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  • Pentax Floating Strap

    Flotation strap for point-and-shoot waterproof cameras


    In Stock

    $11.99 After $8.00 Price Break
  • Pentax DA Star 16-50mm f/2.8 Lens

    Weather-resistant, high-performance "standard" zoom lens for Pentax K-mount digital SLRs

    Low Stock

    Open Box

    $594.99 After $105.00 Outlet Savings
  • Pentax BJ-6

    Charger for DB-65 battery

    In Stock

    $19.95 After $40.00 Price Break
  • Pentax DB-65

    Rechargeable battery for GR cameras

    Low Stock

    $19.99 After $30.00 Price Break

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