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The comet tracker

Celestron named this telescope the Cometron for a reason. With a wide field of view and a large light-gathering aperture, this telescope was designed for finding and tracking comets in the night sky. The built-on Red Dot finderscope is also designed to help you locate objects in a wide-open field of view. An LED superimposes a red dot on a viewing screen, showing you exactly where your scope will be pointing when you look through the eyepiece.

And so much more

While it is ideal for comet tracking, the Cometron 114AZ's 114mm parabolic mirror can also reveal sharp, bright views of other large-scale objects in space. Its wide field of view renders the Moon, fields of stars in the Milky Way, and the rings of Saturn in impressive detail. You'll even be able to observe the moons of Jupiter as well as distant objects like the Orion Nebula.

Product Highlights:

  • reflector design telescope with panning altazimuth mount, designed for spotting and tracking comets
  • parabolic mirror provides sharp image and eliminates spherical aberration
  • 114mm aperture collects plenty of light to resolve detail in celestial objects
  • includes built-on StarPointer Red Dot finderscope
  • maximum useful magnification: 269X
  • 10mm and 20mm Kellner eyepieces included (1-1/4" diameter)
  • 45X maximum magnification with included eyepieces
  • 450mm focal length
  • fast focal ratio offers a wide field of view
  • light gathering power 265X that of the human eye
  • rugged tripod with 1" steel legs included
  • 18" optical tube
  • weight: 8.4 lbs. with tripod
  • warranty: 2 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

Celestron Cometron 114AZ Reviews

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What's in the box?

Download owner's manual

  • Cometron 114AZ telescope (with lens cap and eyepiece cap)
  • Stainless steel tripod
  • StarPointer Finderscope
  • 20mm Eyepiece in plastic case
  • 10mm Eyepiece in plastic case
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Screwdriver tool (for finderscope battery compartment)
  • Celestron The SkyX First Light Edition Astronomy Software CD-ROM
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Product Registration card

Product Research


Overview: The Cometron 114AZ by Celestron is a lightweight Newtonian Reflector telescope, designed for first-time and amateur astronomers. It has a wide field of view that gives you clear views of the Moon, Milky Way galaxy, planets, and other large celestial bodies. The telescope can be used for celestial and terrestrial use. The 114AZ comes with two eyepieces, a StarPointer red-dot finderscope, an accessory tray, and a tripod with steel legs.

Newtonian Reflector: Newtonian Reflector telescopes replace heavy lenses with mirrors to collect and focus the light, providing much more light gathering power than refracting telescopes. It uses a single concave mirror as its primary element. Light enters the telescope and travels to the mirror in the back end. The mirror bends (focuses) the light forward to a single focal point. A flat mirror (diagonal) intercepts the light and points it out the side of the tube to the eyepiece. A Newtonian Reflector telescope offers such impressive light-gathering characteristics you can view some deep space objects, even with a modestly-priced unit.

StarPointer Finderscope: The telescope comes with a StarPointer red-dot finderscope which mounts to the outside of the unit and helps you aim the telescope at a distant target. The finderscope must first be aligned with the telescope before use.

Kellner Eyepieces: The Cometron 114AZ features two Kellner eyepieces: a low power 20mm and a high power 10mm. You can choose which eyepiece to use based on the magnification and field of view you desire. It is recommended that you use the 20mm eyepiece when first setting up and aiming the telescope, then switch to the higher power 10mm eyepiece to get a closer look at the object.

Included Software: Included with the telescope is "TheSkyX -- First Light Edition" astronomy software on CD-ROM. The disc contains a 10,000 object database with printable sky maps and 75 enhanced images.


  • Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Aperture: 114mm (4.49")
  • Focal Length: 450mm (18")
  • Focal Ratio: f/3.95
  • Eyepiece Focal Length: 10mm and 20mm
  • Eyepiece Magnification: 70x and 35x
  • Highest Useful Magnification: 269x
  • Lowest Useful Magnification: 16x
  • Optical Tube Length: 18"
  • Light Gathering Power: 265x (compared to human eye)
  • Weight (with base): 8.4 pounds
  • Overall Dimensions:
    • Length: 19"
    • Minimum Height (on tripod): 37.375" (including finderscope)
    • Maximum Height (on tripod): 54.5" (including finderscope)

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