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  • Spec Tools Stubby Driver

    Ratcheting driver for tight installations


    In Stock

    • small screwdriver with adjustable ratchet action
    • magnetic bit holder
    • useful for installing dash and rear deck speakers


  • Skewdriver Pro SPK4042

    Ratcheting straight and offset screwdriver set with 40 bits (Skewdriver Pro with ratchet handle (pictured))


    In Stock

    • angled screwdriver great for removing screws in your dash, in hard-to-reach trim pieces, or working in tight quarters anywhere in your car or home
    • includes case, adjustable ratchet handle, offset driver, magnetic extension and bit holder, stabilizer, and bits
  • Spec Tools SQR-200a Squeeze Wrench

    Narrow space ratchet kit with 18 sockets


    In Stock

    • unique mechanism allows you to work in extremely tight spaces
    • squeeze handle and socket turns 45 degrees
    • includes 18 sockets
  • Littelfuse Smart Glow ATO blade-style fuses

    2-packs — 8 sizes available (5-amp)

    Low Stock

    • two 5-amp ATO blade fuses
    • glowing light tells you when the fuse is blown


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