Create a free Crutchfield account and you can:
  • Earn Crutchfield Rewards points on your purchases
  • Keep track of your order history and tracking information
  • Store your name and address to make ordering faster and easier
  • Use your wishlist to plan future pruchases and email your friends
  • Store fit information for all your vehicles
reward card
rewards card

Thank you.

You trust us to give you good advice and to help you pick out the right gear. Now we'd like to say "thank you" by giving you a way to get more from purchases you make at Crutchfield. When you sign up for a Crutchfield account, you'll be enrolled in Crutchfield Rewards. You'll earn one point for every dollar you spend on gear from us. You can turn your points into Rewards Cards that you can use toward future purchases. It’s easy and it's free to sign up.

Sign up for a free Crutchfield account to get started with 50 free Crutchfield Rewards points.

*Free points do not apply to Bose® products.

How it works Buy stuff. Get free points. Turn points into Rewards Cards.Get more stuff. Rewards are one of the benefits of having a Crutchfield Account

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't create a Crutchfield account? Can I still redeem points?
You will not be able to redeem points without creating an account at
I made purchases with Crutchfield prior to setting up an account. What happens to those points?
The good news is that once you create your Crutchfield account, you will receive points for eligible purchases that were made within the past 60 days using the same email address.
How can I see the "pending" points that I've earned?
Your pending points will be visible on your account page up to 24 hours after your order ships.
How will I know that my points are no longer pending?
Your pending points will be available 30 days after your order ships. You can verify that your points have moved from "pending" to "available" on your Crutchfield account page.
How do returns impact my points?
If you return item(s), points will be deducted from your account. The points deducted will equal the points earned from the purchase of those items.
When do my points expire?
Points do not expire.
How many points do I need to get a Rewards Card?
You need 250 points or more in your Crutchfield account in order to redeem your points for a Rewards Card.
Which purchases earn points?
All merchandise purchases made by an individual will earn points. Gift Card purchases, taxes, and shipping fees do not count toward point accumulation.
Are the points I earn transferrable?
Points you earn are only redeemable by using the email address you provided when you set up your Crutchfield account. After redeeming your points, you can give the Rewards Card to anyone or use it towards your next purchase at Crutchfield.
*Free points do not apply to Bose® products.
How much are my points worth?
You can get a $5 Rewards Card when you reach 250 points — or redeem more points for a larger card. You can keep track of the current value of your points in your Crutchfield Account. Here is an example of how much your Rewards Card would be worth at various point levels:
Number of Points Rewards Card amount
250 $5
500 $10
1250 $25
2500 $50
5000 $100

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