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  • Monster HDMI Swivel Adapter

    HDMI connector for tight spaces


    Low Stock

    • lets you swivel and angle the connector up to 90 degrees
    • features one male HDMI connector and one female HDMI connector

    $19.95 After $10.00 Price Break

  • Niles AVDA3

    1-in/3-out A/V distribution amp


    In Stock

    • 1 audio/video input (analog stereo audio and composite video)
    • 3 audio/video outputs

    $124.99 After $50.00 Price Break

  • Niles Numeric™-6P Keypad

    Accessory keypad for Niles ZR-6 MultiZone receiver

    In Stock

    • must be used in conjunction with a master keypad, like the Solo-6 IR or Solo-6 MD
    • numeric keys allows fast access to playlists, discs, tracks, and channels
    • allows for alphanumeric search when used with the Solo-6 MD

    $49.99 After $60.00 Price Break

  • Recoton DirecTV Installation Kit (model V520)

    Basic kit for a single-receiver DirecTV system

    In Stock

    • Provides necessary cables, including RG6 coaxial cable, telephone line cord, and stereo audio/video RCA patch cord
    • includes compass, assorted fasteners, anchors, and more

    $9.99 After $10.00 Price Break

  • Audioengine D2R

    Add-on receiver for Audioengine D2 wireless DAC system

    In Stock

    • add-on receiver for Audioengine D2 wireless DAC system
    • wireless transmission of music with data rates up to 24-bit/96kHz
    • optical digital and RCA audio output

    $274.99 After $75.00 Price Break

  • Monster Cable SV-RG6 RG-6 cable

    Double-shielded, in-wall-rated coaxial cable (500-ft. spool)

    In Stock

    • high-quality 75-ohm RG-6 coaxial cable for RF satellite/cable/antenna TV installations
    • double shielding with foil and high-density braid to reject interference
    • high-purity copper center conductor and low-loss dielectric minimize signal degradation

    $199.99 After $200.00 Price Break

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