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  • Monster® Outlets to Go 3 Laptop

    Compact plug-in charger for laptops, tablets and smartphones

    In Stock

    • 3 side-mounted AC power outlets
    • 2 quick-charging high-power USB ports for portable devices like smartphones and tablets
    • retractable AC plug for maximum portability

    Free Shipping

    $17.47 After $17.48 Price Break

  • Monster Cable 14-Gauge 2-Conductor In-Wall Speaker Cable

    UL-approved for in-wall use (1000 ft.)

    In Stock

    3 people say 

    • 500 feet of 14-gauge speaker wire
    • CL3/FT4 rated for in-wall installations
    • high-purity copper with twisted-pair construction

    Free Shipping

    $299.99 After $400.00 Price Break

    Open Box: $254.99
  • Monster SMP Series Power Cable

    8-gauge marine-grade cable for power or ground - priced per foot (Red)

    In Stock

    2 people say 

    • pure copper wire
    • heavy-duty Duraflex jacket
    • priced per foot

    Free Shipping

    $0.99 After $0.30 Price Break

  • Monster Cable SV-RG6 RG-6 cable

    Double-shielded, in-wall-rated coaxial cable (500-ft. spool)

    In Stock

    • high-quality 75-ohm RG-6 coaxial cable for RF satellite/cable/antenna TV installations
    • double shielding with foil and high-density braid to reject interference
    • high-purity copper center conductor and low-loss dielectric minimize signal degradation

    Free Shipping

    $199.99 After $200.00 Price Break

  • Monster Cable Marine RCA Patch Cables

    Sealed corrosion-resistant cables (available in 5 sizes) (5-meter (16.5 feet))

    In Stock

    2 people say 

    • Marine RCA patch cable
    • gold-plated connectors
    • sealed design

    Free Shipping

    $39.99 After $39.96 Price Break

  • Monster ScreenClean™

    Screen cleaner for portable game systems

    Low Stock

    • spray-on cleaning solution for game system screens
    • soft, reusable MicroFiber cloth

    Free Shipping

    $4.95 After $10.00 Price Break

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio

    Stereo CD, plus surround sound SuperDisc from Monster Music

    In Stock

    1 person says 

    • includes one stereo CD and one SuperDisc for DVD players
    • SuperDisc contains high-resolution surround sound recordings, digital music files, and Dolby Headphone surround recordings

    Free Shipping

    $4.99 After $15.00 Price Break

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