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  • BlueFlame World Power

    Portable battery with international plug adapters

    Ship date unknown Pre-Order

    • 200mAh portable battery with USB output
    • 12-watt/2.4A wall charger with USB output for mobile device
    • includes modular adapters to fit most global electrical outlets

    $63.99 After $16.00 Sale

  • Pro.Fit iPod® touch Package

    UltiMount S2 universal car mount with miTOUCH holder for iPod touch


    Low Stock

    • iPod® touch holder
    • includes miniGrip holder and UltiMount S2 swiveling mount
    • simple installation using adhesive pad

    $9.99 After $34.00 Price Break

  • Pro.Fit Blackberry® Bold™ Holder Package

    Window Mate mount and Blackberry Bold holder (model WM-36BOLD)

    Low Stock

    • Blackberry® Bold™ holder
    • includes Blackberry Bold holder and Window Mate mount
    • Window Mate mounts on any glass surface with its suction cup

    $5.99 After $21.00 Price Break

  • Pro.Fit iPhone® 3G Universal Mounting Kit

    Secure your iPhone 3G in your car (model MI-3500)


    Low Stock

    • package contains universal dash mount and iPhone 3G holder for use in any vehicle
    • allows convenient access of your iPhone 3G in any position
    • mounts securely to dash or console

    $5.99 After $24.00 Price Break

  • Pro.Fit iPhone® 3G Universal Bicycle Mounting Kit

    Secure your iPhone 3G on your bicycle (model BK-300)


    In Stock

    • iPhone 3G holder for use on bicycles
    • includes miCRADLE 3G and bicycle mount
    • mounts to handlebar or stem

    $5.99 After $21.00 Price Break

  • Pro.Fit BlackBerry® Storm™ Custom Holder

    Device holder for BlackBerry Storm

    In Stock

    • holds your BlackBerry Storm securely in place in your car
    • works with universal and vehicle-specific car mounts

    $2.99 After $12.00 Price Break

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