direct access to the Wizard menus for quick configuration of the DriveRack PX's advanced RTA/Auto EQ, and Automatic Feedback Suppression (AFS) configuration features. These wizards and the menus for the PX's functions offer deep editing of each feature's parameters for control of your sound.

For optimization and control of powered speaker systems, the DriveRack PX offers a simple, powerful solution tailored to powered speakers. You'll be impressed by the improved sound of your system. Bring the power of dbx to your next show.


    • maximizes your powered speakers' performance with powerful processing
    • presets for many popular powered speakers
    • 12 feedback notch filters for stereo feedback elimination
    • dual 28-band graphic EQ
    • dbx compressor and stereo PeakPlus limiters
    • subharmonic synthesizer for sub-bass control
    • stereo multi-band parametric EQ
    • pink noise generator
    • real-time analyzer with 28-band auto EQ
    • included dbx M2 RTA mic uses front panel phantom-powered XLR input
    • 25 factory presets and 25 user-programmable presets
    Electronic features:
    • stereo XLR inputs/outputs with separate stereo XLR subwoofer output
    • 2-channel XLR output with separate 2-channel XLR subwoofer output
    • maximum output: +20dBu
    • frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
    General features:

    What's a speaker management system and why would I want one?

    A speaker management system is a multi-function signal processor, which is connected between the mixer and the amplifiers of a PA system or studio monitor setup. The processor uses equalizers, limiters, and a real time analyzer (RTA) to maximize the performance of the speaker system in a given venue, so the final mix sounds good and the speakers stay safe from damage. It used to take a rack full of expensive equipment to ensure good tone and safe operation of a sound system. Now you can get one small signal processing box that does all that work, and does most of it automatically.

    dbx DriveRack PX Reviews

    Average Customer Review:

    1 Review

    Great Start

    Written by: dudeinblue1 from Utah on August 3, 2014

    I worked for a pro audio company for many years and dbx drive racks has been at the heart of all our set ups. There is not really anything else that can beet having full control over all of your sound, lows to highs. This particular model is great for just getting started with systems that use multi component speakers such as separated subs and cases built specifically for mids. This one does not have all the fancy gismos like its big brother model but is perfect for small churches, bars, or even a wedding DJ.

    Pros: Great for tuning sound Sends only the frequencies to each speaker that they need

    Cons: Trick if first time setting up