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  • HiFiMAN EF-6

    Headphone amplifier

    Out of Stock

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    • high-power, Class A MOSFET headphone amplifier
    • built-in high-performance preamp with 3 inputs and one output
    • locking standard full-size and four-pin XLR headphone output jacks

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  • HiFiMAN EF5

    Vacuum tube headphone amplifier

    Low Stock

    1 person says 

    • hybrid tube/solid state design for powerful, detailed sound
    • dual-chassis design with separate headphone amp and power supply blocks
    • high-output capability ideal for high-performance headphones

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  • HiFiMAN EF2A

    Vacuum tube headphone amplifier/USB digital-to-analog converter

    Out of Stock

    5 people say 

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    • vacuum tube input stage for smooth, detailed sound
    • built-in USB DAC for connecting to a computer
    • stereo RCA analog input

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  • HiFiMAN HE-6

    Planar magnetic headphones

    Low Stock

    1 person says 

    • planar magnetic drivers for low distortion and warm, detailed sound
    • frequency response: 8-65,000 Hz
    • balanced single crystal copper XLR cable (6 feet) and unbalanced adapter (3 feet)

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  • HiFiMAN™ Express HM-601 Slim

    8GB portable digital music player

    Out of Stock

    3 people say 

    Ship date unknown Reserve yours today
    • plays MP3, AAC, WMA, as well as high-resolution WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis files
    • built-in dual 16-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter)
    • built-in headphone amp

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